Accused: G to L

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This page lists names beginning with letters “”G” to “L” of  Canadian clergy and religious publicly accused, sued and/or charged in relation to allegations of criminal acts of any nature and/or actions which are unbecoming to that person’s station in life.  Click the following links to page with  names beginning with letters” A” to “F”,

names beginning with letters “M” to “Z”


GAGNON: Leon (Father Leon Gagnon)

priest Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick.  Ordained 1928. Allegations of sex bause dating to 1931.  Click here for further info 

GALLIEN:  Arthur (Father Arthur Gallien)

Priest Diocese of Bathurst, Ordained 28 June 1925. Lawsuit filed October 2016 alleging sexual abuse by Father Galien when plaintiff was a parishioner at  Saint-Bernard Parish in Neguac and St. Georges in Covedell.  Click here for further info

GARCIA:  Ernie (Father Ernie Garcia)

Born in Philippines – came to Canada in 1970.  Redemptorist priest.  1995 CONVICTED in Edmonton Alberta of sexually interfering with a 13-year-old altar.  Sentenced by Justice E.A. Hutchinson to 90 days to be served on weekends “in a place not as harsh or brutal as a provincial jail or federal institution.”  Click here for further info

GAUTHIER:  Father Joseph Azaire Edmund Gauthier (Father Azarie Gauthier)

priest with Diocese of Saint Boniface, Manitoba.  Ordained 1953.   1991 CONVICTED Click here for further info

GAUTHIER:  Raoul (Father Raoul Gauthier)

Canadian priest, ordained for the Diocese of Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan.  Ordained 07 May 1933.  Moved to Minnesota in or around 1940. Served as hospital Chaplain in three Minnesota dioceses.  Charged 1979  after admitting he sexually abused a 37-year-old mentally retarded man.  Fled the country and back to Gravelbourg to elude justice.  Died in Gravelbourg in 1995, age 92.  Click here for further info

GAUTREAU: Gerard-A (Father Gerard Gautreau))

priest Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick. Ordained 1947. Identified publicly as a molester by one of the victims who participated in the Bathurst Diocese/Bastarache victim ‘compensation’ process. Click here for further info

GIBLIN:  William (Father William Giblin)

American priest  from New Jersey (Newark Archdiocese).  In  July 2002 he and fellow American priest Father Eugene Heyndricks caught patronizing a homosexual prostitution ring in Montreal.  Requested trial by jury.

GILLISSIE:  Michael (Father Michael Gillissie)

Priest, Archdiocese of Ottawa.  Former teacher.  Late vocation to the priesthood.  Ordained 02 May 1987.  Allegations of sexual abuse dating to March 1991. Click here for further info

GLENDINNING:  Barry (Father Barry Glendinning)

priest Diocese London Ontario.  1974 CONVICTED six counts gross indecency against five boys and one girl over period of six years.  Recycled to Archdiocese of Edmonton Alberta and later admitted sexual abuse and sodomy of altar boys in that archdiocese.  After all this was teaching liturgy summer courses at Ottawa’s University of St. Paul.  Clic k here for further info

GORDON:  George (Father George Gordon)

priest Archdiocese of Vancouver.  Ordained 1951.    1984 appointed chaplain to Sisters of the Child Jesus in North Vancouver.  1992 CONVICTED – three male victims with allegations dating from the 50s.  Diagnosed as a homosexual paedophile.  Experts said that he ceased being a paedophile about 17 years earlier.  Admitted to one of his victims that he had molested other boys but could not recall how many.  Click here for further info

GORMAN:  Joseph (Father Joe Gorman)

Priest, Archdiocese of Toronto.  Ordained 10 May 2008.  January/February 2015 concerns raised by Archdiocese regarding finances and “serious civil and ecclesiastical irregularities” regarding weddings officiated by Father Gorman.  February 2015 asked/told to take time off for “reflection.”  April 2015 Father Gorman announced that he is leaving the priesthood.   Click here for further info

GOUTIER:  Maurice (Father Maurice Goutier omi)

Oblate priest.  Ordained 1956.  1995 GUILTY plea.  Suspended sentence and two-years probation.  Click here for further info.

GRAVEL:  Jean (Father Jean Gravel)

Priest, Archdiocese of Ottawa, Ontario.  Ordained 02 February 1950.  July 2013 – lawsuit launched alleging sex abuse of his nephew – the abuse started when the boy was about 8-years-of-age and continued for 7 years. Click here for further info

GRECCO:  Donald (formerly Father Don Grecco)

ex priest – Diocese of St. Catherine’s, Ontario.  Ordained 1966.  April 2010 GUILTY plea.   Click here for further info click here.   Bio on Grecco brothers

GREER:  Kenneth (Father Kenneth Greer)

priest Archdiocese of Regina Saskatchewan.   Ordained 1960.  August 1999 GUILTY plea to five counts gross indecency related to  five teenage boys – incidents dating between 1967 and 1975.  18 month conditional sentence.  Click here for further info 

GRIMARD:  Rocky Henry Lee (Father Rocky Grimard omi)

Canadian Oblate priest (Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate) .  Late vocation to the priesthood.  RCMP officer for eight-and-a-half years “in Northern Canada”  prior to ordination Ordained 31 May 1991 in Melville, Saskatchewan. Heavily involved in Worldwide Marriage encounter Movement since 2008.  Charged April 2015 in San Antonio Texas after attempting to solicit oral sex from one plainclothes police officer, touching another inappropriately, and exposing himself.  Click here for further info

GROULX:  Peter (Father Peter Groulx)

Priest, Diocese of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Ordained 1969.  Has assisted at parishes in  Florida in recent years.  20 October 2014 charges laid.  Click here for further info

GWYNN:  Robyn Q (Father Robyn Gwyn)

Priest, Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario.  Ordained 1988.  September 2014 charges related to allegations of sex abuse of boy under age 14 in Kingston area dating to 2000.  Click here for further info

HAMILTON:  Paul (Father Paul Hamilton)

priest, Archdiocese of Kingston.  Ordained 1984.  January 2012 lawsuit alleging sexual abuse which commenced when plaintiff was 16 and continued for several years. Click here for further information

HANNA:  Jack (Father Jack Hanna csb)

American Basilian priest who studied at University of St. Michael’s College in Toronto.  Taught at University of St. Thomas in Houston.  Spanish and art history teacher at St. Thomas High School in Houston, Texas.   Around 11  February of 2013 was suspended from teaching at HS and from ministry after allegations of “misconduct.”  The Basilians refuse to divulge further information on the allegations.  Click here for further info

HARPER:  John B. (Father John B. Harper)

priest Dicese of London, Ontario.  Ordained 1958.   1998 CONVICTED and CONVICTED again in 2003 for sexual abuse of  boys at an Aylmer parish and at Regina Mundi College in London.  (was posted to Regina Mundi college after parishioners in Stratford, Ontario reported his sexual abuse of altar boys there to the diocese).  Also said to have taken boys to his parents’ house in Windsor and abused them there.  (re 2003 conviction – guilty plea to charge of indecent assault  – sentenced to three-years probation) Click here for further info

HART:  Brian (Father Brian Hart)

priest in Diocese of Kingston, Ontario.  Ordained 1983. 1992 charged with sex assault of 16-year-old altar boy at st. Michael’s seminary Toronto.  The allegations pre-date Hart’s ordination.   April 1993:  Charges withdrawn.  Click here for further info

HARVEY:  Paul-Andre (Father Paul-Andre Harvey)

priest, Diocese of Chicoutimi, Quebec.  Ordained 1963.  Jan. 2012  charged with sex abuse of three children under age ten between the years 1966 and 1969.  Click here for further info

HEBERT: Rene (Father Rene Hebert)

Priest Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Ordained 1957. Sued 2008. Click here for further info

HENNINGER:  Gilbert (Father Gilbert Henninger)

Priest from the Diocese of Owensboro. Kentucky.  Ordained 1937.  Studied in Ottawa, Ontario 1941-1943.  Multiple substantiated allegations received after his death in 1990.  Click here for further info

HERLIHEY:  Patrick (Father Patrick Herlihey)

Priest Diocese of Peterborough , Ontario.  Ordained 1981. Charged with sexual assault and sexual exploitation of young boy 1984-1988.  When reported to Bishop James Doyle in 1988 the bishop left it up to the family if they wanted to report to police.  Chaplain at Immaculata High School in Ottawa 1986 to 1987. Click here for further info

HEYNDRICKS:  Eugene (Father Eugene Heyndricks)

American priest  from New Jersey (Newark Archdiocese).  In  July 2002 he and fellow American priest Father Giblin caught patronizing a homosexual prostitution ring in Montreal.  Requested trial by jury.

HICKERSON:  Richard Francis (Father Richard Hickerson)

exMarianist priest now deceased.  Ordained around 1960.  Member of Society of Mary (Marianist priest).  Served in Diocese of Prince Albert Saskatchewan.  Taught at Roman Catholic boy’s school in St. Boniface Manitoba.    A violin virtuoso.  In or about late 60s  arrived in Cornwall Ontario – worked for Canada Manpower.   Told one of his victims that he had been kicked out of the priesthood because he sexually abused a boy in Prince Albert.   Into kiddie porn and bestiality.  1998 – committed suicide after sex abuse charges laid against him.     Click here for further information on Father/ Richard Hickerson 

HICKEY:  James (Father James Hickey)

priest Archdiocese St. Johns, Newfoundland.  1988 Charged with 32 counts sex crimes involving boys.  GUILTY plea to 20 of the 32.  Sentenced to five years. Click here for further info

HOLMES:  Donald (Father Donald Holmes)

priest Diocese Sault Ste. Marie.  Ordained 1972.  CONVICTED in 2002 for sexual abuse of 12 girls in the Sudbury area  between 1972 and 1984. Click here for further info

HORWATH:  Leslie (Father Leslie Horwath)

Priest, Diocese of London, Ontario.  Ordained 1960.  Lawsuit filed 2011 alleging sex abuse.  Click here for further info

HOSKINS:  Gary (Father Gary Hoskins)

priest Diocese St. George’s Newfoundland.   Ordained 1982.   1987 CONVICTED sexual assault teenage boy.  Sentenced to three months. Serving in Toronto Archdiocese in 90s.  Click here for further info

HOUSTON:  Martin (Father Martin Houston)

Convicted sex abuse in 1962.  In 1980s attended Oblate novitiate in Arnprior, Ontario.  Asked to leave to leave after three months for “behavioural issues.”  Then moved on to  Nicodemes House in Edmonton, Alberta.  Three months later asked to leave for same reasons. Click here for further info

Ordained Roman Catholic priest 1990 for Archdiocese of Saint Boniface by Bishop Hacault.  In 2002 working in Carmen Manitoba.

HUELS:  John (Father John Huels)

American priest and canon lawyer.  Publicly accused of sexual abuse in 1994 by former priest Michael Bland.   Three years later hired by St. Paul’s U Ottawa to teach canon law.  When the matter became public he said he was considering leaving the priesthood.  June 2010: teaching canon law at St. Paul’s U. Click here for further info

HUGHES:  Paul (Father Paul Hughes)

priest Archdiocese Pretoria, South Africa.  Arrived in Diocese  of Kingston. Ontario in 1969.  August 1995 charged two counts gross indecency and indecent assault.  Failed to show for court – warrant issued for his arrest. Click here for further info

JACOBS:  Philip (Father Phillip Jacobs)

American priest – Diocese of Columbia.  Known molester.  Attended a treatement centre somewhere.  1996  transferred to Diocese of Victoria, British Columbia – Bishop Remi de Roo had full knowledge of his background.  Assigned to a parish – parishioners not apprised that he was a known molester.  Left Victoria in 2002 after word of his background became public knowledge.  Click here for further info

JORDAN:  James Anthony (Father James Anthony Jordan omi)

Oblate priest. Ordained 1972.  2006 serving in Kenya .  While back for visit in 2009 charged 2009 in Ottawa Ontario with one count possession of child pornography.  Click here for further info.

JOVENEAU:  Alexis (Father Alexis Joveneau omi)

Belgian born Oblate priest.  Ordained 1961.  Served in Canada from the 195os to 1992.  Identified as a molester at the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.  Click here for further info

KEELER:  Kenneth (Father Ken Keeler)

diocesan priest in Archdiocese of Ottawa, Ontario.  Ordained 1965.    GUILTY plea to six charges by five teenage boys.  Sentenced 8 months. Represented by lawyer Bill Carroll.  Click here for further info

KEINDEL: Gerald (Tex) (Father Gerald Keindel )

Redemptorist priest.  Ordained 1962.   Diocese Grouard-McLennan. Alberta.   July 1990 charged with sexual and indecent assault.  Click here for further info

KELLY: Leonard Joseph (Father Leonard Kelly)

priest, diocese of  Harbour-Grace, Newfoundland (now Diocese of Grand Falls).  Ordained  05 June 1955.. GUILTY plea 1988 to charges related to sex abuse of tow boys aged 9 and 12.  Suspended sentence appealed – four months jail. Click here for further info

KELLY: Ron (Father Ron Kelly)

priest Diocese of St. George’s Newfoundland.  GUILTY plea to sex offences against five boys in 1979 (10 charges).  SUSPENDED sentence.  Appealed.  Three appeal court judges ruled that Kelly is “no criminal in the common sense of the word.”

Taken into Toronto Archdiocese by Cardinal Archbishop Emmett Carter as Vice Chancellor of Temporal Affairs.  Eventually left the priesthood.  20 July 1997 Ottawa Sun reports Kelly is now a multi-millionaire ($500M real estate empire) .  Kelly told Hughes Commission in Newfoundland that he thought the victims were to blame. Click here for further info

KENNY:  Douglas (Douglas Kenny.)

former Christian Brother.  Former Superintendent at Mount Cashel orphanage in St. John’s Newfoundland.  Charged April 1989.  Convicted 1992. . Click here for further info

KIFFMAN:  Robert Michael (Father Robert Michael Kiffman)

priest Diocese  of Hamilton, Ontario.  Ordained 1969.  (Spent a number of years as a priest in the military.) 1991 ACQUITTED.  Click here for further info. 

KILLORAN: Victor(Father Victor Killoran C. R.)

Priest with Resurrectionists Fathers. Ordained 1947. CONVICTED 1990. Sued 2008. Clicke here for further info

KLUTSEY:  Hope (FAther Hope Klutsey SMA)

Priest.  Ordained 08 August 1998.   Member of the Society of African Missions (SMA) a missionary organization.  Was  serving in the Diocese of Ndola, Zambia prior to arriving Ottawa Illinois around August 2013 to fill in for a fellow member of the Society of African Missions.  Arrived in Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan, December 2013.  Left unexpectedly  and with explantion or farewell in 2017  Click here fore further info

KNEALE:  James (Father James Kneale)

priest Archdiocese of St. Catharine’s, Ontario.  GUILTY plea around late 80s .  (Initial plea of not guilty.)   Later taken  in by Bishop Fred Henry and assigned parish in Archdiocese of Calgary, Alberta.   Parishioners were furious when they later found out that Kneale was a convicted molester.  Click here for further info

KNIGHT:  John S. (Bishop John Knight)

auxiliary Bishop Archdiocse of Toronto, Ontario 1992-2001.  Ordained 02 June 1967.  Consecrated 23 June 1993. Retired at age 58 after news of “sexual improprieties slipped out.   Prior to his installation as auxiliary Bishop of Toronto was a priest in the Diocese of St. Catharine’s, Ontario. Click here for further info

KOKESCH:  William (Deacon William Kokesch)

Deacon, Archdiocese of Montreal.  Former Director of Communications for CCCB (English Sector).  Heavily involved in various World Youth Days around the world.  December 2012 charged with possession, production and distribution of child pornography.  Click here for further info

LABELLE:  Rene (Father Rene Labelle)

Priest Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario.  Ordained 1978.  Click here for further info

LACHANCE:  Paul-Henri (Father Paul-Henri Lachance)

priest Archdiocese of Quebec City, Quebec.  Ordained 1956.  GUILTY plea to charges related to sexual abuse of seven-year-old girl in 1981.  Sentenced to 18 months in jail. Click here for further info

LAHEY:  Raymond (BISHOP Raymond Lahey )

ordained to the presthood for Diocese of St, John’s Newfoundland 1963.  Former Bishop of St. Geroge Newfoundland and Antigonish, Nova Scota.  Child porn charges laid 1999. 1999  Click here for further information

LAISNEZ:  Albert (Father Albert Laisnez)

priest Archdiocese of Edmonton, Alberta.  Ordained 1962.   A number of trips to Southdown re ‘misconduct’ with adult parishioners spanning 20 years in four parishes. Click here for further info

LAMBERT:  Gerard (Father Gerard Lambert)

Priest, Diocese of Mont Laurier, Quebec.  Ordained 10 June 1967.   1994 charged.  Died before standing trial.  Click here for further info

LAMBERT:  Jean Louis (Father Jean Lambert omi)

Oblate priest .  Ordained 20 June 1939.  Served in the native Indian missions in various locations in Canada.  Lawsuits 2012 by six men alleging sex abuse by Father Lambert near Fort Frances, Ontario  in the 60s .  Click here for further info

LAMBERT:  Lawrence (Brother Lawrence Lambert fic)

Canadian-born Religious Brother with the Christian Brothers of Christian Instruction (also known as La Mennais Brothers or Mennaisians. )  31 January 2014 the Principal at St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo, Japan sent letter to parents advising allegations of sex abuse dating to 1965.  Click here for further info

LAMPRON:  Gustave (Father Gustave Lambert)

Priest, Diocese of Hearst, Ontario.  Ordained 01 July 1935.   Lawsuit alleging abuse of young boy in mid 1960s.  Click here for further info

LANG: Joseph (Father Joseph Lang)

American priest accused of sex abuse in USA sent to British Columbia  in 1988. In 2000 serving in Northern BC  Diocese of Prince George (Terrace, Dawson Creek and Prince George).  Abruptly left when media began to focus on clerical sexual abuse. Click here for further info

LANGEVIN:  Xiste (Father Xiste Langevin CSsR)

Redemptorist priest.  Ordained 23 June 1946.  Named in a class action lawsuit filed against a number of Redemptorist priests affiliated with the Redemptorists of the Province of  Ste. Anne de Beaupry, Quebec.  Click here for further info

LANOIE:  Roland (Father Roland Lanoie)

Priest, Archdiocese of St. Boniface, Manitoba. Ordained 1982.  October 2018 charges laid related to allegations of sex abuse of student at St. Boniface Minor Seminary between 1982 and 1988.  Click here for further info

LAPIERRE: Hollis (Father Hollis Lapierre)

Priest Diocese Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario.  Ordained 1949.  Click here for further info

LAPIERRE:  Paul (Father Paul Lapierre)

priest Diocese Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario.  Ordained 29 March 1959.  Relocated to Archdiocese of Montreal in summer 1968 but retained his incardination in Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.  ACQUITTED on charges of sex abuse of boys in Cornwall trial. (Click here fro account of acquittal.) CONVICTED on charges of sex abuse of young boy in Montreal Quebec trial.  Brief time in jail.  Click here for further info

LAROCQUE:  Bishop Eugene Larocque

Bishop Emeiritus Diocese Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario (1974-2002).  Ordained 07 June 1972 for Diocese of London, Ontario. 15 September 1974 installed as Bishop of Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario. Sex abuse allegations investigated by OPP Project Truth probe.  No charges laid. Click here for further info

LARRE:  Lucien (Father Lucien Larre)

priest Archdiocese of Regina Saskatchewan.  Ordained 1958 as an Oblate priest.  At some point became incardinated in the Archdiocese of Regina.  Founder of  Bosco Homes for troubled youth.  ACQUITTED charges of sex abuse 1992.  CONVICTED charges of physical abuse. Sentenced to one day in jail- judge ruled that time spent in court could serve as that one day, therefore, – not time in jail.  Has a doctorate in Psychology.  In 2007 was stripped of his license in Psychology (he has a doctorate) by the College of Psychologists of British Columbia.  Click here for further info

LASIK:  Brother Ronald J. Lasik

Christian Brother.  American.  CONVICTED in 1999 for sex abuse of boys at Mount Cashel Orphanage, St. John’s. Newfoundland. Click here for further info

LAVOIE:  Arthur (Father Arthur Lavoie)

Oblate priest.  Ordained 1932. Died 1991.  Referenced  in court documents as a “serial sexual abuser of children”.  Click here for further info

LAVOIE:  Rayond-Marie (Father Raymond-Marie Lavoie)

Redemptorist priest (CssR).  Ordained 1967)  Taught at Seminaire Sainte-Alphonse, a private Cathoic school in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre, just outside Quebec City.   December 2009 charged with nine counts of sexual assault against four boys who were boarders at the school in the 1980s.   May 2010 charged with three new counts of sexual assault against two boys at the school in the 70s.  The total number of alleged victims is now 11.  All were between the ages of 12 and fifteen when the alleged molestations transpired.  Click here for further info 

LAWLOR:  J.E. (Father Joseph Edward Lawlor)

Priest, Archdiocese of Toronto.  Ordained 08 June 1946.  2010 lawsuit launched alleging sexual abuse of nine-year-old altar boy.  Click here for further info.

LEBEL:  Raymond (Father Raymond Lebel)

priest Diocese of Chicoutimi, Quebec.  Ordained 1960.  1992 CONVICTED gross indecency and sexual touching. Two victims age 17.  One victim age 13. 18 mos sentence.  Click here for further info

LEBLANC:  Adolphe (Father Adolphe LeBlanc)

priest, deceased – Dioceses Halifax and Yarmouth Nova Scotia. Ordained 1924.  Click here for further info

LEBLANC: Father Albert Leblanc

priest, Diocese of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  Ordained 1955. Left the priesthood in 1975.  Charged January 2011. Click here for further info

LEBLANC:  Brother Olivain Leblanc

Brother with the Congregation of the Holy Cross.  In 2012 charges laid in relation to allegations of sex abuse dating to 1966-1980.   Click here for further info

LEBLANC:  Father Rheal LeBlanc scs

Holy Cross Father.  Ordained 1963.  Former Principal.  Served in schools in Diocese of St. Catharine’s, Ontario. December 2011 arrested at Holy Cross residence in Welland, Ontario – charged with possession of child pornography.  Click here for further info

LECLAIR:  Joe (Father Joe LeClair)

priest, Archdiocese of Ottawa.  2011 admitted to gambling problem after media article raised questions about Father LeClair’s gambling and finances at Blessed Sacrament Church in Ottawa.   September 2011 after diocesan audit of parish police called in to conduct a probe on financial irregularities at Blessed Sacrament Church.  Click here for further info 


LEE: Bernard (Father Bernard Lee)

Priest Archdiocese of Toronto.  Ordained 1983.  Some sort of ruckus at St. Sosa Lee parish in Toronto.  Police called.  Allegations of financial and sexual improprieties investigated.  No charges laid.  Transferred to Diocese of London, Ontario. Click here for further info

LEFEBVRE: Francois (Father Francois Lefebvre)

priest Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.  Ordained 1934.  Died 1978.  Sex abuse lawsuit settled out of court.   Click here for further info.

LEFEBVRE: Jean-Claude (Father Jean-Claude Lefebvre)

priest Diocese of Sault Ste marie Ontario. Late vocation. Widow. Ordained 2001. Charged 2010 with offences related to allegations pre-ordination. Click here for further info.

LEGAULT:  Henri (Father Henri Legault)

Viatorian priest.  Taught at Cornwall Ontario’s now defunct Classical College.  Lawsuit alleging sex abuse by Legault settled out of court.

LEGER:  Camille (Father Camille Leger)

priest Diocese of Moncton, New Brunswick.  Ordained 1939.  Allegations of sex abuse of multiple children in Cap-Pele, New Brunswick between 1957 and 1980.  Click here for further info.

LEGER:  Ronald (Father Ronald Leger csv)

Viatorian priest.  Ordained 1965.  Studied and taught at Cornwall Classical College.  High school teacher and founder of youth droo-in centre in Winnipeg Manitoba.  Charged January 2015.  Charges relate to his years serving in Manitoba. Click here for further info

LESSARD:  Benoit (Brother Benoit Lessard)

Canadian religious brother with the Brothers of Christian Instruction.  Taught at St. Mary’s International School in Japan from 1961 through the 70s. Click here for further info


LEVASSEUR:  Almer (Father Almer Levasseur)

priest, Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick.  Ordained 1962. Oct. 1998 GUILTY possession of child pornography –   $1,000 fine plus banned from surfing the internet for three years  Click here for further info


LIMA-ESTEVES:  Luis (Father Luis Lima-Esteves)

priest, Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario.  Ordained 1963.  1990 acquitted of charges of fraud and of physical assault of young boy. 1992 killed while crossing the road.  Click here for further info

LUGTU:  Lloyd ( Father Lloyd Lugtu)

Filipino priest.  Ordained 1999.  Arrived in Diocese of Grand Falls, Newfoundland Canada around 2010.  July or August 2014 suspended and under investigation by RCMP.  The allegations are allegedly those of sexual assault.  Click here for further info

LUM: William (Father William Lum)

priest Diocese of Rochester, NY.   GUILTY plea in 1997 to sex abuse charges.  Studying at St. Paul University in or about 2002.  After word of cover-up emerged in Rochester Diocese was asked to  resign by Bishop Clark.  Click here for further info

LUSSIER:  Lucien (Father Lucien Lussier)

priest Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall Ontario.  Ordained 1955.  Fall 2007 and early 2008 charged with sex offences related to abuse of young boys.  Trial date pending?  – unknown at this time.  Click here for further info

LYONS:  John (Father John Lyons)

Peruvian priest “visiting”/serving  in Archdiocese of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Lawsuit filed by Steven Austin re allegations sex abuse 1984-1985 when Austin was a 13-year-old altar boy – settled.  A Father Robert Cashin alleges he told Archbishop James Hayes in 1981 about abuse he suffered at hands of Lyons but Hayes refused to deal with it. Cashin left the priesthood for six years.

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  1. Sue Enberg says:

    Hi Sylvia:

    It would be good if you could look into Fr. Arthur Lavoie of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. He assaulted many indigenous children at St. Anne’s Residential School in Fort Albany, Ontario. Also Father/Bishop LeGuerrier and Bishop Belleau, same location.

    Many documents can be found on the CanLii website if you type in St. Anne’s.

    Thanks for all of your great work! Sue

  2. Leona Hafiz says:

    Please tell me the name of the Brother who looked after the Catholic Museum In Churchill Manitoba in 1972 – 1976

  3. Donna says:

    Fr. Paul Finn was recently removed from parishes in Marysville, Read & Deseronto. Do you know anything about him. It is all very hush, hush.

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