Basilian Fathers lose appeal

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The Basilians of Toronto lost their appeal of the jury decisions re punitive damages and economic damages in the Rod MacLeod /Hod  Marshall sex abuse trial

25 October 2019:     MacLeod v Marshall (Ontario Court of  Appeal)

25 October 2019:  “Basilian Fathers lose appeal in sexual abuse case (updated)” & related article

You may recall that in May of 2018  the Basilians put out the following a statement regarding their decision to appeal:

22 May 2018:  Latest Media Statement from the Basilian Fathers

Note that the “Media Spokesperson” for the Basilian Fathers at the time was the since thoroughly and very publicly disgraced serial plagiarist Father Thomas Rosica csb.  How far the ‘mighty’ can fall in a matter of a mere 17 months .

Another few modicums of justice.

Please keep Rod MacLeod and the many many victims of Hod Marshall in your prayers.  .

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4 Responses to Basilian Fathers lose appeal

  1. bc says:

    In this matter the (Basilians) application for leave to appeal from the judgment of the Court of Appeal for Ontario, Number C65418, 2019 ONCA 842, dated October 25, 2019, was dismissed with costs last April 30th 2020.

  2. Phil Johnson says:

    I assume this means they now have to pay up the settlement now? Hoping that’s the case.

  3. bc says:

    Yes but there was no settlement per se. It was extremely brave of Mr. McLeod and his civil litigators to not accept a settlement.

    The Court of Appeal for Ontario had upheld the $2.57-million verdict in damages. The Basilians spent nearly 1 million dollars to retain Supreme Advocacy LLP to appeal the Court of Appeal for Ontario`s decision at the Supreme Court of Canada. It is not unreasonable to estimate that with the damages and costs + theirs own legal fees and costs that the Basilians spent north of 4 million dollars to fight against Rod MacLeod (and victims of clerical abuse generally).

    That 4 million dollars could have been spent on housing the homeless, feeding struggling Canadian families, providing comfort to the elderly etc. But the Basilians spent it on the very best legal representation that money can buy. I should know because one of Supreme Advocacy LLP partners taught me in law school. Supreme Advocacy is the go to firm for the wealthy and affluent.

    The exposure of the Basilians to civil litigation is now considerable. For their greed and cowardice; they will be subjected to an avalanche of litigation as will all Canadian Church entities.

    • Phil Johnson says:

      Yes you’re right, it’s not a settlement. And of course, the basilian buffoons will always spend huge amounts of money to protect their pervert collars. So much for charity eh? And just like all the other entities in that church, they will fight every case, deny their actions, and denigrate the victims who have the courage to step forward. I admire each and every victim who courageously steps forward and for those who have not reached that point in their struggles, I understand that as well.

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