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15 June 2019:  “More charges of inappropriate touching aimed at Vatican envoy to France” & related articles

18 February 2019:  “2nd complaint filed agst France nuncio” & related article

05 April 2018:  “Cardinal Philippe Barbarin to stand trial in sex scandal cover-up case” & related articles

21 March 2017:  “French Catholic bishops accused of “covering-up sex abuses”” & related article

20 May 2016:  “Prominent French priest and Vatican adviser accused in sex scandal” & related article

13 June 2016:  Abuse case against Lyon priest can go ahead, appeals court rules

08 June 2016:  “French Cardinal Questioned in Priest Sex Abuse Cases” & related articles

10 April 2014:  “French priest charged with rape, torture during exorcisms” & related articles

03 January 2012: ‘Payout’ priest Fr Andrew McCloskey now in France

17 November 2011: Community of the Beatitudes: founder guilty of sexual abuse

16 April 2010:  Vatican praised bishop for concealing abusive priest

16 April 2010:  Cardinal praised bishop’s silence over abuse priest

16 April 2010: Top Vatican Official Praised Bishop Who Covered for Child Molester

15 April 2010:  Vatican disses one of its own on sex abuse

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  1. bc says:

    The so-called Eldest Daughter of the Church was actually a den of clerical perverts since 1950. About 3000 of them; only in France. Oh, it`s not an exact figure; some had better coverage than others and never were exposed. And things happen; like the in paper-shredders jam, eh? So the Church in France couldn`t cover it all up.
    That`s in a country that separated church and state and banned religious orders (ike the Viatorians, the Oblates, the Basilians etc from teaching young children almost 120 years ago. So the Viatorians, the Oblates, the Basilians packed-up and targeted Canadian children. Native, non-native. It didn`t matter. As long as they were innocent.

    And so now French Bishops (who made themselves filthy rich by charging clerical perverts to cover-up for them) will be offering interviews (preferably on TV) to perform their scripted outrage, sorrow and humiliation. Some are so good at it that they`ll cry. On cue. And they`ll say that their episcopal predecessors (they actual guys who made ’em) were morons and they know better now.
    And they`ll say that they now have protocols to safeguard vulnerable people, of course.

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