Chaldeon priest who made a “mistake” off to prison

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It is confirmed: the trial of Monsignor James Patrick Robertson will continue in December:

06 December 2019: continuation of trial, 09:30 am, Corner Brook Courthouse (82 Mt. Bernard Avenue)

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


Father Amer Saka, a Chaldean priest serving in the Diocese of London, Ontario, has been sentenced to two years in prison for fraud of more than $900,000.  Saka gambled funds intended to support refugees arriving in Canada.

22 October 2019:  “Former Ontario priest gets 2-year sentence for gambling $1M meant for refugees” & related articles

 According to his defence lawyer Iryna Revutsky Father Saka suffered from a “pathological gambling addiction.”  Revutsky, who was pleased with judgment,  said:  “my client was fundamentally and is fundamentally a very, very good man who made a mistake.”

A “mistake.”


Enough for now,


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1 Response to Chaldeon priest who made a “mistake” off to prison

  1. bc says:

    Totally not.
    Very good men do not defraud innocent victims of $900,000.
    And this is no mistake: there is a pattern of misappropriation of charitable funds by Catholic clerics (the Chaldean Catholic Church is in full communion with the Holy See) for gambling, prostitution, illicit drugs, luxury real estate, jet setting life styles and other goods and services which do not serve the public good.
    Father Saka is a convicted fraudster. The only mistake which occurred in this instance is that he was caught and publicly exposed. While they were busy investigating and prosecuting Father Saka, 10 other clerics in is vicinity were getting away with it.
    The faithful know and/or ought to know that the language of pro-politically correct and appealing views (on little children, the sick, the dying, the elderly… and refugees) is routinely and convincingly spoken by narcissistic catholic clerics who are careless. They are trained to stand and deliver it. The faithful should not trust the Catholic Church with donations and they should demand that CRA shut down all Catholic charities which allow careless clerics to scam the public. Canadians also need to deal with Big Religion like Big Tobacco and Big Pharma were/are being dealt with.
    Institutional Catholic criminality is costing all of us billions of dollars; money that could be used with checks and balances to serve those who need support more than irresponsible and immature clerics need to throw away other people’s money.

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