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Day three of Lent

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Bishop Raymond Lahey has another court date today, Friday, 19 February 2010.  I had been thinking of going but decided against.  I menetioned before that I arrived there last week and it was all wrapped up a few days earlier.  … Continue reading


Missed this

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I missed this in the paper yesterday – a good friend called and asked had I seen it.  No, I had not.  I did a bit of googling and came up with a series of articles re sex abuse charges … Continue reading

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That would be amazing

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A busy couple of days.  Settling business following my brother’s death is still wrapping up – a shipment which I packed and sent while in Ireland has finally arrived – running around today picking up papers and clearing customs.  It’s … Continue reading


More than meets the eye?

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A new article posted.   Cornwall Police Service Detective Constable Emma Wilson-King ‘allegedly’ drinking and driving 09 February 2010: City police officer charged by OPP with impaired driving Wilson-King’s name has surfaced several times in relation to various CPS sex abuse … Continue reading

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Group sex?

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Just in case people miss the blog re ex priest Donald Grecco posted today on the Why Four years? … With no word re Grecco’s latest court appearance I called the Cayuga courthouse today to check the outcome of the … Continue reading

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More puzzled than ever

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I did a quick blog last evening re the charges against Bishop Raymond Lahey.  As I noted then, a court date has been set for Case management Court, that date being Friday 12 February 2010 at 9 am (Ottawa).  A … Continue reading

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Big day tomorrow

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A big day in two Ontario courtrooms tomorrow…. (1) Bishop Raymond Lahey has a court date scheduled for 8:30 am tomorrow morning (03 February 2010) at the Ottawa court house.  There has been speculation by the media that he will enter … Continue reading

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