Monsignor’s trial continues in December

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As mentioned before, Father Cecil Noronha has entered into a peace bond and the three charges against him were withdrawn.

I have not been able to get a copy of the peace bond but did find out what the conditions are.  Among other things, the peace bond, which lasts for one year,  stipulates that Father Noronha is not to be within 25 metres of the home of female (probably the complainant?), nor within 25 metres of where the female lives, works, goes to school, goes to church or anywhere where where the female should be known to be.

Those who live in Sudbury area should be able to get a copy of the peace bond at the court house.  It is a public document.

And here is information regarding peace bonds in Ontario:

Information regarding Peace Bonds in Ontario

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


I have heard from a reliable source that the trial of Monsignor James (Jim) Robertson did not wrap up in the allotted two days (17 & 18 October) and is scheduled to continue 06 December 2019.  I will check tomorrow to confirm

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


More information on the trial related to clerical sexual predator  Father Erlindo Molon:

18 October 2019:  “’Playboy’ priest moved to New York parishes, Canadian Forces job” & related article

Pathetic and disgusting!

And this from a bishop regarding giving warnings about a known clerical sexual predator:  “What am I supposed to do? …Warn every church in Canada and beyond?”

Well, actually,  yes.  As far as was/is humanly possible, yes.  Souls were at stake.

Please keep Rosemary Anderson in your prayers.  Ditto all those upon whom Molon got his preying hands while serving across Canada and the United States and wherever else he may have been.

Enough for now,


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