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The tree is out the door.  The Dickens village is boxed and ready to be packed away for another year.  Now it’s down to the clean up of needles and sparkle dust and putting things back in their rightful place.  Yes, it takes me a long time – but I do love Christmas and decorate the house +++   The trouble is that this year it seems that I barely got the house decorated, and the tree and village set up than I was busy taking it all down again 🙂  Usually I am sad to de-decorate but must admit that this year I am keen to get the house back to some sense of normalcy.  

A few quick thoughts

(1)  Yesterday was the funeral for a slain Ottawa police officer, Cst. Eric Czapnick.  The service was broadcast live.  Thousands of police officers from across Canada and the U.S. attended.  A stirring, impressive, heart-wrenching and fitting tribute conducted with great dignity.  Cst. Czapnick was obviously a man who loved both his job and his family. 

I had the TV playing as I tucked my Christmas decorations away.  My heart went out to the grieving widow and four children. 

I couldn’t stop thinking of Perry.   So many thoughts as I listened and watched.    .

(2)  A little more reading of Glaude Report/tome.  Many more thoughts there. 

First, how foolish of me to ask people to blog as you read.  I am realizing that I personally really do need to get through the whole thing at least once before I make too many comments.

One thing though which did jump out at me as a read a few more pages on Wednesday – how very familiar Cst. Heidi Sebalj seemed to be with former Cornwall Crown attorney Murray MacDonald.

Strange, although I have known for some time that Sebalj talked to, consulted and/or was directed by Crown MacDonald in her “investigation” of David Silmser’s allegations against Father Charles MacDonald and Ken Seguin,it never crossed my mind until now that it seems Sebalj was perhaps overly familiar with MacDonald. 

Does it not seem strange that a young police constable was apparently quite comfortable allegedly approaching the Crown in hallways to ‘informally’ ask for his guidance in a high profile case?  As it was it was untoward for MacDonald to be so involved in the police investigation, and more so given that at some point MacDonald declared some sort of conflict of interest, but it strikes me as bizarre that a young constable should apparently feel such comfort approaching a man of such stature in the small community – a man who without doubt was as busy if not busier than Sebalj’ fellow officers and superiors .  My first thought was that it seemed rather forward on Sebalj’ part.  As I rumbled on that I decided that perhaps forward is not the word, perhaps familiar is more apropos?

Perhaps I don’t understand such relationships in a small community, but, I have lived in small communities, and I have worked in small communities, and try as I might I can not conceive that young police officers routinely side-line the local Crown as goes about his business in court to ask his advice and/or direction on whatever investigation they are about.

Read pp 1321 to 1325 of Phase 1: Facts & Findings.  I am interested in other’s thoughts on this matter.

(3)  I am heard pressed to believe that anyone reading the 1637 pages of Phase 1 Facts & Findings could not conclude ring and cover-up.  Alas I think few will read it.  My hope and prayer however is that some keen journalist somewhere will sink his/her teeth into  it.  I won’t hold my breath, but I will hope and pray.

I also encourage everyone to try to find the time to read the report.  It can be ordered in hard copy for $30 – not an awful lot and certainly makes a hard read a little easier.

(4)  Why did Justice Glaude not strongly recommend/suggest that a full fledged investigation be conducted into persistent allegations of a paedophile ring and cover-up.  It’s never been done.  I needs to be done.  It should be done. 

Why no such recommendation from the commissioner?
On that note, read the following:

p. 774. 

There is no technical definition of a “pedophile ring/”  To the extent that terms refers to a group of individuals – some of whom know each other – who are accused of sexually abusing young people, there was evidence that such an entity existed in Cornwall. On the other hand, Project Truth found no evidence of a “ring of pedophiles” as described by Ron Leroux

p. 825

I want to be very clear that I am not going to make a pronouncement on whether a ring existed or not; it is not within my mandate to say what would have come of this information had it been explored more fully.

What a royal multi-million-dollar mess.

For this Perry Dunlop was branded a common criminal?  For this Perry languished in jail?!

I’ve said it before, I will say it again …….mission accomplished!  From what I have read to date –  and I’ve now read a considerable portion of the Glaude tome – the real and “alleged” paedophiles of Cornwall and those who covered up on their behalf can surely sleep tight. 

Something’s seriously wrong with this picture.

(5)  Note that the Glaude report is titled Report of the Cornwall Inquiry. 

Why not the Report of the Cornwall Public Inquiry?  The inquiry after all was always presented to us by name and in letterhead as the Cornwall Public Inquiry. 

What happened to the “public”?  Who decided to negate it in the title?  and why?

(6)  I am tired of reading the word “unfortunately.”  I am tired of “In my view.”  I am tired of kid gloves, oopsie daisies, tut tuts at every turn.  

Example.  Re Crown Murray MacDonald not considering the legality of the $32,000 pay-off when he denigrated David Silmser and told S/Sgt Brunet it is not policy to force unwilling victims to proceed aghainst their wishes.  Read the letter.  It’s disgusting.

And what does Justice Glaude have to say?

 Unfortunately, he [MacDonald] did not think to see a copy of the settlement before writing his opion letter


This is a Crown attorney he’s speaking about!  A Crown who, it seems, was quick to malign and disparage a sex abuse victim and apparently equally slow to do his homework and get his facts straight.

How, in these particular circiumstances, could a Crown NOT think that he really should take a boo at the “settlement” documents?

And the best Glaude can do is say to this liitle oopsie daisy is: “Unfortunately, he did not think to see a copy of the settlement before writing his opinion letter…”?

Yes, I find I have been getting increasingly annoyed as I plough my way through these 1600 pages.  I need to sort my thoughts  – and I do need to finish what I started before I say much more.  Who knows, I may read something which obliges me to change my mind completely? 🙂

 Now back to the business of getting my house back in post-Christmas order.  This is why I have been steering clear of the computer – once I get in front of it time just passes me by 🙁

Enough for now,



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6 Responses to Oopsie daisies

  1. John says:

    Go easy on yourself Sylvia, your mind will change as you read your way more through the pages. Unfortunately it will be for the worse. To all who take the time to read, be forewarned it is a very tough read. It cannot be read front to back, this “report” leaves you jumping from chapter to chapter and institution to institution. I will say what I said as I stepped from the stand a few years ago. “I am left with more questions now”.

  2. Iknow says:

    Wayne Murphy is not married to Erin Fitzpatricck….he definatley wasn’t in 1993… he was still married to someone else…

    I know… trust me.

  3. Sylvia says:

    You piqued my curiosity Iknow – I didn’t recall reading anything re Wayne Murphy to date – I did a search on the disk – not a boo. There is not one reference to Wayne Murphy or CSIS. I am surprised! Perhaps the search engine isn’t picking it up? Have you found something?

    That aside, if Wayne Murphy was not married to Erin Fitzpatrick how did Geraldine Fitzpatrick meet him? do you know? And why would she say he was married to her step daughter if in fact he was married to someone else? Did Fitzpatrick actually have dealings with Murphy? I thought she sounded quite credible on that – wished they had called Murphy to corroborate and get more.

  4. AbsentObserver says:

    When I think about what Perry went through, so many thoughts flood my mind. One that stands out, however, is the idea that within a police force, the “brotherhood” has its pros and cons. On the pro side, officers protect and look out for one another and one another’s families, particularly in a time of crisis as we saw with the murder of Const. Erik Chapnik in Ottawa.
    But on the con side is the protectionism which comes along with that brotherhood. If an officer does something illegal or in violation of a professional code of conduct, there is often a movement to “circle the wagons” and protect that officer from retribution or punishment.
    This can become a dangerous situation if an officer opts not to follow the lead set by the protecting officers and actually attempt to have the offending officer held accountable for his or her actions.
    I think when Perry decided to take information about sexual allegations against Father Charlie to an outside agency, there was a department-wide concern publicity would shine a unwanted light on the actions (inactions?) of officers involved in the investigation. There seemed to be a circling of the wagons and Perry was left on the outside, without the protection offered by this so-called brotherhood. I remember hearing him talk about how he was never certain he would be able to have backup when on a potentially dangerous call and how he often felt very alone when on the road.

    Well, it doesn’t just happen in Cornwall. Read this story. It rings sadly familiar.


  5. Sylvia says:

    Yes, AbsentObserver, there it is again. Thanks for posting the link and reminding us…

  6. Sally says:

    Keep up the good work. ;)It is an honour to read the work of such a great person that cares…. Thank you for being here.

    The link that follows to the Canadians for Accoutability may be of interest to any one who thinks repeat sex offenders should not be allowed in Ontario Classrooms.


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