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25 Responses to Legal Calendar

  1. Jacqueline Lamoureux says:

    *I will be attending the first day of the Phil Jacobs trial & the last day.  Will report here what I can.

  2. Dave says:

    *did Doug Mercer ever go trial ? Do yo know what happened?. I notice he is not listed on the Diocese of London anywhere.

  3. Sylvia says:

    A lawsuit was launched – I don’t know if police were ever contacted, but to my knowledge criminal charges were not laid. 

    I don’t know the status of the lawsuit Dave.  Can anyone out there help?  I will try to find out what I can and get a page opened.

    According to Church directories Father James D Mercer is living in Chatham, Ontario.

  4. patricia Mcphail/ delray beach fl says:

    *I just spoke to my cousin, Bob, in Windsor and am horrified, that W. H.Marshall was released, from prison. I am praying, that he will be convicted and returned to prison, with these latest charges from Saskatchewan. This devil, evil man should be taken in front of the world and defrocked. I am ashamed of the priests, whom I had in college, who hid this man for So many years and sent him on to other schools and victims. I am furious with the Canadian system, that lets him out of prison. He should die there.

  5. Mike Fitzgerald says:

         There are a number of us attending the courthouse in Windsor tomorrow to see what’s the latest on “Happy Hands”. I’ll let you know.
         If anyone has the time, please take the time to attend the Windsor courthouse tomorrow in support of “Happy Hand’s” victims.    Mike.

  6. Sylvia says:

    Well said Mike.  I, Patricia and many others will be anxiously awaiting word on the outcome of Hod’s hearing tomorrow.

    Those of you who are travelling a distance, please drive with care. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  7. Dorothy Levine says:

    I saved the article from 1994, it was obvious at that time that there was a huge cover up. I just looked up constable Perry Dunton.
    He should be listed as a victim and compensated publicly and financially.
    He is a role model.

    Dorothy Levine

    • Sylvia says:

      I am sure you mean Constable Perry Dunlop?

      Yes, Perry truly is a victim and a hero. He’s a good man. The slat of the earth.

      Which 1994 article are you referring to that you saved?

      • Truth for all says:

        Perry Dunlop may have tried to do the right thing but broke the law. In doing so, just like you or I would have to, had to pay the price.

        Is it wrong. What is wrong is that there are so many bad apples in the police services, it is imperative we start cleaning up somewhere and fast!

  8. Mike Howes says:

    Subject: Rev. Bernard Lee. What are the issues legally regarding his history, and
    the current status?
    Thanks, Mike

  9. Liz Anders says:

    What happened r:e Albert Laisnez on Sept 1&2?

  10. Sylvia says:

    I was told on the eve of the scheduled trial by a reliable source that the charges were stayed. At this time that is about all I know. To my knowledge there unfortunately has been nothing in the newspapers.

  11. F.M says:

    Good after noon Sylvia,

    The 11 is the date for my friend::::: in Alexandria.

    My son this not get in touch with me since i tolded him about this

    Yesterday was mothers days no news from him. thats the way i was treat with them

    and this family. I hope my heart will be better with god.

  12. F.M says:

    What will be the answer after the 8 of June in court with rev. Denis Vaillancourt with the accused victim . The Quebec law is not the same as Ontario. In Quebec they take care of them like Pope. Wil see .

  13. F.M says:


    On the daily list of the 8th of June for criminal
    Reference rev. Denis vaillancourt not on the list this time.
    any reason of this situation.
    Not Aleandria and Cornwall list. trial again. nt bad

  14. F.M says:


    Yes is his on the list court June 8th at 9.00am to be spoken to

    on the name as : V.D. and R,D.V. this is my mistake

    Kindly if you have any information about this case, you have my email.
    Thanks Sylvia F.M.

  15. Sylvia says:

    Yes, F.M. that’s him – they are using his initials on the roster.

    Unfortunately, unless there is someone – either media or public – in court to report what happens there will be no way for me to find out until tomorrow afternoon.

  16. F.M says:

    on the July 6 R.V.D, calender, we cannot open ths date , can you

  17. Sylvia says:

    It’s fixed now F.M. Let me know if you have any further trouble.

  18. dick says:

    Here is a thought for everyone reading about the sex abuse scandal. When these priests who have engaged in molesting young children die are they burning in hell like this religion teaches and are their family members having to pay to keep them from burning in hell. But then if you reason on this theory if these are supposed to be men of god here on the earth then when they die they will actually be in heaven not hell but they did bad things so shouldnt they be burning in hell. Quite interesting to reason on this point to expose whether this teaching of hellfire is in fact a fraudulent claim that is done to bring in money and would a religion that is from god deceive people because Jesus said that the dead go back to the ground and not to heaven or hell and why would men of God get to go to heaven even though they molested and destroyed the lives of many children yet the average person who might have committed some sins would be burning in hell. Molesting 41 children would be called a grave sin in gods eyes no doubt. Just some questions to put into perspective of who might be covering up the sins of molesting priests in order to continue to bring in money for the church. Certainly questions from anyone reading who would think about what the scriptures contain and these molesting priests who seem to be getting off lightly for their crimes while they have ruined the lives of many children.

  19. F.M says:

    There Sylvia

    The 3 days of my friend in Cornwall june 13-14-15 as trial again
    we will see what result of the court.

  20. Sylvia says:

    Yes FM – it’s taken a while, but now it’s just around the corner. A week from today actually.

    • F.M says:

      Sylvia let me know the result of the court house for him.
      have you the result of the court house for him june 13-14-15
      i just can get over this situation that he goes at the house of my son with 2 childrens 9 and 14 –

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