Prey (the documentary)

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From TVO (TV Ontario) website. Unfortunately this can only viewed by those in Canada.

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  1. bc says:

    Prey is a window into how far the Church was and still is willing to go to cover-up clerical abuse. And the Church which likes to hear itself repeat that it thinks in terms of centuries; because it makes it sound omnipotent; will still be covering clerical abuse; for centuries to come. It hasn’t changed since Spotlight. It won’t change after one thousand thousand screenings of Prey. It will still be covering up clerical abuse for centuries to come. And that means that there will be victims of clerical abuse for centuries to come. It`s disturbing perspective, revealed in Prey, that the exposure of the truth is entombing reveals that Roman Catholicism isn’t about life which is also truth and justice. The Church is nothing more and nothing less than the slaughtering of lambs at the Temple in Jerusalem; taken to the next levels. The killing of animals which is a precursor to serial sexual violence was escalated by Catholicism from the symbolic sacrificing of animals which aroused the Fathers of the Church (who were also clerical perverts centuries ago); to no holds-barred modern times sexual abuse, financial abuse, elder abuse, the abuse of disabled persons, the abuse of the sick, of the dying, of the poor and re-abuse of victims of clerical abuse on social media.

    The Church is abusing victims right here right now on Sylvias blog when it denies that they are bona-fide victims. When it says that victims are faking it for money. When it faults victims for the crimes of those who abused them. The Church won’t stop abusing; for centuries to come. The abuse will continue to escalate. It will involve more and more anger, more thrills, more money, more attention getting. It’s no coincidence that the fans of popular priests who are being exposed as clerical abusers are furiously retaliating against victims here on Sylvia’s blog or wherever clerical abusers are being exposed. It will come to a point where clerical abusers will have their own fan clubs; clerical abuser relics will be worshiped. the Basilian certified authentic spoon that Father Marshal used to eat his last meal Father Rosica’s handwritten draft of his first plagiarized text. Father Joe Leclair’s lucky slot machine token Father Charbonneau’s lipstick stained collar Bishop Lahey’s laptop Cardinal Pell’s prison toothbrush

    For centuries. It will go on and on for centuries.

  2. 1yellowknife says:

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the production of Prey. It can be seen on YouTube if you are outside of Canada or if viewing via this site is not working well. Prey is powerful, restrained, wonderfully made and I will be viewing it again and again. I can not thank you enough.

  3. Phil Johnson says:

    I and my SO just finished watching Prey tonight and it was extremely difficult and emotional for me to watch. I too was in Gr 9 in 1969 and remember seeing hod many times. I had been abused by sullivan beginning in early 68 and was terrified seeing collars at St Charles College so I avoided them all as much as I could by hiding in the library in a corner behind a stack of books. hod always gave me bad vibes and I took extra precautions to avoid seeing him. Ioccoco and holmes were 2 other collars I was fearful of. I am so proud of all those who were brave enough and persistent in finally bringing hod to justice and in suing the basilian buffoons.

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