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Information on the Cornwall, Ontario sex abuse scandal and cover-up and the subsequent multi-million-dollar public inquiry can be found on my website

As I develop Sylvia’s Site I will add more material to this page in a manner which hopefully will allow more people to fully understand the dept and breadth of the scandal.


01 March 2019:  “Alexandria Cornwall Diocese SUSPENDS Deacon PETER McBRIDE after Vero Beach Prostitution & Human Trafficking STING ” & related articles

02 May 2018:  “Changes to the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall” & related article (Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall to unite with Archdiocese of Ottawa)


14 December 2009: Report of the Cornwall Public Inquiry: Volume 1, Phase 1, Facts & Findings


11 September 2007:   Dallas Lee to Victim Group


26 January 2017:  “Cop photographed half-naked prisoner” & related articles

Bryant: former Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant

14 May 2014: “Chisholm dead at 66” & comments

Cornwall Public Inquiry

Dunlop: Constable Perry Dunlop (the whistleblower – the only person who landed in jail courtesy of the $60M Cornwall Public Inquiry)

Legionaries of Christ

see RC Scandal/Vatican/Legionaries for other articles on the Legionaries of Christ’s sexual predator founder Marcial Maciel LC

November 2000: New Apostolic School for Canada! (from Legionaries of Christ magazine LeCristo)



6 Responses to Cornwall

  1. Bernie Buechman says:

    I can Only say That it is any wonder why A tax payer in this country any longer has faith in our politicians whom were put in by us to represent us,The little gut or poor person has not a Hope in Hell.I have very little faith in the justice syystem shame on them.Mr Dunlop was made to look like a liar and a fool and more or less it seemed
    forced to leave town.60 million dollars for what,I know there were No Victims just
    made up storys by all concerned.Makes one sick to my stomach the waste and the misscarriage of justice.The very best to Mr dunlop and his Family strong people with good Morals,and to all the victims and Yes I believe there were many victims.And shame on us the tax payer for not speaking up when our appointed politicians,police and appointed higher ups do not do a much Better job.This whole Inquiry was nothing but a Insult to any person living in this province that has a half a brain.

  2. victim says:

    wow so i’ve been going to the hospital for a decade and i’m starting to heal so i though it was time to address the fact that i was abused in Cornwall when i was younger. I called the church in Cornwall and they sent two people to talk to me with my Dr the very next day. they told me that they will pay for the lawyer and get this done pretty fast. well i should have known they where trying to cover things up. they have not replied to me in months. now i pay for my lawyer and i have to take theses sick people to court. i wouldn’t have expected any different. thank you to the sick people in cornwall ontario.

  3. Marion Little says:

    I wasn’t able to comment on your other site about the inquiry and wanted to offer a quick correction to info on your “about” page. The age of consent in Canada was raised to 16 in 2008. Thought you’d want to know. Here’s a link with information.

  4. Brian Sullivan says:


    I was a victim of Gary Seguin (17). He was my father’s lover. My name isn’t in any court proceedings because I never did anything about it.

    Gary lived near 17069 country road 18 near St. Andrews. (45.0895521, -74.8233161). I Google mapped it. Gary lived with another pedophile named Ken. Both molested me in the late 70s in that house. The house is a converted trailer home. Catholic symbols everywhere. If anyone can tell me Ken’s last name that would be good. I’ve been familiar with the’Inquiry’ site for a long time.

    I wouldn’t do it of course, but I’d like to blow that house up. You know like Rambo would.

    Is it too late to do anything? I would like to know Gary’s housemates last name if someone could tell me. I thought maybe Ken Seguin but I think it’s a different Kwn but not sure.

    The site administrator can email me if they like. To help me answer questions or perhaps they may have questions for me.

    I am ok by the way. My prayers go out to the other victims though.

  5. Dave says:

    We don’t have to live in silence anymore.

    This documentary is fact based. It’s victim driven. It’s time
    everyone knows what went down and where the $53 mil went.

    Did you know that Cornwall has continued to have extreme high number in abuse cases and even lead Canada in 2010. 153% over the national average. Imagine! Just a few months after The Inquiry “findings” came out… (remember; inconclusive) Cornwall lead the ENTIRE Country, and no one talks about it. Well NOT ANYMORE!

    If anyone is interested in telling a story or their own.. we’d be happy to listen.
    If you’d like to be involved with the Documentary, even better. 🙂

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