Fagan: Steven Fagan

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Steven P. Fagan

Layman.  Member of the Knights of Columbus and former  adult leader of the Our Lady of Fatima Squires in Ottawa, Ontario.

October 2014 convicted of sex abuse of 14-year-old Squire during a visit to Kingston Ontario for the ordination of Father Paul Hamilton.  The victim had travelled from a Squires circle in another corner of the province.   Father Hamilton had been a member of the OLF Squires while in seminary at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, as had his friend Father Michael Reed (ordained 1982).

The OLF Squires travelled to Kingston for the ordinations of both Fathers Reed and Hamilton.

On various occasions groups of perhaps 12 or 14 of the OLF Squires rented a van and stayed at a hotel/motel in, for example,  Belleville, London and Burlington.  They would sometimes check into a hotel such as a Holiday Inn.

The ‘leader’ of the OLF Squires was  Father Stephen Hill, a former teacher, late vocation to the priesthood, good friend of and former secretary to  Bishop John Beahen.  At that time  Father Hill, ordained in 1978, was  assisting at Our Lady of Fatima and an active member of the Knights of Columbus.  Father Hill, a late vocation to the priesthood and past president of the Canadian Canon Law Society, was a former teacher at St. Pius X High School.

Father Stephen Hill and Steve Fagan both held leadership roles with the provincial board of the Ontario Squires.

Father Hill, a haemophiliac, died February 1999.  At the funeral (St. Patrick’s in Ottawa) Father Paul Hamilton sang/chanted from the old pulpit a strange repetitive  refrain  –  “Out of the darkness and into the light.”

The Squires  is routinely described as “an international youth fraternity run by the Knights of Columbus for Catholic boys between the ages of 10 and 18.”


Ontario Squires Past Provincial Executives 1954-2002  (shows Father Steve Hill Provincial Father Prior 1981-1985, and Steve Fagan as Provincial Deputy Chief Squire 1976-1977)


Compilation of offences from Kingston’s Ontario Court of Justice for the period of Oct. 20-24, 2014

Kingston Whig

12 November 2014

Steven P. Fagan, 55, was convicted of a three-decades-old sexual assault on a 14-year-old boy who was visiting Kingston as part of a contingent of Columbian Squires, the youth organization of the Knights of Columbus. His sentencing was suspended. He was placed on probation for 24 months and was ordered included on the Sex Offenders Information Registry. Fagan, a member of the Knights of Columbus at the time of the offence, had been put in charge of a group of the visiting boys. He admitted to his crime, which involved sexually touching the complainant with his hand — once — when initially questioned in 1992; again in 1994 when the complainant sued the Knights of Columbus, ultimately accepting an out-of-court monetary settlement; and a third time, earlier this year in criminal court. Fagan had no prior record and there have been no other complaints made against him. Justice Allan Letourneau was told Fagan lived with his parents until their deaths in 2001 and 2005 and has been in a committed adult relationship for nine years.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Sorry, a misunderstanding on my part. On occasion the OLF Squires travelled by van Belleville, London, and Burlington Ontario. They did not, however, travel by rented van to Kingston.

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