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15 October 2019:  “George Pell’s lawyers accuse prosecutors of ‘mischaracterising’ cardinal’s appeal” & relates article

17 September 2019:  Cardinal George Pell to appeal to high court over child sexual abuse conviction

22 August 2019:  “Melbourne archbishop says George Pell innocent and questions if victim mistaken” & related articles

15 August 2019:  “George Pell’s appeal against his child sex abuse convictions will be decided by a court next week” & related article

15 June 2019:  “More charges of inappropriate touching aimed at Vatican envoy to France” & related articles

11 June 2019:  “Sexual assault: Nuncio Ventura accused in Paris and invited to the Vatican” & original French text

10 April 2010:  Full text of Benedict XVI: ‘The Church and the scandal of sexual abuse’

04 April 2019:  CDF upholds guilty verdict of Guam archbishop for abuse of minors” & related article

29 March 2019:  Pope Francis issues new legislation for protection of minors” & related articles and audio

15 March 2019:  “Fr. Raymond J. de Souza: Basilians must search for a ‘priestly’ response” & related articles

15 March 2019:  Vatican diplomat accused of corruption and ‘romantic’ relationship while at UN

28 February 2019:  Quebecer complains of sexual misconduct against former Vatican ambassador to Canada” & original French text

27 February 2019:  “Vatican embassy confirms sexual misconduct complaint against Canada’s former nuncio” & related article

13 March 2019:  “Reasons for Sentence” (Cardinal Pell conviction)

12 March 2019:  “Cardinal George Pell sentenced to six years jail” & related articles

12 March 2019:  ‘I want him to rot in jail’: Pell victim’s father speaks on eve of sentencing

06 March 2019:   “Cardinal Pell’s Appeal Process to Begin in June” & related articles

28 February 2019:  The Kid and The Choirboy – the harrowing story of George Pell’s victims

27 February 2019:  “Fr Frank Brennan SJ: The Pell Verdict” & related articles

27 February 2019:  “George Pell remanded in custody after bail revoked at court hearing for child sex offences” & related article

26 February 2019:  Inside George Pell’s trial: The victim’s words, the lawyers’ arguments

26 February 2019:  George Pell: Cardinal found guilty of sexual offences in Australia” & related article

25 February 2019:  “Archbishop of Brisbane under investigation over alleged response to child abuse information” related article & text of his homily at closing Mass at Vatican Summit

25 February 2019:  Rosica resigns from college board after plagiarism apology; Jesuits withdraw award

25 February 2019:  “‘Shame, loneliness, depression’: George Pell’s victim releases statement” & related article

25 February 2019:  “George Pell guilty of sexually abusing choirboys” & related article

24 February 2019:  Pope Francis address after closing Mass at Vatican Summit

23 February 2019:  “Vatican abuse summit: Cardinal says files were destroyed” & related articles

23 February 2019:  “‘Why did we keep silent for so long?’: Nun condemns Catholic church over clerical abuse – video” & related article

23 February 2019:   Reinhard Cardinal Marx “Transparency as a Community of Believers”

23 February 2019:  Vatican sex abuse summit organizer unsure if accused priests still active

21 February 2019:  Vatican Summit H. E. Msgr Charles Jude Scicluna “The Protection of Minors: Taking Responsibility for Processing Cases of Sexual Abuse Crisis and For Prevention of Abuse

21 February 2019:  Vatican Summit ” Introduction of His Holiness Pope Francis”

21 February 2019: Vatican Summit Reflection Points  (In his opening statement The Holy Father referred the Bishops to these)

20 February 2019:  Pope Francis decries critics of church as ‘friends of the devil’

18 February 2019:  “2nd complaint filed agst France nuncio” & related article

18 February 2019:  Silence, denial are unacceptable, archbishop says leading up to Vatican summit

18 February 2019:  New book confirms Viganò‘s report that Pope Francis knew about McCarrick abuse

16 February 2019:  “McCarrick laicized by Pope Francis” & related articles

15 February 2019:  Analysis: As abuse summit looms, Farrell appointed and McCarrick case lingers

11 February 2019:  NY archdiocese responds to Cardinal Spellman groping allegation

02 October 2018:  “Vatican’s handling of sexual misconduct complaints about ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick reveals a lot about the Catholic Church” & related articles

31 July 2018:  Pope Francis accepts resignation of Archbishop Philip Wilson

31 July 2018:  “US Vatican cardinal: “Not once did I even suspect” McCarrick” & related articles

24 June 2018:  Former Vatican diplomat wanted in Windsor for child pornography gets five years

23 June 2018:  “Vatican court jails ex-diplomat Italian priest Carlo Alberto Capella for child porn” & related articles

01 June 2018:  “Pope sends abuse investigators back to Chile, ‘ashamed’ church didn’t listen” & related articles

23 May 2018:  “Pope Francis Will Receive 5 Priests Who Were Victims of Abuse in Chile” & related article

21 May 2018:  Pope Francis said ‘that you are gay does not matter’, abuse survivor claims

18 May 2018:   “Chilean bishops implore forgiveness for sex abuse scandal and offer to resign” & related articles

18 May 2018:  “Chile’s bishops resign en masse over sex abuse cover-up” & related articles

15 May 2018:  Pope gives Chile bishops something to pray on for abuse summit

14 May 2018:   “Prosecutors Seek Complete Ban On Media Reporting Of Cardinal George Pell Trial” & related article

02 May 2018:  “Pope to Chile abuse victims: ‘I was part of the problem'” & related article

01 May 2018:  “Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell faces historical sexual offences trial” & related article

30 April 2018:  Pope receives victims of Chilean paedophile priest

11 April 2018:  “Pope begs for forgiveness as he admits making ‘grave errors’ in defending a Chilean bishop accused of ignoring child abuse” & related articles and VIDEO

14 March 2018:  “George Pell: Father of alleged victim speaks in first open court session” & related articles

09 March 2018:  “Cardinal George Pell’s first week in court ends behind closed doors” & related article

07 March 2018:  Cardinal George Pell returned to court for the third day of evidence from people accusing him of multiple historical sex offences.

05 March 2018:  Male escort’s 1,200-page dossier outing gay priests sent to Vatican

01 March 2018:  “Pope and cardinals consider regional tribunals for abuse cases” & related articles

21 February 2018:  “Vatican sex abuse investigator hospitalized in Chile” & related articles

20 February 2018:  Vatican judge takes plea bargain on molestation, child pornography charges

18 February 2018:  “Pope Francis revives sex abuse commission amid criticism of Vatican support for Chilean bishop” & related articles

17 February 2018:  “Cardinal George Pell’s barrister: loud, socially progressive and an avowed atheist” & related articles

16 February 2018:  Court likely to withdraw charge of key accuser in Cardinal Pell abuse case

05 February 2018:  “Pope’s advisers say he got abuse victim’s letter, despite denial” & related article

31 January 2018:   Pope Francis Letter to Chilean Bishops

22 January 2018: “Contrite pope apologises for sexual abuse comments that ‘wounded many'” & related article

17 January 2018:  “Why this Chilean abuse survivor refuses to accept Pope Francis’ apology” & related articles

21 December 2017:  Pope Francis presides over the final rites of Cardinal Law’s funeral Mass” & related articles

07 October 2017:  “50 witnesses to be called in Cardinal George Pell hearing” & related articles

21 September 2017  “Pope candidly admits Church ‘arrived late’ in confronting abuse” & related article

15 September 2017:  “Holy See recalls priest from Nunciature in Washington” & related articles

11 June 2017:  Cardinal Pell hires ‘Rolls Royce’ silk and Art of War aficionado to defend alleged sex abuse charges

29 June 2017:  Cardinal George Pell’s legal bills won’t be paid by Sydney Archdiocese, Archbishop says

10 July 2017:    “Cardinal Pell back in Australia to face abuse charges” & related article

06 July 2017: “Vatican police ‘break up drug-fuelled gay orgy at home of secretary of one of Pope Francis’s key advisers’” & related article

24 May 2017:  “Abuse victims are ‘spiteful’ boys who were rejected by priests, claims Vatican envoy” & related article

18 May 2017:  “‘Even churchmen have a right to a fair go’: Top cleric backs Cardinal George Pell” & related article

17 May 2017:  “Call to charge Pell rests with police ” & related articles

13 May 2017:  Pope has 2000 clerical sex abuse cases to handle

13 May 2017:  “Cardinal George Pell accused of sexually abusing two choirboys, book claims” & related articles

01 March 2017:  “Lone survivor on Vatican abuse commission resigns in frustration” & related articles

26 February 2017:  “Pope Francis reversed decisions to kick paedophiles out of the priesthood” & related articles

16 February 2017:  “‘I humbly ask for forgiveness,’ pontiff tells victims of clergy sex abuse” & related articles

20 May 2016:  “Prominent French priest and Vatican adviser accused in sex scandal” & related articles

16 February 2017:  “‘I humbly ask for forgiveness,’ pontiff tells victims of clergy sex abuse” & related articles

16 January 2017:  “Concerned Catholics questions priest’s canon law studies” & related article

02 January 2017:  “No Mercy for Sex Abuse Victims” & related articles

02 January 2017:  Pope urges Bishops to protect lives of children

29 October 2016:  “Connecticut suit accuses another Legion of Christ priest of sex abuse” & related articles

01 November 2016:  “Cardinal Pell says he won’t yet respond to criticism of his evidence on paedophile priest” & related articles

25 October 2016;  Cardinal George Pell interviewed by Australian police in Rome over sexual abuse claims

10 August 2016:  “Abuse victims wounded by bishops’ defensive posture, says papal commission member” & related article

11 July 2016:  “Cardinal Pell’s role at Vatican reduced after Pope approves decree” & related articles

04 June 2016:  “Pope issues motu proprio on removal of Bishops” & related article

11 February 2016: “ Indian bishop lifts convicted priest’s suspension“ & related article

28 August 2015:  Vatican says ex-envoy, charged with sexual abuse, has died

20 July 2015:  “Illness Forces Postponement of Former Nuncio’s Criminal Sexual-Abuse Trial” & related articles

15 June 2015:  “Archbishop Nienstedt resigns following archdiocese coverup charges” & related article

10 June 2015:  “Pope approves ‘abuse of office’ proposals for bishops in sex abuse cases” & related articles

01 June 2015:  Vatican finance chief George Pell summoned to Australia child abuse inquiry

21 April 2015:  ” Pope accepts resignation of Bishop Finn” & related articles

16 April 2015:  “Vatican plans to move on sexual abuse responsibility” & related articles

13 April 2o15:  “Papal sex abuse commission members meet over Chilean bishop” & related articles

09 March 2015:  “Pope Francis meets with Chilean leaders amid sex abuse controversy” & related articles

08 February 2015:  “New Vatican commission seeks ‘firm action’ against bishops ignoring abuse guidelines” & related articles

02 February 2015:  Pope Francis letter re Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors

12 November 2014:  “Accuser angered over Vatican exonerating monsignor” & related articles

25 October 2014:  “The playboy priests of Albenga on the Italian Riviera” & related article

02 September 2014:  Dominican Republic weighs arguments against Wesolowski

26 August 2014:  “Polish archbishop appeals defrocking for sexual abuse” & related article

05 August 2014:  “Paraguay diocese says accused priest came with Ratzinger OK” & realted articles

30 July 2014:  “Vatican Taking Action In Divisive Paraguay Diocese Where Top Priest Was Removed” & related articles

24 July 2014:  Vatican revising canon law on abuse penalties, cardinal says

07 July 2014:  “Pope Francis seeks forgiveness in church sex abuse scandal” & related article

27 June 2014:  “Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski defrocked by Vatican for sexually abusing boy” & related article

27 May 2014:  Pope compares child abuse by Catholic priests to ‘satanic mass'” & related article

24 May 2014:  UN panel slams Vatican on priest sex-abuse scandal

05 May 2014:  “Vatican tries to draw line under clerical sex abuse scandals at UN hearing” & related articles

03 May 2014:  Vatican advisory to develop clear and effective protocols on sexual abuse” & related article

11 April 2014: “Pope Francis asks forgiveness for priest sex abuse” & related article

22 March 2014:  Pope Francis names first members of child sex abuse commission

05 March 2014:  Pope hits out at criticism of Church over sexual abuse

18 January 2014:  “Priest faces charges over Dominican Republic child abuse” & related articles

12 February 2014:  “PhotoShop your troubles away” & related article

11 February 2014:  Vatican envoy, Dominican prosecutor discuss charges against former apostolic nuncio

07 February 2014:  Vatican investigates Chilean bishop for sex abuse

31 January 2014:  UN Committee on the Rights of the Child re Vatican compliance with Convention on the Rights of the Child

05 February 2014:  Updated:  Vatican policies allowed priests to rape children, UN report says

18 January 2014:  “Pope will be tough on paedophile priests, says sex abuse crisis authority“ & related articles

10 January 2013:  Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski’s Extradition Declined: Former Papal Nuncio Accused Of Sex Abuse Remains In Vatican

 06 January 2014:  “Will the Vatican comply with UN investigation into child abuse?” & related article

06 December 2014:  “Pope Francis to establish child protection commission in Vatican” & related articles

25 November 2013:  Vatican abuse prosecutor says Rome ‘well aware’ of accountability problem

19 November 2013:  Prosecutor in Dominican Republic concludes former nuncio abused 5 boys

04 October 2013:  Apostolic nuncio moved from his post

24 September 2013:  Ex-Pope Benedict denies abuse cover-up

13 September 2013:  “Vatican will hand over former nuncio accused of abuse” & related articles

04 September 2013:  Vatican Abruptly Ousts Dominican Republic Envoy


28 June 2013:  Vatican Official Arrested in Fraud Plot

27 June 2013:  Vatican Rentboy and Satanism Claims Revealed by Paedophile Priest 

26 June 2013:  Italian prosecutors investigating reports of clerical pedophile ring in Rome

21 March 2013: “Pope Francis: U.S. was ‘stupid’ for shuffling around pedophile priests instead of firing them” & related articles

05 April 2013: “Pope Francis is close to victims of abuse” & related article

Pope Francis (VIDEO clips)

15 March 2013: Pope urges Church leaders to shun ‘devil’s temptations’ (with VIDEO)

12 March 2013: Black smoke signals no pope elected at first conclave vote

08 March 2013:  Papal conclave: who will be the next pope? (with VIDEO)

07 March 2013:  “Cardinals Go Silent as Vatican Debate on Conclave Heats Up” & related article

05 March 2013: Differing accounts of Cdn cardinal’s role in Vatican scandal

01 March 2013: “Cardinals to meet Monday to prepare conclave” & related articles

22 February 2013: “Pope pushed by ‘VatiLeaks’, says paper”  & related articles (RC Scandal/Vatican)

21 February 2013: “Pope’s decision ‘partly prompted’ by claims over influence of gay lobby” & related articles

11 February 2013: Papal Prophecy of St. Malachy Says There Will be Just One More Pope After Benedict

11 February 2013:  Full text of Pope Benedict XVI’s declaration

27 October 2012: Vatican says it cannot posthumously remove Jimmy Savile’s papal honour; condemns sexual abuse

23 October 2012: “Vatican court: Butler’s theft harmed pope, church” & related articles

15 October 2012: Head of Catholic Church in Ireland Brady to be replaced by Vatican in wake of abuse scandal

03 October 2012: “Pope’s ex-butler Gabriele ‘kept top secret papers'” & related articles

28 September 2012: Vatican embarrassment as Pope’s butler goes on trial

13 August 2012: Papal assistant indicted on theft charges in Vatileaks scandal

13 August 2012: VIDEO: Butler to be tried in “Vatileaks” case ( – 13 August 2012)

13 August 2012: “Vatileaks: Pope’s butler and ‘accomplice’ to stand trial ” & related articles

02 July 2012: Pope taps German theologian to head orthodoxy post

25 June 2012:  Vatican hires Fox News reporter as communications adviser

25 June 2012: Pope seeks advice from top cardinals on credibility crisis

17 June 2012:  Pope Benedict XVI 17 June 2012 message to the International Eucharistic Congress in Ireland

17 June 2012:  Video statement may spark new anger among Irish Catholics

03 June 2012: No respite for pope as more documents leaked

30 May 2012: “Pope breaks silence over ‘Vatileaks’ scandal” & “The Pope’s Butler Silenced in VatiLeaks Investigation”

29 May 2012: Coverage re Vatileaks

25 May 2012: “Pope’s butler arrested in leaks investigation” and other related articles

24 May 2012: Priest claims schoolgirl Emanuela Orlandi was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties

14 May 2012:  Bones found in crypt as Italian mobster’s body exhumed from Vatican in search for missing teen

20 March 2012: Summary of the Findings of the Apostolic Visitation in Ireland

19 February 2012:  Vatican faces €720m property tax bill

13 February 2012:  US lawsuit claiming that the Pope covered up abuse is withdrawn

12 February 2012: With Vatican’s Backing, Catholics Address Sex Abuse

09 February 2012: Cardinal Reinhard Marx presentation at Vatican Sex Abuse Symposium “Church, Abuse and Pastoral Leadership

09 February 2012:  Prof Dr Jorh Fegert Prof Dr Hubert Liebhardt presentation at Vatican Abuse Symposium:  “The Centre of Child Protection 09 February 2012”

09 February 2012: Theology Team presentation at Vatican Sex Abuse Symposium: “Moral Theology Reflections on the Reality”

09 February 2012: Archbishop of Manila presentation at Vatican Sex Abuse Symposium Archbishop of Manila: “Clergy Sexual Misconduct Some Reflections from Asia”

08 February 2012: Father Edenio Valle presentation at Vatican Sex Abuse Symposium: “Religion Society and Culture in Dialogue

08 February 2012:  Mr Michael J Bemi and Mrs Patricia Neal presentation at Vatican Sex Abuse Symposium February 2012

07 February 2012: Cardinal William Levada presentation at the Vatican Sex Abuse Symposium: “The Sexual Abuse of Minors A Mulit faceted Response to the Challenge”

07 February 2012:   Father Desmond Nair presentation at Vatican Sex Abuse Symposium:  “Best Practices in Prevention of Sexual Abuse within the Church of South Africa”

07 February 2012:  Monsignor Rosetti speech at Vatican Sex Abuse Symposium

08 February 2012:  Monsignor Scicluna speech at Vatican Sex Abuse Symposium: “The Quest for Truth in the Sexual Abuse Cases: A Moral and Legal Duty”

08 February 2012: Cardinal Ouellet Homily for the Penitential Vigil on the occasion of the Symposium

February 2012: Benefactors for Vatican sex abuse Symposium February 2012

February 2012:  Schedule for Vatican sex abuse symposium

08 February 2012: Vatican prosecutor warns bishops against covering up child abuse

08 February 2012:  Vatican abuse summit: $2.2 billion and 100,000 victims in U.S. alone

08 February 2012: Sexual abuse silence “deadly” for Church: Vatican official

08 February 2012:  Vatican sex crimes prosecutor warns bishops

07 February 2012: Bishops told pedophiles lie, victims must be heard

03 February 2012:  Denial no option in sexual abuse scandal: Vatican

27 January 2012:  Vatican whistle-blower begged to continue crusade: letter

01 January 2012: Catholic cardinal plans LB homecoming

27 November 2011: Priest accused of child abuse returns to Vatican to empty bank account

17 November 2011: Community of the Beatitudes: founder guilty of sexual abuse

03 November 2011: Full text of Msgr. Scicluna’s address on the Church’s role in child protection

03 November 2011: Vatican official: Accountability critical for sex abuse prevention

16 October 2011: Vatican has ‘no intention’ of intervening in US bishop case

12 October 2011: Illinois inmate sues Holy See for alleged sexual abuse

27 September 2011: The pope on the crisis

20 September 2011:  Group asks church employees to submit evidence of abuse to court

13 September 2011: Vatican: Groups ask Hague court to prosecute pope over sex abuse

12 September 2011: United States: the Legion of Christ is called to the bench

08 September 2011: Controversial evidence permitted in high-profile sex abuse case

03 September 2011: Response of the Holy See to the Government of Ireland regarding the Report of the Commission of Investigation into the Catholic Diocese of Cloyne

03 September 2011:  “Vatican: No evidence the Holy See meddled in State affairs” (and other related articles)

22 August 2011: Lawyer: Vatican thinks it’s ‘above the law’

19 August 2011: Victims not impressed by release of Vatican files

August 2011: Vatican Documents released re ex-priest Andrew Ronan (from Doe v. Holy See) most documents are in Latin but several are in English)

02 August 2011: The abuse of priests against the children is enough to kill the faith Mgr Scicluna

23 July 2011: Disgraced ex-priest Dino Cinel takes his case to Vatican

23 July 2011: Mea culpa?

20 July 2011: Vatican did not aid abuse cover-up in Ireland, says spokesman

03 July 2011: Unwise to ignore Vatican instructions for priest guidelines – Mgr Scicluna

02 July 2011: Vatican Returns Profit After Three Years In Red, But Donations Down

01 July 2011: Vatican goes online in struggle against child abuse

25 June 2011: Vatican denies Martin snub for major clerical abuse summit

19 June 2011:  Vatican to hold bishops’ conference on abuse

13 June 2011:  Rome university, Vatican to promote best practices in fighting abuse

07 June 2011: Vatican asks for more time to produce documents judge ordered released in Oregon abuse suit

07 June 2011:  Vatican sex abuse inquiry is delayed

02 June 2011: Italy court releases seized Vatican money

21 May 2011: Victims dismiss Vatican bid to curb abuse as empty

21 May 2011:  Vatican gives bishops one year to set abuse policies

16 May 2011:  “Vatican tell bishops to root out sexual abuse” and other articles re Vatcian letter

03 May 2011:  CIRCULAR LETTER: To assist Episcopal Conferences in developing Guidelines

03 May 2011:  Congregatio Pro Doctrina Fedei

07 February 2011: Vatican official instructed US bishop to withhold files of troubled priest

21 January 2011: Vatican criticizes Berlusconi, calls public leaders to show morality

19 January 2011: Vatican denies it told bishops not to report abuse

18 January 2011: Vatican letter: Irish bishops were warned in ’97 not to report all child-abuse cases to police

18 January 2011: Vatican warned Irish bishops not to report abuse

17 January 2010: Vatican edict in 1997 rejected calls to report priests who abused

20 December 2010: Pope: sex abuse scandal ‘humiliating’ but society must share the blame

10 December 2010:  Vatican hits back against WikiLeaks revelations

02 December 2010:  Vatican defends Pope’s record on sexual abuse

29 November 2010:  Archbishop Ratzinger Failed to Deal with Suspected Pedophile Priest

20 November 2010: Vatican Preparing Guidelines on Abuse

08 November 2010: Cardinals called to Rome for abuse talks

05 November 2010:  Pope calls for purificiation of Church

01 November 2010: See Church as an ally, Vatican tells abuse victims

28 October 2010:  Prosecutors question Vatican commitment to banking rules

15 October 2010:  Saint Mary of the Cross

08 October 2010:  Will Vatican probe of abuse scandal look into overall health of Irish Church?

25 September 2010:  Child abuse victims to protest outside Vatican

21 September 2010: Vatican Bank Chairman Under Investigation for Money Laundering

21 September 2010: Italian police seize $30M from Vatican

15 September 2010:  Belgian Bishop wants more Vatican action against abusive prelate

19 September 2010:  Benedict bites back:  How the Pope tried to stem the tide of criticism

19 September 2010:  Pope sees police role in abuse inquiries

17 September 2010;  Pope’s visit:  Repent, resign, hosanna – it isn’t easy being pontiff

17 September 2010:  Six quizzed over alleged plot against pope’s visit

16 September 2010:  Pope: Catholic church too slow to tackle clerical sex abuse

16 September 2010:  Pope visit: ‘Grogreous’ Georg Ganswein, the Pope’s right-hand man

16 September 2010:  Pope starts U.K. visit

16 September 2010:  Pope on UK visit admits failures in abuse scandal 

31 August 2010:  Vatican official seeks ‘closure’ on abuse

19 August 2010: 7 sue California diocese over alleged sex abuse

13 August 2010:  The Vatican’s right to secrets

17 August 2010:  Vatican’s Irish decision complicates O’Malley’s task 

11 August 2010:  Pope Benedict rejects Irish bishops’ resignations

09 August 2010:  Kentucky plaintiffs give up sex abuse case against Vatican

02 August 2010:  American to oversee Catholic orders

23 July 2010:  Vatican fills in blanks on history of sex abuse procedures

19 July 2010:  A Catholic mom on Vatican’s strategy to address abuse

17 July 2010: Google search for Vatican directed to ‘paedophile site’

17 July 2010: The logic of Vatican’s linking sex abuse. women’s ordination

17 July 2010:  Vatican Fends Off Critisicm of Abuse Rules

16 July 2010:  Women priests and sex abuse not equal crimes

15 July 2010: Vatican revises church law on sex abuse

15 July 2010:  UN: Vatican child rights report 13 years overdue

15 July 2010:  Vatican issues new sex abuse norms after crisis

15 July 2010:  Vatican ‘speeds up’ abuse cases

14 July 2010:  Vatican set to publish new rules on abuse

11 July 2010:  Donations to Catholic Church up

10 July 2010:  Lawyer wants Pope’s testimony in Oregon abuse case

09 July 2010: Pope Revises Sex-Abuse Rules

09 July 2010:  Pope names official to tun Legionaries

09 July 2010:  A new scandal for the church

08 July 2010:  Priest reinstated after abuse conviction

08 July 2010:  AP Exclusive: Priests who abuse impaired targeted

07 July 2010:  Vatican to reform sex abuse laws

06 July 2010:  The Vatican closes ranks

06 July 2010:  Vatican to issue long-awaited sex abuse document

05 July 2010:  Pope hopes for private meetings with clerical abuse victims during UK visit

05 July 2010:  Cardinal Schonborn’s brave struggle

02 July 2010:  Forgiveness but no comeback for Mixa: Pope

01 July 2010:  Pope lays out terms for accused German bishop

30 June 2010:  Vatican promotes controversial Quebec priest

29 June 2010:  Belgium urges Vatican to stay out of child sex abuse investigations

29 June 2010:  Holy See tried to end damaging squabble between two cardinals

29 June 2010:  Pope rebukes Austrian cardinal who accused peer

29 June 2010:  Child abuse scandals plaguing the Vatican have deepened on both sidesw of the Atlantic

28 June 2010:  Court lets Vatican sex abuse lawsuit move forward

28 June 2010:  Belgium a ‘perfect storm’ for sex abuse crisis

27 June 2010: Pope: Belgian sex abuse raids deplorable

26 June 2010:  Row grows between Vatican, Brussels over police raid

25 June 2010:  Belgian abuse raid on tomb angers Vatican

25 June 2010: Vatican: Ky. lawsuit lacks link to Rome

23 June 2010:  Vatican wants clean-up amid corruption

21 June 2010:  Cardinal denies corruption allegations

13 June 2010:  Pope: ‘priests are gifts to the world’

13 June 2010:  Year of priests closes at Vatican

11 June 2010:  “Pope begs forgiveness for sex abuse scandal” & “Pope pleads for forgivenss over abuse scandal” 

11 June 2010:  Pope backs celibacy as priests rally in Rome

02 June 2010:  Victim anger at choice of Cardinals for abuse probe

31 May 2010:  Paedophile priests destined for Hell:  Vatican

30 May 2010:  Future Pope refused to defrock convicted priest

01 June 2010:  Bishops welcome plans for Vatican investigation of abuse

29 May 2010:  Vatican prosecutor:  culprits going to Hell

25 May 2010:  In brief to high court, US supports Vatican in sex-abuse case

24 May 2010:  Obama administration sides with Vatican in Oregon case

18 May 2010:  Jeff Anderson targets St. John’s monk in latest sex abuse lawsuit

18 May 2010:  Documents.including letter to Ratzinger, sought in priest sex abuse lawsuit

17 May 2010:  Thousands flock to Vatican to back Pope over abuse

17 May 2010:  Vatican says Pope is not responsible for day-to-day actions of priests

17 May 2010:  Vatican asks for dismissal of US lawsuit

17 May 2010:  Pope-Bishop relationship key in sex-abuse defence

14 May 2010:  Vatican’s top American has mixed record on abuse

14 May 2010:  Vatican to detail its defence

13 May 2010:  “Pope decries gay marriage in Portugal visit” and other relevant media coverage of papal visit

13 May 2010:  Pope calls gay marriage and abortion ‘insidious challenge to society’

12 May 2010:  New questions on old priestly abuse

11 May 2010:  Forgiveness does not replace justice:  Pope

11 May 2010:  Pope silences conspiracy theorists on Portugal visit

11 May 2010:  Pope urges Portugal to rediscover Christian roots

11 May 2010:  Pope blames “terrifying” sex abuse on church (RC Scandal/Vatican)

11 May 2010:  Pope blames church’s own sins for sex scandal (RC Scandal/Vatican; /Europe/Portugal)

05 May 2010:  Cardinal has mixed record on sexual abuse cases

01 May 2010:  Papal envoy to run scandal plagued priestly order

01 May 2010:   Catholic order to be overhauled after founder’s abuse

01 May 2010:  Benedict to overhaul Legion of Christ

01 May 2010:  Benedict to overhaul Legion of Christ

28 April 2010:  Vatican prosecutor denies inaction on accused priest

27 April 2010:  Will bishops handle abuse cases differently?

27 April 2010:  Weigel rips Hans Kung on Pope attack: waits for real response

23 April 2010:  Cardinal allegedly helped accused priest

27 April 2010:  A frenzied pace for lawyer behind suits against the Vatican

26 April 2010:  Catholic sex abuse scandal could trigger donations  slump: Vatican warns

26 April 2010:  Rome priest on trial for abuse in Vatican back yard

25 April 2010:  Pope will make historic apology for abuse

25 April 010:  Vatican denies link between priestly celibacy and sex-abuse scandal

25 April 2010:  UK apologizes to Vatican over Pope visit jokes

24 April 2010:  Church warned not to breach priests’ human rights

24 April 2010:  Vatican official accused of mishandling case

24 April 2010:  Catholic Church must have nothing to hide: Vatican

22 April 2010:  Columbia Cardinal defends church’s abuse policies

22 April 2010:  Pope accepts resignation of third Irish bishop

21 April 2010:  Catholic cardinals ‘aided paedophile priest’

21 April 2010: Pope accepts Bishop Moriarty’s resignation

21 April 2010:  Pope promises “action” on sexual abuse crisis

20 April 2010:  Mixa asks forgiveness as Church begins abuse inquiry

19 April 2010:  Jeffrey Lena: California lawyer is voice of Vatican, Pope Benedict in U.S. court

18 April 2010:  Priest says he was bullied into taking fall for Pope abuse scandal

18 April 2010:  Jeff Anderson:  Jousting with the Vatican from a small law office in St. Paul

18 April 2010:  Disappointment as Pope speaks in generalities

18 April 2010: Pope flies to Malta amid fresh claims of a cover-up over sex abuse scandal: Church officials begged prelate to accept responsibility in Munich archdiocese, German magazine will say

17 April 2010:  AP exclusive:  How the Pope got his US lawyer

17 April 2010:  Pope’s travels in next five months of 2010 announced

17 April 2010:  Sexual abuse issue raised as Pope Benedict visits Malta

17 April 2010:  John Paul II blamed for hiding abuse: Cardinal

16 April 2010: Top Vatican Official Praised Bishop Who Covered for Child Molester

16 April 2010: Vatican: Letter endorsing abuse cover-up shows why Curia was reformed

16 April 2010: New Vatican website offers resources on sex abuse issue

16 April 2010:  Vatican praised bishop for concealing abusive priest

15 April 2010:  Vatican disses one of its own on sex abuse

15  April 2010:  Abuse responses not Pope’s job 

14 April 2020:  Vatican climbdown over sex abuse remarks by senior cardinal

14 April 2010:  EU should slam Vatiacn over paedophile case, European liberals say (RC Scandal/Europe)

14 April 2010:  Vatican goes into damage contr0l mode over abuse

14 April 2010:  Vatican comment on paedophiles draws gay groups ire

14 April 2010:  Vatican under fire for linking gays to pedophilia

13 April 2010:  Vatican blamed for blaming gay priests in pedophile scandal

13 April 2010:  Report:  Plot to Bomb Pope

13 April 2010: Pope Benedict’s German birthplace vandalized, police say

13 April 2010: Christopher Hitchens vs Pope Ratzi – Justice is Coming! (VIDEO_

13 April 2010:  Homosexuality to blame for sex abuse: Vatican Cardinal

13 April 2010:  Atheist Richard Dawkins backs campaign to arrest Pope

12 April 2010:  What somes churches are doing to protect childern

12 April 2010:  German priest reported to police over sex abuse claims

12 April 2010:  2 million Canadians know someone sexually assaulted by priest: poll

12 April 2010: Pope’s No. 2:  sex abuse not tied t o celibacy:  Pedophilia is Linked to Homosexuality, Not Celibacy, Says Cardinal tarcisio Bertone 

12 April 2010:  The Pope and the New York Times

12 April 2010: Pupils “sadistically tormented” at German monastery

12 April 2010: Vatican policy makes clear bishops must report sex abuse

12 April 2010:  Vatican rebuts allegations of stalling on California sex abuse case

12 April 2010:  Vatican explains sex abuse policy

12 April 2010: e Vatican at your service

12 April 2010:  Pope to meet Cardinals amid further abuse claims

11 April 2010:  Clergy who conceal abuse should be dismissed: Cardinal

April 2010:  Pope to meet Cardinals amid further abuse claims

09 April 2010: The Troubled Church: Vatican. Canadian church officials tried to keep scandal secret

08 April 2010: Report: Official says Pope in pain over scandal

06 April 2010:  Vatican “basta” on predator priest: Church rallies round Pope :

05 April 2010: German newspaper accuses Bertone, not Pope of covering sex abuse

05 April 2010:  Archbishop aims to move on from row (access via RC Scandal/Ireland)

05 April 2010: Vatican defend Pope against ‘petty gossip’

03 April 2010:  Deposition: Levada defends decision on Ore. priest

02 April 2010:   Good Friday marked by protest in Montreal

03 April 2010:  Vatican waited years to defrock priest 

02 April 2010:  Jewish groups angered by Vatican preacher

02 April 2010:  Vatican was warned about paedophile priests in 1963

01 April 2010:  Irish Bishop: Vatican response to scandal ‘inadequate’

01 April 2010: Cardinals defend Pope on sex abuse scandal

01 April 2010: Church seeks forgiveness for sex abuse of priests

29 March 2010:  Setting the record straight in the case of abusive Milwaukee priest Father Lawrence Murphy

30 March 2010:  It’s wrong to point the finger at Pope in sex abuse scandals

25 March 2010:  Abuse victims hold protest in St. Peter’s square

01 March 2010: U.S. Offers Pope Immunity of Sex Abuse Cover-Up

24 March 2010:  The Pope and the Pedophilia Scandal

24 March 2010: Vatican Declined to Defrock U.S. Priest Who Abused Boys

30 March 2010:  Cardinal Levada to NY Times: Reconsider ‘attack mode’ against Pope Benedict

31 March 2010:  US case: Vatican outlines defence for Pope

31 March 2010:   Pope sees scandal as test: Bishops urge reform

30 March 2010: Pope comes under fire in new U.S. predator priest case

30 March 2010: Vatican offers 3 reasons it’s not liable for abuse

29 March 2010:  Letter of support to the Holy Father from the CCCB President Bishop Pierre Morissette

28 March 2010: Vatican knew of allegations against Ontario priest

27 March 2010:  Apologies aren’t enough (RC Scandal)

12 April 2010: Vatican policy makes clear bishops must report sex abuse

12 April 2010:  Vatican rebuts allegations of stalling on California sex abuse case

12 April 2010:  Vatican explains sex abuse policy

12 April 2010: Guide to Understanding Basic CDF Procedures Concerning Ssexual Abuse Allegations

10 February 1993:  Pembroke’s Bishop Windle letter to Papal Nuncio re Father  Bernard Prince  expressing concerns that Prince’s sexual abuse of several young boys might become public knowledge.

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  1. Leona says:

    For anyone who suffers from insomnia, listening to this in the middle of the night may help.

  2. Leona says:

    My understanding is that the UN panel will be broadcast live 4am-7am EST here:

  3. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    I would really like to speak with you. Please get my contact information from Sylvia. Mike.

  4. JG says:

    Thanks Leona for the heads up on the U.N. “event”…

    …a bleep on the “U.N. grilling” of Vatican reps…..on the CBC a few minutes ago: The 1990 protocol for the protection of children, only one report published by the Vatican in 1994! Their explanation for this “commitment”(lack of!): the Vatican is only (((((responsible for the “31” children who live on the grounds of the Vatican!))))
    Wow! They always have the exit door handle firmly in hand….they are only responsible for the “#!%$#@( 31) 31……!31….!31…..!@#$%#$%”……children in the Vatican. The rest are on their own because they are “not responsible”!!!
    If that isn’t a quick kit in the Faith!…
    Need we hear more of these convoluted excuses, for ever and ever!?….
    God knows I try, many keep trying, but the so called explanations are just another detour, another denial, another loop hole filled with excuses hidden under just as many lies.
    I must have slipped and landed in the twilight zone….Un real!


  5. bc says:

    Donations to Peter`s Pence misappropriated to purchase real estate in London UK. Head of Vatican police officially resigns after leak.
    Ongoing investigation.

  6. bc says:

    Catholics funded 2019 Elton John biopic “Rocketman” via Vatican investment fund. Pope’s own charitable fund for the poor funded movie that contains “the most explicit gay love scene since ‘Brokeback Mountain’ in 2005.”

  7. bc says:

    The Holy See is being sued for it’s negligence in one of the McCarrick cases.
    Read the brief for the case here:

    As per Doe v. Holy See, the Holy See can be sued for negligence because there exists an exception to sovereign state immunity which does not shield a state from international private torts actions. Doe v. Holy See established that the Roman Catholic Church was analogous to a trans-national corporation involved in an economic activity. Far from turning the other cheek, the Holy See fought for it’s immunity from prosecution, spent millions for a decade on it’s refusal to be held liable for the negligence of it’s Bishops; all the way to SCOTUS which declined to hear it’s appeal.

  8. bc says:

    It is pointless, even tedious, for Christians to waste their time complaining about the world, about society, about everything that is not right. Complaints change nothing. Pope Francis Homely June 29th 2020

    Let there be absolutely no mistake about it: Catholics are encouraged by their highest authority to do nothing about injustice; including clerical abuse. There`s no point attempting to stop it preached the Pope Monday. Let this evil be. Let political leaders murder their citizens. Let religious leaders wage wars. Let members of religious orders sodomize little children and let their Superiors cover-up for them.

    Affidavits of this homely are being produced in every jurisdiction worldwide and it will be submitted as evidence in future cases against the Church.

    To victims of clerical abuse I say it again: there is no point in listening to and/or talking to Bishops and/or Superiors of religious orders. Go to the police directly. Roman Catholic Bishops and Superiors of religious orders have received their orders to ignore injustices. All they’ll do is prey for you.

  9. Phil Johnson says:

    Unbelievable!!! Frankie had me fooled when he first became pope but the more I read, the more I’m disgusted with him. I totally agree that going to the police is the way to go instead of going to church officials. When I first came forward, I went to the police…then went to our parish priest who then dismissed me and then complained about people who were “attacking” the church.

  10. bc says:

    He fooled many. But he is an Evita Perón devotee (the Catholic Goddess of Argentina; who`s official title was Spiritual Leader of the Nation); and a loyal perónista. Bergoglio always supported Argentina’s dictatorial rulers. His political ascent in the hierarchy was astutely executed. He only opposes clerical abuse for the record as that is a function of his position. Power being derived from the perversion of the truth; those who seek and obtain it must also lie to keep it in their possession.

    First, they said they didn’t know that clerical abuse was wrong. But they wouldn’t have covered it up had it been right, eh Phil? Then they said they knew it was wrong because their cover-up exposed them as charity scammers. Now they are saying they are not charity scammers because they are no longer interested in hearing complaints about injustices, including clerical abuse, which is wrong, but hey, suck it up and prey.

  11. Phil Johnson says:

    Ohio priest indicted on charges of child pornography and juvenile sex trafficking…

    Robert D. McWilliams was indicted Wednesday.
    Robert D. McWilliams was indicted Wednesday.

    (CNN)An Ohio priest who allegedly pretended to be a woman on social media to entice minor male victims has been indicted on child pornography, child exploitation and juvenile sex trafficking charges, a US attorney announced.
    Robert D. McWilliams, 40, is charged with sex trafficking of a minor, sexual exploitation of children and transportation of child pornography among other charges, according to a news release from the US Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio.
    “Posing as a female, McWilliams allegedly enticed the minor male victims to send sexually explicit photographs and videos, sometimes threatening to expose embarrassing information McWilliams already knew about the victims if they did not send such images,” according to the news release.

  12. Phil Johnson says:

    And yet another example of the poison being spread by some collars in that church!

    Indiana priest suspended after calling Black Lives Matter and antifa protesters ‘maggots,’ ‘parasites’ and ‘serpents in the garden’.

    And what does the diocese say they will do with this collar??? In its statement announcing Rothrock’s suspension, the diocese said Rothrock will be reassigned.
    “Various possibilities for his public continuation in priestly ministry are being considered,” the statement read.

    • bc says:

      In fairness to Father Rothrock, he hadn`t received the new papal directives to not complain about the world and prey for his enemies. So he didn`t do anything wrong; on both counts. The ‘ol so Catholic charity scam which consisted of lying publicly about forgiving those who trespass against them was getting tired… and most Catholic hypocrites couldn`t fake it convincingly. And now that the Pope has called-off any complaint about all injustices including clerical abuse, Father Rothrock has nothing to fear from his hierarchy.

      Big party tonight at the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City… by the way. Lot`s of new synthetic drugs direct from the Mob`s best labs., the world`s finest vintage spirits, gorgeous gay prostitutes dressed as altar-boys and the Pope`s very own personal Sistine Chapel Choir performing heavy metal hits; the latest kiddy porn on solid gold USB drives gathered by the Church`s best missionaries in South-East Asia during the past week…

      Like, it`s not like the Pope is going to complain about anything anymore eh Phil?

  13. Phil Johnson says:

    bc, although I have a lot of disdain towards that church, your brand of humour in the second paragraph is somewhat offensive to me. I prefer factual and accurate info in posts versus what you posted there. I find the majority of your posts to be of great value…just not when you post stuff like in that paragraph.

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