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Current cases before the courts involving civil and/or criminal action


ARSENAULTFather Yvon Arsenault

Charged Moncton, NB December 2013 and Miramichi March 2015.  GUILTY plea October 2016.  24 February 2017:  sentenced to four years.

New charges 2017

Next court date TRIAL  20-24  August 2018

BOUCHER:  Father Brian Boucher

Charged March 2017.  Next court dates:  08 June 14-15 2018

TRIAL 21 January 2019

D’SOUZA:  Father Malcolm D’Souza

Diocese Calgary Alberta.  Charged January 2019.  Next court date: 02 July 2019

DEJAEGER:  Father Eric Dejaeger omi

Appeal:  26 July 2017

HOSKINS:  Father Gary Hoskins

Charges laid Feb. ’13.  Trial set for  21-24 March 2017.   February ’17 charges STAYED .  An appeal has apparently been filed.

LANOIE Father Roland Lanoie

Archdiocese of St. Boniface, Manitoba.  Charged October 2018.  Next court date:

 LUCY:  Brian Lucy

First set of charges:  GUILTY PLEA  02 October 2015.  Second set of charges.  GUILTY plea January2018.   Next court date (sentencing):  22 May 2018

MCGRORY:  Father Barry McGrory

Charged November 2016.  Next court date (Verdict):    18 June 2019

MOREAU:  Father Daniel Moreau

Diocese Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec.  Charged March 2013.  Guilty plea February 2017.  Next court date:  23 May 2017

NORONHA:  Father Cecil Noronha

Member Voluntas Dei Insitutute.  Charged June 2018.  Next court date:   14 June 2019

PARENTEAURichard Parenteau

Ex priest.  Charged May 2013.  Next court date:

ROBERTSONMonsignor Jim Robertson

Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador, Newfoundland.  Charged April 2019.  Next court date:  18 June 2019

SAKA:  Father Amer Saka

Charged 13 July 2016 with fraud over $5,000 and possessing proceeds of property or thing exceeding $5,000.  Committed to stand trial in Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Next court date: 08 May  2018

SCERRIFather Godwin Scerri mssp

Fugitive from justice in Canada since 1993 when charges laid re allegations of sex abuse of young boy. 02 August 2011 CONVICTED in Malta for offences committed in Malta. Canada-wide warrant for his arrest.

SELAS Frank Selas

Next court date (in USA): GUILTY plea 2018

SILVA:  Father Jose Silva

FUGITIVE from justice.  Around or shortly before a May 2012 court-date fled the country with assistance of assistant Crown


Recent criminal cases in Canada which are no longer before the courts (ie have resulted in a conviction, Guilty plea, acquittal, stay or withdrawal of charges)

ALLEN: Father William Allen (Father Bill) priest Archdiocese of Ottawa. Charged 12 July 2010.  CONVICTED 19 April 2011

AMESSEFather Stephen Amesse

Charged December 2014.  VERDICT:  02 May 2017 – ACQUITTED
AZHAKATHUFather Abraham Azhakathu mst

06 March 2015 – NOT GUILTY

BASTIEN:  Father Linus Bastien.  

Next court date:  DIED before standing trial

BAZIN:  Father Roger Bazin

Charges withdrawn 22 December 2010

BERALDINJessica Beraldin

Charged 31 March 2016.  GUILTY plea February 2018

BORNE:  Monsignor Robert Borne

priest diocese of Pembroke, Ontario.  CONVICTED.  10 April 2012:  nine month conditional sentence.

BOROWEC:  Father Bohdan Borowec (also Father Bothdan Borowic)

Ukrainian Catholic priest serving in Ukrainian Archeparchy of Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), Charged with sex assault and kidnapping a woman while vacationing in Hawaii.  09 August 2011:  ACQUITTED

BOUDREAU: Father James Boudreau

former Barnabite priest now diocesan priest with Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario.  January 2012 GUILTY plea. June 2012 sentenced to one jail term of 15 months and one of 6 months to run concurrently.

BUCKLE:  Father Bernard Buckle

Died January 2015

CAMPBELL:  Father Leo Campbell csb

Basilian priest. Died 2008.  Lawsuit filed. Settled out of court.

CHABOTFather Howard Chabot

Charges withdrawn

CLOUTIER: Father Bernard Cloutier

Appeal of both conviction and five year sentence  heard by Ontario Court of Appeal 20 April 2011.   Conviction and sentencing upheld and Cloutier ordered to register as a sex offender.

COOPER:  Father Damian Cooper

Lawsuit (filed December 2012) – seems to have settled out of court in 2014

COUTUREFather Robert Couture

10 December 2015:  GUILTY verdict.  October  2016:  sentenced 10 months in jail plus must pay back $75,000 to St. Anne’s parish in Tecumseh, Ontario

DEL BIANCO: Gabriele Del Bianco

charges of sexual assault laid April 2011.  Convicted.  Sentenced  14 May 2014

DE LOS CORTAZAR:  Father Javier De Los Angeles Cortazar

TRIAL date:  17-21 April 2017  Charges STAYED

DESJARDINS:  Father Omer Desjardins omi

Previously convicted (guilty plea).  Second set of charges laid Jan. ’17.

Died December 2017

DOIRON:  Father Yvon Doiron GUILTY fraud charges – Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick. 28 May 2012:  sentenced to 18 months in prison and ordered to pay back $48,000.

FALLONA: Father Michael Fallona csb

Basilian priest.  Lawsuit filed.  August 2012 RESOLVED – ban on publication of details/

FAUCHERFather Jacques Faucher

Charged 13 February 2013.  23 March 2016   CONVICTED

GRECCO:  Donald Grecco

Previously convicted.  New charges laid Sept. ‘& Oct, 15.    GUILTY plea May 2017.

GRECCO:  “Father” Donald Grecco  

ex priest/counsellor. Sex abuse charges:  GUILTY.

BREACH charge: CONVICTED  30 March 2011

GRIMARD:  Father Rocky Grimard

Charged in TEXAS April 2015:  16 November 2015:  Pleaded no contest

GROULX: Father Peter Groulx

Charged 20 October 2014.  June  2015 charges withdrawn

GWYN:  Father Robyn Gwyn

Two sets of charges:  One GUILTY plea.  One GUILTY verdict.   Sentenced to three years in jail.

HAMILTON: Father Paul Hamilton

lawsuit alleging sex abuse filed January 2012

HARVEY:  Father Paul-Andre Harvey


JACOBS: Father Phillip Jacobs


JORDAN: Father James Jordan omi

Charges declared null  11 May 2011

KOKESCHDeacon William Kokesch

GUILTY plea February 2014.  Sentenced to two years less a day

LABATTNathan Labatt

There are no three sets of charges in three different jurisdictions.  The next court dates are:

Humboldt, Sask.:  (Committed to stand trial in Court of Queen’s Bench) 07 April 2017  charges STAYED

Kamsack charges:   DECISION  31 March 2017 ACQUITTED

Regina, Sask: Continuation of Preliminary Hearing  22 June 2017

LABELLEFather Rene Labelle (Paul Emile)

Charged 20 February 2012.  Convicted January 2014.  Appealed.  Death by suicide August 2014

LAHEY:   Bishop Raymond Lahey

Sentenced to 15 months and two years probation.  Given 2:1 credit for time served and released 04 January 2012. Defrocked/laicized.

LALONDEMarcel Lalonde

Charged February 2014.  ACQUITTED December 2017

LAISNEZ:  Father Albert Laisnez

Charged early 2014.  August 2015 charges stayed

LAVOIE: Father Raymond-Marie Lavoie CSsR

2012 appeal of three-year-sentence resulted in increase to five years.

LEBLANC:  Father Albert Leblanc

GUILTY plea May 2012 – sentenced to five-and-a- half years

LEBLANCBrother Olivain Leblanc

November 2017:  15 months house arrest for long-term sexual abuse of student which started when the boy was 13

LEBLANC:  Father Rheal LeBlanc csc

charged with possession of child porn.  GUILTY plea July 2013 – sentenced to 14 days to be served on weekends.

LeCLAIR:  Father Joe LeClair

03 July 2012 charged with fraud, theft, money laundering and breach of trust.

20 January 2014:  GUILTY plea.  Sentenced to one year in jail.

LECLAIRFather Joe LeClair

Guelph impaired driving charges .

Next court date:  Guilty plea



LEGERFather Ronald Leger  csv

Second set of charges.  Next court date:   09 May 2018

LEFEBVRE: Father Jean-Claude Lefebvre

found unfit to stand trial – charges withdrawn

LEROUX:  Paul Leroux

2013 Sentenced to three years.  Appeal by both Leroux and Crown:  18 February 2015

LUSSIER:  Father Lucien Lussier

priest Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.  Charges stayed 17 June 2011

 MARSHALL: Father William Hodgson Marshall

GUILTY pleas 08 June 2011 and 04 March 2013.

MILLER:  Father Daniel Miller

Guilty plea on first set of sex abuse charges.  Acquitted on second

NOEL:  Father Levi Noel

priest Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick.  Previously convicted.  New charges April 2011.  GUILTY. Sentence to run concurrent to previous sentence.

NUMBIFather Joseph Numbi Phaku Mavambu Priest from Republic of Congo serving in Diocese of Edmunston, New Brunswick..  GUILTY plea 23 June 2011 for sex abuse of young girl between 2008 and 2010.

O’KEEFE:  Father Kenneth O’Keefe

 06 September 2012 GUILTY plea in Ottawa, Ontario and later GUILTY plea in Quebec.

PICOT:  Father Charles Picot

DIED 31 March 2016  before trial on fourth set of charges

REED: Father Michael Reed

lawsuit launched January 2012 alleges Father Reed knew that Father Paul Hamilton was sexually abusing a teenage boy and failed to report to the proper authorities

SANCZENKO: Father Piotr Sanczenko (Peter  Sanczenko)

Polish priest, Diocese of London, Ontario.  Ordained 1954.  2010 charges laid. 05 March 2013 charges withdrawn and stayed.

 SARRAZINBrother Georges Sarrazin

Next court date: June 2015 Suspended

SMITHFather George Smith

March 2013 sentenced to 11 years in jail.  New charges laid  2017.  GUILTY plea September 2017

Sullivan:  Father John Sullivan

Charged June & October 2012 (second set of criminal charge).  DIED 27 March 2016 before standing trial on second set of charges

SULLIVANFather Mark Sullivan (Brantford, Ontario)

13 August 2012: charges withdrawn – entered into a peace bond

SYLVESTRE:  Father Charles Sylvestre (deceased) CONVICTED

VaillancourtFather Denis Vaillancourt

Charged 29 October 2015.  GUILTY verdict June 2017


 WINGLE:   Bishop James Wingle

resigned suddenly and prematurely.  Whereabouts officially said to be unknown for months. ‘Found’ in Montreal Quebec mid-May 2012.

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  1. Janet Watson says:

    My interest is in Robert Couture. I would like to know when he is sentenced and what sentence he receives.

  2. Sylvia says:

    He will be sentenced 03 October 2016. As soon as the news of the sentence is out I will post it -probably late afternoon or early evening of that day.

  3. Prima Facie. James Porter Bateman says:

    ..reply from Bishops and Cardinals is typical…ie) defensive, long time ago, did our best. Ythese Bishops, Cardinals are LIARS-LIARS-LIARS, who have got away with murdering human souls. Deceit, cover-up, collusion, etc.

  4. Phil Johnson says:

    More damn hypocrisy and cover up tactics that church has mastered so well with sexual abuse claims are now being used with the discovery of 215 children’s graves in Kamloops residential school property….disgusting and shameful!!!! This Toronto collar”s remarks are typical of how that church rules.
    Cardinal Thomas Collins, the archbishop of Toronto, said Sunday that a “dramatic” step such as a formal apology from the Pope is perhaps not the best route forward in grappling with the Catholic Church’s role in Canada’s residential school system.

    “I’m sure there will be further contact with the Holy Father, but I don’t know whether seeking always some big and dramatic thing is really the way forward. I think step by step is better and working with other people,”.

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