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Articles related to child sex abuse and/or paedophilia outside of Canada which are not known to be Roman Catholic Church-related

05 April 2017: “Renegade Catholic order in UK ‘harbours clergy accused of sexual abuse'” & related articles

20 May 2015:  “1,400 investigated in child sex abuse inquiry, including politicians” & related article

16 February 2015:  How Fenwick MacIntosh wound up in a Nepalese jail

09 February 2015:  Royal Commission hears Yeshivah Rabbi wants repentant Jewish paedophiles treated leniently” & related articles

05 July 2014:  ‘Paedophilia is natural and normal for males’

13 May 2014:  Notorious pedophile teacher gave victims drug-laced cookies

27 April 2014:  “Child molester William Vahey applied for outside school activities with pupils” & related articles

26 April 2014: Paedophile teacher was allowed to hug his pupils goodbye after his vile acts at international schools around the world were exposed as FBI calls him ‘one of worst ever’

24 April 2014:  “Predator in the classroom: Paedophile teacher drugged and abused 60 pupils at British private school after 40 years spent abusing children around the globe” & related article

20 March 2014:  ASIJ admits honored teacher sexually abused students

11 February 2014:  “Salvation Army chief unprepared for the ‘full horror’ of sex abuse revelations” & related articles

01 October 2013:  Evangelical Sex Abuse Record ‘Worse’ Than Catholic, Says Billy Graham’s Grandson Boz Tchividijian

21 May 2013:  UK Anglican priest jailed for sex abuse

16 November 2012: “More allegations made in investigation of ex-bishop Peter Ball” & related articles

07 November 2012: Former Rindge officer indicted on sexual assault charges

01 November 2012: Ex-Penn State president charged with perjury in Sandusky case

27 October 2012: Vatican says it cannot posthumously remove Jimmy Savile’s papal honour; condemns sexual abuse

23 October 2012: Amy Gehrt: Boy Scouts’ ‘perversion files’ reveal alarming abuse details

19 October 2012: Boy Scout documents identified Milwaukee area physician as molester

13 October 2012: BBC announces inquiries after sex abuse allegations against longtime host Jimmy Savile

09 October 2012: Sandusky Gets 30 to 60 Years for Sexual Abuse

10 September 2012: “Anglican priests defrocked over abuse claims” & “Fears Anglican abuse linked to Catholics”

30 August 2012: Archbishop of Canterbury apologises after Church report accuses clergy of ‘disastrous’ failure to protect children from paedophile priests

31 July 2012: Article and info re cover-up and sanctions at Penn State

23 June 2012: Jerry Sandusky the monster is held accountable and his sex abuse victims are heroes for testifying

19 June 2012:  Sandusky defense tries to undermine accuser

12 June 2012: The Jerry Sandusky sex abuse trial

13 February 2012:  Eastbourne brothers speak of church sex abuse ordeal

09 November 2011: Local parallels between Penn State and priest sex scandals

08 November 2011: Boy (14) accused of series of sex attacks

19 September 2011: Pervert must tell police before going to churches

24 August 2011: Mormon bishop charged with failing to report abuse

18 August 2011: Are Mental Health Professionals Working to Normalize Pedophilia?

23 July 2011: New names for pedophiles

12 November 2010:  “Amazon pulls ‘Pedophile guide’ without explanation” & related media

21 October 2010:  Man faces 103 child sex charges in Newcastle court


03 September 2010:  Portugese TV presenter found guilty of being in paedophile ring

06 April 2010:  Sex abuse in Finland’s national church

04 April 2010:  US Scouts in paedophilia scandal

10 Responses to Abroad

  1. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Here I sit on what should be another joyous Christmas Eve, reading about all of the wonderful things the pope is doing – ordering the release of the “Vati-leaks” prisoner, eating with the homeless people, etc. etc. etc., and then I find exploding news out of Argentina.
    The Argentine government is now investigating what appears to be a huge and monstrous sexual abuse scandal at the Antonio Povolo Institute for the deaf, where apparently over 60 (yes sixty) victims of catholic priests, and lay persons endured repeated violent sexual attacks over the last forty some years.
    The pope has know about this matter since 2009, and all he did was order a Vatican investigation, which obviously went nowhere. It appears to me that police were NEVER involved!
    The articles can be found by googling AP “Argentine government investigates sexual abuse”.
    I am so upset by this that I will stop now, for fear of misquoting any of the article. Please read it for yourself. Those poor children!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike.

  2. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    One other remarkable fact in this horrible story, is how the Vatican “responded” to the victims back in 2012!
    Just like my own diocese here in Ontario – silence!!! Mike.

  3. 1 abandoned sheep says:

    Mike, please do not let this destroy YOUR Christmas. There are a lot of bad things happen daily around the WORLD, and this is one of the more disgusting ones.
    But, so that I can stay sober, I have to remember that GOD is STILL in charge- and HE is the JUDGE, who will deal with these creeps. GOD Bless !

  4. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    1AS and Lina – thank you both, and I wish a happy and holy Christmas for both of you!!! Mike.

  5. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    I have spent the last two days researching the case of Father John Feit (now Mr. John Feit) who has now been convicted of murder, in Texas.
    I would invite anyone to google this case for yourself – I will not rail on about the details of the case – you can see it for yourself.
    Irene Garza and her family were destroyed by a priest of the Roman Catholic Church, and the local Civil authorities, including the Sheriff’s Office.
    This priest, this “man of God” bound and gagged her in 1960, strangled her, and then sexually violated her dead corpse post-mortem. He then dumped her body in an irrigation canal where it was found later decomposing.
    Church “authorities” and local civil “authorities” (they are named in the news accounts) then colluded to hush up the evidence and to stall the investigation for over 50 years!!!
    There was a worry in 1960 of the “good reputation of the church” being tarnished, and the possibility that JFK (professed Roman Catholic) might not be elected as president due to the bad press coverage of a Roman Catholic priest being indicted for murder.
    They all knew the truth! It was eventually an ex-priest who admitted to hearing John Feit’s confession to the murder that broke the case.
    This is INDEFENSIBLE!!! Talk about collusion and “accessory after the fact”.
    I cannot begin to guess the agony, torment, and anger this obviously devout Catholic family has felt over the last 50 years.
    This S.O.B continued to be a priest for 12 years after his murder of this beautiful young woman. He apparently left the priesthood in 1972 and got married. Pity you, Mrs. Feit!
    I am physically ill to my stomach! I”ve heard enough! I don’t need to hear any more than this. I’m gone. Mike.

  6. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Pope Francis is racking up an incredible legacy. McCarrick, O’Brien, Wuerhl, Barros, Karadima, and now Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta.
    He knew about all of these vermin, and did nothing except attempt to deceive and manipulate the news media.
    There is a stench emanating from the Vatican. It is vile and sordid, and has absolutely nothing to do with God. Mike.

  7. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    An old and very dear friend one day insisted that I listen to his advice. It went like this – “Birds of a feather flock together”. Mike.

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