Committed to stand trial

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Oh my, everything tied into the Cornwall sex abuse scandal and cover-up is so terribly terribly convoluted 🙁   In consequence, much of today was spent alternately sifting through files, looking for files and reading transcript – time now to call it a day.

I have a commitment in the morning, – should be able to post that promised backgrounder on Father Bernard Cameron tomorrow afternoon.


Note that after today’s preliminary hearing previously-convicted and currently incarcerated molester Father Yvon Arsenault has been committed to stand trial:

19 October 2017:  Convicted Moncton priest could face trial on new sex charge next year

There is no trial date set as yet.  I wonder if,  from what Baspuit had to say , a trial date will be set in December?   I will try to find out, either tomorrow or Monday.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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It will get done

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I will, as promised, be posting a few backgrounders regarding Father Bernie Cameron the Cornwall priest who died 15 October 2017.   Trying to get this together has been yet another reminder for me that, as with all things Cornwall,  it’s not that simple 🙁   Virtually,, but nothing, surrounding the Cornwall sex abuse scandal and cover-up is simple and straightforward.

I am poring through old documents and trying to sort out how to compile a few bullets of information which inform without  overwhelming.

It will get done 🙂


The half-day preliminary hearing for previously- convicted molester Father Yvon Arsenault is scheduled for tomorrow:

19 October 2017 (Thursday):  09:30 am, PRELIMINARY HEARING (scheduled for half-a-day, 09:30 am, Moncton Courthouse Moncton NB (45 Assumption Blvd)

I encourage those who can do so to attend.

Please keep the victims and complainants in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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Funeral Thursday

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Father Bernie Cameron is dead:

15 October 2017:   Father Bernie Cameron Obituary

Father Cameron, one of Cornwall’s “alleged” molesters,” died 15 October 2017 in the Cornwall Community Hospital.  His funeral is 2 pm Thursday 19 October 2017 at St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church in St. Andrew’s Ontario (St. Andrew’s is on the outskirts of Cornwall.)

My thoughts and prayers at this time go out to Perry and Helen Dunlop, Ron Leroux, and  all those who suffered and continue to suffer because of and/or at the hands of this priest.

There are a couple of things I want to look up before I say any more.

Enough for now,



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New postings.

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A belated Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.  A time to count and give thanks for the blessings in our lives – the blessings are always there, sometimes we have to look hard, but, they are there.

There are a number of new postings today.  Check New to the site.

Enough for now,


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November court date

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The next court date for previously convicted Oblate priest Father Omer Desjardins is:

06 November 2017: 1 pm. “remand date,” court room # 102, Winnipeg Provincial courthouse (Main Floor, 408 York Ave.)

A reminder that these charges were laid in January and June of this year (2017).

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


I  have discovered a disappointing fallout from the recent transfer of Sylvia’s Site to HTTPS.  The small legal calendar on the sidebar of the page is temperamental.     It shows  the upcoming court dates, and will show the names when you hover over the date, but most of the time it will not allow you click on the name to access the page of the Accused.  I spent some hours this morning fiddling around trying to fix it.  I thought it was working again, but just checked and, …no luck :(.

The good news is that the small calendar on the side  is at least still handy for a quick look at who has an upcoming court date this month.  I personally would miss that terribly.

And on that note, a reminder  that that a larger version of same calendar is accessible via the “Legal Calendar” link on the menu at the top of the page (under the picture).  The larger version is fully functional,-  you can readily move to the schedule for the next month, and you a click on the name of the accused will take you to the page of the Accused.

Enough for now,


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Page added

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A page has been added for Italian-born diplomat Monsignor  Carlo Capella.

I believe I should still be able to find a l little more information, but, for now, this is it.  If anyone is adept in Italian would you please see if there is  any background information to be found in Italian media.   Also, (1)  can find out where and when the Monsignor studied canon law ?and  (2)   does anyone  remember Monsignor Capella  being in the  Windsor area last Christmas?

Enough for now ,


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Oh m, oh my, oh my

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Oh my, oh my, oh my.

Look at this….

The Vatican diplomat who recently eluded child porn charges in the States after the  Vatican refused to waive diplomatic immunity was, in some fashion, involved in child porn while at a church in Windsor, Ontario (Diocese of London) last Christmas:

Ontario Police Reports

Carlo Capella wanted on Canada-Wide warrant for child pornography offences

In February of 2017 the Windsor Police Service Internet Child Exploitation Unit (ICE) received information that originated from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre (NCECC) indicating that a suspect in the city of Windsor had allegedly uploaded Child Pornography using a social networking website.

Members of the Windsor Police Service ICE Unit launched an investigation.

Investigators applied for and were granted judicial permission to review records related to the involved internet service provider address. Through investigation, it was determined that the alleged offences occurred between December 24 – 27, 2016.

Investigators believe that the offences occurred while the suspect was visiting a place of worship in Windsor, Ontario.

Investigators have determined that the suspect has returned to his residence in Italy.

The Child Pornography in question is not believed to have involved any local children.

A Canada-Wide arrest warrant has been issued for Carlo Capella, a 50-year-old male, for the charges of:

Access Child Pornography

Possess Child Pornography

Distribute Child Pornography

Capella has ties to the United States, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and Italy.

The Windsor Police Service Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) Unit is a member of the Provincial Strategy to protect children from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation on the Internet. This project has been made possible by a grant from the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Windsor Police Service at 519-255-6700 ext. 4896, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 519-258-8477 (TIPS), or online at

I will now be adding a page to the Accused list for Monsignor Carlo Capella. All the articles regarding the recent child porn allegations against this diplomat will be posted on that page.  As soon as it is together I will let you know.

(Does anyone  know which Windsor or Windsor area church Monsignor Capella was visiting ?)

Enough for now,


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No more excuses

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Earlier today I posted the following:

21 September 2017  “Pope candidly admits Church ‘arrived late’ in confronting abuse” & related article

I said I would comment.  The article and what I have read elsewhere on the Holy Father’s comments annoyed me, so, here goes.  A few quick thoughts (with quites fromt he articles in itlaics)…

  1.  “Consciousness”

  Pope Francis …said on Thursday the Catholic Church had “arrived late” in dealing with the problem.

“There is the reality that the Church arrived at the consciousness of these crimes a bit late,” he said.

“When consciousness arrives late, the means to resolve the problems also arrive late. I am aware of this difficulty but it is reality and I say it plainly: We arrived late.”

In this instance I suggest that the Holy Father can speak for himself an d those of  his fellow bishops and Cardinals who have covered up for and tolerated predatory clergy.

It is not “the Church” which has arrived late at this “consciousness. ”  There have been laws in the Church against clerical sexual abuse throughout the ages and, withness the following,   it has been recognized for the perversion, sin and abomination that it is.

Yes, of course, as with laws everywhere, they will to enforce is required, but there has always been a recognition of the  ‘problem’ and accompanying laws to penalize these clerical predators.


I can add that in more recent times, we can go back to 1952 when a Father Gerald Fitzgerald was strongly arguing that clergy who are “tampering with the virtue of the young” should be laicized (defrocked) 

2.  Falling asleep

“The old practice of moving people around and not confronting the problem made consciences fall asleep,” he said.

What is he talking about?  What pray tell is the Holy Father talking about?

“Made consciousness fall asleep”?  Whose consciousness fell asleep?  And, in light of Church teaching, the Bible and the utterances of the great Saints and likes of Father Fitzgerald throughout the years, how did they manage to fall asleep?

3. The commission

Francis acknowledged that the commission, which was founded in 2014, had to “swim against the tide,” a reference to high level defections from its ranks.

The founding of the commission was another case of re-inventing the wheel.  What more needs to be known about priests who are wolves in sheep’s clothing?   What more needs to be said about the damage done by the rape of a child’s soul?

4.  A “Sickness”

Francis said that everyone had to realize that sexual abuse is “a sickness” with a high probability of relapse.

“That person may repent today … but may commit it again after two years. We have to put it into our heads that this is a sickness,” he said.

Most of us know that, when it comes to clerical molesters,  there is indeed a high probability of relapse, but, to then  try to rationalize  this abhorrent SIN as a sickness goes beyond the pall.

I suppose perhaps we could say it is a spiritual sickness?   I will have to think that through a little, because I do believe that those who are truly spiritually healthy would never lay a wayward hand on a child.  Never.

But, a “sickness”?  As in, by the sound of it, a physical or mental sickness?

Heaven help us !   Now we’re into the “poor father, he has no control over what he says or does.  Poor Father – it’s the sickness, you see.  There’s nothing he can do about it.”

This is secular think.  Totally secular.  “Poor poor Father.  He can’t help it.”

What about sin?  S.I.N.

Is there anything in the Bible which declares clerical sexual abuse to be a sickness?  I think not.   There is, of course, the warning about the millstones.  Right?  Better that he who scandalizes one of these little ones be thrown into the depths of the sea with a millstone round his neck?

There’s nary a word there about sickness, is there?

Furthermore, is there anywhere in the 2000 year history of official Church teaching wherein clerical sexual abuse is declared to be a sickness?  I think not.  There, are however, the wise and prudent words regarding scanad by St. Alphonsus De Legouri and the many great saints whom he quotes.  Nary an excuse there, is there?  The sinner carries the burden.  No shuffling it off on things like sickness, is there?

Please please please, let’s start calling a spade a spade.  No more excuses.  No more rationalizing.  No more tap dancing.  Just, please get then out of the priesthood.

Enough for now,




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Problems resolved

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As you see, problems are resolved.  The strange symbols scattered throughout text are gone, the Legal Calendar is – thankfully!! – back, The Inquiry is functional.  I thank all those of you who said a few prayers for a good outcome –  I really do believe prayers were offered, heard and answered : ) This came so close to being a total disaster;  you have no idea.

So both Sylvia’s’ Site and The Inquiry have been converted to  HTTPS.  This is apparently something  to do with a need to be compliant with google chrome now, and preparatory for a demand that in the  future HTTPS will be  required by all search engines.

Some of you will understand all this far better than I.  No matter, it is done 🙂   this was a reminder that i will have to get back to   work on  

I had to start redoing the site a few years ago, and twice since the process began have run into serious problems with software.  I will have to redo a  lot of what was done  in order to save what has been posted before transferring to a new  theme.   I have been procrastinating 🙁   I must get at it, and will 🙂


Please note  the following:

21 September 2017  “Pope candidly admits Church ‘arrived late’ in confronting abuse” & related article

I will comment later.

Enough for now  ,


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More “good” news…

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More “good” news from yesterday….

Previously convicted serial molester Father George Ansel Smith entered a “guilty” plea.  A sentencing hearing is scheduled for 22 November 2017.

Father Smith -yes, still, to my knowledge and sad to say, very much a priest – previously  (Feb. 2013) entered a guilty plea to the sexual of more than 13 boys age eight to 12 or 13.  In March 2013  he was sentenced to 11 years in jail.  In December 2015 he was released to a community residential facility for a six month period of day parole.  In July 2016 he was granted full parole!

A reminder here that in 1992 Father Smith was treated for alcohol abuse and his attraction to young boys.  Following this he was, as I would say, “recycled” from the Diocese of St. George’s, Newfoundland to PEI. ( Another reminder that the thoroughly disgraced and since defrocked  Raymond Lahey was then Bishop of St. George’s. )

The next court date for Father Smith is:

22 November 2017: Pre-Sentence Report, Stephenville Newfoundland courthouse

Please keep Paul and his family in your prayers.


The other “good” news from yesterday was the conviction of former Cornwall Classical College student long-term Chancellor of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Father Denis Vaillancourt  

Enough for now,


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