Brothers of Christian Instruction (Mennasians)

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Brothers of Christian Instruction (Mennasians)

St. Mary’s International School

The Brothers of Christian Instruction is a religious order of Brothers founded by Jean-Marie de la Mennais and Gabriel Deshayes.  The brothers are also known as La Mennais Brothers or Mennasians.

St. Mary’s International School (SMIS)

St Mary’s International School, founded by the Christian Brothers of Instruction in 1954, is an all boys school in Tokyo Japan.   The Brothers are also known as the Mennasian Brothers.  The school was operated and staffed by the Japan district of the Brothers in Canada.  According to its website, St. Mary’s now has close to 1,000 boys from approximately 60 different countries attending classes ranging from Kindergarten (“pre-first grade” ) to high school (four-year college preparatory curriculum.  The Canadian Brothers now form the Province Jean de La Mennais.  Japan and the Philippines  is a Vice Province  – part of the Canadian Province.


22 July 2016:  BLOG   SMIS class action lawsuit


There are now allegations that five brothers sexually abused boys at SMIS:

(1) Brother Lawrence Lambert fic(Guy Lambert);

(2) Brother John Paradis fic(Brother Paul-Emile Paradis or Brother Paul Paradis);

(3) Brother Benoit Lessard fic (Brother Daniel Lessard).  Brother Lessard died in 1980;

(4)   Brother Marcel Villemure fic (Brother Claude Villemure) and

(5)  Brother Alban Cyr fic

There are allegations related to two laymen who taught at St. Mary’s International School

(1) Selas   Frank Selas

GUILTY plea January 2018 (to charges in USA)

11 April 2018: Sweet deal for “Mr. Wonder”

25 January 2018:  BLOG  “Mr. Wonder will now have to register as sex offender” & related articles and VIDEO

28 January 2016:  Frank Selas’ attorney: “You’ve got the wrong guy”

26 January 2016:  “Former TV Personality ‘Mr. Wonder’ Arrested After Nearly 4 Decades on Child Sex Abuse” & related articles

January 2016:   The Odyssey of Mr Wonder (by Ken Booth)

(2) Andrews  Donald Andrews


Apologies re Brother Lawrence Lambert fic sex abuse

21 January 2014:  Apology by Brother Michel Jutras fic signed by Brother Raymond Ducharme fic

21 January 2014:  Brother Lawrence Lambert fic apology to his victim (one of two)

21 January 2014:  Brother Lawrence Lambert fic apology to his victim (one of two) 

21 January 2014:   Apology by Brother Raymond  Ducharme fic as VP to Brother Lawrence victim



Members of the SMIS panel of “experts”

19 August 2015: BLOG Rife with secrecy and conflict of interest

18 March 2015:  Saburo Kagei’s third letter to SMIS community re inquiry and panel

19 November 2014:  BLOG Making the problem go away (comments on Saburo Kagei letter)

18 November 2014:  Saburo Kagei second letter re appointment of panel of experts for inquiry into allegations of abuse (TEXT file)

18 November 2014:  Saburo Kagei second letter re appointment of panel of experts for inquiry into allegations of abuse (original pdf file)

04 October 2014:   Kagei first letter to parents and alumni re contact by victims and talk of some sort of inquiry


Letters & Documents of Interest

Agreement (First draft) with Brother Lawrence victim and Brothers of Christian Instruction Japan-Philippines (blog commentary attached)

11 September 2014:   Kagei letter Alumni Letter acknowledging he knew of Brother Lawrence apology January 2014 and victim came forward May 2013

2014 :  Statement re abuse by Brothers Marcel Villeneuve fic & Lawrence Lambert fic

23 December 2013:  Brother Raymond Ducharme email  explaining  bumps in life balls of both victim and Brother Lawrence, and that there is a “potential abuser” in everyone.” (Accused/Accused G-L/Lawrence:  Brother Lawrence Lambert fic)

11 December 2013:  “RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES”  Brothers of Christian Instruction  Declaration to send money to To Australia to finance victim’s trip to meet with brothers in Tokyo (filed to comply with tax law)

10 November 2013:

Trouble at the Embassy (Statement signed by victim’s mother recalling events which transpired after son was sodomised by Brother Lawrence)

Trouble at the Embassy (text version of above with pseudonyms rather than redactions for  many of the names)

24 October 2013:  Brother Raymond Ducharme asks victim to send copy for fees for trip and references Brother John Paradis apology


Media & BLOGS

20 April 2016:  “Japan Catholic school sex-abuse victims demand to be heard” & related articles

30 March 2016:  Evidence mounts of missed red flags in case of former Tokyo teacher facing U.S. child rape charges

19 August 2015: BLOG Rife with secrecy and conflict of interest

16 August 2015:  Australian diplomat’s son in Tokyo St Mary’s child sexual abuse story

06 My 2015:  BLOG Trouble at the Embassy

04 May 2015:  BLOG An exercise in futility

02 May 2015:  BLOG Bumps on balls

30 April 2015:  BLOG  “Religious Activities”

29 April 2015:  BLOG Gang raped by two brothers

29 April 2015:  A child rape at St. Mary’s school in Tokyo, then a 50-year wait for closure

15 April 2015:  BLOG “Done once

25 November 2014:  BLOG Why a forensic psychiatrist?

24 November 2014:  BLOG  Are children and victims first and foremost?

21 November 2014:  BLOG  Does he have the best interests of victims in mind?

19 November 2014:  BLOG Making the problem go away

27 October 2014:  Former St. Mary’s teachers faced child sex abuse charges in U.S.

27 October 2014:  St. Mary’s school in Tokyo to investigate child sex abuse after teacher’s rape confession

06 October 2014:  BLOG SMIS sex abuse scandal

01 September 2014:  St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo rocked by sexual abuse claims

15 August 2014:  BLOG  “Chilling”



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