Accused: M to Z

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This page lists names beginning with letters “M” to “Z” of  Canadian clergy and religious publicly accused, sued and or charged in relation to allegations of criminal acts of any nature and/or actions which are unbecoming to that person’s station in life.  Click the following links to page with  names beginning with letters” A” to “F”,

names beginning with letters “G” to “L”


MacDONALD:  Allan A. (Father Allan MacDonald)

Priest, Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia.  Ordained 1940.  Allegations of abuse of young boy in Havre Boucher, Nova Scotia in  the mid-70s,  Click here for further info

MacDONALD:  Charlies (Charlie) (Father Charles MacDonald)

Priest Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall Ontario. Ordained 1969.  “Walked” after judge ruled that his Charter right to a speedy trials had been violated. Click here for further information

MacDONALD:  Errol (Father Errol MacDonald)

Priest Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia.  Ordained 1989.  Charged 1995. CONVICTED 1995 or ’96 for sex abuse of two boys – offences transpired before MacDonald was ordained and working as a teacher.  2011 – serving as a parish priest within Diocese of Antigonish. Click here for further info

MacDONALD:  Hugh Vincent (Father Hugh Vincent MacDonald)

Priest Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia.  Ordained 1953.  26 charges laid in 2003 – died before standing trial. Click here for further info

MacDONALD:  R.J. (Monsignor R.J. MacDonald)

Priest Diocese Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario. Ordained 1929.  Allegations in an affidavit.  Not charged

MacDONALD:  Stuart A. (Father Stuart MacDonald)

Priest, Diocese of St. Catharines, Ontario.  Ordained 17 May 1997. Canon lawyer.  November 2012 was discharged from his duties as chaplain at Wyoming Catholic College after complaints of, amongst others things,  sexual misconduct, alcohol, “very bad language” and ‘telling bad jokes.” No charges laid. Click here for further info

MacEACHERN: Malcolm A.(Bishop Malcolm MacEchaern)

ordained as a priest for the Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia 1927. Bishop of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 1955. Died 1983. Lawsuit 2010 by former altar boy allegeing sex abuse in ealry 50s at Mount Carmel Parish in New Waterford, Nova Scotia. Click here for further info.

MacKENZIE:  Robert (Father Robert MacKanzie)

Scottish-born former Benedictine priest.  Arrived in Cananda around 1988 – seems to have become incardinated in the Archdiocese of Regina Saskatchewan at some time.  March 2017 news that extradition proceedings are under way to have Father MacKenzie returned to Scotland to face charges in relation to  historic sex abuse allegations which appear to be related to his time teaching at Fort Augustus Abbey School in Scotland in Scotland.  Click here for further info

MacLEAN:  Cameron J. (Father Cameron J. MacLean)

Priest Diocese of London, Ontario.  Ordained 1969.  GUILTY plea to sex abuse charges involving four boys.  Diocese made aware of the allegations in 1981.  Click here for further info

MacNEIL:  Edward Mark (Father Ed MacNeil omi)

Oblate priest.  Ordained 1965.  October 1996 GUILTY plea, indecent assault 7 young boys age 9 to 11.  Sentenced to 30 months at Mountain Aberta.  Still involved at Oblate centre in Arnprior Ontario as lecturer and giving workshops. Click here for further info

MAHAR:  Hilary (Father Hillary Mahar)

Priest Diocese St. George Newfoundland.  Ordained 1976.  1992 facing six sex-related charges involving under-age teenage girl in Stephenville, Newfoundland – three counts indecent assault, two of intercourse with a minor and one of sexual assault between 1981 and 1984. (listed in one news report as Hillary Maher) Click here for further info

MAJOR: Romeo (Father Romeo Major)

Priest Diocese Alexandria-Cornwall.  Ordained 1964. 2002 CHARGES WITHDRAWN. Deceased.  Click here for further info

MALONEY:  Henry (Father Henry Maloney)

Priest, Diocese of Pembroke, Ontario.  Ordained 22 May 1947.  Lawsuit initiated by Mike Fitzgerald settled out of court April 2015 for undisclosed amount.  Mike was sexually abused by Father Maloney in the early 70s.   Another victim has also come forward. Click here for further info

MALONEY:  Kevin (Father Kevin Maloney)

priest Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario.  Ordanied 1972.  Denies allegations of sexual abuse in mid 70s at St. Joseph Residential School in Alfred Ontario.  Denies he was ever at Alfred.  Allegation withdrawn.  Click here for further info.

MARSHALL:  William Hodgson (Hod) (Father William Hodgson Marshall csb / Father Hod Marshall csb)

Basilian priest.  Ordained 1951.  Taught in Basilian schools and served in various communities including: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Sudbury, Ontario;  Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario; Windsor Ontario.  After retiring from teaching moved to St. Lucia to do missionary work.  May 2010   charged with sex abuse allegation dating to time he was teaching in the 80s in Windsor Ontario. Click here for further info

MARTIN:  Kenneth (Father Kenneth Martin)

priest Diocese Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario. Ordained 1958.  September 2001 – acquitted.  Click here for furthe info

MARTIN:  Robert

Layman.  Close friend of Father James Hickey, Newfoundland.  May 1989 charged one count sexual assault and one count indecent assault dating to mid 70s to 1988 in St. John’s Newfoundland.  CONVICTED. Sentenced to 9 months jail

McCANN:  John (Father John McCann omi) (Father Jack McCann omi)

Oblate priest.  Ordained 1955.  1991 – six charges related to sex abuse of girls under age 16 in the 70s.  CONVICTED.  Click here for further info

McCARTHY:  Paul (Father Paul McCarthy)

Priest Archdiocese of Toronto. Ordained 1967.  1990 – removed from Our Lady of Grace in Aurora while under diocesan investigation following allegations of sexual abuse by three teenage boys.  Monsignor Boehler (Toronto Archdiocese) refused to divulge the outcome of the investigation citing privacy reasons (canon 220!).  McCarthy was sent off to New Mexico for a spell.  Within a year he was back in another parish.

(When Archbishop Ambrozic arrived at Our Lady of Grace to advise parishioners during a Sunday Mass that McCarthy was being suspended parishioners cried out “Guilty or not guilty” the archbishop replied:  “None of your business.”) Click here for further info

McDONALD:  Francis (Father Francis W McDonald )

McDOUGALL:  Robert Joseph (Father Robert Joseph McDougall)

Priest, Archdiocese Halifax, Nova Scotia. Ordained 20 May 1962.  Guilty plea 1999 to charges related to sex abuse of two altar boys in late 60s to early 70s.  In the 1980s one victim had reported his  abuse at the hands of Father McDougall to Archbishop Hayes –  Father McDougall was sent to Southdown and returned to the archdiocese, working with the marriage tribunal.  Despite his conviction he had faculties to ‘say’ Mass’  .  Died 2008.   Click here for further info

McDOUGALD:  Donald (Father Donald McDougald)

Priest, Diocese Alexandria-Cornwall Ontario.  Ordained 1951.  Allegations of sex abuse by Ron Leroux.  Charges never laid.  One of a group of priests who, along with then Bishop Eugene Larocque, launched a lawsuit against several persons and businesses.  The lawsuit never proceeded to discovery.  Click here for further info.

McGEE: Charles McGee

lawyer – webmaster for Diocese of MacKenzie-Ft. Smith . 02 November 2009: Child porn lands Yellowknife man in jail

McGRATH: Des (Father Des McGrath)

Priest Diocese St. George’s Newfoundland. Ordained 1961. 2009 failed to appear in court to face sex abuse charges – believed to have committed suicide. Click here for further info.

McGRATH:  Eldon (Father Eldon McGrath)

Priest Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan.  Ordained 1949.  1994 GUILTY plea to 15 counts sexual assault of 15 girls under age 12 in East Central Saskatchewan. Abuse transpired between late 1950s to early 70s. Spent time at a U.S. treatment centre.  Click here for further info

McGRORY:  Barry (Father Barry McGrory)

priest Archdiocese of Ottawa.  Shipped out of Ottawa suddenly.  Worked with Catholic Church Extension Society. August 1993 CONVICTED sexual assault of 17-year-old boy. Click here for further info

McGUIRE:  Robert (Father Robert McGuire)

priest, Diocese St. John, New Brunswick.  Ordained 2000.  2010 allegations investigated – no charges laid.  Click here for further info

McINTEE:  Harold (Father Harold McIntee omi)

Oblate priest.  Ordained June 1989:  CONVICTED.  Sentenced 2 years plus three years probation.  17 victims – native and white boys. Click here fore further info

McPARLAND: Roy (Father Roy McParland))

priest Diocese of Sualt Ste. Marie, Ontario. Ordained 1955. Sued 2008. Click here for further info

McPHAIL: John D. (Father John McPhail)

Priest Diocese Alexandria-Cornwall.  Ordained 1941.  Allegations in a affidavit.  Never charged

McRAE:  Angus (Father Angus McRae)

priest Archdiocese of Edmonton, Alberta. Ordained 1964.  CONVICTED by military court in 1980 of three sex charges involving a boy.  Dishonourable discharge.   1989 GUILTY plea to charges if sexual exploitation and sexual interference with boys age 12 and 14 in his parish.  Sentenced to three years probation. Click here for further info

MENARD:  Paul Yvonne (Father Paul Yvonne Menard)

priest Diocese Saint Hyacinthe Quebec.  Ordained 1941.  September 1991 ACQUITTED

MERCER: James Douglas (Father Douglas Mercer)

priest, Diocese of London, Ontario.  Lawsuit 2009 alleging sex abuse while he was a priest at St. Thomas the Apostle RC Church in Windsor, Ontario.

MEUNIER:  Lucien Luc (Father Luc Meunier)

see information on this page

MIANI: Titian (Father Titian Miani, also known as Father James Miani)

American priest, formerly member of the Salesian’s of St. John Bosco.  Ordained 1955.  GUILT admitted by Salesians in 2008 lawsuit.   Miani molested in Canada while he was assigned to St. Mary’s School in Edmonton Alberta.  The school was either a Salesian operated orphanage or boy’s home.   Click here for further information

MILLER:  Michael Daniel (Father Daniel Miller)

Priest, Diocese of Pembroke Ontario.  Ordained 1969.  Charged February 2012.  Click here for further info

MILLS:  Daniel Joseph (Father Daniel Mills – Danny Mills)

priest Diocese of Yarmouth Nova Scotia.  Ordained 1965.  1994  NOT GUILTY to 1993 charges of sexual assault.  Click here for further info

MOLON:  Father Lindo Molon

Filipino priest.  Ordained 1959.  Lawsuit  alleges sexual abuse of young female teacher by Father Lindo Molon which began September 1976 when she started teaching at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in Kamloops,  British Columbia.  Click here for further info

MOLONEY:  Father Bill Moloney

Priest, Diocese of Peterborough, Ontario.  Ordained 1983.  Placed on administrative leave December 2016 while  OPP investigate allegations of sexual misconduct said to have transpired at Camp Northern Lights.  Charged 1998 after repeatedly hitting hockey player with hockey stick – outcome of those charges unknown.  Click here for further info

MOMBOURQUETTE:  James (Father James Mombourquette)

priest Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia   Ordained 1968.  1992 GUILTY plea to four charges related to sexual abuse of young boys in  late 60s – other charges dropped with consent of “alleged” victims.  Sentenced to two years.  Out in ten months.  Click here for further info.

MONAGHAN: John Frederick (Monsignor John Frederick Monaghan)

priest Diocese of Nelson BC.   Ordained 1930.  CONVICTED sex assaults against 10 young females in hospitals and private homes between 1959 and 1987.  1988 sentenced to four years in jail.

MOORE:  Joseph P (Father Joseph Moore)

American priest, Diocese Bridgeport, Conneticut.  Ordained  1971.  Spent about a year in Ottawa, Ontario in late 80s.  Allegations of sex abuse in States dating to 70s. Click here for further info

MOREAU:  Daniel (Father Daniel Moreau)

Priest, Diocese of Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec.  Ordained 1984.  March 2013 arrested on suspicion of possession of child pornography.  Click here for further info

MORRISSEY:  Robert (Father Robert Morrissey)

taught at St. John`s Christian Brothers school in Uxbridge, Ontario. Alfred.  Ordained a priest 1971, Diocese of London, Ontario. 1993 CONVICTED on charges of attempted buggery and indecent assault between 1960 and 1961 (St John years).  18 month sentence.    Click here for further info

MULLANY:  Father Joseph Mullany omi

Irish-born Oblate priest.  Ordained 21 December 1929.  Came to Canada in or around 1931.  Allegations of sex abuse while he was filling in for priests in the Diocese of Pembroke, Ontario. Click here for further info

MULLINS:  Michael (Father Michael Mullins)

Irish-born priest – former White Father – incardinated Archdiocese of Ottawa, Ontario.  Chaplain Gloucester police.  Acquitted of charge in Ottawa.  Shortly thereafter in 1991 CONVICTED in Ireland.  Archdiocese of Ottawa refused to reveal his whereabouts after he completed his prison term in Ireland and returned to Canada. Click here for further info

MURHY:  John E Murphy (former Brother John Evangelist Murphy)

former Christian Brother.  American.  Teacher.  2004 CONVICTED for sex abuse of boys at Mount Cashel Orphanage, St. John’s Newfoundland.  Click here for further info

MURPHY:  Joseph M. Murphy (Father Joseph Murphy)

priest, Archdiocese of Toronto, Ontario.  Ordained 1929.  2010 lawsuit alleging sex abuse of 13-year-old boy starting in 1973. Click here for further info

NOEL:  Levi (Father Levi Noel)

priest, Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick.  2009 charged with 22 sex offences against 10 boys dating from 1958 to 1978. Click here for further info.

NOREAU:  Gilles (Father Gilles Noreau)

Priest, Archdiocese of Quebec, Quebec.  Ordained 1964. Convicted sex abuse 2004.

NORONHA:  Cecil (Father Cecil Noronha)

Priest born and ordained in India (1981).  Was a member of the Salesians of Don Bosco.  At some point was a member of the Voluntas Dei Insitutute.  year of arrival in Canada unchnown but appears tohave been in mid 90s.  Serving in Diocese of Sault Ste Marie , Ontario from around 2014.  In June 2018 charges laid in rleation to allegations of sexual assault of a young person.  Click here for further info

NUMBI:   Phaku Mavambu Joseph (Father Joseph Numbi Phaku Mavambu)

Priest, Diocese of Boma, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Came to Canada July 2000.  Served in Diocese of Edmundston, New Brunswick.  June 2011 GUILTY plea to charges related to sex abuse of young girl between 2008 and 2010.  Click her for further info

O’BRIEN:  Anthony (Father Anthony O’Brien)

Priest Diocese  of  Antigonish, Nova Scotia.  Went to Southdown in 1975 (seems to be on heels of complaint of diocese re sexual abuse of 11-year-old boy in Sydney Nova Scotia in 1963).  After release from Southdown transferred to Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario.  The chancellor of  Diocese of Hamilton, Father Gerard Bergie, is quoted as saying he thought O’Brien was in Southdown for treatment of alcoholism and was unaware of any sex abuse allegation.) Click here for further info

O’CONNOR:  Hubert (Bishop Hubert O’Connor)

Oblate priest.  Ordained 1955.  Consecrated bishop 1971. Bishop of Prince George British Columbia.  Sentenced to two-and-half years for sexual assaults against native women in the 60s. Click here for further info

O’CONNOR:  Timothy (Father Timothy O’Connor)

Priest, Diocese of Peterborough, Ontario.  Ordained 1989.  1994 guilty plea to charges related sex abuse.  Violated probation.  Wither fearing or facing jail he fled to Mexico..  Click here for further info

O’DELL:  Thomas (Father Thomas O’Dell)

priest Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie.  Ordained 1973.   GUILTY plea in 1992 to charges related  three separate offences against three teenage boys.  Other charges withdrawn after he pled guilty.  Sentenced to 6 months.   Click here for further info

O’DONNELL:  John A. O’Donnell (Father John O’Donnell)

priest, Archdiocese of Toronto, Ontario,  Ordained 01 June 1958.  Lawsuit launched 2010 alleging sex abuse of young boy in 1974.  Click here for further info

O’DRISCOLL:  Albert (Monsignor Albert O’Driscoll)

priest – Archdiocese of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Lawsuit filed by Robert Cashin in 1998.   Lawsuit settled.

OFFIN:  Patrick (Father Patrick Offin)

Priest from Ghana, West Africa serving “a two month stint,” at Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church in Holyrood, Newfoundland (Archdiocese of St. John’s).  2009 – guilty plea to one count of sexual assault of young girl.  Suspended sentence.

O’FLAHERTY:  Father Thomas O’Flaherty

Irish-born priest with the Diocese of London, Ontario – formerly priest with the Society of African Missions.  Ordained 08 June 1948.  Lawsuit alleging sex abuse while serving in London Diocese.  Click here for further info

O’HANLEY:  Peter (Father Peter O’Hanley)

priest Diocese of St. John New Brunswick.  Ordained 1978.  June 1988 GUILTY plea to two counts sexual exploitation and one of sexual interference.  Sentenced to three concurrent three month jail terms.  Part of CCCB team which produced From Pain to HopeClick here for further info

O’KEEFE: Kenneth (Father Kenneth O’Keefe)

Basilian priest.  Ordained 1958.  August 2010 charged – allegations relate to Ottawa Ontario allegations.  Click here for further info

OLDS:  Father Fred Olds

Priest, Archdiocese of Saint Boniface, Manitoba.  Ordained 1975.  November 2016, removed from parish and faculties restricted following internal investigation.  Click here for further info

O’NEILL: Desmond (Father Desmond O’Neill)

priest Archdiocese of Toronto Ordained 1959.  December 1991 charged – one victim one count.  ACQUITTED. Click here for further info

O`NEILL:  Francais (Father Francais John O`Neill)

priest Archdiocese of Toronto.  Ordained 1958.   2007 charged with the rape, buggery and assault of a female parishioner in the 60s. Click here for further info

O’NEILL:  Patrick (Father Patrick O’Neill)

priest Diocese of Edmonton Alberta.  Ordained 1960.  1998 CONVICTED  sexual assault and attempt to sodomize three boys between 1971 and 1984.    March 1999, new charges and later conviction related to sex abuse of two Irish boys he brought to holiday in Edomonton in the early 90s. Click here for further info

ONYENAGADA:  Anthony (Father Anhony Onyenagada)

Nigerian priest.  Ordained 09 August 1996.  Visited Canada in 2004 – assisting at St. Christopher Roman Catholic Church in Forest, Ontario (Diocese of London, Ontario),  Allegations sexual assault of female.  Charges laid in 2004.  Canada-wide warrant issued.  Despite knowledge of diocese and the warrant he manged to gain entry to the country and parish  in 2013.  Click here for further info

PAGE: Norman or Normand (Pagé: Father Norman Pagé)

priest Archdiocese of Ottawa.  Ordained 1956.  Charged 2005 re allegations of sex abuse of boys age 14 to 18.  Allegations span from 1976 to 2002.  Outcome of charges unknown. Click here for further info

PAPI:  Robert (Father Robert Papi)

Priest, Diocese of Peterborough, Ontario.  Ordained 1985.  1991 CONVICTED sex abuse of two boys.  Active in ministry after conviction.  Click her for further info

PAQUETTE: Lawrence C (Father Lawrence Paquette)

priest Diocese of London Ontario.  Ordained 1943.  Lawsuits settled 2011 – sex abuse of young boys.  Click here for further info

PARADIS:  Henri (Father Henri Paradis msa)

Priest with the Society of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles (MSA) Ordained 13 May 1972.  In 1976 founded of the Jourdain Catholic Charismatic Centre in Montreal North.  Heavily involved in charismatic renewal – leading pilgrimages to Medjugorje, travelling around giving missions, rereats in both Quebec and parts of Ontario.   In April 2019 charges laid in relation to “sexually touching a 24-year old man who was one of Paradis’ followers at Le Centre le Jourdain.”  Click here for further info

PARADIS:  John (Brother John Paradis fic)

Canadian-born Religious Brother with the Christian Brothers of Christian Instruction.  Allegation of sex abuse while teachign at St. Mary’s International School in Japan.  Click here for further info

PARADIS:  Leonard (Father Leonard Paradis)

priest Diocese of Labrador, Labrador and Newfoundland. Ordained 1977. 1989 CONVICTED for sexual assault of 16-year-old male parishioner.  Evidence at his 1989 trial showed that abuse was earlier reported to Bishop Peter Sutton but nothing was done.  After conviction relocated to Oblate residence in Ottawa and on occasion assisted at Mass at St. Joseph’s Church. Click here for further info

PARENTEAU:  Richard Parenteau

Ex priest, Diocese of St.Jean Quebec.  Ordained 21 May 1960.  Left priesthood in 1970,  Charged May 2013.  Click here for further info

PATIL: Gabriel M (Father Gabriel Patil)

Anerican priest and member of the Barnabite order of priests.  Former Provincial Superior of the order (in charge of all Barnabites throughout North America).  Ordained 1972.  Lawsuits filed in 2004 allege sex abuse in the late 70s,  of boys between the ages of 6 and 9.  Patil spent time in Canada. Click here for further info

PAYNE:  Father Ivan Payne

Irish priest.  Ordained 1967 for Archdiocese of Dublin.  Studied Canon Law at Ottawa’s St. Paul University 1974-76. During this years assisted St. Aloysius Gonzaga RC Church (Gatineau, Quebec and actively involved in youth group.  After completion of his studies and return to Ireland made frequent return visits. Click here for further info

PELLERIN:  Guillame (Father Guillame Pellerin)

Priest, Archdiocese of Moncton, New Brunswick.  Ordained   19 January 1936.  Identified as a molester in one of 56 lawsuits filed in New Brunswick.  Click here for further info

PHELAN:  Father Victor Phelan M. Afr.

Priest with the Society of Missionaries of Africa, also known as the White Fathers.  Prior to ordination spent time in Ottawa Ontario at the white Fathers Scholasticate in Eastview/Vanier/Ottawa, Ontario.  Lawsuit launched and settled out of court regarding allegations of sex abuse in the States in area where Phelan was said to be fundraising for the society.  Click here for further info

PICOT:  Charles (Father Charles Picot )

priest Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick.  Ordained 1974.  1993 GUILTY plea to two counts of sexual assault and one of indecent assault.

February 2010 Dalhouse New Brunswick RCMP charged Picot for sex related offences.  This is the third time Picot has been charged.  He has spent months in jail.  He has been acquitted once.   According to CBC report on the latter Picot is not a “practising” priest.  It seems however that he is still a priest and has been living in the Arcdiocese of Montreal for a number of years.  The 2002 Catholic Church Directory shows him with a Montreal address.  It is unknown if Picot worked in the Diocesan centre.  Click here for info on recent charges.

PILOTE:  Guy (Father Guy Pilote CSsR)

Redemptorist priest.  Ordained 1964.  Named in a class action lawsuit filed against a number of Redemptorist priests affiliated with the Redemptorists of the Province of  Ste. Anne de Beaupry, Quebec – case to trial in September 2013.  Click here for further info.

PINARD:  Paul (Father Paul Pinard sse)

American priest with the Society of St. Edmund.  Ordained 1958.  Served in Rosemere  Quebec (Diocese of st. Jerome) from 1968-1991 both as parish priest and school teacher.  Allegations of “substantial allegations of sexual misconduct with minors” during his 14 years in Canada.  Click here for further info

PLOURDE:  Francois (Father Francois Plourde CSsR)

Redemptorist priest.  Ordained 25 June 1960.  Named in a class action lawsuit filed against a number of Redemptorist priests affiliated with the Redemptorists of the Province of  Ste. Anne de Beaupry, Quebec – case to trial in September 2013.  Click here for further info

POIRIER:  Rene (Father Rene Poirier)

Priest Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario.  Ordained 1981.  1990 charged with two counts sexual assault and one of sexual exploitation by a person in a position of authority.  Incidents transpired between 1984 and 1989 involving 17 year-old and 25-year-old males.  1994 damages awarded in civil suit.  Documents related to the latter indicate that Poirier, who was alsoa  psychologist, provided counselling and treatment to the complainant at a Church-operated facility.  The documents also indicate that a priest and parent had previouly complained to the bishop but no action was taken and Poirier continued to function as counsellor.  Click here for further info

PORNBACHER:  Paul (Father Paul Pornbacher )

Italian-born priest.  Immigrated to Canada in 1971 – priest in Diocese of Nelson, British Columbia.  Left priesthood in 1978.  1994 GUILTY plea to charges related to indecent assault of three former altar boys. Click here for further info

POSSETT:  Henri (Father Henri Posset)

Belgian-born Oblate priest who served in Canada’s North.  Ordained 1950.  Allegations of sexual abuse.  Committed suicide.  Click here for further info

PRIMAVERA:  Father Bruno Primavera

Priest Archdiocese of Toronto.  Ordained 1973.  Affiliated with Toronto Boys Choir School in Toronto.  Transferred to Diocese of Norwich, Connecticut with warning from Bishop Fulton regarding Primavera’s conduct around teenage boys.  Two large laswuits settled re sex abuse of two boys while in Norwich Diocese.  CONVICTED in New Mexico after leaving Norwich.  Click here for further info

PRIMEAU:  Jean (Father Jean Primeau csv)

Viatorian priest.  Ordained 1953.  Taught at Cornwall Ontario’s now defunct Classical College which was operated by the Viatorians.  Numerous sex abuse allegations against Primeau.  Died in November 1999, allegedly after learning he was about to be charged.  Lawsuits settled out of court.  Click here for further info.

PRINCE:  Bernard (Monsignor Bernard Prince)

priest – Diocese of Pembroke, Ontario. CONVICTED.  Click here for further info

PRONOVOST:  Roger (Father Roger Provonost)

Priest, Diocese of Hearst, Ontario.  End February 2013 charged  with two counts of sexual assault and one count of sexual exploitation dating to 1988-1990. Click here for further info

PRZYBYLSKI:  Konstanty (Father Konstanty Przybylski)

priest Diocese of London Ontario.  Ordained 1975.  2006 CONVICTED for repeated and long term sexual abuse and sodomy of two altar boys.  Sentence 5 years, Click here for further info

RACINE:  Richard G (Father Richard Racine)

priest Archdiocese of Kingston.  Raised in Cornwall Ontario.  Former teacher.  Ordained 1986.  Chaplain at St. Paul’s Roman Catholic High School in Trenton Ontario in 1988.  After he was charged spent time in Soutdown.  1994 CONVICTED on charges of sexual assault, gross indecency and attempted buggery.  Sentenced to 15 months – out in five.  Underwnet surgical and chemical castration.  Click here for further information 

RALPH:  Allan (Father Allan Ralph)

Christian Brother.  April 1989 – charged with five counts indecent assault during mid 70s at Mount Cashel Newfoundland.  Charged laid in Mono Mills Ontario.  Click here for further info

REED:  J. Francis (Father Francis Reed)

priest Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  Ordained 1964.  Click here for further information

REED:  Michael (Father Michael Reed)

priest, Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario.  Ordained 1982.  January 2012 lawsuit alleges Reed knew that Father Paul Hamilton was sexually abusing a teenage boy and failed to notify the proper authorities. Click here for further info

RENKEN:  John (Father John Renken)

American.  Canon lawyer.  Virtually run out of the Diocese of Springfield Illinois after Roman Catholics found out about his homosexual relationshiop with Father Kenneth Steffen.  2007 hired to teach canon law at Ottawa’s Saint Paul University, a pontifically-chartered university.  Stiil teaching canon law at USP in 2010.  Click here for further info

RICHARD:  Clair S. (Father Clair Richard)

priest Diocese of Antigonish.  Ordained 1961.  Twin brother of Claude.   In early 90s charged and CONVICTED – buggery and indecent assault and buggery involving a male. Applied for legal aid claiming the diocese refused to cover their legal defence. At the time was pleading not guilty.  Sentenced four years on each count to run concurrently.  Spent time at Southdown.  Click here for further info

RICHARD:  Claude (Father Claude Richard)

priest Diocese of Antigonish.  Ordained 1961.  Twin brother of Clair. In early 90s charged and CONVICTED gross indecency and indecent assault. Applied for legal aid claiming the diocese refused to cover their legal defence – at the time was pleading not guilty. Click here for further info

RINFRET:  Roger (Father Roger Rinfret)

Priest Archdiocese of Ottawa and then the newly erected Diocese of Hull, Quebec.  Ordained 08 February 1957.  Murdered in Gatineau Quebec motel 31 March 1980.  Headlines of the day blared “Homosexual party led to priest’s murder:  youth.”   Click here for further info

RING:  William J. (Father William Ring)

Priest, Diocese London, Ontario. Ordained 1946.  Lawsuit 2006 re allegations of sex abuse while he was serving at St. Paul’s RC Church, Thamesville, Ontario

RIVOIRE:  Joannes (Father Joannes Rivoire)

French-born Oblate priest.  Ordained 1958. Served in the Canadian North with the Oblates until 1993 when he returned to France. Allegations of sex abuse.  Click here for further info

ROBERT:  Bernard Alphonse Robert (Father Bernard Robert)

priest, Diocese London, Ontario. Ordained in 1950.  Lawsuit pending re allegations of sex abuse while serving at St. Francis Xavier RC Church. Click here for further info

ROBERTSON:  James (Monsignor James Robertson)

Priest Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador, Newfoundland (originally Diocese of St. George Newfoundland.  In 2007, after the suppression of the Diocese of Labrador City-Schefferville,  the Diocese of St. George’s together with the former Diocese of Labrador City-Schefferville, became the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador) .   Ordained 1989.  April 2019 charges laid in relation to allegations of assault of a student at a school event in the Bay of Islands before Christmas 2018 .  Click here for further info

ROBITAILLE:  Alphonse (Father Alphonse Robitaille omi)

Oblate priest. Ordained 1944.  Allegations of sex abuse dating to the 60s reported to police in 2010.  Robitaille had died 1992.  Click here for further info

ROCHE:  James (Father James Roche OMI)

Oblate priest.  Date of ordination unknown.  Left the priesthood in late 80s.  Allegations of sex abuse of young Innu boy in  Sheshatshit, Labrador.  Click here for further info

ROCHETTE:  Borromee (Father Borromee Rochette)

Ordained 1947.  Incardinated in Diocese of Amos Quebec.  Served as military chaplain with Canadian Forces for number of years.  1993 lawsuit filed by former altar boy alleging he was drugged and sexually assaulted by Rochette in the 70s.

RODRIGUES:  Antonio Joao Newton (Father Newton Rodrigues)

Priest from India.  Ordained 1986.  Allegations of sex abuse of young girl in India 2004.  Allegations allegedly recanted.  Failed to appear in court in India in 2011 to aid in the prosecution of 14 people he reported to police when they showed up at his church in Ribandar, India re the allegations.  Warrant out for his arrest as of June 2011.  Launched defamation lawsuit in May 2011 against one of his former parishioners in Ribandar, a lawyer.  Click here for further info

ROLSTON:  Kevin Michael (Father Kevin Michael Rolston)

priest Diocese of Kelowna, BC.   Ordained 1988.  Attended seminary at Saskatoon and London Ontario.  1992 CONVICTED of buggery and gross indecency.  (Admitted to sexual contact with one of three youth whose allegations dated 1981 to 1990) Click here for further info

ROONEY:  Steven Gerald (Brother Steven Gerald Rooney)

former Christian Brother.  Teacher. April 1989 charged with three counts gross indecency and two of indecent assault.  Charges laid in New Denver British Columbia. CONVICTED. Click here for further info.

ROTH: James H. (Father James Roth OSFS

American priest with a religious order known as the Oblates of St. Francis De Sales (OSFS). Ordained 20 May 1995.    Spent last 11 years of his life in Archdiocese of Toronto.   Died February 2015 – questionable circumstances – left note admitting to recent allegations of sex abuse of young boy in the States about 14 years ago.   Click here for further info

ROY:  Gary Emile (Father Gary Emile Roy)

priest Diocese of London, Ontario.  Ordained 1975.    Served in Killam, Alberta (Archdiocese of Edmonton, Alberta) for several years.  August 1996 charged two counts indecent assault between 1981 and 1983 in the Sarnia Ontario area.  1998 CONVICTED.  Click here for further info

ROY:  Gerald (Father Gerald Roy)

priest  Diocese Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  Ordained 1963.  February 1999 charged with 7 counts sex offences on males including sexual assault, buggery and indecent assault dating to early 80s.  Click here for further info

ROY:  Leon (Father Leon Roy CSsR)

Redemptorist priest.  Ordained 22 June 1941. Named in a class action lawsuit filed against a number of Redemptorist priests affiliated with the Redemptorists of the Province of  Ste. Anne de Beaupre, Quebec.  Trial started September 2013. Click here for further info

ROYER:  Yvon (Father Yvon Royer)

at one time was a priest with Voluntas Dei Institute (Institut Voluntas Dei). Ordained 25 January 1962.  Served in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall for several years.  After allegations reported to Bishop Proulx left the diocese and became incardinated in Archdiocese of Montreal.  Click here for further info

RUSSELL:  William J (Father William Russell)

priest, Diocese of Peterborough, Ontario.  Ordained 1979.  GUILTY 2002.  Click here for further info

SAKA:  Amer (Father Amer Saka)

Priest with Chaldean Catholic Church in Canada.   March 2016 allegations that Father Saka is under investigation by police after Church officials reported that more than $500,000 collected to sponsor refugees was ‘lost’ gambling.  Click here for further info

SALAS:  Richard (Father Richard Salas)

Filipino priest.  Ordained 2002.  Arrived in the Grand Falls Diocese of Newfoundland Canada around 2010 and serving in the Diocese of Grand Falls, Newfoundland .  June or July 2014 suspended and under RCMP investigation of allegations of sexual assault.  Click here for further info

SANCZENKO:  Piotr (Peter) (Father Peter Sanczenko)

priest Diocese of London Ontario.  Ordained 1954.  March 2010 charged with two counts of indecent assault against two boys under age 12 in the late 60s and early 70s. Click here for further info

SANDER:  Placidus (Father Placidus Sander.  Also Father Placidus Sanders and other variations)

Benedictine monk at Westminster Abbey, Mission, BC.  Ordained 1952.  1996 charged with sex abuse of three boys at the Christ the King Minor Seminary, Westminster Abbey, Mission, BC.   1997 ACQUITTED.  At trial testified that he had had consensual sex with an 16-year-old boy once. Click here for further info

SARRAZIN:  Brother Georges Sarrazin

Brother with the Congregation for the Holy Cross.  2012 charges related to allegations of sex abuse dating to 1966-1980.  Click here for further info

SASSO:  Alfred (Father Alfred Sasso/Father Al Sasso)

Priest Diocese of London, Ontario.  Ordained 1965.  1980 GUILTY plea – three month jail sentence. After conviction spent time serving in Archdiocese of Vancouver, British Columbia.  Died 1991.    Click here for further info

SAVAGE:  Allan (Father Allan Savage)

priest Diocese  of Thunder Bay.  Ordained 1978.  Employed by Lakehead psychiatric hospital and also provided chaplain services to adjacent Northwestern Regional Centre.   March 1991 charged with sexually assaulting two male residents age 19 and 23.  Click here for additional information

SCERRI: Godwin (Father Godwin Scerri)

Malta native – priest Diocese London, Ontario.  Ordained 1968.  1991 listed as priest with Missionary Society of St. Paul, but still working within diocese of London Ontario. 1993 charged by OPP with sexual assault and gross indecency, stemming from complaints by a 22-year-old man. The complainant alleged the abuse occurred between 1983 and 1987 — starting when the victim was 12 years old — on Pelee Island and in Emeryville, where Scerri worked as a priest at St. William’s Church. Scerri returned to Malta before standing trial.  He was later faced sex abuse charges in Malta.  In April 2010 the OPP re-opened the file.  A Canada wide warrant remains valid.  The  OPP would like to extradite Scerri to face charges here.  Click here for further info.

SCIUK:  Christopher (Father Christopher Sciuk)

Polish born priest ordained in Poland 1980.  After mid 80s served in and seems to have become incardinated in Diocese of Peterborough, Ontario.   GUILTY plea 2001 to sex abuse of 12-year-old altar boy:  house arrest.  Also found in possession of “child erotica” and porn videos but no charges for these latter offences.  Click here for further info

SCOLES:  James (Father James Scoles) SCOLE (?)

priest in Diocese of Hamilton.  1995 GUILTY plea to three of indecent assault and one of sexual assault (sodomy) involving four boys between 1991 and 1994.  Five year sentence.  Church officials told as early as 1982 and did nothing. Forced to resign in 1987 from St. Theresa’s parish Kitchener after housekeeper complained about young boys staying overnight at the rectory.  Took boys on vacations in Florida.  Two years prior to his arrest a pasrishioner/mother warned Church officials of his sexual misconduct.  Later left the priesthood (??).  Spent time in Southdown twice. Click here for further info

SCOTT:  Donald E. (Father Don Scott)

priest Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.  Ordained 1966.  Died in Montreal Quebec of AIDS 1989 (reception following funeral hosted by Father Paul Lapierre.  Sex abuse lawsuit settled out of court.   Named as one of Claude Marleau’s molesters.   Sex abuse lawsuit by another victim settled out of court.  Click here for further info.

SHORT:  Kevin (Brother Kevin Short)

Christian Brother.  Charged June 1989 in Burnaby British Columbia with one count indecent assault, one gross indecency dating to 1973 to 1976 at Mount Cashel, Newfoundland.    Click here for further info

SIGLER:  Jason (Father Jason Sigler)

Born River Rouge, Michigan.  Bccame a priest Diocese of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Ordained 1964.  Left Canada for Michigan in 1968.  In 1970 at Servants of the Holy Paraclete treatement centre in New Mexico.   1998 legal action launched related to allegations of sex abuse of two teenage boys in New Mexico.  CONVICTED late 90s or ealry 2000 –  sentenced to 7 years jail. Click here for further info.

SILVA:  Jose (Father Jose Silva)

(José Gildásico de Sousa Silva)  Brazilian priest.  Ordained 2003.  Started serving in the Diocese of Hamilton Ontario October 2011.  23 September 2011 charged with 18 September 2011 sexual assault of 18-year-old boy.  Click here for further info 

SLANEY:  Patrick (Father Patrick Slaney)

priest  Diocese St. John’s Newfoundland.  Ordained 1982.  1993 CONVICTED charges gross indecency involving two boys in Burrin Peninsula.  Sentenced to seven months. (1968 was a Grade 11 student at St. Mary’s College, Brockville, Ontario [Redemptorist Minor Seminary]) (Click here for further info)

SLATTERY:  James Francis (Father James Slattery)

priest Diocese St. John’s Newfoundland.  Ordained 1961.  1989 charged with gross indecency.  Outcome fo charges unknown.  Click here for further info

SMITH:  George (Father George Smith)

priest Diocese St. George, Newfoundland.  Ordained 1969.  1993 directory “on leave.”  May 2010 allegations of sexual abuse. Click here for further info

SNYDER:  Jean-Claude (Father Jean-Claude Snyder)

priest Archdiocese of Ottawa, Ontario.  Ordained 1952.  Said to have retired for health reasons in 1992.  1998 died while paying a visit to a Quebec brothel.  Click here for further info (Ottawa Citizen article)

STAMP:  Douglas (Father Douglas Stamp)

Redemptorist priest (CssR) – allegations of sex abuse of two young boys relate to late 70s and ealry 80s when he was serving in Diocese of Peterborough, Ontario .  Was Chancellor for the Archdiocese of St. John’s Newfounand when charges were laid in 1997.  GUILTY on two counts of indecent assault.  Sentenced to90 days jail and one year probation – jail time to be served on weekends.  In 2002 was forced to relinquish his post as head of pastoral services in Hamilton, Ontario hospital when word got out about his 1997 sex abuse conviction.  Click here for further info.

STONE:  Carl V (Father Carl Stone)

American.  Originally a Montfortian priest.  Ordained 1942 in Ottawa’s Notre dame Cathedral.  Served in a number of  parishes and schools across Canada and the USA.  CONVICTED in Albany, NY of two of four sodomy charges.  Taken in by Bishop Eugene Larocque, Cornwall Ontario and served probation in Cornwall.  Liberal Cabinet Minister Lloys Axworthy and Liberal MPP and former Mayor of Cornwall Ed Lumley pulled string for Larocque to allow Stone to remain in Canada.  Click here for further details.

STOCK:  John (Father John Stock)

Priest with order of Scarborough Foreign Missions (sfm)  Served in Diocese London Ontario and elsewhere.  Ordained 1960.  June 1998 lawsuit re sex abuse of boy. 1998 GUILTY plea in Stratford Ontario to 34 counts gross indecency involving 16 young males.  Sentenced two years less a day conditional and GUILTY plea for sex abuse of one boy.  1999 another GUILTY plea.  No jail time – conditional sentences to run concurrently.    Click here for further info

SULLIVAN:  John (Father John Sullivan)

priest Diocese Sault Ste Marie.  Ordained 1958.  December 1989 facing total of 13 counts sexual assault, two counts indecent assault of young boys ages 9 to 12.   Charges date to 1958 to 1979 throughout Sault Ste  Marie, Wawa, and North Bay.    Click here for further info

SULLIVAN:  Mark (Father Mark Sullivan)

Priest, Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario.  Ordained 1995.  Charges laid May 2012 in relation to assault of a young girl (Click here for further info)

SUTTON:  Edward Leo (Father Edward Leo Sutton)

priest Diocese St. John Newfoundland.    Ordained 1980.  1989 – found NOT GUILTY allegations sex abuse at the home of Father Corrigan at Pouch Cove, Newfoundland.  Click here for further info. 

SYLVESTRE:  Charles (Father Charles Sylvestre)

priest Diocese of London, Ontario.  Ordained  1948.  August 2006:  GUILTY plea to sexual abuse of 47 young girls age 7 to 15 between 1954 and 1986.  January 2007:  died in jail three months into a three year prison sentence. Click here for further info

SYLVESTRE:  Jean-Louis (Father Jean-Louis Sylvestre)

priest, Archdiocese of Grourard-McLennan, Alberta.  Ordained 31 May 1958. Seems to have spent most of his years in ministry on loan to the Military Vicariate in ministry as a military chaplain.  Lawsuit 1994 alleging sex abuse of young boy at Uplands Air Force Base in Ottawa Ontario in the mid 60s.  Click here for further info

SYSTERMANS:  Wilfred ( Father Wilfred Systermans SAC)

German-born priest, member of order of priests known as the Pallottins (initials SAC).  Ordained 1958.  Served as  Pallottin priest in Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario and Archdiocese of Edmonton, Alberta.  Allegations of sex abuse reported to police in 1990 – Systermand returned to Germany before investigation completed.  Warrant issued for his arrest in Canada.  Click here for further info

SZYMANSKI: Czeslaw (Father Czeslaw Szymanski) )

Polish priest. Order of St. Paul the First Hermit (Pauline Fathers) Served in Rhode Island and Archdiocese of Boston, MA. Relocated to Ontario, Canada in 1987, possibly Peterborough. Died in car accident 1987 age 45. Click here for further info

TETU:  Antoine (Father Antoine Tetu)

priest Diocese of ST. Paul, Alberta.  CONVICTED 1989 sex assault of six children, five girls one boy.  Two year sentence.

In 1997 stripped of his priestly faculties after complaints from laity.  Lives in same apartment as Father Crouteau and Bishop Luc Bouchard.  Was once chaplain to Mother Theresa’s sisters whom he forced to stand throughout the consecration.  Click here for further info

THERIAULT: Edouard Joseph (Father Eddie Therilault)

Priest Diocese Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Ordained 1951. 1993. GUILTY. Convicted indecent assault – 2 year suspended sentence and 500 hours community service. January 2010 lawsuit launched. Click here for further info

THERIAULT:  Ubald (Father Ubald Theriault)

Lawsuit launched September or October 2016 alleging sexual abuse by Fathers Ubald Theriault, Normand Dugas and Arthur Gallien.  Click here for further info

THIBAULT:  Jean-Paul (Brother Jean-Paul Thibault fndm)

Religious brother with Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy (Frères de Notre-Dame de la Miséricorde)  Former teacher and Principal at College St. Hilaire in Mont saint Hilaire, Quebec.  March 2015 charges laid related to sex abuse of 12-year-old boy starting 1982 through to 1989.  Class action lawsuit launched.  Click here for further info

THORNE:  Harold Richard (Brother Harold Thorne)

St. John’s Newfoundland.  Member of Congregation of Christian Brothers, a teaching order – had been teaching at a junior high school until charged.  1989: Charged after allegations of sexual assault against a young boy at Mount Cashel between 1971 and 1975. Click here for further info

TONNA:  Charles Emmanuel (Father Charles Emmanuel Tonna)

Maltese priest serving in Archdiocese of Toronto Ontario.  1998 convicted of sexually abusing a comatose 71-year-old woman in a hospital bed.  Click here for further info

TOUCHETTE:  Rene (Father Rene Touchette)

Diocese Saint Boniface Manitoba.  Ordained 1966.  Suspended in 1990 after complaint to church committee set up to hear sex abse allegations against priests.  Removed from St. Jean Baptiste Church in May 1991.  December 1992 launched a wrongful dismissal suit – claimed he had been fired on basis of innuendo.  Dec. 1992 charged with sexual assault of three boys – four indecent assault and four of gross indecency dating from 1973-1980.

CONVICTED on three counts of indecent assault by three complainants.  Sentenced to 30 months – sentence reduced to 20 months.  Click here for further info

TREPANIER:  Alexis (Father Alexis Trepanier CSsR)

Redemptorist priest.  Ordained 06 June 1940.  English teacher. Spent 38 years in Vietnam, most if not all in establishing schools and teaching. Named in a class action lawsuit filed against a number of Redemptorist priests affiliated with the Redemptorists of the Province of  Ste. Anne de Beaupry, Quebec.  Trial started September 2013. Click here for further info

TRAN:   Peter Hung Cong (Father Peter Hung Cong Tran)

Priest with the Vietnamese Dominican Vicariate of St. Vincent Liem. Date of ordination unknown.

Allegations of sex abuse of two sisters, a minor and adult. The allegations date to between 1998 and 2003 when Father Tran was serving in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Click here for further info

 TRUDEL:  Rejean (Brother Rejean Trudel fms)

Religious brother with Marist Brothers? Former deputy director of Patro Lokal, a shelter for young boys in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec run by the Marist Brothers. Charges laid and class action lawsuit launched late 2014 relate to allegations of sex abuse of boys at the shelter between 1976 and 1982. Click here for further info


priest  with Order of St. Vincent de Paul.  Ordained 1965.  March 1985 charged with 17 counts gross indecency, sexual assault and sodomy against a group of youths.   Wound up in France, where he was taken in by dissident Bishop Jacques Gaillot and given a parish.  He was charged and convicted again – in France.  Click here for further info

VAILLANCOURT:  Father Denis Vaillancourt

Priest, Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario.  Ordained 1974.  October 2015 charges laid related to incident with an adult male.  Click here for further info

VALOIS:  Maurice (Father Maurice Valois)

priest of Diocese of St. Jerome, Quebec (?).  Ordained 1958.   Priest at St. Jerome elementary school in 1966.  Moved to Montreal for psychiatric counselling after a letter to the bishop of St. Jerome alleging sex abuse.  In 1970 convicted in Montreal for acts of sexual abuse since his arrival in Montreal.  Fined $200. Another conviction in 1991.  Click here for further info

VAN BUUREN:  Gregory (Brother Van Buuren)

“Gregorius”  Religious brother with the Brothers of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows (also known as “Brothers of Amsterdam” and “Brothers of the Blue Cords.” Click here for further info

VAN TIGHEM:  Frank (Father Frank Van Tighem)

priest Arcdiocese of Calgary Alberta.  Ordained 1969.  CONVICTED sexual abuse of 5 girls.  Sentenced to two years jail. CLick her for further info.

VENTURA:  Luigi (Archbishop Luigi Ventura)

Italian-born priest.  Ordained 14 June 1969.  Served as Apost0lic Nuncio to Canada from September 2001 to September 2009.  Currrently serving as Apost0lic Nuncio to France.  Allegations of sexual assault against a young man.  Click here fore further info

VEILLEUX:  Henry Paul (Ex priest Henry Paul Veilleux)

Described as “monk”  in Ottawa.  Former member of the Servites of Marie

Charged in 1992 with sexual assault and rape of three girls, ages 6, 7 and 11 in 1968 and 1979.

VESNAUGH: Gerard John Vesnaugh

American ex-priest.  Ordained 1969.  Laicized 1975 after frequent reports that he was molesting.  Charged and convicted at least three times, one of those being a CONVICTION in Windsor, Ontario in 1986 (Windsor is part of the Diocese of London, Ontario).  Click here for further info

VILLEMURE:  Marcel (Brother Marcel Villemure/Brother Claude Villemure)

Canadian-born Religious Brother with the Christian Brothers of Christian Instruction, a religious order of Brothers founded by Jean-Marie de la Mennais and Gabriel Deshayes.  The brothers are also known as La Mennais Brothers or Mennasians.  Public allegations of sex abuse date dating to 1966 when he taught at St. Mary’s International College in Japan.  Click here for further info


VIOLLETTE: Abel (Father Abel Viollette)

Priest Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick. Ordained 28 June 1931. Molested a 9-year-old girl around 1940.

WAIN:  Martin (Father Martin Wain)

priest Diocese of Peterborough Ontario.  Ordained 1981.  Canon lawyer.  1990 GUILTY plea for sexual assaults of young boy.  Sentence 18 moths jail and three years probation.  Hidden out by Bishop James Doyle when warrant out for his arrest.  Apartment in Ottawa Ontario.  After retirement Bishop Doyle moved in with Wain. Click here for further info

WALLACE:  Gerald J. (Father Gerald Wallace)

priest Archdiocese of Toronto.  Ordained 1961. Lawsuits launched, one known to have settled entailing sex abuse of young boy. Click here for further info

WALSH:  Gordon (Father Gordon Walsh)

Priest Diocese St. John’s, Newfoundland.  Ordained 1973. 1989 charged with one count indecent assualt one gross indecency involving a boy in 1976-1978.

WALSH:  Michael (Father Michael Walsh)

priest Diocese Grand Falls, Newfoundland. Ordained 1964.   CONVICTED six charges involving teenage boys in Grand Falls and Buchans area in the early 1980s. Click here for furter info

WHALEN:  Lorne Peter (Father Lorne Peter Whalen)

priest Diocese Pembroke Ontario.  Ordained 1988.  Click here for further info

WHITE:  Bill (Father Bill White)

priest Archdiocese of Edmonton. Ordained 1954.  Teacher and basketball coach at a Catholic High School in Welland Ontario at the time of the acts of abuse in 1966.  1991 charged and GUILTY plea to indecent assault.  Suspended sentence.  Click here for further info

WHITE: Michael Francis (Father Michael White)

priest Diocese of London Ontario. Ordained 1955. 1994 GUILY to one count of indecent assualt agianst a young girl.  18 months probation

WHYTE: Robert (Father Robert Whitecsb)

Basilian priest. Ordained 1947.  1990 GUILTY plea to indecently assaulting young boys over 20 year period. Click here for further info

WOLAK:  Richard (Father Richard Wolak omi)

Oblate priest.  Ordained 1961.  Taught at Newman Theological College Edmonton Alberta.  Spent time at seminary in Zambia.  Spent time with “mission”  in Toronto.   1999 GUILTY plea to charge of sexual assault of 12-year-old girl at Holy Rosary parish, Edmonton.  Sentenced two years less a day.  May 1994 enrolled in 6 month program at Southdown, Ontario.

WOLINSKI:  Evtimy (Father Evitmy Wolinski)

Priest Ukrainian rite.  Eparchy of Toronto.  Superior of the Holy Dormition Monastery in Woodstock, Ontario,  2013 lawsuit launched by mother of his 22 month-old son seeking financial support and sole custody of the child.  Click here for further info

60 Responses to Accused: M to Z

  1. L M F C says:

    was to court today father john e Sullivan was to be in court but no show also he was to have finger prints but did not show for that either the pace is moving
    now next court date tues September 24th 2013 room 101 @ 09:30

  2. Stephen Kolbinson says:

    You haven’t listed Gerald Moran, a member of the Congregation of St Benedict (an Oblate/Monk not yet ordained. He was sentenced some years back to 3 years (?) for sexually molesting Native boys.

  3. Stephen Kolbinson says:

    Sorry I forgot to list the Benedictine Abbery of St. Peter, Meunster, Sask.

  4. Sylviafan says:

    How is it that such a large diocese as Hamilton has so few names on the list?

  5. Anon says:

    You are missing some accused but not charged that were covered up. Fr. Martin Michaud 1922-2007. Died in St. Albert Alberta. Fr. Scriven pastor in Edmonton Diocese was murdered in Ottawa shortly after allegations were made and he was removed from parish.
    Please don’t publish my name.

  6. Denise says:

    Please can you find anything about a Father Frank Churnish he was in Hamilton around early 80s until he passed away.

    • cherie macdonald says:

      Are you thinking of the Father Chernish who served Neustadt. Demerton, and maybe Carlsruhe? Perhaps he lived in Hanover, Walkerton, or Durham? We knew him there in the 1960s or 70s, I think.

    • cherie macdonald says:

      Correction to my earlier reply. Father Frank Chernish was indeed the priest for Neustadt and Demerton, but he worked out of Carlsruhe (St. Francis Xavier Church), and the years were 1977 – 1984. We knew him there, but I no nothing about any accusations. However, I was not living in the parish, so I would not be likely to know.

  7. Pingback: Roger Vaillancourt Lawsuit | How To Easily Claim Injuries

  8. Elaine Beaudry says:

    My Uncle was a priest and molested me when I was 15 years old… that was 34 years ago. When I finally told my Mom, she didn’t do anything, or seem to believe me. It was her brother. I know he must have done more but nothing is on record. He changed his name, I think in the 80’s but I don’t remember to what. Was a slight change of his first name. He also stopped having his own church and would occasionally fill in at another church for short periods of time. I always thought that was suspicious as he seemed quite healthy, especially compared to other aging priests that could barely move they were so old. When he died on an operating table for open heart surgery, my brother called to tell me the news. I said “Good. I hope he rots in hell.” My brother said I wasn’t the first one he called who told him that. Now so much time has gone by, and it’s just something I live with. I survived with drugs, and it took away my ability to go to church, which used to comfort me. I put myself in risky, dangerous situations where I was abused by other men and I abused myself for decades. I lost my faith and my innocence. He was a priest and as a man of God, and my Uncle. I should have been able to trust him. Today I am clean of drugs for over 10 years, and I have a Higher Power of my own understanding. I will never return to Church. I wonder how many others tried to tell? I wonder if he was protected by the Church .. and I never was. His name was Alphonse St. Laurent from St. Boniface, who later moved to BC, in the Kelowna area (Peachland was where he retird to).

    • Sylvia says:

      How terribly sad that a man who was both a priest and your uncle molested you. And just as sad that your mother did nothing when you told her.

      You’ve had a rough time, Elaine, but good for you being clean of drugs for over ten years. Good for you.

      I will get in touch with you privately. I am going through directories and want to check with you.

  9. Helen says:

    Just watched the movie SPOTLIGHT & was appalled at how many priests were involved.
    I had heard rumours as a child about 50 years a go that this was going on.
    SHAME ON THE CATHOLIC CHURCH & hope our new Pope will clean this up !

  10. Martin Houston says:

    Not only The perverts you need to worry about but they come with handler and other leeches. Some time Father may be good but is attacked and turned by a gang of perverts and then blackmailed. I wonder if Masons make vice available to priest in hope of bring down the whole parish.

  11. Gally2 says:

    Abuse is our planet’s plague. The majority of these guilty priests are hidden and protected behind the Roman Catholic Church. Sadly in many instances victims that were abused by these priests become abusers themselves and the cycle of abuse continues on adding another link to the long chain of abuse. Remember animal abuse and human abuse walk hand in hand!! Please seek professional help if you think or know you are about to commit an indecent and immoral act against another human being or animal! There comes a time when Enough is Enough!!

    • Sylvia says:

      Some victims become molesters, but those who do are the exception, not the rule. What you say Gally2 is an insult to the vast majority of all those who have endured childhood sexual abuse at the hands of a priest.

      As for animals, I love animals, but I draw a line at equating abuse of animals to the clerical sexual abuse of a child. There is no comparison. None.

  12. John MacDonald says:

    Where does information like “Sadly in many instances victims that were abused by these priests become abusers themselves” come from Gally2? Please don’t tell me, that is what I heard!! Back it up my friend!!!

    John MacDonald

  13. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Further to what John says Gally2, I would think it prudent and wise of you to share with the thousands of people who read this blog, where you have gotten these “statistics”.
    As a matter of fact, I would demand that you share this information. I am waiting.

  14. Joanie says:

    Watch “The Keepers” on Netflix. True story. The truth can be more horrible than fiction.

    • josie says:

      Cover ups appear to be what the church was good at. The Netflix movie the keepers should raise serious questions whether murder was done to cover up as well. The church has paid money to make the abuse hush and of course the bible condemns making of a bribe so the church has openly committed acts that God in his word condemns. What else were they capable of doing?

  15. josie says:

    I am watching The keepers and it appears a whole network were involved with this dirty raping priest including police and there is one officer afraid to come forward who states this story is HUGE and a story is only HUGE when there is cover up by a network with police and piticians involved. This story is not going away any time soon. In fact it’s getting bigger.

  16. Tweedie says:

    I looked at the list and the priest who molested my husband is not there which just goes to show you just how pervasive the problem was and continues to this day. The Catholic Hierarchy knew they had a monumental problem of epic proportions and did nothing to address it other than try to bury it. Many abusers ended up in remote rural parishes or at Indian residential schools where they could continue abusing minors with impunity. Utterly disgusting. No peace without justice.

    • J smith says:

      I am sorry his name is not here. I just came looking for my abusers name and it was not here either. It was a bit of a dissapointment, because he got to keep the secret and I had to pay for it and have been keeping it for 40 years. Crazy. I added his name in a comment. It is utterly disgusting. You are right, no peace without justice.
      The church should be including abuse prevention messages during every service to encourage children to speak out if they are being hurt. But, nope.

  17. J smith says:

    Louis Perpete was a priest who visited my family in the 70’s. He was a disgusting old man who would grind me against his groin when i sat on his lap, jam his fingers in my butt while he was hugging or holding me, stick his tongue in my mouth when he kissed me, he would go upstairs when I was in the bathroom or in my bedroom and stand behind me and ‘help’ me wipe or get dressed by putting his hand in my bathing suit bottom or rubbing my 5, 6 or 7 year old chest. Disgusting pervert who worked with children all over the world. I’m surprised he isn’t mentioned here, because his name and his disgusting crimes should lay on his shoulders publicly, not be a dirty secret I carry.
    He was also related to me, I think a cousin of my grandma maybe? The family revered him because he was a priest and he used that trust the priesthood gave him to abuse children in his own family and probably all over the world. Louis perpete. Add his name to the list of the accused, I am sure there are many more people who would like to see his name here.

    • Sylvia says:

      This must be him? From the Hartford Courant:

      Perpete, M.s. Rev. Louis M.
      December 07, 1999

      PERPETE, M.S. Rev. Louis M.

      Rev. Louis M. Perpete, M.S., 83, of The Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette, New Park Avenue, Hartford, died Friday, (December 3, 1999) at St. Francis Hospital. He was born in Bainville, MT, May 8, 1916, son of the late Isidore and Victoria (Chambon) Perpete. He attended schools in Saskatchewan, Canada, before entering the La Salette Apostolic School, Hartford, in February 1938. He made his first profession of Vows July 2, 1939, at La Salette Novitiate, Bloomfield. He continued his studies for the priesthood at La Salette Seminary, Altamont, NY. He was ordained a priest May 26, 1945, at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Albany, NY, by the Most Rev. William T. McCarty, C. S.S.R. After ordination he was a professor at Altamont, New York. On July 15, 1946, he sailed from New York to make his way to Burma, where he served in various capacities in the La Salette Mission in the Diocese of Prome until his return in 1975. From 1975 to 1990 Father Perpete served parishes in DeQuincy and Golden Meadow, LA; Jasper, Lufkin and Jacksonville, TX; Atlanta, Canton and Cartersville, GA. Father Perpete had been in retirement at the La Salette residence in Hartford. He is survived by three sisters, Mrs. Julienne Marini, of Victoria, British Columbia, Mrs. Marie Clare, of Richmond Vancouver, British Columbia and Mrs. Theresa Francis, of Weyburn, Saskatchewan; and many nieces and nephews. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Thursday, December 9, 1999 at 10 a.m. at the La Salette Chapel, 85 New Park Avenue, Hartford. Burial will be in Mount St. Benedict Cemetery, Bloomfield. Calling hours will be on Wednesday, December 8, 1999, at La Salette Community House, 85 New Park Avenue, Hartford, 2-5 p.m. Contributions in his memory may be made to: Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette Retirement Fund, 915 Maple Avenue, Hartford, CT, 06114- 2330. The Dillon-Baxter Funeral Home has care of arrangements.

  18. len meunier says:

    Meunier was in Alberta visiting Beaupré in Whitecourt summer of 71 or 72
    He left his mark on me .. took till I was in my late 50’s before I realized how much that mark affected my life …..

  19. Vickie Jackson says:

    Any more info on Fr. Doug Mercer? No link included with his name.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Has anything ever been mentioned concerning Vincent Therrien Voluntas Dei priest?

    • Anomymous says:

      He was the founder of a religious order called «Missionnaires de la Prière et de la Penitence » (Missionnaries of Prayer and Penance) dissolved in 1994.

    • Anonymous says:

      Vincent Therrien Voluntas Dei also founded a missionary order called Missionnaires de la Prière et de la Pénitence (Misssionaries of Prayer and Penance) dissolved in 1994. They used to accompany Henri Paradis for his retreats for quite a few retreats.

  21. Samantha says:

    The priest and Nuns at Ermineskin Residential School, which was located on reserve in Ermineskin, Maskwacis, (formerly Hobbema), Alberta.
    Father Paradis, Father Renier, Sister Alphonse……there are several more names I cannot recall at the moment. To my knowledge, none of these abusers were ever held accountable, only transferred to other residential schools. The abuse dates back to 1880.

  22. bc says:

    Father Henri Paradis; Missionaries of the Holy Apostles; arrested and charged. Investigators appeal for possibly more victims to come forward.

  23. Sylvia says:

    Thanks as always bc. I am putting together a page for Father Henri Paradis. As soon as I have things sorted out and can post I will let everyone know.

  24. bc says:

    no prob. If you look at Le Centre Le Jourdain’s Facebook page, you’ll notice that on April 11th (2019); i.e. one week after Father Paradis was arrested and charged it announced a series of Tuesday evening seminars given by Father Paradis. Le Centre Le Jourdain engl Jordan (river) Center was founded by Father Paradis and is a Catholic charismatic entity… and unless Father Paradis forgot to tell them about the charges against him, child abuse is not a serious issue for it. Media began reporting Father Paradis it yesterday.

  25. bc says:

    There’s somewhat unusual communication about the Father Paradis case involving the Laval police which is leading this investigation. See below: Laval Police investigators suspect that Father Paradis abused more victims as his m.o. would have involved house visits for confessions and that is what the plaintif in this case is alleging that Father Paradis used this scheme to gain access. The Laval Police cop appearing on this Radio-Canada segment was being prudent with her wording of answers to the journalist, but it does sound like Laval investigators believe there are other victims out there and that by communicating publicly about Father Paradis that they will come forward.

  26. Sylvia says:

    I have just posted the Father Henri Paradis page. He was all over the place. I finally stopped – I literally could spend days listing dates on which he said Mass here, gave a retreat there, conducted a mission somewhere else. I may add more over time, but for now, I think there is enough information to get a general feel for his whereabouts over the past years.

  27. Samantha says:

    At Ermineskin Residential School, it was Father Armand Paradis. He died in Edmonton in 1990. I believe he is buried at the Father Lacombe Church OMI cemetery in St Albert.

  28. Anonymous says:

    The dissolved religious order of ­«Missionnaires de la Prière et de la Pénitence» dissolved in 1994 used to sing and perform accompanying him at «Le Jourdain» quite a few times if I remember correctly back in the days when I lived in the region. I never heard anything said concerning assaults. The majority of these Missionaries were females but they did have a few male Brothers. Post it on a French link and participants of those retreats might remember taking part to those Charismatic (if I’m not mistaken), weekend retreats . The response might surprise you.

  29. bc says:

    With the passing of Jean Vanier, it is unlikely that the media will want to link l’Arche with clerical abuse. But even l’Arche couldn`t avoid acknowledging that it`s co-founder Dominican Father Thomas Philippe was indeed a clerical pervert (along with his actual brother and founder of Community of St. Jean`s Father Marie-Dominique Philippe). L’Arche only improvised a policy to protect vulnerable persons and adopted it a few days ago following the March 2019 airing of a documentary exposing the abuses of Father Thomas Philippe.
    source here:

  30. bc says:

    Here is the core story in english regarding Québec Reverand Paul Mukendi who was convicted last week of sexual assault. And here is the theatrical response of his followers who after the verdict began a very perverse campaign against the main plaintif in this case.

    My comment:
    The most revealing thing I`ve ever heard regarding abuse is that abusers invert everything. That is the key to the understanding of the mechanics of abuse. As one of the goals of criminal trials is to restore victims as they were before they were prejudiced; it is rarely achieved in cases of clerical abuse as revictimizing them is the only recourse of clerical abusers and their supporters. Clerical abusers can only abuse victims if they first endeared themselves. And when they are caught their followers will continue to vicariously abuse plaintifs. The trees are known by their fruit; indeed. Mukendi never taught his flock a single thing about charity. If he had done that his followers wouldn`t be persecuting the victim(s) in this case. They would be loving her (and/or them as other alleged victims have come forward with information regarding Mukendi) and they would be quietly praying for her/them; unheard and unseen.

    • Phil Johnson says:

      This is heartbreaking…to think that parishioners would stoop so low as to ridicule and demean the victims. It’s not hard to think that those so called “catholics” need to suffer fates as the victims did…this way they might finally understand the shame and absolute helplessness experienced by those abused. I am not saying they should, I’m saying that IF they or a loved one experienced such trauma, they might not be doing what they are doing. They are just as disgusting as the pervert collar.

      • bc says:

        Yeah, it’s heartbreaking.
        Mukendi`s followers aren`t Catholic. They are evangelicals.
        But the same thing happens in Catholic communities where there is a popular priest. Sylvia has documented many of these cases on her blog. Your comment regarding the apologists of clerical abusers being as disgusting as the clerical perverts is an issue which needs to be addressed. In too many cases, your`s included; the credibility of victims continues to be attacked by the faithful despite the fact that there is no doubt about per the guilt of their clerical abusers.

        Haste, not guilt; got Christ crucified according to Christians. This time; haste has nailed itself to Reverand Mukendi’s followers. So be it. Let those who hurry towards Death die slowly.

  31. bc says:

    Pope Francis covering up right now for Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra now Vatican`s no.3 prelate; Substitute of the Secretariat of State

  32. Melanie says:

    Do you know anything about abuse at St Joseph’s orphanage in London Ontario?

  33. Francine Bidal says:

    Do you know of any priests in the french parishes of Sudbury or Coniston Ontario charged with sex abuse of children. Possibly Savignac or Campeau?

  34. Anonymous says:

    The religious order of Voluntas Dei had a large responsibility of accompanying their priests since I don’t believe they were diocesan priests (correct me if I’m wrong). Victimizing seems to have occurred for more than 1 episode by more than 1 priest…

  35. Anonymous says:

    I believe the religious order of Voluntas Dei had a huge responsibility that was not taken more than once by more than one episode of victimization. Correct me if I’m wrong but if their priests are not diocesan than someone has to be held responsible no?

  36. bc says:

    VDI is not a religious order. If a plaintiff could establish that the relationship between the Oblates, the Holy See and VDI is not only spiritual but also temporal; following John Doe v. Bennett; then the Oblates could be held vicariously liable for the negligence of a member of VDI. In Canada, civil courts are reluctant to hear litigation involving a foreign state affirming it`s sovereign state immunity such as is the case for Vatican City.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Thank you bc for your precision concerning VDI. I guess I still have a hard time understanding everything since I considered the Roman Catholic Church to be considered “religious” but at the same time your response reminded me that VDI members are not, they are a secular institute who are supposed to “support one another”. I tend to look at those institutions and treat them or compare them to a family. Families have members and when members care for each other they will try to help each other make good choices or take right paths but then again they cannot do it for their brothers or sisters and are not always witnesses to their actions. They do confide in each other though to a certain point I assume or hope. The VDI priests have not made vows but correct me if I’m wrong, they are still lead or advised to go to specific places no? I can name one of them whose name never appeared in the news. Their leaders do not declare their wrong doings and council them to go somewhere else and put more people in danger. In conclusion, I’m still trying to figure out what their purpose then is in comparison to someone who is not part of an institution as such. ie Fr Cecil Noronha just to name another one, who at some point joined them. Like the old saying goes I guess:”Am I my brother’s keeper”?

  38. bc says:

    Accused french priest Father Roger Matassoli found dead with a crucifix shoved down his throat.

  39. bc says:

    More charges laid against Father Fernand Villeneuve of the Diocese of Hearst-Mosoonee in Northern Ontario. Father Villeneuve who had been charged last February (2020).

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