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26 January 2017:  “Cop photographed half-naked prisoner” & related articles

09 February 214:   Federal government funding two-year project for London sex survivors

24 October 2013:  Former Cornwall police chief dies at 83

29 March 2013: COFFEE BREAK: Civilian life new world for retired cop

30 January 2013: “School head didn’t alert police to sex assault: affidavit” & related articles

12 October 2012:  “Cornwall police officer charged for child luring” & related articles

28 June 2012:  Appointment of new Bishop for Alexandria-Cornwall

24 April 2012:  PrévAction step closer to setting up centre thanks to $118,000 in funding

06 December 2011: Maloney elected administrator for diocese

11 October 2011:  Appointment of new Archbishop for Gatineau

12 August 2011: Jodoin was dedicated to United Way

Eugene Larocque, Bishop Emeritus of Alexandria-Cornwall, now ministering at St. Anne’s in Tecumseh (Diocese of London – right beside Windsor, Ontario)

15 May 2011:  Strutting their stuff:  Walk a Mile in her shoes:  Men raise awareness by wearing red stilettos


05 April 2011: Men invited to Walk a Mile in women’s shoes

16 February 2011:  A special visitor from the far north

04 February 2011: Bishop faces tough call on church closings

11 December 2010:  From Claude McIntosh 

23 October 2010:  City ranked worst in sexual assaults

20 October 2010: CTC Celebrity walk and breakfast raises $236,000

04 October 2010:  A new helping hand

09 May 2010: Sex Offenders living next door

29 June 2010:  UCDSB to issue apology

14 June 2010:  Expert says predatory priests often work in packs (Men’s Project)

29 May 2010:  Chance for a little payback (Claude Intosh, Ed Lumley)

13 May 2010:  Forensics officer testifies at trial

26 April 2010:  Cornwall police officer found guilty of drunk driving (Emma Wlison-King)

12 May 2010:  Convicted police officer faces hearing (Emma Wilson-King)

19 May 2010:  Officer demoted following impaired driving conviction (Emma Wilson-King)

29 May 2010:  Police Service Act hearing was a sham (Emma Wilson-King)

24 April 2010: Abandoned sex ed changes would have meant nothing to Catholic schools: Bishop

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