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Links to all new articles and documents posted on Sylvia’s Site are immediately posted on this page.   Check regularly on this page to keep track of what is new to the site. Click here to access links to previous New to the Site pages.

17 May 2018

Re-posted with last page – 23 April 2018 (?) : Father Paul-Andre Harvey documents Annexe 4 (Accused/Accused G-L/Harvey:  Father Paul-Andre Harvey)

16 May 2018

23 April 2018 (?):  23 April 2018 (?) : Father Paul-Andre Harvey documents Annexe 4 (Accused/Accused G-L/Harvey:  Father Paul-Andre Harvey)

23 April 2018 (?):  Father Paul-Andre Harvey documents Annexe 3  (Accused/Accused G-L/Harvey:  Father Paul-Andre Harvey)

23 April 2018 (?):  Father Paul-Andre Harvey documents Annexe 2  (Accused/Accused G-L/Harvey:  Father Paul-Andre Harvey)

23 April 2018 (?) :  Father Paul Andre Harvey documents Annexe 1  (Accused/Accused G-L/Harvey:  Father Paul-Andre Harvey)

31 January 2018:   Pope Francis Letter to Chilean Bishops (RC Scandal/Vatican)

15 May 2018

15 May 2018:  Pope gives Chile bishops something to pray on for abuse summit  (RC Scandal/Other Countries/Chile)

15  April 2018:   BREAKING NEWS: Prosecutors Narrow Application For Media Ban On Cardinal George Pell Trial (RC Scandal/Other Countries/Australia)

15 May 2018:  Cardinal Pell bombshell: Sex offence trial could be compromised after court staffer is found accessing restricted documents (RC Scandal/Other Countries/Australia)

15 May 2018:  Confessions from pedophile priest could help Quebec sex abuse lawsuit (Accused/Accused G-L/Harvey:  Father Paul-Andre Harvey)

14 May 2018:   “Prosecutors Seek Complete Ban On Media Reporting Of Cardinal George Pell Trial” & related article (RC Scandal/Other Countries/Australia)

15 May 2018:   “Chile archbishop defends himself as pope’s summit opens” & related articles  (RC Scandal/Other Countries/Chile)

15 May 2018:  Chileans denounce suffering sex abuse by Marists, priests  (RC Scandal/Other Countries/Chile)

14 May 2018

14 May 2018:  “A pedophile priest blames his superiors” with original French text (Accused/Accused G-L/Harvey:  Father Paul-Andre Harvey)

12 May 2018:  “Northern Ireland Catholic Priest ‘Sexually Abused Boy In Confession Every Week For Three Years’” & related article (RC Scandal/Other Countries/Ireland)

12 May 2018:  “Trooper linked to case of priest in Erie diocese” & related article (RC Scandal/USA)

10 May 2018:  Final settlement in historical sex abuse case  (Accused/Accused M-Z/Marshall:  Hod Marshall)

11 May 2018

11 May 2018:  “Diocese of Phoenix: Guam priest left area” & related articles (RC Scandal/USA)

10 May 2018

10 May 2018:  “Chilean cardinal at center of abuse scandal won’t travel to Rome” & related article (RC Scandal/Other Countries/Chile)

10 May 2018:  “Two Erie Catholic bishops present different approaches in case of priest” & related article (RC Scandal/USA)

09 May 2018:  Two Franciscan Friars Plead Guilty to Endangering Children in Pennsylvania (RC Scandal/USA)

09 May 2018

09 May 2018:  “Priest in Johnson County allegedly stole more than $40,000 from his church” & related article (RC Scandal/USA)

1981:  Excerpts from Father Luc Meunier 1981 book:   Miracles in Louisiana ? (mostly English, some sections in French) (Accused/Accused M-Z/MeunierL  Father Lucien-Luc Meunier)

08 May 2018:  Priest accused of groping girl’s buttocks in Boonton admitted into probation program  (RC Scandal/USA)

08 May 2018:  Erie Catholic Diocese Priest Charged with Sexual Abuse of Two Boys (RC Scandal/USA)

08 May 2018

08 May 2018:  Catholic priest allegedly a ‘prime suspect’ as gardai probe images of sex act on church altar (RC Scandal/Other Countries/ Ireland)

07 May 2018: Lawsuit: Former archdiocese chancellor Adrian Cristobal abused, raped boy for 18 years (RC Scandal/Other Countries/Guam)

07 May 2018:  “Ex-detective Denis Ryan wins compensation decades after being pushed out of Victoria Police” & related articles (RC Scandal/Other Countries/Australia and New Zealand)

10 February 1990:  The series with links from one article to the other  How Catholic church turned blind eye to child sex abuse by priests (RC Scandal/Canada/Media)

07 May 2018

02 November 1990:  Trail of abuse stretched across country (Accused/Accused M-Z/Meunier:  Father Lucien-Luc Meunier)

07 May 2018:  Last Marshall litigant settles for $950 K  (Accused/Accused M-Z/Marshall:  Hod Marshall)

06 May 2018

05 May 2018:  Exclusive: Vatican won’t pay for cardinal’s defence (RC Scandal/Other Countries/Australia and New Zealand)

05 May 2018:  Minnesota priest accused of abusing 60 boys in Guam (RC Scandal/Other Countries/Guam)

05 May 2018

10 February 1990:  How Catholic church turned blind eye to child sex abuse by priests (RC Scandal/Canada/Media)

04 May 2018

26 April 2018:  Questions to the jury (Roderick MacLeod and William Hodgson Marshall. The Basilian Fathers of Toronto, the Sudbury District School Board and the  Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of the Diocese of Sault Ste Marie) (Accused/Accused M-Z/Marshall:  Hod Marshall)

04 May 2018:  “Disgraced priest appeals sex abuse conviction and jail term” & related articles (RC Scandal/Other countries/UK)

04 May 2018:  “Catholic Church urge gardai to investigate ‘shocking sex act on an Irish church altar’” & related article (RC Scandal/Other countries/Ireland)

03 May 2018:  “Former pedophile priest Paul-André Harvey is dead” & original French text & related articles (Accused/Accused G-L/Harvey:  Father Paul-Andre Harvey)

02 May 2018

01 May 2018:  “House of Commons passes ‘historic’ motion to ask Pope Francis for apology over residential schools” & related articles (RC Scandal/Canada/Media)

02 May 2018:  “Pope to Chile abuse victims: ‘I was part of the problem’” & related article (RC Scandal/Chile)

01 May 2018:  $2.6 million awarded to man abused by former principal of St. Mary’s College (8 photos)  (Accused/Accused M-Z/Marshall:  Hod Marshall)

02 May 2018:  “George Pell set to face two trials over historical assault allegations” & related articles (RC Scandal/Other Countries/Australia and New Zealand)