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07 April 2019:  St. Joseph’s Training School abuse: Why papal apology matters to survivor, 60 years later

08 March 2019: “‘It’s not our shame to carry’: Victim of sexual abuse says Archdiocese of Regina on right path” & related articles

05 March 2019:  Open letter to all those who have been wounded by the effects of clergy sexual abuse within the Archdiocese of Regina

03 April 2019:  “Man abused by priest launches class action suit against Montreal Catholic archdiocese” & related article

01 April 2019:  “York Region mental health centre speaks out months after explosive report on abusive priests” & related articles

27 March 2019:  “Pedophile priests: Truth-operation at the Archbishopric of Montreal” & original French text

27 March 2019:  Quebec Catholic dioceses tap ex-judge to investigate alleged cases of sexual abuse

22 March 2019:  “Montreal priest expected to survive stabbing at St. Joseph’s Oratory” & related article

31 January 2019:  Rome summit may eye Canadian abuse document as model

10 February 1990:  How Catholic church turned blind eye to child sex abuse by priests

18 October 2018:  Judge OKs another class action lawsuit alleging sexual abuse by priests at Clercs de St-Viateur

02 May 2018:  “Changes to the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall” & related article

01 May 2018:  “House of Commons passes ‘historic’ motion to ask Pope Francis for apology over residential schools” & related articles

25 April 2018:  “Abuse survivor: Forgiveness, positive outlook key to healing” & related articles

18 April 2018:  “NDP MPs press for papal apology to survivors of residential school” & related articles

18 April 2018: “Bishops try to clarify Pope Francis’ decision not to apologize for residential schools” & related article

17 April 2018:  Catholic priests take a vow of celibacy when they’re ordained. But when they break that vow, their children are left to live a lie

12 April 2018:  4 Nelson House residents sue Ottawa over alleged sex assaults by Catholic-school principal

29 March 2018: Top court to hear Saint Joseph’s Oratory appeal in sexual assault case

23 February 2018:  Continuing the Conversation on Clergy Sexual Abuse

20 February 2018:  An insurance company is demanding the return of $10 million in sex abuse settlements paid to the London diocese, claiming the church exposed it to increased risk by hiding the actions of several pedophile priests.

18 February 2018:  Insurer seeking $10 million back from diocese that knew about predator priest

16 February 2018:  “Tears, prayers, and joy as Archbishop MacNeil heads to eternal home” & related articles

15 January 2018:  “Sexual assault: a civil suit against priests from the former Bathurst College” & original French text

07 November 2017:  Former Calgary principal accused of fraud, turning elementary school into ‘zoo-like environment’

24 October 2017: John McKiggan submission re Archdiocese Halifax Yarmouth reorganization

05 October 2017:  Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth Act

05 October 2017:  Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth Act

07 March 2017:  New bill removes 2-year limit for victims to sue attackers

19 April 2017:  Accused in Easter Sunday fire is an ‘intellectual’ who made film about Catholic ‘brainwashing’

17 April 2017:  Suspect in Easter Sunday fire at Toronto church arrested by Huntsville OPP, police say

04 April 2017:  Bringing Light to the Darkness

19 January 2017:  “Lawyer admits stealing from Catholic church; pleads guilty to theft from St. Patrick’s cemetery” & related article

22 May 2016:  “Archbishop: Church must do better, help to heal” & related article

02 June 2015:  “Canada’s residential schools cultural genocide, Truth and Reconciliation commission says” & related articles

21 August 2014:  “Catholic priest forced young boy into sex acts, lawsuit alleges” & related article

05 May 2014:  “Law society suspends lawyer named in residential school lawsuit; didn’t pay dues” & related articles

24 January 2014:  Open letter to Bishop Tony Krotki of the Churchill-Hudson Bay diocese

14 November 2013:  Woodstock monk is being sued for spousal/child support

30 October 2013:  Priest says he’s been shunned, fired for discussing sex abuse

26 September 2013:  Diocese sued over alleged abuse by priest

03 July 2013:  “Landmark settlement between church and sex-abuse victims approved in Quebec” & related articles

10 March 2013: Quebec victims group backs Cardinal Ouellet as pope

04 March 2013: “Quebec papal contender says church learned from its mistakes” with Peter Mansbridge CBC TV interview & related articles

05 March 2013: Catholic Church a positive example on abuse scandals: Cardinal Ouellet

28 February 2013: “Rochester native plays role in Vatican for Pope” & related artciels re Father Thomas Rosica csb

07 February 2013: Junior high school set to open in 2014

01 February 2013: Articles and letters re church closures in Cape Breton, N.S.  (Antigonish Diocese)

29 December 2012:  Montreal police to arrest two priests accused of abusing students decades ago

10 December 2012:  Man tried to blow up Dominican friars home, police say

07 November 2012: Dunn asks Vatican to give women senior roles

05 November 2012: Six men suing the Catholic church for alleged sexual abuse

31 October 2012: Sex abuse settlement by Antigonish diocese wraps up

17 October 2012: Bishop: Abuse fallout demands ‘profound change of mentality’

12 September 2012: “Only 1 week left for residential school students to file claims” & related articles

04 September 2012: Father Wesley Wade appointed administrator of the Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick

23 August 2012: 422 sex abuse claims filed against Christian Brothers

26 July 2012: “Victims are heard” – google translation and related article

15 June 2012: Appointment of new Archbishop for Moncton

14 June 2012: Canadian cardinal, representing pope, meets with Irish abuse victims

28 May 2012: Archdiocese to close more Catholic churches in Sydney

13 April 2012: Archbishop to be adopted into aboriginal community

02 April 2012:  Both Prince Albert school divisions face lawsuits

20 March 2012: CBC “As it Happens” re Brother Gregorius and the castration of a victim who was molested by Gregorius at Harrevald Boarding School in Holland.

20 March 2012:  Catholics eye Cleveland closures for national precedent

19 March 2012:  Reminder to Former Indian Residential School Students that the Independent Assessment Process Application Deadline

16 March 2012: Victims of abuse tell their stories to Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Duncan

10 March 2012: Catholic blogosphere is out there — and that’s a good thing

10 March 2012:  Christian Brothers file for bankruptcy

27 February 2012:  Catholic Church in Canada “too much fun not to be blogged” says theology prof

21 February 2012: Lawyer disbarred, pleads guilty to taking nearly $1 million from residential school survivors

21 February 2012:  ‘Fiddling bishop’ remembered

17 February 2012:  ’Peg man claims sex abuse at Catholic school

25 January 2012:  “Diocese imposes strict money rules” and other similar articles

19 January 2012: Antigonish Diocese Financial and Legal Advisory Committee (FLAC) Update

19 January 2012: Former professor to speak on troubled state of Roman Catholic Church

18 January 2012: Retired Bishop Campbell dies

17 January 2012:  Catholic Church’s visiting priests come under scrutiny

16 January 2012: Three Roman Catholic churches to close by July 

13 January 2012: Letter: Cash dwindling for sex abuse victims

November 2011: Beyond Borders ECPAT Canada Announces 2011 Media Award winners

12 November 2011: Clergy abuse support group reaches N.L.

04 November 2011: Abuse cases could be settled: lawyer

02 November 2011: N.L. Archbishop told about sexual abuse in 1980: court documents

01 November 2011: N.B. church sex abuse report due

24 October 2011: Trauma and Transformation conference addresses sexual abuse in the Church

20 October 2011: Decades later, victim of pedophile priest demands justice 

18 October 2011: Church struggles to raise funds

14 October 2011: ‘Underlying systemic issues’ need to be dealt with in abuse scandal, nun says

12 October 2011: Montreal conference to probe abuse in Catholic Church

12 October 2011: Bishops to tackle budget, abuse crisis closure

11 October 2011: Residential school lawyers warned about ethics

11 October 2011: Ontario portrayed as pedophile paradise in U.S. ruse to capture predators

07 October 2011: Well-Known Ottawa Priest Fr. Bob Bedard Passes Away

06 October 2011: Order of Quebec’s Brother André admits to sex abuse, agrees to $18-million payout

06 October 2011:  Catholic organization to pay $18M to sex abuse victims

06 October 2011: Montreal religious order to pay $18M to sex-abuse victims

05 October 2011: Abused by nun, native woman tells commission

28 September 2011: Abuse response not deep enough according to Sr. Kenny

25 September 2011:  Church official faces angry Blessed Sacrament parishioners

25 September 2011: Nun talks about sexual abuse by priests

19 September 2011:  Antigonish diocese prays property sales pick up

16 September 2011:  September 19th Deadline to Apply for Common Experience Payments

23 August 2011: Extorting $90,000 from priest earns jail time for Niagara man

11 August 2011: Nunavut claimants lag behind on IAP applications

23 July 2011: Ex-clergyman links scandals to Vatican

23 July 2011: Tests aim to weed out abusers

22 July 2011: Church admits it erred

23 June 2011: Canadian leads abuse lawsuit against Catholic priests

14 June 2011:  Bishops home up for sale

30 May 2011: Catholics facing Antigonish priest shortage

24 May 2011: Exposing Canada’s most shameful story

20 May 2011:  Bypass the bishops

08 April 2011:  A brush with his past proved too much for Leo Nangmalik

(Short Video – Leo Nangmalik)

February 2011:  Healing Community for Victims of Clergy Sexual Abuse Launched

14 February 2011: Nova Scotia Catholics prepare to sell land

20 January 2011:  Vatican abuse letter could affect N.L.: lawyer

17 January 2011: Child abuse won’t happen again: Pope

13 January 2011: Ontario priest faces sexual assault charge

23 December 2010: Prendergast conducts first phase of Irish Apostolic Visitation

15 December 2010: Hamilton man files lawsuit claiming abuse by Nova Scotia priest in 1950s

04 December 2010:  Antigonish Diocese sells two properties

30 November 2010: Diocese can use funds to compensate victims


26 November 2010: Man who allegedly stabbed bishop in neck with pen to be held for two more weeks

21 November 2010: Letter allegedly documents sex abuse by priests

19 November 2010:  Abuse class action expands to second college


16 November 2010:  Compensation paid to sexual abuse victims won’t be made public

15 November 2010:  Diocese of Bathurst Press Release re Trust Fund

15 November 2010: N.B. court seals info on clergy sex assault deals

15 November 2010: Bathurst diocese back in court

12 November 2010:  Ottawa sex-abuse survivor confronts past on Oprah Winfrey Show


10 November 2010: New Brunswick Catholic diocese seeks to pay sex abuse victims from training fund

10 November 2010: N.B. diocese wants victims to get clergy funds

03 November 2010:  “N.B. diocese to offer apology, money for abuse” and other related articles

03 November 2010:  Bathurst diocese to offer victims financial settlements

03 November 2010: “I’m standing with you.”

01 November 2010:  Charles Lewis: interview with authors of new book on abuse in Canadian Catholic Church

01 November 2010:  NB church sex assault report due

29 October 2010:  Elderly priest facing fraud charge goes missing

28 October 2010:  “Bishop making daily progress” &”Bishop’s sister, attackers Mom share thoughts”

27 October 2010: Beaten bishop needs his rest, vicar general says

26 October 2010:  Assailant looked “like an average guy”

25 October 2010:  Man accused of stabbing Kamloops  Catholic bishop appears in court

25 October 2010:  “Kamloops bishop beaten unconscious” and “Parishioners pray for bishop’s attacker as police recommend charges”

24 October 2010: RCMP propose assault charge in Kamloops bishop beating

16 October 2010:  Supreme court ponders sex abuse case

16 October 2010:  Justice denied

15 October 2010:  NS parish can’t afford diocese land

29 September 2010:  Catholic order knew of alleged abuse

08 September 2010:  Roman Catholic Church should be as Christ intended it to be

02 September 2010:  Sex abuse lawsuit targets school for deaf

August 2010:  National Post Letters to the Editor

19 August 2010:  Cardinal to set tone for Church

12 July 2010:  Priest, 80, charged with sex abuse 

12 July 2010:  Bishop’s statement marks change in way church handles allegatios: Prof

12 July 2010:  Ottawa priest, 80, facing charges

12 July 2010:  Ottawa priest charged with sex offences

06 July 2010:  Vatican’s Northern Light:  Canadian Marc Ouellet Named Prefect of Congregation for Bishops

30 June 2010:  Vatican promotes controversial Quebec priest

28 June 2010:  Belgian abuse probe body quits en masse

23 June 2010: Revisit N.L. commission into church abuse: nun

21 June 2010:  Sex abuse victims oppose Cardinal’s promotion

14 June 2010:  Expert says predatory priests often work in packs

07 June 2010:  Put Pope on Trial:  International Coaltion formed to bring the Vatican to justice for its crimes against humanity

03 June 2010:  Easier for gay faithful to become priests in Canada

01 June 2010:  Bishops welcome plans for Vatican investigation of abuse

31 May 2010:  2 Canadian archbishops to examine Catholic Church abuse scandals

15 May 2010:  Bishop says church is responding to abuse

10 May 2010:  Faithful and holy priests don’t abuse people” 

05 May 2010:  Sex abuse victims use quilt to tell stories

29 April 2010:  Lesian teacher not filing complaint

26 April 2010:  Onatrio offered funding to help  Catholic schools develop their own sex ed course

25 April 2010:  Man seeks right to sue accused Quebec city priest

24 April 2010:  Church scandals next wave:  abused girls

24 April 2010:  Male sex abuse victims demand better treatment

24 April 2010: Abandoned sex ed changes would have meant nothing to Catholic schools: Bishop

24 April 2010:  Quebec’s victims of sex abuse victims of the law too

24 April 2010:  More legal woes for Quebec Catholic Church

23 April 2010:  Gay rights group calls out McGuinty’s flip flop on sex ed

22 April 2010:  Ontario puts controversial sex-ed program on hold

22 April 2010:  Ontario near middle of the road in content of its sex ed program

22 April 2010:  Muslims, Christians challenge Ontario’s more explicit sex ed

21 April 2010:  Ex judge to oversee NB diocese sex abuse compensation

21 April 2010:  No sex ed exception for Catholic schools

21 April 2010: Catholic leaders criticize new sex education curriculum

21 April 2010:  Ontario to introduce more explicit se education in schools

21 April 2010:  Catholic schools must teach new sex ed: McGuinty

18 April 2010:  Archbishop of Toronto call sex abuse scandals  in Church “exceptions” 

17 April 2010:  Message from His Grace Archbishop Collins on sexual abuse and the Church

16 April 2010:  EGALE Canada’s response to the Vatican’s attitude regarding recent sexual abuse

15 April 2010:  OPP reopens cae of priest who fled Canada while facing sex charges

13 April 2010:  Statement by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops regarding the Ipsos Reid Poll of 13 aPRIL 2010

13 April 2010:  Scandal shouldn’t define Church 

12 April 2010:  2 million Canadians know someone sexually assaulted by priest: poll

11 April 2010:  Diocese speaks about defrocked Pembroke priest

10 April 2010:  Victims advocate predicts more Church sex scandals in Canada 

10 April 2010:  Reform Catholic Church policy critics say

09 April 2010:  Ontario centre treats troubled priests

07 April 2010: Quebec order on defensive over priest: says it notified French of pedophiles past

08 April 2010: Quebec church says it warned about priest

06 April 2010: Catholic Church reluctant to release residential school records

05 April 2010:  Bishop regrets helping Canadian paedophile priest

03 April 2010:  Nova Scotia parishes raise millions for sex abuse victims

02 April 2010:  Ontario priest gets 18 months for preying on Haitian youths 

02 April 2010:   Good Friday marked by protest in Montreal

01 April 2010:  Pray for scandal plagued Church: Archbishop

30 March 2010:  It’s wrong to point the finger at Pope in sex abuse scandals

29 March 2010:  Letter of support to the Holy Father from the CCCB President Bishop Pierre Morissette

28 March 2010: Vatican knew of allegations against Ontario priest

02 March 2010:  Retired area priest charged with sexually abusing two boys

27 October 2009:  A Church in crisis: a timeline

09 September 2009:  Head Shepherd

02 October 2008:  Accused priest didn’t stay long

18 April 2006:  Elderly priest found not fit to stand trial on abuse charge

17 May 2004:  More about Sister Jane


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