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05 April 2011:  Men invited to Walk a Mile in women’s shoes

17 September 2010: Adult Community Healing Resource Centre Opens October 1, 2010 in Cornwall Ontario

23 September 2010: Adult Healing Centre schedueld to open October 1

30 June 2010:  School board issues apology

29 June 2010:  English Public School Board Issues Apology

12 June 2010:  Ex judge’s math doesn’t add up

11 June 2010:  [Bishop Paul-Andre Durocher] Diocese not involved with government lawsuits

11 June 2010: Payouts far short of estimates

10 June 2010:  “Cornwall sex abuse victims reach settlement: CTV” & “Diocese. province settle with sex assault victims”

10 June 2010:  Cornwall sex abuse victims given large settlements

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