Long weekend

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As promised, I’m getting the English translations of the Father Paul Andre Harvey documents ready to post in one page.  It’s nearly ready to go but, it’s also supper time so time to round up a bite to eat.  I’m not sure if I will get back to it this evening – if not, I will get it posted in the morning.

I must confess that I actually would have had it done had but spent most of Friday night/Saturday morning watching the royal wedding 🙂   Once upon a time I could be up all night like that and it wouldn’t  fizz me.  Not any more 🙁

Anyway, I’m back on track 🙂

It’s a long weekend.  Rain here yesterday, but sun broke through the clouds  this afternoon and it turned into a beautiful day.  I think tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day too, so great for those who headed off camping or to cottages.

Whether at home or away, enjoy the good weather, and enjoy the weekend

Enough for now,



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Confusion abounds

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I’ve posted a few more articles regarding the Chilean bishops and all them submitting  their resignations, or of them offering to resign.  Confusion abounds  :

18 May 2018:   “Chilean bishops implore forgiveness for sex abuse scandal and offer to resign” & related articles

Note the first article from “Vatican News”  with the audio.  Listen to the audio.  According to the audio,  the bishops  “released a statement offering to resign.”

For the time being, until I see otherwise from some authoritative source,  I will take the Vatican radio report at word and assume that the 34 bishops offered to resign, rather than offered their resignations.  There is a difference.


The New to the Site page is on overload and will not allow me to post one single more link.   I am in the process of getting that squared away now.  The lin will disappear for a spell pendong getting it corrected and up and running again.  As soon as it is squared away and functional again I will let you know.


This morning I directed you to the  English translations on the Father Paul-Andre Harvey document translation thread.  As I said then, bc has been working overtime  His hard work is greatly appreciated by all those of us who do not have the good fortune to be bilingual.

Once I get the New to the Site page sorted out I will post all of those excerpts on a single page, and will also try as much as I can to do so in the order in which the written by Father Paul Andre Harvey .  Once accomplished I will let you know 🙂

For those of you interested in the original French documents, here they are:

23 April 2018:   Father Paul Andre Harvey documents Annexe 1

23 April 2018 (?):  Father Paul-Andre Harvey documents Annexe 2 

23 April 2018 (?):  Father Paul-Andre Harvey documents Annexe 3 

23 April 2018 (?):  Father Paul-Andre Harvey documents Annexe 4 


A beautiful beautiful day out.  The sky is blue.  The sun is shining.  It’s a little on the cool so so we’re not roasting.  The sound of lawnmowers.  The sounds  of the birds.


Enough for now,


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…why not actually submit their resignations?

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All 34 of Chile’s bishops have offered to resign:

18 May 2018:  “Chile’s bishops resign en masse over sex abuse cover-up” & related articles

Some media outlet headers claim the bishops have resigned, but it seems rather that the bishops have signed off on a letter indicating that they will resign if required to do so.

Is this not rather strange?  If they are serious, why not actually submit their resignations?  If their resignations were actually tendered it would still be up to the Pope whether or not to accept the resignation.

Anyway, as I understand the situation we shall find out more at a press conference later today.


Check out the English translations on Father Paul-Andre Harvey document translation


bc has been working overtime

Thank you bc!   This is so very much appreciated.

I will be out this morning, but later today will compile all of these excerpts onto one page for an easier read of this very disturbing material.

Enough for now



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Father Paul-Andre Harvey document translation

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The Father Paul Andre Harvey documents are posted.  I am seeking the help of those of you who are bilingual to enlighten those of us who unfortunately are not.

I broke the documents into four files, only because that seemed to follow on the breakdown into the four Annexes.

23 April 2018 (?):  Father Paul-Andre Harvey documents Annexe 4 

23 April 2018 (?):  Father Paul-Andre Harvey documents Annexe 3 

23 April 2018 (?):  Father Paul-Andre Harvey documents Annexe 2 

23 April 2018:   Father Paul Andre Harvey documents Annexe 1

I have dated the files “23 April 2018” because of the date on the cover letter or whatever it is which is signed on that date.  I see that there are other dates on other documents but am uncertain as to how they relate to the preparation of the entire package.

A few questions:

(1) Does he ever express what could constitute or at least sound like genuine remorse for molesting those little girls?

(2)  Does he ever address the negative impact his actions have had on the faith of his victims and their families?

(3)  Is there anything remotely spiritual in what he has to say?

This thread will be kept solely for translations of the above documents.  I invite/beg/implore your assistance!  Please post paraphrases, direct translations as comments below.  I would ask some of you directly to to do this, but realize it is a big job so am hoping it can be a joint effort with each contributing a little for the benefit of all.

Enough for now,


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Another guilty plea from former Cornwall Classical College prof?

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It sounds as though previously convicted Viatorian priest Father Ron Leger  has entered another guilty plea.  In March of this year we were anticipating a date being set for trial, but,  his next court date is for sentencing.  I checked to be certain.  Yes, it is for sentencing.

10 June 2018: 10 am, sentencing, Provincial Court of Queen’s Bench , Winnipeg Provincial courthouse (Main Floor, 408 York Ave.).

I don’t believe there has been a sentencing hearing so I’m thinking that this upcoming court date will be a sentencing hearing with ‘experts’ speculating as to his chance of re-offending, and both sides arguing if he should or should not be jailed, and if so, for how long,  and probably opportunity for victims to give their Victim Impact Statements?     The judge could then opt to pronounce sentencing later in the day, or set another date.

A reminder that Leger, a student at Cornwall Ontario’s now defunct Classical College, later taught at the college, and did so when the former long-time Chancellor of the Alexander-Cornwall Diocese and recently convicted sexual predator Father Denis Vaillancourt was a student .  A reminder too that while teaching at the college Leger was a good friend of Father Paul Lapierre.  Lapierre has since been charged and convicted for the sex abuse of Claude Marleau.


Thanks to someone who sent me the link, there’s another article posted regarding the recent out of court William Hodgson Marshall settlement:

10 May 2018:  Final settlement in historical sex abuse case

Again, good for you Denis for hanging in there all of these years.  You did it!


Here’s more disturbing news regarding the charges and allegations against Father David Paulson, a priest of the Diocese of Erie Pennsylvania:

12 May 2018:  “Trooper linked to case of priest in Erie diocese” & related article

Note that (1) Paulson purchased that property  in boonies in 2003 with  Mark Bettwye, a friend who was also a police sergeant, and, (2) Bettwye was aware that Paulson frequented the camp with young boys:

“During the week of March 12, 2018, the Grand Jury heard testimony from Bettwy who confirmed that he shared ownership of the property with Poulson. Bettwy stated that he was aware that Poulson frequented the camp with young boys.

And note that Poulson allegedly told his friend that if he, Poulson, was ever accused o molesting altar boys his portion of the property was to go to Bettwy family

“Bettwy then returned to the Grand Jury on April 16, 2018, and recounted a statement that Poulson had made when they purchased the property. Specifically, Poulson indicated his desire to see property ownership relinquished to the Bettwy family in the event that he (Poulson) was ever accused of molesting altar boys.”

Poulson has been removed from all his assignments which include serving as  Chaplain at the state prison in Cambridge Springs, bishop’s delegate for Mass in the Extraordinary Form (Latin Mass), diocesan liaison to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, and diocesan chaplain for the World Apostolate of Fatima (The Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima)


Anther case of children being sexually abused during confession, this one at a school in Ireland:

12 May 2018:  “Northern Ireland Catholic Priest ‘Sexually Abused Boy In Confession Every Week For Three Years’” & related article

Now why pray tell were confessions being heard in a store room?

When, I wonder,  did clergy decide that there was no need to hear confessions in an actual confessional?

I believe there was and more than ever is merit to the use of a confessional booth where the priest can not tell who is confessing, and where he has no ability to have any form of physical contact with the penitent.  Yes, a priest could still misuse the confessional to try to groom a child penitent, but in an actual confessional he can not lay a hand, or even a finger, on the penitent.

I say we bring back the old-fashioned confessionals. If “Father” wants the children in a particular  school to go to confession, then round the children up and bus them to the nearest church which has real, honest to goodness old-fashioned confessionals.


A few days ago I was pondering:  Where oh where is Father Adrian Cristobal?

Father Cristobal, you may recall, was recently here in Ottawa, Ontario studying Canon Law.  Yes, at  St. Paul’s University.  Still on staff  with the Faculty of Canon Law are Father John Renken and John Huels

Father Renken is  currently listed as Dean.







John Huels is shown as a full professor








Meanwhile, over in the Vatican Pope Francis is meeting with the Bishops of Chile to discuss sexual abuse in the the Church in Chile:

15 May 2018:   “Chile archbishop defends himself as pope’s summit opens” & related articles

15 May 2018:  Chileans denounce suffering sex abuse by Marists, priests

I repeat her the comments I made earlier on the first:

Does the Pope believe that clerical sexual abuse, denials by molesters and their enablers and cover-ups are unique to Chile? I fear this has that feel.

Has he ever, I wonder, heard of Cornwall?

Has he ever, I wonder, heard of Perry Dunlop?

Has he ever, I wonder, heard of any of the countless priests in Canada who raped the souls and destroyed the faith of so many young Roman Catholics and their families?

Where have these people been for the past forty or fifty years?

Note Cardinal Javier Errazuriz’ justification for his failure to address the sex abuse allegations against Father Fernando Karadima: “They were accusing a priest with a great pastoral calling, whose preaching enriched more than 30 young people who were ordained priests and four priests who were consecrated bishops….They also accused a priest who inspired a youth association that propagated his fame.”

Is the Cardinal really that naive? is he that ignorant of the fact that molesters are among the greatest manipulators and liars on the face of the earth?

Is the Cardinal one of those people who thinks that molesters sport horns?

Let’s see where it goes. Will the bishops of Ireland will be called to meet in person with the Pope solely to address the magnitude of the clerical sexual scandal and cover-up in Ireland? Ditto the bishops of Canada. Ditto the USA. Ditto Scotland. Ditto England. And on and on and on…


Finally, just in case you missed it.  The latest news on the circus surrounding the Cardinal George Pell sex abuse trial in Australia:

14 May 2018:   “Prosecutors Seek Complete Ban On Media Reporting Of Cardinal George Pell Trial” & related article

Due to the time change we should have an idea by evening how the judge rules.  Will I be allowed to say a word?  Will there be a ‘super injunction.’  We shall see…

Enough for now,


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Where oh where is Father Adrian Cristobal?

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Another total mess:

11 May 2018:  “Diocese of Phoenix: Guam priest left area” & related articles

Where of where is Father Adrian Cristobal?

Father Cristobal, the priest from the scandal-plagued Archdiocese of Agaan (Guam), former Chancellor to  Archbishop Anthony Apuron (a disgraced  molester) and accused molester was recently a studying Canon Law at Ottawa’s St. Paul University.

Where is he now?

No one seems to know.   Chances are as good that he is in Canada –  and for that matter here in Ottawa – as they are that he is defiantly anywhere else.

I say defiantly because, by the sound of reports, Father Cristobal is indeed a defiant priest, and not at all  an exemplar  of obedience to his superiors.  If what is being reported is fact, Cristobal is merrily sashaying about doing his own thing and flatly refusing to return to Guam.  And, if what we read of the sex abuse allegations against him are fact, the children who cross this priest’s path are seriously at risk

Where in the name of all that’s good and holy is this priest?

Is he visiting friends  in Ottawa?   friends he met while studying Canon Law in Ottawa?  Perhaps staff?

Is he back in Ottawa taking a summer course of some sort?

Keep an eye out for him.   Watch your children.  Here are two pictures:

Photo: Pacific News Centre







Photo” Pacific Daily News








Enough for now,


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Globe-trotting, parish-hopping and Catholic-name-dropping priest

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Yesterday, as promised a few days ago, I scanned and posted excerpts from Miracles in Louisiana?  one of Father Luc Meunier‘s many books.

Meunier, who literally molested his way across both Canada and the United States, and, I would guess, the world, styled himself a “missionary” of the Second Vatican Council.  He travelled and worked hither and yon, his travels captured at least in part by his burning need to brag and name drop,

Anyway, here are the excerpts from Miracles in Louisiana which I found and copied years ago at the National Library

1981:  Excerpts from Father Luc Meunier 1981 book:   Miracles in Louisiana ? (mostly English, some sections in French)

It really is the weirdest book – supposedly about a young girl known for her holiness, but so much is replete with Meunier and all of his globe-trotting and parish hopping and Catholic name dropping.

I will work my way through to pull out and copy dates and places ‘ blessed’ by Meunier’s presence.  I think that given what we know now  it is safe to surmise that he was molesting as he went, be it in a corner in Canada, Australia, USA or Rome or wherever.

As you see, there are section in French.  I ask those of you who are bilingual to please read through the French sections to see if there is anything of particular interest which should be highlighted.

I also have excerpts of his 1959 offering:  From Granby to Rome.  The bulk of this is in French.  I will eventually scan and post this too, with the hope that you who are bilingual will give us an idea of what all he is bragging about out in this little tome.

Please keep the countless victims of this wolf in sheep’s clothing in your prayers


And a few articles of interest:

(1)   09 May 2018:  Two Franciscan Friars Plead Guilty to Endangering Children in Pennsylvania

According to one article, they pled guilty, but according to another they pled ‘no contest.”  I have no idea which it is.  No matter, what’s the point?  They were search sentenced to five years probation, a $1,000 fine and court fees.

Is covering up and thereby willfully placing children at risk  a serious offence or not?

Perhaps we must be happy that charges were even laid?  Perhaps this is where we must, for the time being,  be content with the crumbs which fall under the table?

(2)  09 May 2018:  “Priest in Johnson County allegedly stole more than $40,000 from his church” & related article

I wonder what the two counts of computer crime are all about?

(3)  08 May 2018:  Priest accused of groping girl’s buttocks in Boonton admitted into probation program

This, alas,  is what I refer to as the huggy-bear-kissy-face for sex offenders time.

(3)  08 May 2018:  Erie Catholic Diocese Priest Charged with Sexual Abuse of Two Boys

10 May 2018:  “Two Erie Catholic bishops present different approaches in case of priest” & related article

There’s a bit of a mess brewing in the Diocese of Erie Pennsylvania over the sex abuse charges laid Father David Poulson.  The first article recounts the horrors perpetrated on those boys by Poulsno and refers to “the memo.”  The second essentially addresses the memo and who knew what when.

The video of the Bishop Lawrence Persico press conference with Q&As is an interesting watch. Tap dancing?  Yea or nay?

(4)  10 May 2018:  “Chilean cardinal at center of abuse scandal won’t travel to Rome” & related article

Who knows what is going on here. If the claim is that Cardinal Errázuriz can not attend the meeting in the Vatican , and if indeed there is merit to that claim, surely someone could start up a Go Fund Me campaign?

Note that in the second article Anne Barrett Doyle.  co-director of BishopAccountability.org,  said that the pope’s listening sessions with the victims in the Vatican  are  “ a testament to the graciousness of the three Chilean survivors, Juan Carlos Cruz, Dr. James Hamilton and José Andrés Murillo.”  Well said Anne.  That is so very true.


I will try to get news on the status of the Father Ron Leger csv charges a little later.  He was in a Winnipeg court yesterday.   Is ee nothing in the media?

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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It is important that we know

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There were two assignment court dates:

(1) Father Amer Saka , a priest with the Chaldean Catholic Church in Canada  had a court date in London Ontario today:  he is facing charges of  fraud over $5,000 and possessing proceeds of property or thing exceeding $5,000:

08 May 2018:  9 am, Assignment Court, Superior Court of Justice, London Ontario courthouse ( 80 Dundas St.)

There is a possibility a date may have been set for trial.  I will check tomorrow and pas on the news.

(2)  Previously convicted former professor at the Cornwall Classical College Father Ron Leger had a court date in Winnipeg today:  I believe he is still facing at least eight charges related to sex abuse allegations from four complainants:

09 May 2018:  09:30 am, Assignment Court,  Provincial Court of Queen’s Bench ,  Winnipeg Provincial courthouse (Main Floor, 408 York Ave.)

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


There are several articles of interest posted:

(1)  07 May 2018:  “Ex-detective Denis Ryan wins compensation decades after being pushed out of Victoria Police” & related articles

As I said elsewhere, finally an extremely belated  form of vindication for a brave police officer in Victoria Australia who encountered cover-up within the ranks when he tried to have a local priest charged.

I firmly believe that the day will come when Perry Dunlop, Canada’s own honest cop, will be vindicated.  I earnestly hope and pray that Perry will not have wait forty plus years.  Apologies are already long over due.

(2)  I discovered that I already had some of those 1990 articles posted.  They were posted back when I first compiled the data of priest charged, sued or accused.  I found it was good, however, to re-read the information a number of years downstream.

What I decided to do is link the articles one to the other, starting with:  10 February 1990:  How Catholic church turned blind eye to child sex abuse by priests

The other articles linked in are:

02 November 1990:  “Trail of abuse stretched across country”

02 November 1990: “Conviction didn’t end career

02 December 1990:  “Sexual assaults by priest cost church $150,000″

Note the following para from the latter article re serial convicted molester Father Dale Crampton:

“The only attempt made at counselling was when church officials sent one family to a local priest who told the parents it was the boy’s fault and ‘he must have liked it,’ Carr-Harris said.”

Does anyone know who that local priest was?  I believe it is important that we know.

(3)   The Monsignor Cristobal in the following article was here in Canada studying Canon Law at Ottawa’s St. Paul University

07 May 2018: Lawsuit: Former archdiocese chancellor Adrian Cristobal abused, raped boy for 18 years

It is no comfort to realize that Cristobal was in the city of Ottawa, footloose and fancy free to essentially do as he pleased.


A beautiful beautiful day today.  Summer is here 🙂   And, in flood-ravaged New Brunswick, water levels are thankfully dropping.


Someone has asked that I post my mailing address here.  The request came from someone who, like many others, has contacted me in the past relaying information.  However, when I attempt to respond to confirm or ask for clarification my emails bounce.   I understand your desire for anonymity, however,  I assure everyone that you that your contact with me is confidential and that my emails are seen by no one but me.  You can also contact me using a pseudonym – but, if you are sending me information I need to be able to contact you .

So, to “anon,” I prefer not to put my mailing address on the site.  Please send me an email using an email address to which I can respond.  I had an important question for you a few weeks ago and tried, without success,  to get in touch with you a few weeks ago.  It’s frustrating for me.

Enough for now,


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No worse for the wear

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The second part of the 1990 Kevin Donovan Toronto Star series is now posted:

02 November 1990:  Trail of abuse stretched across country

Yes, it took a while, in part because I was off digging through files to find Meunier documents, and in part becasue I spent a little time getting the Meunier page ready to eventually transfer, along with the rest of theinquiry.ca) to a different Word{Press them  I had photocopied , and, well, partly because I received a call last evening from a tearful little granddaughter to tell me that she had very very bad news to share: a goat had died.  Sometimes time must be taken 🙂

A new day, and the article is posted.  As you see, it deals with one of Canada’s many notorious serial clerical molesters,  Father Luke Meunier.

Sad to read of the Marsden parents who, in the early 60s, wanted to avoid scandal by getting Father Meunier, – their daughter’s molester – removed from Marsden Saskatchewan immediately.  Bishop Laurent Morin suspended Meunier, and Meunier simply moved on to molest in greener pasture, his reputation, it seems, no worse for the wear.

And then he was welcomed into the Diocese of Nelson BC.  And there, yest another sad tale wherein the father of a young altar boy molested by Meunier refused to allow the RCMP to question the boy.  The father had, he later said, agreed not to press charges becasue Bishop Doyle had said he would send Muenier to a place with older people!

The long and short was that, yet again Meunier was no worse for the wear, and away he went, searching for and, alas, finding those green pastures .

Why the bishop did not ensure that those parents understood that a priest who sexually abuses children is unfit to be a priest for anyone, young or old is beyond me.  Why those bishops didn’t take those parents aside and teach them abut the millstones, – on Our Lord’s words on the fate of those who harm children is beyond me.  (Unless, of course, those bishops didn’t view the sexual abuse of a child as a serious, gravely sinful and criminal act?)

Anyway, it is always  both astounding and heartbreaking to realize how many souls have been raped  because of the abject failure of  bishops (and religious superiors ) who knew  to stop a clerical predator dead in his tracks by doing what needed to be done to have him thrown into jail and out of the priesthood.


I have some Father Meunier material on file to photocopy and post:  pages from books he authored and published.  Some are in French, and some are in English and some are a bit of each.  The English sections which I can read offer a bird’s eye view into the mind of a proud human being constantly blowing his own horn.

When I get those coped and posted I will let you know, but first I will get the rest of the Donovan series posted.


And speaking of failures to do the right thing, another Hod Marshall lawsuit settled out of court:

07 May 2018:  Last Marshall litigant settles for $950 K

Usually there is a publication ban on the amount of out of court settlements, but, for whatever reason, in this instance we learn that Denis Beland accepted an offer “just shy of $1 million.”

I am happy for Denis.  He suffered not only the sexual abuse at the hands of Hod, but endured untold further suffering when Basilians expelled him for telling another Basilian, parents and students what Hod was doing to him.  Please please read Denis’ Victim Impact Statement:

Denis Beland: Victim Impact Statement

This process has  been seven long long and painful years for Denis, but, he hung in there, and it’s finally over.

And, yes, it will allow Denis to, as he said ” live out my last days in dignity without being financially strapped.”

Good for you Denis.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.


I did do a lot of re-arranging on the Hod Marshall page.  As you know, part of the plan had been to try to move all the links to media coverage back onto the page, but, at this point, I have decided  not to try.  I fear it would crash the page- I just don’t want to take a chance .

Enough for now,





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Such a headache!

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I just posted the first part of the 1990  Kevin Donovan series on sex abuse in the Church:

10 February 1990:  How Catholic church turned blind eye to child sex abuse by priests

Believe it or not, it has taken hours to get that one article posted, and the trouble stems yet again from the multitude of troubles I’ve had with theinquiry.ca.  There were things I wanted to link to, only to discover that they were some of the countless articles and bits of information which had not yet been re-posted, and then there were the blogs with links to the old site which of course means they are dead links.

Such a headache 🙁    Compound it all with the fact that, as I think I mentioned once before,  the software I so joyfully paid for to re-populate the site is no longer supported so that whole thing has to be redone 🙁 🙁 🙁

Anyway, as I fiddled away today I  decided how I am going to deal with it all 🙂    Another slow process, –  will have to get theinquiry.ca ready  to change to another theme.  I’ll pick away at it again.

I think I’m calling it quits for the day now.  Tomorrow I will post the rest of the series.

Enough for now,



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