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17 November 2019:  Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver aware of 36 cases of clergy sex abuse since 1950s, CBC learns

08 August 2019:  Judge’s death delays Quebec abuse audit

15 August 2019:  “Death of The Most Reverend John M. Sherlock Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of London” & related articles

06 April 2018:  “Bill C-75 is justice reform that makes sense” & related articles and opinion pieces

05 June 2017:  Government wrested control of sexual assault review from police watchdog” & related article

25 October 2017:  Halifax-Yarmouth Archdiocese official says finance bill shelved by legislature is no attempt to hide assets

2017:  Archdiocese of Halifax Yarmouth: Overview: An Act Respecting the Roman Catholic Archdiocesan Corporation of Halifax-Yarmouth and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth

2017:  Reorganizing ourselves for Mission

October 2017:  Articles and documents regarding the reorganization of the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

24 October 2017: John McKiggan submission re Archdiocese Halifax Yarmouth reorganization 

05 October 2017:  Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth Act

02 August 2017:  Vigilante outing of fake Catholic clergyman immaterial to investigation, detective says

01 August 2017:  “Edmonton man charged with child porn offences, extortion after mom of teen boy calls police” & related articles

22 April 2017:  York police say 104 men arrested after child sex sting

20 April 2017:  “More than 100 men arrested in York Region human trafficking probe” & related articles

13 April 2017:  “‘Can’t walk away from it’: Historic child abuse crimes haunt retired Sask. pastor” & related articles

31 January 2017:  “Toronto pastor Brent Hawkes found not guilty” & related articles

25 January 2017:  “Man accused of sexually assaulting child walks free due to court delays” & related articles

23 November 2016:  “Crown hasn’t proven pastor’s guilt, lawyer tells N.S. indecency trial” & related articles

22 November 2016:  “Expert warns pastor’s gross indecency trial about ‘imagination inflation'” & related article

19 November 2016:  Tracking a Church paedophilia case from Dakar to Quebec

17 November 2016:  Toronto pastor Brent Hawkes denies sex crimes at Nova Scotia trial” & related articles

17 November 2016:  Blogged testimony from Brent Hawkes sex trial

17 November 2016:  “Man accusing Toronto pastor Brent Hawkes of sex crimes faces cross-examination in Nova Scotia” & elated articles

15 November 2016:  “Toronto pastor Brent Hawkes’ trial told of teen stripping game, sex at N.S. home in 70s” & related articles

18 October 2016:  “Sex offender Denis Hall a ‘legitimate candidate’ for Saskatoon Catholic trustee” & related articles

05 October 2016:  “Canadian bishops finalise new policies on abuse prevention” & related articles

September 2016: Healing Gardens Program:  Reclaiming the Sacred

23 June 2016:  “Montreal Catholic archdiocese forbids priests from being alone with children & related articles

22 May 2016: “Archbishop: Church must do better, help to heal” & related article

18 May 2016:  Archdiocese of Ottawa comments on articles in the Ottawa Citizen concerning cases of clergy abuse

18 May 2016:  Lawyer’s career dominated by clergy abuse scandal

17 May 2016:  Editorial: Diocese silence on sexual abuse must end

17 May 2016:  Special report: Insurance lawsuit reveals secrets of Ottawa’s clergy abuse scandal

17 May 2016:  Special Report: ‘I’ve been given peace:’ Rev. Barry McGrory

08 May 2016:  Devout Catholic catalogues clergy’s crimes, offers victims comfort 

03 February 2015:  “Rev. Brent Hawkes supported by friends, churchgoers after sex charges” & related articles

10 November 2015:  Survivor of clergy abuse urges Catholic church to pray together

02 June 2015:  “Canada’s residential schools cultural genocide, Truth and Reconciliation commission says” & related articles

12 May 2015: Drug, alcohol addictions fuelled by childhood sexual abuse, victim says

25 April 2015:  UPDATED: OLG’s Fr. Joe Gorman leaves priesthood

18 February 2015:  Former Hamilton principal, teacher facing more sex charges

18 July 2014:  Virtuous Pedophiles group gives support therapy cannot

14 May 2014:  Where do sex offenders live? Ottawa data

11 May 2014:  “Catholic priest confirmed as one of two dead in St. Paul, Alberta tragedy” related articles

24 April 2014:  “Ontarians should know of sex offenders living nearby: Supreme Court” & related article

24 April 2014:  “Top court won’t hear appeal in fight over who pays for priests’ sex abuse” & related articles

15 April 2014:  Blogger found guilty of violating judge’s publication ban

03 April 2014:  “Victims bill of rights would see spouses compelled to testify” & related article

24 October 2014:  Archbishop Storheim found guilty of sexually assaulting altar boy

16 October 2013:  “Toronto priest accused of sex assaults in church, funeral home” & related articles

04 October 2013:  Apostolic nuncio moved from his post

30 September 2013:  More sex assault charges against Scarborough priest

29 August 2013:  Prime Minister Stephen Harper unveils plan to toughen sentences for child predators

27 August 2013:  Ancaster sisters to pay $125K for alleging sexual abuse

09 June 2013:  The ordination of Atataatsiavaluk Tony

31 May 2013:  “Nunavut’s Father Tony now Bishop Tony” & related articles

06 May 2013: New Roman Catholic bishop to be ordained in Rankin Inlet

22 April 2013: “Sex assault accuser reacts to top court case dismissal” & related articles

Beyond Borders Media release re Supreme Court of Canada Hearing on 22 April 2013 re Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh stay of charges

Her Majesty the Queen v. Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh (Supreme Court of Canada) for 22 April 2013

04 April 2013: “Sex assault victim resists gag order” & related article

December 2012: Ottawa priest secures position with Ontario Civilian Police Commission

19 February 2013: Michael Fitzgerald letter to Prime Minister Harper

16 February 2013: Appointment of new Bishop for Churchill-Hudson Bay

30 January 2013: “School head didn’t alert police to sex assault: affidavit” & related articles

22 January 2013: Appointment of new Bishop for Bathurst

22 January 2013: Articles related to charges laid against Saint John, New Brunswick city counsellor Donnie Snook

07 January 2013: Death of the Most Reverend Joseph-Aurèle Plourde, Archbishop Emeritus of Ottawa

03 November 2012: Justice denied: Alleged child-sex abuser walks free after Alberta judge rules trial delayed too long

03 November 2012: “Former orphanage residents allege child abuse, neglect, beatings and sexual assault” & related articles

04 October 2012: News Views: Spare the risk

31 August 2012: Articles re sex charges against Rabbi Heshi Nussbaum

29 August 2012: “Former Vancouver TV reporter Ron Bencze sentenced to four years for sex assault” and related articles

14 July 2012: New Auxiliary Bishop appointed for the Archdiocese of Edmonton

27 June 2012: Regina lawyer Tony Merchant disciplined

09 May 2012:  “Ex-priest, Surrey resident, faces seven more sex charges” and other articles re former Anglican priest Ralph Rowe

26 April 2012:  Federal cash ‘kick-starts’ IWK program for victims of crime

20 April 2012:  “Alberta advocacy group launches controversial online pedophile database’ & “Convicted pedophile outing website goes live”

21 March 2012:  “Blatchford: Graham James verdict a travesty, but sadly not uncommon” and other articles of interest

18 February 2012:  Toronto archbishop one of 22 new cardinals

09 February 2012: Crown pushes for appeal in MacIntosh case

01 February 2012:  New Bishops appointed for Mont-Laurier and Trois-Rivières

01 February 2012: Once convicted of sex crime, priest returns to church

25 January 2012:  “Manitoba lawyer investigated for fee irregularities in residential school cases: and other related articles

19 January 2012: Former Archbishop to stand trial for sex abuse

19 December 2011: Priest apologizes to parishioners

17 December 2011: Father Horgan’s ‘lapses of judgment’

12 December 2011: MacIntosh case ‘mind-boggling’ 

02 November 2011: Boy Scouts covered up years of Canadian’s sexual abuse of boys

20 October 2011:  Former Inuvik teacher had teaching certificate cancelled

13 October 2011: Former Inuvik teacher faces child porn, sex assault charges

12 October 2011:  Appointment of new Archbishop for Gatineau

25 September 2011: Tell public where the pervs are: Advocate

26 August 2011:  Retired Toronto archbishop dead at 81

14 May 2011:  Should Sex Offenders in the Community Be Public?

16 June 2011: Alberta priest charged with fraud relieved of duties

22 May 2011: Prevention is first defence against child abuse, says bishop

19 May 2011: 3 beds, 2 baths, but who’s next door?

03 May 2011:  Former teacher guilty of sexually abusing boys

25 March 2011:  Sex registry change brings hope

20 March 2011:  Popular priest dies in rectory fire

02 March 2011:   Ont. promises more money for sex assault victims

25 November 2010: Canadian Archbishop charged with sex assault

12 November 2010:  Bishop improving following attack

06 October 2010:  Media coverage regarding sex abuse allegations against the Archbishop of the Orthodox Church in America, Seraphim Storhein

24 September 2010:  New bishop for city: Hamilton has a new bishop

09 June 2010:  Memo to all from Bishop Luc Bouchard

02 July 2009: R v Rowe 2009 (Reasons at trial)

03 February 2009: R v Rowe February 2009 Reasons on Motion for Stay on grounds of abuse of process (re plea agreement) (Motion denied)

27 July 2008:  “Youth accused of sexual assault” and related articles

06 July 2007: R v Ralph Rowe 2007 (Reasons at trial)

08 May 2007:  R v Rowe Reasons for Sentence (May 2007)

07 July 2006: R v Rowe Reasons on Defence Motion 2006

January 1998:  Aucoin 24 January 1998 He was looking for forgiveness (Paul Aucoin – Shelburne School for Boys)


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  1. David Barrett. says:

    I am researching the family of Olivain LeBlanc. I may be a half brother, if Olivain did have an uncle who was also a priest. This is a theory, and I need to find out if he is related to a family from Mirabel Quebec. I was adopted in 1951, and know the father’s name. If I can find out if he is related to Olivain, I may be able to find a photo of his father if indeed we are related. If so, his father is my father. I only seek a photo of the father we are related. I wish nothing else. I can follow any questions you may ask to protect the family, as I am doing. I wish no ill will, just a photo of my bio father.

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