It’s nearly ‘over’

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Well, it’s nearly ‘over’:

03 December 2020:  “‘I keep asking why,’ victim tells court during Barry McGrory sentencing hearing” & related article

I commend the victims who had the courage to see these charges through , and I pray for the repose of the soul of the victim who sadly didn’t live to see the conviction, and I pray for all the  Barry McGrory victims, and I pray for those who I believe ensured McGrory was finally defrocked.

Yes, it’s always disappointing to see Catholics who take the stand to attest to the ‘good character” of a convicted clerical sexual predator.  I have come to believe that such naivety and ‘ignorance’ generally reflect resoundingly  on the priest’s failure to educate and lead and spiritually direct the flock entrusted to his care.

Finally, I pray that Mr. Barry McGrory uses his time behind bars to pray without ceasing for his many victims, and that he will beg God to comfort each and every soul who was led astray by his cruel crimes .


I have had a few difficult months – no need to go into the details, but just to let you know I am still here.  I will be bringing the site up to date in about two weeks, and at that time will give you an idea of my plans for the way ahead,  I will also be responding to all of you who have contacted me over the past weeks.

Please keep me in your prayers.

Enogugh for now,


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15 Responses to It’s nearly ‘over’

  1. bc says:

    McGrory’s victims; I’m thinking about Ms. Passard in particular; need to be reminded that it wasn’t their fault.

    I am thinking about you Sylvia.
    You have done more than your fair share to see to it that McGrory be defrocked and re-charged. Good job Sylvia!

  2. Cyril North says:

    Glad to see you are still here, Sylvia. Don’t know what difficulties you have been suffering, however I want to offer my support and very sincere best wishes.

  3. 1yellowknife says:

    Delighted you have resurfaced, Sylvia. Your insights and focus were missed. Prayers for you and your loved ones never ceased. This update is wonderful news for the many who value your role, skill and commitment.

    • Phil Johnson says:

      Totally agree with you 1yellowknife…been checking here daily and must have missed her additional post. Hoping to see Sylvia begin her regular posts in this valuable and needed website!

  4. Phil Johnson says:

    Sadly today is the one year anniversary of Sylvia’s last activity on this website. Hoping it isn’t the end for this valuable site…I’m sure there are “those” who are rejoicing though.

  5. Lina says:


    A few weeks ago I did send an e-mail to Sylvia.

    I let her know that I haven’t forgotten her and all the good she has done for me throughout the years.

    I did not ask why she was absent for so long, I only said I respected her decision.

    [I seem to recall, she was in a process of writing a book…something about Cornwall?]

    Anyway, I did wish Sylvia and all her loved ones well.

    I just wanted to thank Sylvia for this website and the grateful help of being there when I felt terribly alone and had no other place to express the betrayal I’ve been going through.

    This ‘Sylvia’s Site’ is so helpful knowing we had a place to express our feelings in our journey of grief.

    I’m grateful for the privilege for taking part in sharing our stories of hurt, pain and suffering. We did help each other in may ways.

    I am in a better place now than I was 5 years ago.

    Thanks to Sylvia and many others here who visited, contributed their comments and opinions to this site!


    Lina (Lucille L. Nighbor)
    Pembroke, ON

    • Phil Johnson says:

      Lina, I too have been keeping an eye on this website and keeping Sylvia in my thoughts. Your words are very kind and mean a lot to those of us who have supported each other throughout the years. Hoping things are going well for you too and so happy to hear that you are in a better place as well. God bless and check in here once in a while…I know there are others who also drop in from time to time. This website is important to all of us and although not as active as it used to be, I’m hoping things will return to normal soon.

  6. Phil Johnson says:

    When will that church realize the magnitude of the abuse issues worldwide?? When will the victims be heard and validated?? When will that church actually do something that will be seen as a positive in the eyes of the abused??

  7. Phil Johnson says:

    Although Sylvia wrote the title of this page as “It’s Nearly Over”, the struggle to bring that church into this century to begin properly and respectively dealing with the victims of the abuse by pervert collars is far from over. This site is so important to those of us who have lived and survived that abuse!

  8. Phil Johnson says:

    The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) financial situation examined by CBC. Disgusting to learn they hold hundreds of millions of dollars yet declared they were too poor to pay the $25 Million for the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement (IRSSA). And then described how they restructured their financial holdings to conceal the money to protect from lawsuits involving “naughty boys” (their pervert collars). They worship money more than they worship God.

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