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A fee updates on five upcoming court-dates.  As always, please keep all the victims and complainants in your prayers:

(1)  Barry McGrory

The verdict for the trial of ex-priest and previously convicted molester Barry McGrory is scheduled to be rendered a week from Tuesday:

18 June 2019:  09:00 am, VERDICT, third floor, Ottawa courthouse (161 Elgin St.).

McGrory ,who was ordained as a priest for the Archdiocese of Ottawa, Ontario in 1960, served three months probation in 1993 after leading guilty to sexually assaulting a 17-year-old boy.  In November 2016 he faced the first of several new sex charges.  He was defrocked some time in 2018.

(2) Father Henri Paradis msa

The next court-date for Father Henri Paradis is scheduled for a week from Monday:

17 June 2019:  Laval courthouse ( 2800 Boulevard Saint-Martin O, Laval, Quebec)

Paradis, a priest with the Society of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles (MSA) was  0rdained 13 May 1972.  He  was charged April 2019.

(3)  Father Cecil Noronha

Father Noronha, a former Salesian priest ordained in India December 1981, became a member of the Voluntas Dei Insitute some time after his arrival in Canada.

In June 2018 Noronha was charged with: Sexual Assault on a Person Under Sixteen Years of Age,  Sexual Interference and  Uttering Threats – Cause Death or Bodily Harm.  At the time the charges were laid Noronha was serving in the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie Ontario.

Father Noronha has a preliminary hearing scheduled for a week from today:

14 June 2019: 10 am, Preliminary Hearing,  Espanola Ontario courthouse (100 Tudhope St, 2nd Fl, Suite 3)

(4)  Father James Robertson

Father James Robertson, a priest with the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador, Newfoundland (originally Diocese of St. George Newfoundland), was ordained in 1989 .  Robertson, who was involved in  coordinating the Diocese of St. George’s Newfoundland settlement agreement with victims of clerical sexual abuse.  In April 2019 the RCMP laid charges against Father Robertson in relation to allegations of assault of a student   at a school event in the Bay of Islands before Christmas 2018.

Father Robertson’s next court-date is:

18 June 2019:  09:30, Corner Brook Courthouse 82 Mt. Bernard Avenue, Corner Brook) “for plea”

(5)  Father Malcolm D’Souza

Father Malcolm D’Souza, a priest with the Diocese of Calgary, Alberta and late vocation to the priesthood, was ordained 2002.  In January 2019 sex assault charges were laid related to allegations of sex assault of a woman at St. Mark’s Roman Catholic Church in the Fall of 2012.  Father D’Souza’s next court-date is:

  02 July 2019 :  09:00 am, courtroom # 306, Calgary courthouse (515 6th Ave. SW, Calgary); 21 February  2019:  Calgary Alberta courthouse


You may have noticed the new Legal Calendar.  I have entered the upcoming court dates  of which I am aware.  I will check through files to see if any are missing.

Enough for now,





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The Cardinal Pell appeal continues.   Here is the link to access the live stream coverage of the Pell appeal

This is painful to watch.  Painful.  Unfortunately  I think perhaps the lawyer for the Crown has a speech impediment of some kind?  perhaps a stutter?   Whatever the case, it is very difficult to listen to and/or follow his arguments.  And, sadly, further to that, at this very moment, and if I am hearing correctly, he seems incapable of articulating  why two young teenage boys did not discuss with each other, their  mother, or anyone else, the abuse they endured at the hands of Pell.

Heartbreaking.  In this day and age.  Heartbreaking.

Eventually and thankfully the judges themselves explained that there is now allowance at trials for such matters.

Oh my!   Hopefully I am missing the gems of the Crown  arguments, …

Anyway, I did post a file with several articles regarding the fund-raising which was transpiring last year to pay Pell’s legal costs:

08 May 2018:  “Sydney archdiocese runs ads seeking donations for Cardinal George Pell’s legal fees” & elated articles

As you see, Pell’s defence lawyer daily fees are rumoured to be in the order of $16,000.  Further to that, I have heard – unconfirmed – that the daily fee for Pell’s appeals lawyer is in the range of $22,000!

Are you like me?  Do you ever wonder why a defendant with deep pockets or access to the same can pick the ‘cream of the crop’ while victims must accept the Crown – competent or otherwise – assigned to his/her case?

Is this just?

Is it fair?

Questions. Questions. Questions.

For now, back to the live-stream.

Please keep the victims in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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Parsed and disected

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For those in Ontario and other areas on Eastern Daylight Time, day two of the Cardinal Pell appeal of his sex abuse conviction will continue this evening at 7:30 pm.

Yesterday’s time was taken by Brett Walker SC, an “appeals specialist” and part of the Pell defence team.  I did watch most of the hearing.  There were times where the live stream ebbed and flowed or disappeared, but on the whole the reception was  good.    As for content, all I can say is there was no lack of talk of “habit,” “custom,” “reasonable doubt,” “extreme probability,” ritual and timing.  It seemed that word after word and comment after comment was parsed and dissected. On and on and on.

Anyway, there are a number of articles here which together provide a fairly good idea of what transpired

05 June 2019:  “Crown expected to mount tough fight against George Pell appeal” & related articles (

Today the Crown will probably counter Walker’s arguments and argue that the jury’s conviction should be upheld.

Again, here is the link to access the live stream coverage of the Pell appeal

A reminder to check your time zone and sort out the time difference between your location and Victoria, Australia.  Here in Ontario it is 14 hours.    We are on Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).  Therefore, for those  in Ontario and all others  in Eastern Daylight time zone the hearings will commence this evening (05 June) at 7:30 pm (09:30 am, 06 June in Victoria, Australia).

Please keep the victims in your prayers,

Enough for now,


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Unfortunately the software for the Legal Calendar is no longer supported: the plugin is now creating problems on the site.  I have had to deactivate the plugin for the page (linked in the horizontal menu under the picture above), and will have to do likewise for the small calendar which appears in the sidebar to the right.

Alas, now it’s on to trying to find a plugin which will do the same job, and then begin the process of entering upcoming court-dates 🙁


And more headaches:   I am trying to catch what I can of the Cardinal Pell appeal which is being live-streamed from the Victoria Australia Supermen Court.

Enough for now


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Cardinal Pell’s appeal starts this evening (EDT time)

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Cardinal George Pell’s appeal, scheduled to start at 09:30 am, 05 June 2019 in Victoria, Australia.   (Click to enlarge)

As noted before, the hearings will be live streamed, however please check your time zone and sort out the time difference.  Here in Ontario it is 14 hours.  We are on Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).  Therefore, for those  in Ontario and all others  in Eastern Daylight time zone the hearings will commence this evening (04 June) at 7:30 pm.

The following is an informative article as to what is happening and what we might expect:

04 June 2019:  All you need to know about George Pell’s appeal

Please keep the victims in your prayers, and please pray that justice is done.

P.S.  Here is a link to the Victoria Supreme Court which will live stream the proceedings.  (I don’t see the link set up to the live webcast as yet.)

Here it is, the link to the video portal for webcast


Don’t miss this ‘shocker’:

03 June 2019:  La Crosse Priest Charged in Sexual Assault Case” & related articles

Note that there is said to be surveillance video which “appears to corroborate the woman’s story.”


Be sure to check on NEW to the site regularly.  Every article posted is listed and linked.

Enough for now,


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Another name has been added to ‘the list.’

Monsignor James Robertson with the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador Newfoundland has been charged with assault.

I have started a page  and posted enough information to  give a bit of an idea of Monsignor’s  assignments since his ordination in 1986.

I am heading to the States this morning.  I will add to the page after my return. Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

Enough for now,



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He was all over the place

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And another…

The page for Father Henri Paradis msa  is posted.

As you will see, he was all over the place. I finally stopped – I realized I could literally could spend days listing dates on which he said Mass here, gave a retreat there, conducted a mission somewhere else or was off on a pilgrimage.  I may add more dates over time, but for now I think there is enough information to get a general feel for Father Henri Paradis’ whereabouts over the past years.

Those in the Ottawa Archdiocese please note and spread the word that Father Paradis’ has ministered within the boundaries of the archdiocese, and that at least one of his pilgrimages to Medjugorje was advertised in Ottawa Communique du Jeudi.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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Holy Saturday

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Holy Thursday.  Good Friday.  Now Holy Saturday.

Time to remember…

Christ betrayed by Judas, denied three times by Peter, scourged, crowned with thorns, ridiculed, mocked, crucified – for love of us.

One of my favorite reflections on Good Friday is the suffering which the Blessed Virgin Mary endured as she helplessly watched the suffering of her Son.

Stabat Mater

At the Cross her station keeping…

At the cross her station keeping,
Stood the mournful Mother weeping,
Close to Jesus to the last.

Through her heart, His sorrow sharing,
All His bitter anguish bearing,
Now at length the sword had pass’d.

Oh, how sad and sore distress’d
Was that Mother highly blest
Of the sole-begotten One!

Christ above in torment hangs;
She beneath beholds the pangs
Of her dying glorious Son.

Is there one who would not weep,
Whelm’d in miseries so deep
Christ’s dear Mother to behold?

Can the human heart refrain
From partaking in her pain,
In that Mother’s pain untold?

Bruis’d, derided, curs’d, defil’d,
She beheld her tender child
All with bloody scourges rent.

For the sins of His own nation,
Saw Him hang in desolation,
Till His spirit forth He sent.

O thou Mother! fount of love!
Touch my spirit from above;
Make my heart with thine accord.

Make me feel as thou hast felt;
Make my soul to glow and melt
With the love of Christ our Lord.

Holy Mother! pierce me through;
In my heart each wound renew
Of my Saviour crucified.

Let me share with thee His pain,
Who for all my sins was slain,
Who for me in torments died.

Let me mingle tears with thee,
Mourning Him who mourn’d for me,
All the days that I may live.

By the cross with thee to stay,
There with thee to weep and pray,
Is all I ask of thee to give.

Virgin of all virgins best,
Listen to my fond request
Let me share thy grief divine.

Let me, to my latest breath,
In my body bear the death
Of that dying Son of thine.

Wounded with His every wound,
Steep my soul till it hath swoon’d
In His very blood away.

Be to me, O Virgin, nigh,
Lest in flames I burn and die,
In His awful Judgment day.

Christ, when Thou shalt call me hence,
Be Thy Mother my defence,
Be Thy cross my victory.

While my body here decays,
May my soul Thy goodness praise,
Safe in Paradise with Thee.


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Deceased priest with multiple substantiated sex abuse allegations against him studied in Ottawa in early ’40s

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The dioceses across the United States are all publishing names of priests deemed to have been credibly accused.    Included on the list released by the The Diocese of Owensboro Kentucky is the name of  a Father Gilbert Henninger.   Henninger, born in 1907 and ordained in 1937, was a student in Ottawa from 1941 to 1943.

Where and what he was studying for those years is unknown.  It could have been Ottawa University, or St, Paul’s University?

Here is the information provided on the Owensboro website:

Henninger, Gilbert

    • Diocese/Order: Owensboro
    • DOB: 12-18-1907

      Date of Ordination: 5-22-1937

      Date of Death:  3-5-1990

    • Pastoral Assignments in the Diocese of Owensboro:

      6/27/37 – 8/16/37: St. Peter, Stanley

      8/16/37-9/4/37:  St. Rose, Cloverport

      1937-38:  St. Francis de Sales, Paducah

      1938-39:  St. Paul, Owensboro and St. Joseph, Owensboro

      1939-41: Chaplain at St. Francis Academy, Owensboro

      1941-43: student in Ottawa, Canada

      1943-62: Chaplain to Ursulines at Mt. St. Joseph

      1962-82: St. Martin, Rome

    • Clerical State: deceased 1990
    • Allegation(s): Multiple allegations received after his death, but deemed substantiated.

Since there were multiple allegations against him then I think it is reasonable to beleive that chances are high  that he was molesting while he was in Ottawa.   I will therefore put his name on the list, but will link to this post rather than try to put together a page.  I unfortunately just do not have any further information about this priest and/or his time in Ottawa.

[Do you suppose that in the interest of transparency we’ll ever see the day that Canadian bishops publish the names of clergy convicted and/or credibly accused?]

Enough for now,


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CBC Radio One

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A quick heads up…

Tomorrow (Sunday, 14 April) CBC Radio One will air “How a sexual assault victim’s lawsuit set a precedent that alarmed the Catholic Church” .  The program will also be aired across the U.S. on SiriusXM

13 April 2019:  How a sexual assault victim’s lawsuit set a precedent that alarmed the Catholic Church

The program will air on the Sunday Edition, hosted by Michael Enright.  It’s a three-hour show which starts at 9 am ET.  The section dealing with Rod MacLeod, sexually abused by convicted serial  molester and now defrocked and deceased Basilian priest Hod Marshall will air in the first hour.

Enough for now,


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