Perry Dunlop

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DUNLOP:  Constable Perry Dunlop

(Courageous former Cornwall Police Service Officer who bears deep wounds and continues to pay dearly for blowing the whistle in 1994 on a massive sex abuse scandal and “Church” cover-up) Click here for extensive further info on Perry Dunlop at  The Inquiry website


29 April 2010:  Appeal denied

28 April 2010:  Ontario’s top court dismisses cop’s appeals over Cornwall inquiry contempt

28 April 2010:  Ontario’s top court dismisses cop’s appeals over Cornwall inquiry contempt

28 April 2010:  Dunlop loses appeal of contempt convictions

28 April 2010:  Cornwall ex-policeman’s contempt appeal fails

The Persecution, Prosecution and Incarcertion of Perry Dunlop

18 November 2007 Perry’s  email to the justices at Ontario Divisional Court prior to his first contempt conviction

07 December 1995:  Ontario Court (General Division) (Divisional Court) – Southey, McRae and Desmarais JJ: Between Police Compliants Commissioner Police Constable Perry Dunlop

20 July 2000:  There goes a true hero

07 April 2000:  Perry Dunlop Will State


5 Responses to Perry Dunlop

  1. Andrew Gladish 613-720-9736 or says:

    Perry Dunlop has been a great friend of mine for 20 years now and it amazes me that with all that Perry has done to only tell the truth and make justice of this that he has been the one that has had to sacrifice his life.

    If Perry ever writes a book about this, it will for certain be a best seller and I hope that it will give Perry a better future which he deserves.

  2. john says:

    *Perry Dunlop is a true hero.

    He stood up for the helpless and abandoned

    but  like Christ he was made to suffer for the truth

    Too bad that the Catholic hierarchy was a no show

    Was it true he was shunned in his own parish – typical of the ignorant,  ugly catholic, steeped in denial – maybe there has been an apology since earlier days ???

  3. Robert Perras says:

    Hello to you Mr Dunlop,My profound wish for you and your family and friends is that you found peace and comfort in our Lord Jesus-Christ. I pray that He watch over your every step and strenghten you and yours for the rest of your journey here on earth. This world is full of corruption and filth but in Jesus we can overcome and be victorious. Such is the path i follow grounded in the Word of God. May our Lord Jesus bless and rejoice you always. Again thank you for standing up for righteousness and truth in love.
    Robert Perras
    Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus-Christ in sincerety. Amen
    Epesians 6:24

  4. Miecul says:

    I don’t know if you ever visit this site Perry, but if you do, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I place you right up there with Great men of our time. Your backbone is incredibly tough. I also know the road you’ve travelled was some of the most horde road possible. Sometimes there was no road at all. I believe you started the ball rolling for people like me to come forward and tell, so that this never happens to another child. I’d really like for you to finish that book you’ve had in mind. It should be on every book shelf in North America and beyond.

    I hope someday I can meet you, shake the hand of a very brave man. But you’re on the other coast and I’m in Ontario.

    I also know your a musician, so am I. I love singing and playing the guitar. When I read your story a song came straight to mind by Steve Earle. The song is called
    “Justice in Ontario”. The link is below. Thanks again Perry.

  5. Wendy says:

    I have been following this story since it began. I stand behind Perry Dunlop completely. One man who stood alone for justice and was alienated for doing his job. I left Cornwall shortly after this story broke because I lost pride, love and faith in the people of my hometown. If authoritative figures can not be trusted, then who can we trust? My son and I are also victims of the system but not of Project Truth. This corruption is the tip of the iceberg. Thank you Perry, you are a hero and I will always remember you that way. May God always bless you and your family.

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