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Please note, there is NO statute of limitations on sex abuse crimes in Canada.  It matters not when the abuse occurred – whether a week ago or 40 years ago.  Any allegations of sexual abuse can be reported to the police.  If the alleged predator is still alive, and if an investigation concludes there is sufficient evidence to proceed, charges can be laid.   Those who are just coming to terms with childhood sexual abuse and wondering if they can report to police, the answer is yes. I strongly encourage you to do so.  I also encourage you to have a strong network of support in place before you proceed, be it family members and/or friends, to you help you through what is both a healthy but often difficult and painful journey.


31 January 2014:  UN Committee on the Rights of the Child re Vatican compliance with Convention on the Rights of the Child

27 February 2012:  Supreme Court of Tennessee at Jackson Norman Redwig v. Catholic Bishop for the Diocese of Memphis (addresses issue of Ecclesiastical Abstention Doctrine) (USA – Tennessee)

 04 November 2010: Cloyne Report (Ireland)

25 March 2004:  John Doe v. Bennett (Supreme Court of Canada) 

18 May 2010:  The complexity of Church-State relations

17 May 2010:  Vatican asks for dismissal of US lawsuit

17 May 2010:  Pope-Bishop relationship key in sex-abuse defence

Charter right to speedy trial

16 February 2017:  R v Hoskins (Stay of proceedings granted by Justice David F. Hurley)

2016:  Barrett Richard Jordan v. Her Majesty the Queen  (Supreme Court ruling that a reasonable delay to trial is 18 months for provincial cases and 30 months for cases before the superior court.  The decision essentially means that unless delays are attributed to or waived by defence, or the Crown can not justify the delay through “exceptional circumstances”  the charges will stayed or withdrawn)

2013:   Her Majesty the Queen v. Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh (Supreme Court of Canada) for 22 April 2013

 Criminal Code of Canada

March 2018:  Bill C 75 (An Act to amend the Criminal Code, the Youth Criminal Justice Act and other Acts and to make consequential amendments to other Acts

 The Evolving Criminal Code of Canada Court Documents related to clerical sex abuse allegations

23 March 2016:   The Roman Catholic Episcopal Corp v AXA Insurance Canada 2016 ONSC 4061

 20 July 1994:  R v English Newfoundland and Labrador Court of Appeal

24 January 1994:  R. v. Ian Cooper

 20 September 2010:  Michael Blum Statement of Claim

25 March 2004:  John Doe v. Bennett (Supreme Court of Canada) 

04 October 1991:  R. v. Aloysius Antle

28 May 1990:    R. v. Bennett Between Her Majesty the Queen, and Kevin Joseph Bennett

1987:  R. v. Crampton (1987 Supreme Court of Ontario, Court of Appeal)

Doctrine of Vagueness (Dismissal of  application for stay based on   “vagueness” of charges of gross indecency and indecent assault )

19 February 2016:  R. v Bastien, 2016 ONSC 1166 (CanLII) (Ruling on Application to Quash Committals)


02 May 2012:  VIDEO The World: The Shame of the Catholic Church (BBC)

June 2011:  VIDEO documentary Abused – Breaking the Silence (Rosminian abuse of boys at schools in England and Tanzania)

Duty to Report

2011:  Toronto duty to report police school board protocol 2011

25 March 2014:  New laws to protect children from sexual abuse (Media Release Hon Dr Denis Napthine MP and Hon Robert Clark MP  – Victoria Legislature)

07 December 1995:  Ontario Court (General Division) (Divisional Court) – Southey, McRae and Desmarais JJ: Between Police Complaints Commissioner Police Constable Perry Dunlop

False allegations?

August 2013:  Vanderkooy v Vanderkooy et al 2013 Reasons for Judgment  (Ontario Superior court orders two Ancaster, Ontario sisters to pay libel damages and costs to Uncle they alleged had sexually abused them as children)

Grooming Legislation

2014:  Crimes Amendment (Grooming)  Act 2014 (Victoria, Australia)

Hugues Latour case

13 August 2013:  FRENCH text R v Latour, 2013  CSTN-0 67  (Judge Charbonneau re Hugues Latour request first for a French trial, and then for a bilingual trial)

24 April 2013:  FRENCH text Latour v SMLR 2013 CSTNO 22   (Judge Charbonneau  denies Latour request for stay of proceedings because Latour was not initially informed of his right to trial in French, and orders a new trial to be conducted in French)

23 January 2013:  R v Latour 2013 NWTSC 04 Memorandum of Judgment   (Judge  K. Shaner grants Hugues Latour a stay based on violation of his Carter right to a speedy trial. Latour had been charged with one count of parental abduction)

04 June 2011:  R v Hugues Latour NWTTC 2012 08 Reasons for Judgment (Judge Robert Gorin finds Hugues Latour guilty of forcible confinement, assault, and reach of recognizance)


AUSTRALIA:  Australian royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse

February 2017:  Australian Royal Commission Proportion of Priests and non ordained religious subject to a claim of sexual abuse claims 1950 to 2010

CANADA:  Cornwall Public Inquiry

14 December 2009:  Report of the Cornwall Public Inquiry:  Volume 1, Phase 1, Facts & Findings


23 March 2016:   The Roman Catholic Episcopal Corp v AXA Insurance Canada 2016 ONSC 4061

“Open justice”   The Principle of “open justice”(Australia)

22 March 2018:  Why the public isn’t allowed to know specifics about the George Pell case


15 April 2010:  Disgraced choirmaster faces new charges

05 April 2010: Sheldon Kennedy shocked over coach`s pardon

 Plea Bargains/’Sweet deals’

11 May 2012:  BLOG Plea bargains

03 February 2009: R v Rowe February 2009 Reasons on Motion for Stay on grounds of abuse of process (re plea agreement) (Motion denied)

06 July 2007: R v Ralph Rowe 2007 (Reasons at trial)

08 May 2007:  R v Rowe Reasons for Sentence (May 2007)

07 July 2006: R v Rowe Reasons on Defence Motion 2006

Pre-sentencing Custody (Canada)

February 2010:   Credit for Time Served in Pre-sentencing Custody


05 July 2014:  ‘Paedophilia is natural and normal for males’

Publication bans

10 August 2010:  Supreme Court upholds publication ban for bail hearings

Reasonable doubt

31 January 2017:   Her Majesty  the Queen v Brent Leroy Hawkes (DECISION)

Registered sex offenders

28 April 2010:  Ex priest won’t be living in Santa Fe 

Reorganizing Dioceses

October 2017:  Articles and documents regarding the reorganization of the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

24 October 2017: John McKiggan submission re Archdiocese Halifax Yarmouth reorganization

05 October 2017:  Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth Act

Royal Commissions

21 August 2014:  Australian Commission re Melbourne Response Transcript Richard A Leder and Cardinal George Pell testimony

 20 August 2014:  Australian Commission re Melbourne Response – Peter John O’Callaghan testimomy

19 August 2014:  Australian Commission re Melbourne Response Transcript Peter John O’Callaghan testimony

18 August 2014:  Australian Commission Transcript (Case 16) re Melbourne Response Day One 18 August 2014

03 April 2013:  Australian Royal Commission Into Institutional  Responses to Child Sexual Abuse “Formal Opening of the Inquiry”

11 January 2013: Terms of Reference for Australian Royal Commission (Letters Patent)

Sex Ed

2010: The Ontario Curriculum Grades 1 to 8 Health and Physical Education: Revised (SEX ED program ONTARIO Premier Dalton McGuinty intends to impose on all Ontario school children, Catholic and non-Catholic alike)

Sec Offender Registry

Ontario – disclosure of information re numbers

24 April 2014:  (Ontario (Community Safety and Correctional Services) v. Ontario (Information and Privacy Commissioner) Supreme Court of Canada ruling on disclosure of numbers of sex offenders in given areas in the Province of Ontario

Statute of Limitations

(There is NO statute of limitations on criminal sex abuse allegations in Canada)

16 October 2010:  Supreme court ponders sex abuse case  (there is a statute of limitations on launching a lawsuit in the province of  Quebec)

16 October 2010:  Justice denied

13 July 2010:  Breaking the Code of Silence

28 April 2010:  Time is right to pass bill extending statute of limitations on child sexual abuse claims (USA)

28 April 2010:  Time limits will end to file sex abuse cases (USA)

Truth and Reconciliation Commission (Canada)

02 June 2015:  Truth and Reconciliation Commission Press Release 02 June 2015

Truth and Reconciliation Commission “Calls to Action”


03 April 2014:  C-32 Vicitm Rights Bill  ( Bill C-32 Victims Bill of Rights – First reading in Canadian House of Commons)


07 April 2010: Whistleblower wins case against feds 

27 January 1994:  Pedersen v. Fulton

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