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  1. watching says:

    your site give this info on Belgian priest
    DEJAEGER: Father Eric Dejaeger
    priest Diocese of Churchill Hudson Bay. Belgian by birth. Came to Canada 1973. Ordained 1978. 1990 GUILTY plea to eight counts sexual assault and one count indecent assault – victims both boys and girls – offences occuring over the previous 6 years.
    A newspaper reported here that he was wanted by Interpol (as dangerous person for rape of minor) in 2001 for , but had fled to Belgium. They also reported where he lives now. I read there is no statue of limitations in Canada. Please check. Regards

  2. Sylvia says:

    I received your email. This evening I will post the information which I have on file re Dejaeger. I will also post the informative translation of articles from the Belgian newspaper which you so kindly sent by email.

    Very disturbing news. This monster masquerading as a man of God was treated with kid gloves by the courts in Canada. And the Oblates have been protecting him!

    I will get the info up as soon as I get back home today.

  3. withheld says:

    I know of one Priest on this list who had one accusation against him in his 42 years in the Priesthood. He was found not guilty. Why then is his name posted when the accuser was less than 5 years old and made the accusation many years later. Look, I agree, most of these men are monsters, I’ve met one myself but there could be an innocent name on this list.

  4. Sylvia says:

    Withheld: When I know the outcome of trial I note when the accused has been acquitted. As you probably know, an acquittal doesn’t necessarily mean the accused didn’t do it. There are cases where priests have been acquitted at one trial only to be convicted at another.

    I have said before and will say again that I firmly believe that anyone who makes false sex abuse allegations against a priest – or anyone for that matter – should be charged. I can not think of a viler allegation to level against an innocent man.

    It’s unfortunate that we have come to this, isn’t it? If Church officials had been doing their jobs and purging the priesthood of known sexual predators we Catholics would have good reason to trust that our bishops have ensured – as far as is humanly possible – that the priest in the sanctuary, or teaching, or serving as a hospital chaplain or categorized as a priest “in good standing” is NOT a sexual predator. That is not the case. Until that day comes, for the sake of the children, prudence must rule.

    That said, I unfortunatley don’t know to which priest you are referring. Do I have “Acquitted” by his name? If not, and you know that to be the case, could you send me a link to a newspaper article or something to confirm that that was the outcome of the charges? I will definitely make note of it. I am anxious to get the list as up-to-date as possible and need help to do so.

  5. withheld says:

    Dear Silvia, Your reply is very eloquent and well put. I do agree with you 100 %. We Catholics do have a responsibility to our children, and ourselves to ensure that sexual predators, whether Priests or not are exposed and punished.
    I will try and find the information on the Priest that was acquitted and forward the same. It was more than 15 years ago that the charges were stayed but I am sure it is still in the public interest either way to have this updated. Innocence is also in the public interest. Thank you Silvia for you courage to take a stand.

  6. Sylvia says:

    Thanks withheld. As soon as I get the information I will gladly post it.

  7. DrPain says:

    Fr. Benard Alphonse Robert live at St. Anne Parish in Tecumseh Ontario between 1985-1987…. I do believe….His time line needs to be corrected.. That piece of Sh*t was doing his ‘thing’ there too……

    • Sylvia says:

      DrPain, I will link your comment to the Father Bernard Robert page so that people who are checking that page can find it. Click here to go to that page. Once I have your note copied over there please post any further comments there. I will also post my comments in reply to yours over there.

      • Sylvia says:

        I see now why you blogged here. The comment box was closed. The software sometimes does that on its own. I have re-opened it so comments can be posted there.

        Please everyone, if you run into a situation where there is nowhere to post a comment on a page, contact me to let me know. I very rarely close a page, and if I do I always post a final comment to let people know that that thread is closed. So, if there is no comment sayig it is closed – send me an email so that I can fix things up. I have no way of knowing that things have gone off kilter on any particular page unless you tell me.

  8. Larry Green says:

    Does anyone know what happy martin is up to these days?

  9. Larry Green says:

    While we are on the peice of Sh*t topic I thought I would ask.

  10. Sylvia says:

    I think I’m afraid to ask what you’re talking about Larry, but I’m going to ask anyway 🙂 And if if that’s some sort of code for a name you can’t mention then just say it’s code.

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