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Settlements and/or compensation packages negotiated with sex abuse victims and dioceses or orders in Canada

New Brunswick

The Bastarache “Conciliation” deals  (New Brunswick)

Michel Bastarache


17 January 2017:  Blame tough lives of priests’ victims on economy, not abuse, says church

25 November 2017:  Canadian Catholic Church may be driven to bankruptcy by sex abuse lawsuits, says priest

20 November 2o17:  N.B. Catholic Church says there may be no money left to compensate sex abuse victims

16 November 2017:  Catholic Church might be too broke to compensate sex abuse victims (Settlements)

15 November 2017:  56 lawsuits against Catholic Church that allege sexual abuse are before N.B. courts


Antigonish Diocese, Nova Scotia

26  November 2013:  “Diocese of Antigonish reaches out after sex abuse scandal” & related articles

10 October 2013:  “Battered Antigonish diocese unveils renewal plan” & related articles

26 August 2013:  Antigonish Diocese appeal to all Canadian priests for funds  to pay off $7M loan

01 February 2013: Articles and letters re church closures in Cape Breton, N.S.  (Antigonish Diocese)

18 January 2013: Antigonish Bishop Brian Dunn re Pastoral Planning for Northside/Victoria Deanery (read church closures)

17 January 2013:  Antigonish, N.S.  Bishop Dunn to Glace Bay and area parishioners  re Pastoral Planning (read church closures)

25 January 2010:  Diocese won’t be holding fire sale: But parishes told all but core assets on auction block

07 August 2009: Bishop Raymond Lahey media release re sexual abuse class action settlement

Antigonish Diocese Sexual Abuse Class Action Settlement  Frequently Asked Questions

January 2010:  Unsettled


Ontario Helpline

Helpline ( Brothers of the Christian Schools in Alfred and Uxbridge Ontario)

Ben Hoffman and “Vision to Reconcile”


12 Responses to Settlements

  1. Sylvia says:

    Please note the following link posted above under “Antigonish Diocese, Nova Scotia”:

    26 August 2013: Antigonish Diocese appeal to all Canadian priests for funds to pay off $7M loan


  2. Sylvia says:

    In relation to the above, I don`t have the exact numbers but believe there are between 8,000 and 9,000 priests in Canada

  3. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    While I would applaud this effort for at least trying to pay out the settlements they owe the victims of their own priests, I am stunned at two rather blatant points here;

    #1) How ironic that anyone who contributes to this “settlement fund” will be given an income tax receipt! I really wasn’t aware that sexual abuse and assault was an income tax deduction.

    #2) Where is the Vatican in all of this? Are they just sitting idly by while Rome burns (in this case Antigonish)?

    Anyway, thank you for posting this letter. Mike.

    • please do not publish my name says:

      mike, my husband (deceased) was tormented from the age of 12 until his death. haliburton was the place to go, especially when he was driving father hank. and to Ottawa as well. again, never stopped by police. 1965 until 1979 he served on the alter in various capacities, but the one on one were the early age. he too self medicated with alcohol. I know the depression, anger, emotions he bore, but I too suffered the agony he had.

  4. Lois says:

    This letter signed by 2 priests from Antigonish has me flabbergasted in light of the big “renewal congress” they are putting on this weekend. There’s not much in the way of honesty coming out of that chancery these days. Unbelievable is an understatement, especially when you take into account the 5 year “pastoral plan” they will be forcing on everyone under the guise of that bogus & unnecessary renewal congress taking place this weekend.

  5. Sheila Haire says:

    I have to make a comment, on behalf of my family and loved ones who suffored greatly at the hands of the Christian Brothers of Mount Cashel Orphange and who have taken the sins of these dark souls to their graves.
    So sad that my family carries the shame of these priests and their deeds.
    I do believe in Karma and I do know that oneday these priest will have to make ammends for their evil doings. In this life or the next.

    It has always been my wish that my family could heal from all the sexual abuse and physical abuse of these brothers, the church and the times.

    Possible in the future there will be even more of a reconing for the evil the church has brought against so many.
    Such a profitable industry and corporation such a crime against humanity as a whole.
    My hope and prayers to all including myself and my family is that we all will continue on our healing journey.
    Although this the brothers and the church broke many of the childrens spirits with their behaviors and deniles which in its self can be the worst type of abuse to any human being, I am glad that they did not destoy the best part of any of the survivors.

    Our will is our strength, it is always our choice on how we behave, live and love.
    My prayers, unconditional love and courage go out to all the survivors of sexual abuse and any abuse including myself.
    The most important person to Love again after any abuse is of course ourself.


  6. PJ says:

    SH: I have told this story before to Crown Prosecutors, lawyers, and close family. I was glued to the tv screen watching all those brave young men testify at the Mount Cashel Inquiry. I watched them cry as they related their experiences at the hands of those monsters and I cried with them. I made a vow to myself that I could be as brave as those men were to lay charges against the pervert collar that abused me if he was alive. 2 weeks later I read a tiny article buried inside our newspaper about a collar that was being charged for sexually abusing altar boys in Ontario…I died when I read it was sullivan. I had never told anyone about what he did to me but I knew right there and then that I was finally going to come out and lay charges. We did and he was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months. I have always wanted to say “thank you” to the Mount Cashel Survivors for being the role models I needed to come forward. I can now say it…THANK YOU and God bless you all for your bravery. As you are a family member of one of them, can you please pass on my thanks for what he and they did? Amen.

  7. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    “Please do not publish my Name;
    I understand your torment and anguish. I just wish I could take it away from you, but I can’t. He was a deviant monster, and he robbed your husband (and you) of your souls. Please talk to a professional about this, and maybe lighten your heavy burden. Mike.

  8. Diccon says:

    Sorry – this is off topic, but I can’t find where to ask this question:

    Is there a site similar to this for victims of abuse in the UK? I would like to share my story, in case there are others who have been victim to the same abuser.


  9. Diane says:

    Hi Sylvia have you ever come across Nuns in Catholic school being abuser and child sexual abuser

  10. Sylvia says:

    I have come across cases of nuns sexually abusing young women. I have read of nuns sexually abusing girls in schools . There isn’t a lot of information out there on it Diane.

  11. Ken Hills says:

    Hi Sylvia – just watched “Prey” for the first time. I am 81 now, have survived two heart attacks. And yet, my”experience” with Hod M. Is still so fresh in my mind. I have forgiven him and pray for him whenever I think of those days and what he did to me. Certainly, I went through all the stages of grieving – too much anger at him, the church and God. But anger is not the solution. Blaming, pointing the finger is not the solution. Denial never works as at unpredictable times the “experience” returns. For me, prayer has been the most effective survival mechanism. I don’t know how you do what you do but I thank you for it, Ken

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