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Camille L. Leger

Father Camille Leger

Father Camille Leger (Radio-Canada photo)

priest, Archdiocese Moncton, New Brunswick.  Ordained 18 May 1939.  February 2012 a committee comprised of members of the Knights of Columbus and parishioners at St. Theresa in Cap-Pele, New Brunswick asked for a name change for the Pere-Camille-Leger arena;  they allege that Father Camille Leger sexually abused multiple children in the community between 1957 and 1980. Norbert Gaudet , a member of town council is one of those alleging sex abuse by Father Camille Leger who lobbied to have the name of the arena changed.  Reports indicated that the community was divided on the matter.  Town council decided that a plebiscite would be be held in the  Spring of 2012 to decide if the name of the arena will be changed.  The plebiscite required a vote of  60% to pass.

The plebiscite was not held.  On 11 March 2012 Andre Richard, the current Archbishop of Moncton, told parishioners at Sunday Mass in Cap Pele that he believes the victims.  On 12 March 2012, after a town council meeting, the sign bearing the name of child molester Father Camille Leger was torn down.

Leger was once coach and manager of the town’s now defunct junior hockey team.


13 September 1984:  Father Camille Leger and Pope John Paul II


Archbishops of Moncton Archdiocese from time of Father Camille Leger’s ordination to present: Louis-Joseph-Arthur Melanson  (16 December 1936 – 23 October 1941); Norbert Robichaud  (25 July 1942 – 23 Mar 1972) ; Donat Chiasson  (23 March 1972 –  21 September 1995);Ernest Léger (27 November 1996 – 16 March 2002 ) André Richard, C.S.C. (16 March 2002 – 15 June 2012); Valéry Vienneau (15 June 2012  – )


The sign bearing the name of clerical molester Father Camille Leger comes down from the arena at Cap Pele 12 March 2012 (photo by CarolAnne_J on yfrog)


17 January 2018:  Blame tough lives of priests’ victims on economy, not abuse, says church

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16 November 2017:  Catholic Church might be too broke to compensate sex abuse victims

15 November 2017:  56 lawsuits against Catholic Church that allege sexual abuse are before N.B. courts


The Bastarche “Conciliation” deal

11 December 2015:  Diocese of Moncton suing Co-Operators Insurance for $4.2M

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Undated: Michel Bastarache undated Press Release re abuse by Father Camille Leger and/or other priests and  his conciliation process

Bio on Bernard Richard, volunteer-assistant to former Justice Michel Bastarache in the Moncton Archdiocese “conciliation” process

02 June 2012:  Moncton’s Archbishop Andre Richard press release/letter re “alleged victims'” of Father Camille Leger and retaining the services of former Supreme Court Justice Michel Bastarache

Undated: Sexual Assaults: Conciliation Process Announced

03 March 2012:  Archdiocese of Moncton newsletter Pastoral Action with two articles (in French with minimal English translation) re sex abuse and Father Camille Leger

December 2010:  Former Supreme Court Justice Michel Bastarache to John MacDonald on ‘duty to report’



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Media coverage

15 November 2017:  56 lawsuits against Catholic Church that allege sexual abuse are before N.B. courts

27 July 2017:  Exclusive – Two new lawsuits against Yvon Arsenault

27 July 2017:  2 new lawsuits filed against ex-priest and Moncton archbishop

28 January 2013: “Sex abuse report delayed in N.B. as more alleged victims come forward” & related articles

24 January 2013: “The conciliation process in Cap-Pelé widens” (google translation)

07 December 2012: Article re the Bastarache Report (Moncton) which was to be submitted on Friday 07 Dec. (English google translation and original French text)

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06 June 2012: “The Archdiocese of Moncton defends its conciliation process” (google translation)

06 June 2012: Moncton diocese must find funds to pay abuse victims

04 June 2012:  Cap-Pelé church abuse victims can turn to ex-judge

04 June 2012: The Church reaches out to alleged victims of Father Camille Leger

04 June 2012:  Cap-Pelé church abuse victims can turn to ex-judge

01 June 2012: Video-audio Spokesman for the Archdiocese of Moncton speaks out (CBC New Brunswick – audio clip)

31 May 2012: Ex-Cap-Pelé man says priest sexually abused him

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13 March 2012:  Priest’s name struck from village arena following sexual abuse allegations

13 March 2012:  audio clip Cap-Pelé removes ex-priest’s name from arena – New Brunswick – CBC News

13 March 2012:  Cap-Pelé removes ex-priest’s name from arena

12 March 2012:  Cap-Pelé arena renaming may move ahead

11 March 2010:  Bishop says he believes abuse allegations

08 March 2012:  BLOG Not enough fingers and toes to count

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08 March 2012: N.B. village to vote on taking priest’s name off arena

08 March 2012:  New Brunswick village divided over vote to remove late priest’s name from arena


The following information is drawn from Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD) which I have on hand and media (M)

29 May 2012:  Normand Brun, a victim of Father Camille Leger, speaks out.  The  archdiocese paid Brun an undisclosed amount of money in 1997 (M)

12 March 2012:  following a council meeting the sign bearing the name of Father Camille Leger was taken down from the arena (M)

11 March 2012:  Moncton Archbishop (Andre Richard) told parishioners at Sunday Mass that he believes the victims (M)

08 March 2012:  word that victims of Father Camille Leger have spoken out and asked that the name of the arena bearing Father Camille Leger’s name be changed (M)

1997:  Normand Brown received an out-of-court settlement from the archdiocese for the abuse he suffered at the hands of Father Camille Leger.(Brown spoke out to reveal the settlement  in late May 2012.  Bishop Valery Vienneau, then Father Vienneau and a priest with the Archdiocese of Moncton was involved in the settlement.  Vienneau then became the Bishop of Bathurst, New Brunswick. In 2012  he became Archbishop of Moncton)

1990:  died (M)

buried in St, Theresa if Avila Cemetery, Cap-Pele, New Brunswick (online)

1985-86:  address and phone number for Archdiocese of Moncton diocesan centre (CCCD) (C.P. 248  506-380-9531 Moncton, New Brunswick)

1957-1980: Cap-Pele (M)

1973-74, 1971-72, 1968-69, 1967:  Pastor St. Theresa of Avila, Cap Pele, New Brunswick, (CCCD)

1967:  plaintiff in lawsuit alleges he was sexually molested by Father Camille Leger – the abuse started in 1967 when the plaintiff was 10-years -old and continued for two years (the plaintiff also alleges he was sexually abused by Father Yvon Arsenault during a trip to Massachusetts in 1972. Two other men allege they were sexually abused by Arsenault on the same trip)

late 60s:  Archbishop Andre Richard, while still a priest, assisted at Cap Pele while Father Camille Leger was there

1959:  St. Theresa of Avila, Cap Pele, New Brunswick (Pastor Father Fabian Leger) (CCCD)

1945-57Father Camille Leger, Pastor at St. Clement Roman Catholic Church in Port Elgin, New Brunswick

1941-43Father Camille Leger, with Father Alyre Daigle, administrator at St Theresa Roman Catholic Church in Dieppe New Brunswick

1939-1941:  Father Camille Leger priest at S. Theresa Roman Catholic Church in Dieppe.    He along with Father Calixte Richard also provided services to parishioners at St. Lawrence O’Toole RC Church in  in Irishtown, NB)

21 May 1939:  ORDAINED (headstone)

17 March 1904:  DOB (online)


Cap-Pelé to vote on taking priest’s name off arena

Namesake priest accused of sexually assaulting children

CBC News

Posted: Mar 8, 2012 5:29 AM AT

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2012 6:31 AM AT

A plebiscite on renaming the Cap-Pelé arena will be held on May 14.

A plebiscite on renaming the Cap-Pelé arena will be held on May 14. (Marc Genuist/CBC)

Cap-Pelé will hold a plebiscite this spring on whether to remove the name of a former priest from the village’s arena.

Camille Léger died in 1990, but several people now allege he sexually assaulted children in the community when he worked there between 1957 and 1980.

Léger was never charged with any crimes.

The village council has agreed to put the issue of renaming Aréna Père-Camille-Léger to Aréna de Cap-Pelé to a vote during the May 14 municipal elections.

“We have a black cloud that is on top of Cap-Pelé and we want that cloud to go out and let the sun come in,” said Coun. Norbert Gaudet, who alleges he was one Léger’s victims.

Gaudet claims he’s met dozens of men over the years who say they were also assaulted by the former priest of the Ste Therese d’Avila Roman Catholic parish.

“I can’t tell you the exact number, but it’s a lot,” said Gaudet.

“I don’t have enough fingers on my hand and enough toes on my feet. It’s too much.”

But people never talked about it, said Gaudet.

“Back then, the priest [had] an awful power on the public,” he said.

Even after Léger’s death, people were afraid, he said.

“One on one I was talking with people, maybe 10 years ago, that the name shouldn’t be there and a lot of people were telling me ‘Don’t start that, leave that aside, there’s no need to bring that back.’

“We kept that inside us and now I think it’s time, the more I get older it seems like the more I get mad at it,” he said.

Gaudet said he doesn’t want to be reminded of what happened to him every time he goes to the arena to watch his grandson play hockey.

“I don’t like to look at the name and even the picture there is of [Léger]. I don’t want to see that. It brings back memories and I don’t need that.”

Gaudet says he would have preferred if council had made a decision on the renaming. But he’s willing to live with the results of the plebiscite.

“I hope that when it’s done that the people will vote the right way to take the name off.”

A plebiscite vote must have 60 per cent to pass.

This is the second confirmed plebiscite that will be held on May 14.

Grand Manan is asking its citizens whether they want the village council to ask the provincial government to remove the fares on the ferry that connects the island to the mainland.

Grand Manan Mayor Dennis Greene said on Wednesday he think the vote will be close.

65 Responses to Leger: Father Camille Leger

  1. JG says:

    I have just sent an E-Mail to the Village of Cap-Pelé to express support for Mr. Gaudet’s initiative and to salute his courage for standing up along side all the other victims of this abuse. So many remain silent and tortured… I hope the people of Cap-Pelé understand what it must feel like to look at another generation growing under such a cloud…
    Mr. Gaudet and the others should be able to walk with their head held high…not looking up to an abuser’s name or his face every time they enter that building…
    Offensive, if it should remain as is!
    Others may wish to offer their support…”cappele@nb.ainb.com”

  2. Sylvia says:

    Very good JG 🙂 Yes, a good way to let Mr. Gaudet and the others know that there supportive people who understand what they are are going through and why the name of that arena should be changed: ”cappele@nb.ainb.com”

  3. Glen says:

    Twenty two years after the priest died, one person has alleged sexual abuse supposedly occurring at least thirty two years ago. Seems suspicious to me. Sadly when it comes to priests, some people automatically infer their guilt. Does anyone doubt Norbert Gaudet will launch a lawsuit against the diocese? Perhaps we should allow the justice system to operate prior to condemning a man of God. For Catholics it is a mortal sin to bear false witness, especially against a priest.

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Glen it is also a sin to assume they did bear false witness !

    • Glen.

      Mr. Gaudet was in a group of 5 men that complained at the same time, and there were a second group of men that came forward afterwards. No one is looking for a lawsuit, I spoke to many of the men this past week and they just wanted the sign taken down and public apology from the Bishop and a admission of what happened years ago. There would be no way in hell that the church would of went forward admitting what went wrong to the public if they were not convinced that the allegations were true and that these brave men that spoke out were not looking for a payday. Think about what these men went through and what they feel each time they attend that rink or as it comes up in the news.

      I thank these brave men for coming forward and telling their story.


  4. JG says:

    Well!?….”it”is back!
    Hello Glen of the “17 year old” obsession…that at that age one is a homosexual when he is assaulted by a grown man…will you ever explain that part of your “reasoning” or is that also to remain bravely in your “anonymity”…

    “Perhaps we should allow the justice system to operate prior to condemning a man of God” as you said above…
    The priests have been using the justice system when it suits them and likewise, using God when it suited their purpose(Alexander Bede Walsh, 22 years, Judges comments! Have a read!)…Maybe “He” has been so busy handling complaints about priests, bishops and “others”, it took “Him” twenty years to get to this!
    Are you letting yourself view the scale of the problem?… or are you too comfortable to see things from the level of the rabble?..
    Denial and “its about money” is getting a bit lame, Glen!
    As for the “men of God”…they would not fear coming out in the light of day.
    Turn on the lights in your cellar…
    The first “mortal sin” for any human being is to abuse children; in your mind obviously, priests and any other church puppets are required to use a different scale.
    I’ll trust God’s judgement without your input.

    Norbert Gaudet….very believable as opposed to your “script”…remember to come back later to apologize, Glen. The dead priest or dead victim is always “convenient” for the church’s explanation…Sad!.. and fatal for the self-proclaimed “divine abusers”…
    Men of God would have no part in this ignominy!…
    It is obvious why you don’t show your face!..


  5. Mike Mc says:

    “For Catholics it is a mortal sin to bear false witness, especially against a priest.”

    Against a priest, Glen? I would assume that’s true for “anyone”.

    But mortal sin? Boy, are you tarred with the Catholic brush. Look Glen, there is obviously a problem here. Open your eyes. We have kept our eyes closed too long. So has the law. T’is time any and every priest is investigated if suspicious activity is there. For Fr Camille, where there’s smoke there’s definitely fire. That town can still feel the fire of his abuse.

  6. Mike Mc says:

    I wrote this in an earlier thread. I would like to have it included in here as well.

    Revealing article for sure! But if I can focus on just these lines below, you will see why I believe people should vote to REMOVE the name. The article says:

    “Back then, the priest [had] an awful power on the public,” he said.

    Even after Léger’s death, people were afraid, he said.

    “One on one I was talking with people, maybe 10 years ago, that the name shouldn’t be there and a lot of people were telling me ‘Don’t start that, leave that aside, there’s no need to bring that back.’

    “We kept that inside us and now I think it’s time, the more I get older it seems like the more I get mad at it.”

    He said, “We kept that inside us….” and I think there’s the issue. People have kept this story of abuse hidden so long they either don’t want to talk about it or want to just want life to continue as if it didn’t happen. But look what is really happening….the story is being kept inside..psychologically being kept inside…..and the story is also SLOWLY being let out as abuse victims take courage to let others know what happened to them. Those that keep this abuse inside are slowly festering inside themselves. One of the ways they can release that power that priest STILL has over them….yes STILL HAS OVER THEM… is to do three things: 1- Tell their personal story. 2) Get counselling and make the church pay for it. 3) Change the name of the arena…a positive sign to this abusive priest..even after death!

    Finally, the victim says he feels anger. I know that feeling,… and sometimes anger can be a good thing. I’ve been angry about the Lahey affair and what it has done to the many communities he was supposedly spiritually leading. And the Church in many ways has been responsible for this continuous front page news about clergy sexual abuse that never seems to end. T’is time to clean up the whole affair!

  7. Mike says:

    Mike Mc;
    About fifteen years ago in my hometown up north, I had occassion to have a heart to heart chat with a visiting priest from Bardstown Kentucky, who happenned to be a dean at St. Thomas More College. I recall very clearly telling him my woes, and my worries about the church, and what had happenned to me in particular.
    My last statement to him was apologetic, “I’m sorry Father, I don’t want to seem like the wrecking ball here”.
    Father got a really funny look on his face and responded “Michael, sometimes the entire house has to be torn down, before it can be rebuilt properly”.
    Those words he spoke have never left me, and I agree with him even more now. (Father passed away 4 years ago).
    I still don’t want to be the wrecking ball, but………………………………………………


  8. 1yellowknife says:

    Mike: How true. Hoe beautifully worded. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Mike Mc says:

    The wreckingball analogy is good. But how many swings of the ball does it take? Maybe an implosion would be quicker. T’is time the Church call all its priests worldwide and discuss immediately everything from homosexuality, pedophilia, celebacy, lonliness,….etc..etc…. as well as marriage and women’s role in the Church. Let’s rebuild the House of God…..but let’s not take another horrendous 20 years of lawyers, settlements, secrecy etc etc. Implode the whole Church and start anew. The old boys club has proven time and time again it is out of date and misguided…. and what really is the church but its “priests”. You can have all the laymen and women you want, but it is the local priest and the “man and his redcoats” at the top – in Rome – who call the shots. Do you think they want renewal? Or do you think they want the finances to stay alive?
    I realize my thoughts are critical, but we need some serious “critical thinking” in Rome.

  10. Glen says:

    It’s quite pathetic how some people use the abuse of children to promote their agenda of making the Church something Protestant. The Church is eternal, 2,000 years old, and the gates of Hell will never prevail. Homosexuality is a grave disorder and women will never be ordained. Don’t disrespect the victims of pedophilia by using them as pawns.

    The Church didn’t have a pedophilia problem, it had a homosexual problem. Corrective action has been implemented. The Church is now one of the safest places for a child.

    Do not bear false witness is a Commandment. To break it is a mortal sin. Examine your conscience and get to Confession if necessary. Remember the Last Four Things: Death. Judgement. Heaven. Hell.

  11. Michel Bertrand says:

    Glen I think you are an ostrich on this matter, the church is not safe for children and the church will evolve as it should without your permission….when nobody sits in your great big buildings and nobody puts their tithes in the basket it will change. Make no mistake the church is about economic power nothing else at the moment. In this are poor good souls who are good and believe in it but for the most part a lot of them are sheeples just like you who do not think past the dogma and worship something that is neither good nor moral that is being run by evil money changers..Change id inevitable or be drawn to secular consequences by law. you should see someone about your latent sexual orientation.. you seem to be a little stuck on that .. this is about the criminal behaviour of men and women against children….sexual orientation is a protected against prejudice and a right in this country.. God forbid that people with your attitude should establish ovens once again.

  12. Baspuits says:

    Don’t disrespect the victims by using them as pawn!!!! What respect are you talking about?
    The church is now one of the safest place for a child. Since when, give me a date and why its the safest place?
    Do not bear false witness is a Commandment. This was used on me at the age of 12, by a priest in a Confessions, when I told him father Lévi Noel was stiking his hands down by pants!
    Get to confessions if necessary. Last time I did that, didn’t like the experience, see above answer!
    PS Homosexual problem, really, and false witnesse & judgement in the same sentence!!!!

  13. Lina says:

    Are there some gays/homosexuals that do bad stuff and criminal acts? Yes, of course as well as straight/heterosexual people do.

    Roman Catholic priests that hurt, abuse children and do sexual crimes against them and the vulnerable are criminals.
    The predators, molestors and pedophiles should be prosecuted and pay for their crimes they have committed against the innocents.

    I do not blame ALL the crimes on gays/homosexuals.

    You may not like or agree with a person’s sexual orientation but that doesn’t mean this gay man is bad or that gay man over there is out to hurt children and the vulnerable.

    Many good gay/homosexual priests can be chaste and celibate just as well as their brother priests who are straight/heterosexual.

    A gay man has this calling to become a Roman Catholic priest and decides he is committed to fulfilled his duties as a priest.

    He knows by revealing to his spiritual director he’s gay will only closed the door to him to become a priest just because he happens to have that orientation that’s gay but if this same man comes across as being straight he would not have a problem becoming a priest.

    You will always have males that will deny that they are gay/homosexual and eventually they will become Catholic priests.

    Nevertheless, as we start to become more informed about homosexuality, more gay males will be more secure in who they are, this may stop many mature gay males to enter the seminaries for the wrong reasons. Therefore, you will have less gay males entering the priesthood.
    Is that a good for the image of the Roman Catholic Church? Many would agree yes.

    I do understand the rules of the Roman Catholic Church on “Homosexuality”. It’s all written in the Roman Catholic Church’s Catechism.

    The Catholic Church doesn’t want gay males to become priests but they are many gay men who are good priests and they are doing a super job.

    It’s so sad they feel the need to live under this grey cloud of ignorance.

  14. Mike Mc says:

    Glen, as you can see above you have just put old fat on this fire. With all respect to you and your opinions, one small line says it all. I could pick out many in your paragraph but look at what you said:

    “and women will never be ordained.”

    With just that statement, right away I see where your mind is. If the Church can change rules on eating meat on Fridays, change the language of the Mass from Latin to English, it can certainly allow women in the priesthood. I use the first two trivial examples to show you how foolish this all is. There was a time, Glen, when women weren’t even allowed to vote. Do you still agree with that policy? Of course not.

    Then you go on to say….”The Church didn’t have a pedophilia problem, it had a homosexual problem.” Glen, the Church has always had a pedophilia problem. Probably for centuries! And if you think the Church is a safe haven today, you are wrong for two reasons. Look above at this thread’s article. Fr Camille Leger still has a hold on people today…and he’s been dead for a number if years now!!! Yes, the Church is still keeping him exalted as are some of the Catholic people there in that town. There is evidence that that priest was a pedophile….and the truth is slowly coming out as people…those abused children now adults…..are slowly coming out. They need to bring out the true story so they can finally deal with it and be helped and possibly healed. The Church has done its best to keep stories secret, spend money on lawyers bills, and keep the priests, Bishops and Cardinals in their palaces and cigars and liquor. Sad but true.

    “The safest place for any child”….Ask any parent if they feel that is true today. Go ahead and ask and please be honest and come back with their responses. We await your reply.

  15. JG says:

    Glen, briefly…
    …if you wouldn’t sit with those “bad protestants”[sic],”undeserving women”,…and everyone who has a different view from yours, tell me , who is your “model”…and do you recall that in “your” eternity of 2000 years, it all started very differently from what you are trying to depict! You don’t understand the presence of God in our lives if you have such limits in your mind…You are like the child who is forever content with the basic alphabet and never learns to spell the Words…
    Frankly you would need eternity to understand it is not in the ritual and in the label you carry that Christ makes himself known …and answers the most awkward but sincere prayers of all…not only Catholics or Christians….If you have contemplated the Uniqueness of God, you should understand those divisions are of a “human creation”…the little smarter monkey! We have along way to go but you like the way things have been…With “hell” (no capital letter here for me…)foremost in your mind, to intimidate us back in your “sphere”… Again, who is your “Model”…??

    So, did you recently enjoy a trip “across the pond” and meet some fellow big hats? …to return so energized in your delusions? …I for one would like to hear about it…
    Tell us more!

  16. Sylvia says:

    Here’s a link t0 a CBC video clip re Father Camille Leger (from 09 March 2012) http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/News/Canada/NB/1305552294/ID=2208101131

    I cam across another which indicated that the picture of Leger which has been on display inside the arena has been taken down .

  17. Glen says:

    It seems many who automatically condemn an accused priest are not well informed on the issue. Do any of you know the rates of actual pedophilia in the Church? Do you know the rate of ephebophilia? Do you know how many priests have been falsely accused? Are you aware of the correct measures now in place to protect children?

    As for women priests this is a matter of doctrine and doctrine doesn’t change. It’s not going to happen so move on.

    Abstaining from meat on Fridays actually didn’t change. What the Church did do is offer an alternative – an extra act of penance. Sadly most Catholics don’t know the faith these days.

    Although I commend Sylvia for all the work she puts into the site I suspect there is a point where more harm can be done than good. Without proper perspective and prudence what could be a laudable endeavor may end up being just another anti-Church crusade.

    It’s easy to spot those who recognize a problem and work towards a solution in contrast to those who see an opportunity to attack the entity. Iconoclasts rarely hide their intentions thus cannot maintain credibility when criticizing the issue. The Church has always had enemies – many greater than seen here.

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Glen- [deleted by Sylvia] your bias against the truth about abuse in the Catholic Church by Priests being revealed, is obvious. Usually, posters like you speak from self-interest.
      Maybe your post should stay within your Diocese so your Bishop may benefit from your wisdom.

      • Sylvia says:

        I had previously and for good reason asked that certain names not be mentioned. I unfortunately missed this 1 abandoned sheep. This does absolutely nothing other than cause chaos again. Please, no further reference by name OR initials.

        Lina, I deleted your post on the matter. I realize you were relating your comments to what 1 abandoned sheep had to say, but all it would do is stoke the fires. Let them do what they will and say what they want on their site.

    • JG says:

      If you are always prepared for battle you will surely seek an enemy somewhere…

  18. Baspuits says:

    I’ve seen several numbers is several documents, as 70% of priest are homosexual or/and have nothing against it!
    One to two percent have been falsly accused!
    Ninety percent of all pedophile or ephebophilia (slap on the left cheek or on the right, is still a slap) is 90% males. What better reason to ordain women, I will know that 9 out 10 will not touch my kids or yours!

    Did you look in the mirror and got this sentence = Iconoclasts rarely hide their intentions thus cannot maintain credibility when criticizing the issue!

    As for changes, what do you say when they changed one of the commandments, as in changing the Sabbath to Sunday! Talk about a change!

    As for doctrines, so you say we can’t change the one that is 600 year old called “Mental Reservation” were it gives the right for the clergy to tell a lie, in order to save the church from scandal! How convenients

    Still waiting in what changes did the church do “so as it is the safest place for children now” Still waiting at what date this started, aslo.

  19. Sylvia says:

    Glen, did it ever for a moment cross your mind that the confusion you see on this site regarding Church discipline, doctrine and dogma are a reflection of the abject failure of clergy and/or bishops to teach and/or uphold Church teaching?

    That aside, paedophile or ephophile, it makes no difference to the victim, and it makes no difference to the average Catholic. A molester, is a molester is a molester.

    Do you Glen by chance know the exact number of convicted clerical sexual predators who are still in the priesthood? I don’t. I would truly like to know.

    Do you perchance know the exact number of priests against whom there have been “credible” allegations who are still in the priesthood? I don’t. I would truly like to know.

    For that matter, do you know how many convicted and/or known sexual predators are still serving as priests – in sanctuaries, hospitals or schools? (by known I mean known to diocesan officials). I don’t. I do know of four that we happened upon in this site in the past 18 moths or so. How many more Glen? Perhaps you can help us with those numbers?

    As for the potential of the site doing more harm than good, I pray that it does not. I will answer to God on that.

  20. Glen says:

    Sylvia, I agree that confusion among the faithful is partly a result of clergy not teaching the faith. Sadly, this has been one of the fruits of the “spirit of Vatican II”. By the grace of God things are changing for the better albeit slowly. The younger generation of priests are more orthodox and desire to be priests, not poorly paid social workers.

    I don’t have the numbers you asked me for. Like you I am outraged when crimes against children are not dealt with accordingly. Removing the filth from the Church is every faithful Catholic’s hope. However, my concern with your site is that it treats accused as guilty.

    The reality is the rate of pedophilia in the Church is no higher than any other religion and lower than some others. The highest rate of pedophilia is in the home. The second most dangerous place is a school. Do the commentators here demand structural changes in homes and schools? By their logic there should be no male teachers.

    Nor do the Protestant religions that allow their ministers to marry have a lower rate of pedophilia. Therefore, allowing priests to marry would not change anything in this regard in the Catholic Church. Sadly, women sexually abuse children too.

    Pedophilia is a societal problem, not exclusive to the Church. What we all need to do is put pressure on our politicians to make these crimes more than a slap on the wrist for punishment. If the penalty for pedophilia was life in prison I bet the rates would go down in every environment.

    Unfortunately, many enemies of the Church use pedophilia to attack it for their malicious intentions. The Church is the most visible Christian institution and does not waver on moral issues. It is a favorite target of the entertainment and media industry. Did you know the Boston Globe ran more stories on the scandal there then they did on World War II?

    Sylvia, please know that I admire your efforts. I too work within the Church to fix things and know how much time and effort is involved. In Christian charity I ask you to take some time to reflect on the direction you are taking things now. Could your work be more effective if it focused on the convicted? Due to the possibility of false accusations, could you handle such news more diplomatically? What if you used this issue to invoke changes to the Canadian justice system? If you became the catalyst for tougher sentences and by extension lowered the rate of pedophilia in our society how great would that reward be?

  21. Lina says:

    Glen said: “Pedophilia is a societal problem, not exclusive to the Church.”

    Glen this blog deals with “Blogging the sex abuse scandal and betrayals of trust in the Roman Catholic Church in Canada.”

    Glen said: “Did you know the Boston Globe ran more stories on the scandal there then they did on World War II?”

    How quickly you forget Glen. This may be the reason?

    Boston Globe reporters Mike Rezendes and Matt Carroll were an instrumental part of uncovering the Roman Catholic Church sex abuse scandal in 2001–2003, especially in relation to Massachusetts churches. They were awarded the Pulitzer Prize for their work, one of several the paper has received for its investigative journalism.

    “I think we all had a sense, even before our first story came out, that this was an explosive subject with huge potential impact,” says Michael Paulson, the paper’s former religious affairs correspondent, who helped the paper to win the 2003 Pulitzer prize for exposing both the full extent of sexual abuse by Boston Catholic clergy, and the shameful response to it of Cardinal Law and his bishops. “But I think we were still all taken aback by how quickly and dramatically it exploded – first here, then across the country and around the world.”

    For Michael Rezendes, a member of the Globe’s Spotlight investigative team and lead writer on the first story in the paper’s prize-winning series, “There’s no question in my mind that our work was the spark. We were the forerunners. Given that Boston is the largest Catholic city in America, it was quite courageous of the editors – we could have alienated a lot of readers. But the court cases we won, the church documents we got released, became precedent; they encouraged other papers and other lawyers in other cities to follow suit.”

    To check this info out just google the names of the reporters in the above post.


  22. Glen says:

    Lina, was the Boston scandal more important than the Second World War?

    Do you acknowledge the rate of pedophilia in the Church is the same or lower than other religions? Do you acknowledge the rate in the Church is SUBSTANTIALLY lower than the public school system? Are you outraged by the rate of abuse in the public school system? What are you doing about it? Do you spend as much time making comments in their ‘whistle blower’ websites like this one?

    The level of hypocrisy and ulterior motives in these comment boxes is appalling.

  23. Sylvia says:

    I agree whole-heartedly that there are child molesters in other religious denominations and in other walks of life. I do not however believe for a moment that is reason for me to change focus. Those in the Church should set example, not follow suit. I don’t believe that pointing fingers and crying ‘everyone else does it” is good cause to close our eyes to or excuse the reality of the sexual abuse – and cover-ups – which Roman Catholic clergy have inflicted upon the flock.

    I would add what you surely must know already: the child who is sexually abused by a priest almost invariably loses his/her faith in the priesthood, and/or faith in the Church, and/or faith in God. I could count on one hand the number of victims of clerical sexual abuse who do not fall into that category. I assure you it is a very painful reality for those who are willing to speak about. The anger that you hear is that pain. In many instances it is shared by immediate and extended family members. So, while it is true that child sexual abuse is and has sadly been prevalent in society, the sex abuse of a child by a priest effectively cuts the victim off from the graces of Sacraments, graces which I believe are so desperately needed for healing. There are thousand upon thousands of lost sheep out there Glen. I care about them. I will do what I can to ensure that the Church will some day become the haven and source of healing for them that she must.

    I agree that pressure must be exerted to change legislation. And, yes, I do absolutely weep to see these predators get a slap on the back of the hand with no more than a ‘tut tut bad boy’ when they are convicted. I hope people will join forces to fight for much-needed change. I can not, at least at this time, lead that charge. My chief concern is what is happening in the Church. I believe that society will follow suit and treat child sex abuse as the horror that is is when, and only when, authorities in the Church (1) treat the clerical predators in their midst as unworthy to be priests and unfit to be addressed as “father” – and that will happen when every known predator (convicted or with “credible” allegations against him) is laicized/defrocked; (2) spend more time talking to and listening to God than they do to their lawyers ; (3) think more of the salvation of souls than they do of the almighty dollar; (4) are honest with victims.

    The whole issue of women’s ordination is, I believe, a red herring. I have in the past made clear that I abide by and accept the teachings of the Church, and that includes teaching regarding women’s ordination. I am not however here as an apologist, nor am I a theologian, nor do I want to get bogged down debating issues which quickly derail the site. As I am sure you know there is many a bishop and a priest who has, contrary to Church teaching, advocated women’s ordination. If you want to take people to task for such opinions I suggest you go after those clergy and bishops who have undermined Church teaching by freely and publicly imparting and nurturing such opinions within the Church. Don’t blame the sheep for the sins, errors and/or omissions of those who are supposed to be our shepherds.

    Finally, re the Boston Globe. Don’t blame the Globe – had there been no sex abuse and scandal and cover-up there would have been no story to tell. Sadly, the sorry truth has come out in dribs and drabs with Church officials kicking and screaming every inch of the way.

    Re your request that I focus only on those clergy who have been convicted. That I can not do. I will continue to give the benefit of the doubt to victims, complainants and potential victims. I believe that Catholics have a right to know when there is a possibility that children are at risk, or that they may have been betrayed.

  24. JG says:

    Read my lips: ZERO tolerance in the CHURCH…ZERO tolerance EVERYWHERE…
    When you and the Church decide to be better you will not feel the need to compare yourself…there is no competition to find the worst child abusers: just a resolve to stop it regardless of the barriers which need to fall. One child is justification enough…as “one sheep” should be!..
    …”they do it too!..” is immature, immoral and unbecoming of so called Spiritual Leaders. Or is it just a hobby…worst, a “job”!?
    You are showing your face…and it is pitiful for one who pretends to carry on the work of Christ…forget the Eternal Church if it is nothing more than all the other profit oriented institutions…
    You wish for the Church to lead…and you are looking for the excuses of a Juvenile delinquent! At least, that would be a reasonable excuse if you did not claim to be “the Eternal Church”…
    I am where I am today, challenging the Church to do better as are many others… All I was looking for was an “apology”…over one year ago…and the lip service, the lies, the deceit have never ceased coming from the “defenders” of the Church…. The only answer you find is to condemn, accuse and put up your barricades! Are you simple or do you just feel above it all? …above the “rabble” as I suggested earlier, to compare you to the “Pharisees”! The more I read the more it makes perfect sense. The Pharisees just changed their uniforms and the rhetoric…
    The more you and others who claim to defend “the Church” go on with such arrogance, the more you prove we are right to fight this Church and to call it Evil…I have spent 30 years defending “the Church”, at great cost and it was only to be tricked by Bishop Valery Vienneau, Judge Michel Bastarache and “the Church”.
    You don’t get it!..We are all challenging the church to do better and you are just looking to “reason” your way out, to impress and suppress us with your superiority.
    You have certainly lost the Way if you only want to be “just as good” as the worst some “other” institution has to offer.
    You need to fall down hard and to recover with more Grace than you/the Church have shown to regain some relevance, some semblance of leadership in whatever Spiritual Communion awaits us. Right now, you are not in that picture!
    I think we have all wasted too much time with you as it is. You were full of “information” but several have asked some simple questions and we are on the edge of our seats, waiting for clarity to arrive.
    The second world war?…Compared to this damage, to children, by the Church..??!!..
    One has quite the visual impact, the other pernicious although well hidden!
    Like a broken arm as compared to generalized Cancer !
    Remove the beam from your eye…


  25. Baspuits says:

    Still waiting when did it start “the church is the safest place for kids, today” and why?
    Grant you that they are as many pedophilia in other groupe/relegion, but history will prove that a priest had 100 or even in some case like father Lévi Noël and father Gérard Gautreau had 1000 more victims! So that could be a reason we hear more about priest and their dirty little habit!
    I read on a town sign of Douglastown once, “progress is not obtained by content people”! Sorry padre “not ready to make nice”!

  26. Glen says:

    Sylvia, consider for a moment that by persecuting the accused you could be pushing people out of the Church. By not keeping an objective perspective you may give people the impression the Church is a haven for pedophiles and to stay away from it. I’ve seen nothing here on your site that gives balance. Your followers deserve to know the whole truth.

  27. Sylvia says:

    Three questions Glen:

    (1) Which priests have I “persecuted”?

    (2) Do you have children?

    (3) What kind of “balance” are you looking for?

  28. Baspuits says:

    You have the chance to give balance, (and what do you do) espesially of what you’ve said or can’t say or back up, with dates and numbers! I have no interest in returning to church, not after what they did and are still doing to me and 35 other victims in my area. I did not run into this site to go back to church, but more in knowing that I’m not alone, of my/this toxic shame! I’ve heard that every time a victim has a chance to tell her or his story, she or he looses a layer of shame and I thank Sylvia for this.
    I’m sorry Glen but the truth, you can’t handled it!
    PS, you’ll know that pedophiles are great swimmers, why else would Jesus say in the good old book “you have to tie them down with a mill stone around the neck and toss them to sea!” What do you know my funny side is starting to come out, gee I guess there’s hope.

  29. Mike Mc says:

    Glen, I have been following your comments and comments from others in here. I suggest you re read Sylvia’s comments above. very sound and honest from her heart. But in case you simply rushed through her writing, re-read this. It makes perfect sense and is well thought out. She says:

    “I agree that pressure must be exerted to change legislation. And, yes, I do absolutely weep to see these predators get a slap on the back of the hand with no more than a ‘tut tut bad boy’ when they are convicted. I hope people will join forces to fight for much-needed change. I can not, at least at this time, lead that charge. My chief concern is what is happening in the Church. I believe that society will follow suit and treat child sex abuse as the horror that is is when, and only when, authorities in the Church (1) treat the clerical predators in their midst as unworthy to be priests and unfit to be addressed as “father” – and that will happen when every known predator (convicted or with “credible” allegations against him) is laicized/defrocked; (2) spend more time talking to and listening to God than they do to their lawyers ; (3) think more of the salvation of souls than they do of the almighty dollar; (4) are honest with victims.

    Glen, I was watching the news here about a priest who just today was told by his Bishop he was to leave the premises of the parish. Needlessto say, the people are in shock! Their beloved priest! They were told he is not to wear the robes of the priest, say Mass or administer sacraments. He is now on immediate administrative leave. Other than that, the parish people from the parish interviewed before TV cameras say they know NOTHING more. One lady said however, “But I guess we have to give this priest his privacy.”
    We see it all happening again. It’s 2012 and it’s still happening again and again. This is their parish priest…their leader, pastor, spiritual guide….and suddenly!!!…. he is gone…and no explanation given.
    What will tomorrow bring?

  30. Glen says:


    1) Every priest accused
    2) Irrelevant
    3) By not rushing to judgement to automatically condemn the accused. By offering a section detailing the societal rates; what the Church has done for preventative measures. By asking yourself if you are trying to help solve a problem or other malicious intention. By advocating tougher sentences for all pedophiles.

    You have done some very good work here. However, by losing perspective you may compromise your integrity. If this site becomes nothing more than another anti-Church hatefest most people won’t take it seriously.

    In charity,

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Glen, your posts are rampant hypocrisy! You are either a priest or a consoler of priest, or someone from your Diocese who is tasked to defend the indefensible!
      Get a REAL job !

  31. Baspuits says:

    You have the floor in explaining “What the church has done for preventive mesures,” that’s your job not this site!!!! Was it before Ratzinger birth or after?
    By advocating tougher sentences and making sure this does not happen again!
    Losing perspective by who’s agenda!
    I for one will not believe that mgr Valery Vienneau will or want to fick the problem! And listening mgr André Richard in Moncton on the news last night is not ready to do better! Come on now, it’s like asking Hilter back then “To fixe your oven”!
    And your boo hoo of hurting the church, if this was any other company in Canada, would you’d think we’ed be so far, in unraveling the mystery?

  32. Michel Bertrand says:

    Quack quack quack Glen and not one word of real compassion for victims and survivors of your brother’s awful passage into the life of thousands upon thousands of poor innocent children. We want people like you making church social policy..NOT. I would rather be an underpaid Social worker than to be a kept priest. Many over paid social workers are single parents and make much less than any priest. Their earnings are for raising children without the assistance of maids and cleaners and they are not living in lavish luxury swilling wine and petting their little dogs at their cottages. They are out protecting children their own and others while paying for their day care, their hydro bills and putting bread on the table They are also being good citizens and not breaking the most moral laws of God and man. So The pulpit speech save it for the people who are truly not thinking past their dogma’s and rituals. I have seen God in the eyes of the homeless and dejected and strangely enough I have felt it here through some of the impact statements of recovering abuse victims but have yet to see it in the eyes and heart of any catholic priest I have met or had arrested. Your just a black robed duck in a flock of black robed ducks protecting the duck pond and not the flock.

  33. Sylvia says:

    Glen, my response:
    (1) If identifying a priest who is a suspect molester constitutes persecution, God help us all. What have we come to?
    (2) If you had children you would understand that no good parent would willfully place their children at risk, nor do they want others to do so on their behalf.
    (3) (i) I have never condemned an accused; (ii) please don’t rationalize the sex abuse crisis and cover-up in the Church by pointing fingers and saying ‘everyone else does it” – in so doing you demean the Church and the sanctity of the priesthood while scorning the loss of faith which is unique to and almost invariably besets those who have endured the horror of clerical sexual abuse; (iii) I have a link to the Vatican website “Abuse of Minors. The Church’s Response.” There are documents re “preventive measures” posted throughout the site and others can be accessed via Documents/Church-related Documents; (iv) rest assured my decision to start this site was not taken lightly. As for your inference that I have or may have “malicious intention,” God knows my intentions; (v) I always advocate tougher sentences for molesters. Perhaps your niche Glen is to formally lobby the government for judicial reform and amendments to the Criminal Code of Canada?

    You say that this site is no more than “another anti-Catholic hatefest”?

    I don’t know who you are Glen but I do suggest that you pay heed to the pain, frustration and anger you hear and read on this site. Those are the voices of victims of clerical sexual abuse, and they are the voices of those Catholics who have been sorely betrayed by priests and/or bishops, and they are the voices of those who have dealt with victims of clerical sexual abuse and witnessed their anguish first-hand. They are real. It saddens me that you believe that giving voice to them constitutes an “anti-Catholic hate fest.”

    You can cover your eyes and ears Glen and pretend those people don’t exist. You can pretend that all is well in the Church and “the problem” has been fixed. You can rationalize and point fingers to deflect. You can tolerate convicted molesters in the priesthood and in sanctuaries, and a shroud of secrecy blanketing every priest who is charged or has credible allegations against him, and you can tolerate willfully placing children at risk and keeping parents in the dark. You can tolerate it Glen. I can not.

    I have no more to say on this.

  34. Julie Anne Richard says:

    Hello Sylvie,

    I wanted to thank you for all you are doing to give victims a voice. My father (Baspuits) as you know is a survivor of sexual abuse at the hands of a priest. This has affected him and his family (wife, children, and extended family) in many ways but as his daughter, it’s been hard to sit on the sidelines and see him struggle with wanting to do something to change how things are done so that never again a child has to go through what so many have had to endure. Finding people and families that we can relate too and talk too and exchange thoughts and feelings with has gone a long way towards not making us feel so isolated and judged. I believe that my father and his fellow survivors will prevail with the aid of people like you who have compassion, understanding and the courage to speak out about injustices in the world even if it inconveniences some people. I have lost all faith in god a long time ago, partly because of this but I think when I read posts like yours and other similar ones on this website, that perhaps someday, I might find it again…

    Thank you again for helping people who for so long had no voice. 🙂


  35. Mike Mc says:

    When Julie says:

    ” I have lost all faith in god a long time ago, partly because of this but I think when I read posts like yours and other similar ones on this website, that perhaps someday, I might find it again…

    Thank you again for helping people who for so long had no voice.

    Julie ”

    ……I feel my heart ache for her. But thankfully she expresses a “possibility” that she might find god with a capital G again. I am not a personal victim of abuse nor have I lost God in my life, but I sure am disappointed in the RC Church….my church from my youth. My father was a good Catholic man and taught us well. I can even remember him questioning things with us at the table about the Church. He must have struggled like anyone else. My mother told us later (long after my father had died) about the difficult decisions they made about birth control. We were 6 kids.
    So Julie, I respect your feelings and thoughts….. and the way you expressed yourself is as touching and direct as Sylvia’s response above. The church is in turmoil. I hope Glen begins to see the light.

  36. JG says:

    I sent a quick E-mail to the Village of Cape-Pelé this afternoon to salute the Council and its citizens for such quick action and for showing their support for the victims. I thanked them also for the victims everywhere else who may find strength in this small victory and feel less undeserved shame and guilt.
    Thanks to all those who may have sent their support by E-mail just in the last 5 days!
    We’ll never know the impact but it probably had some meaning.


  37. JG says:

    On the CBC News-N.B…..just 15 minutes ago, the video with dozens of people at the sign removal…accompanied by some happy cheers! The fire chief commented that the abuses had been common knowledge in the community for “years”…He himself knew several of the victims.
    A lady, member of the “parish council” echoed the fire chief’s comments and she added it was time this happened. She expressed her pride in the Community for resolving this quickly.
    Smiles all around.


  38. Baspuits says:

    Reminds me of a country boy who visits his cousin in Toronto. Everything is big, loud and a lot of people. The country boy was astounished at a farmers market, lots of table/stall of everything one is looking for. At one table the country boy stops and says to his Toronto cousin “Talk about lovely table of gold watch and jewerly!!! Keep moving on, that’s a Jew was his cousin reply! Jew, what’s wrong with them? Don’t you read your bible, the Jews are the one that kild Jesus! What, and the country boy jumps over the table and start punching the Jew. The merchant yells out “Why are you hitting me”? “Your the one the killed Jesus Christ”, was his answer! “But that was over 2000 years ago”! To which the country boy answers “Well I just found it out, a moment ago!
    The poor victimes of Cap Pelé (and for that matter, those of diocese of Bathurst also) have come out and to say that Father Camille Léger was a pedophile and the joke is that everybody knew it!!! How long ago?????? (sorry not that funny)

  39. Sylvia says:

    Father Camille Leger was pastor at St. Clement Roman Catholic Church, Port Elgin, New Brunswick from 1945-1957. I am sure there are a number of victims in Port Elgin who have been suffering in silence for all these years.

  40. Sylvia says:

    From 1939 – probably right after ordination – to 193 he was assisting at St. Theresa’s in Dieppe. In the first two years he and the other priest were also providing services, at least monthly, to the parishioners at St. Lawrence O’Toole in Irishtown.

    I wonder of there are any unfortunate victims there as well? It wouldn’t surprise me – they would be well on in years now, but, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least

  41. Sylvia says:

    There is a Radio-Canada video clip here which includes an interview with Michel Bastarche.  I can’t download it.  Would those who are bilingual please review and give us a bit of summary and/or anything which of particular significance? Here is an external link to the video: http://www.radio-canada.ca/regions/atlantique/2012/06/04/002-conciliation-cap-pele-nouveau-brunswick.shtml

  42. JG says:

    **Let me try a quick translation….

    The larger title read above the video reads:“The church reaches out to the presumed victims of father Camille Léger”

    then on the video: ”Bastarache to the rescue” 

    ”…The Archdiocese of Moncton, New Brunswick, will offer compensation to the presumed victims of sexual assaults perpetrated by father Camille Léger in the Cap Pelé region.
    The story of these sexual assaults against young boys came to broad daylight last winter.
    Through a communique, the archdiocese announced the beginning of a conciliation process for the presumed victims of these actions. It is an independent process which will be directed by retired judge Michel Bastarache.
    The goal is to allow the presumed victims to obtain compensation while remaining anonymous  without having to pay for legal representation.

    Even if this is the first time compensation is mentioned since the beginning of this story, the church denies there is any link to be made with the Normand Brun case. He claims to have negotiated a compensation with clergy in the 1990’s for sexuals assaults by Camille Léger when he was a child.

    <<At the diocese level we were studying the file to determine what steps should be taken. The door was never closed to financial compensation at that time. We said it recently. We have been talking about it for some time. This was the next step. It is not because of Mr. Brun’s file that we moved on this>>, claims Donald Langis, the diocesan coordinator of the “pastorale”.

    Michel Bastarache explains his process.

    Michel Bastarache played the same role in the father Lévi Noël case, in the Bathurst diocese, two years ago.. The ex-judge used the same process with father Noël’s victims. At that time the oponents of this process had accused hm of trying to buy the victims silence.

    <<The victims are always free to go before the Court. So, we are not buying anything. The diocese acknowledges its responsibility. First of all, I am not the archbishop’s or the diocese’s lawyer. I am the one to determine the amounts payable, without any intervention from the bishop>>, explains Mr. Bastarache.

    The archdiocese also indicated that should there be any other victims of assaults by other members of the Moncton diocese, their would also be allowed to participate.

    …end of translation…

    I may have some comments later! I “presume.”..


  43. Sylvia says:

    Thank you jg.  I think I will be back to comment later too.    Right now it’s on to the kitchen to get a meal on the table 🙂

  44. JG says:

    *”The archdiocese also indicated that should there be any other victims of
    assaults by other members of the Moncton diocese, their would also be
    allowed to participate”…

    After all the song and dance, in the end, this is really what they aim to keep out of the media or public knowledge. Everything else which precedes this is window dressing, a rehash of what we know, what we have been told. Nothing new, even the Bastarache short explanation.  What would be very damaging is for other victims of other priests to be identified.

    Quite obvious that this is going to be a mirror image of the Bathurst settlements where the implication(read above!) is that there was only “one” offending priest. The CBC reporter, unknowingly or not , also only mentions “one” priest when he makes a connection to Bathurst! That was the initial Lévi Noël…and he is the only one mentioned in this clip! Because the other names are sealed…hush!hush! maybe still in a church near you!

    In a years time whether there were 20-40-60 victims and 5-10-20 offending priest, because of the Bastarache “recipe”, and legal implications/fabrication, everyone (mostly church reps!) will only refer to this episode as it relates to Camille Leger.  Pretty good tradeoff if the church wants to minimize the damage in its coffers…Keep the flock ignorant…and make everybody believe they are doing this to ”protect” the victims anonymity …not the church “hypocrisy”..

    This reminds me of the short conversation with a Bastarache female assistant who called me right back in April 2009 after I answered the Bathurst “invitation” in the newspapers, on my father’s behalf.  I gave her a quick overview of the abuser Leon Gagnon and of my father’s story. Not so interested until I told her I had filmed my father’s explanation…then her voice perked up ….She called me within about 10 minutes  to set up an appointment with  our “Roy Bean” of the east….but most of all she asked, right at the end: “Make sure you bring the film of your father…” That’s all they wanted until they could rejoice at his passing just eight months later…

    These are the last people I would trust in the Province of New Brunswick.  Yes, they started another round of deception, under everyone’s noses and because it is the ”catholic church”, we all think it is perfectly legal…because they are telling us it is! Anyone else who would conspire to cover up a fraction of what we all know would be pursued by the Law…

    All we can do is talk about it and hope some day the right person will be listening. To think this all started with a simple sign on an arena!!

    I hope some/all victims would by-pass this travesty and agree that the money will not heal them(as Mr. Langis suggested!) and go right to the media as Mr Brun did this past week…otherwise they continue to be silent victims until…Well, Norm just said… his relief came a month and a half ago, long after the money was long, long gone…

    Think about it if you were a victim: go to the media or take the first step right here! Silence is “their”option…


  45. Baspuits says:

    Five years ago, today, a groupe of men from Cap Pele NB, said ” enough ” and tore down the name of Camille Léger on the local arena!


  46. Baspuits says:

    Heard trough the grape vine: first law suit against Camille Le diable Léger & the diocese of Moncton will be heard this coming end of November. (Will come back with dates, or Sylvia do you know which door bell at the Palais de Justice of Moncton, to ring?)

    The victim will first in a long long line of victims of Cap Pelée to be heard in the court of Justice and lot more once this process is finish!

    After talking with several of Camille le diable Léger victims, the same song comes up; the church does not want to change, and I must have Justice, and tell my terrible abuses were! This must never happen again to children, our testimony will see to that!

    I write this with a heavy heart……


  47. Baspuits says:

    Après d’avoir assister comme supporteur, à un conference settlement d’une victime de Cap Pelée du terrible Camille Leger, à la court de Moncton, je suis bouche béé a de quoi j’ai entendue :
    L’avocat du diocèse nous dit que les acadians vivaient dans un temps où il n’avait pas grand expectation pour les gars que de devenir des pêcheurs ou bûcherons, so le clergé ne peut être responsable des pertes de gains……..
    Michel Bastarache est un acadien, que le clergé à engager pour nous tricher, qui n’est pas un pêcheur ou bûcheron, étais bon assez pour gain de cause, mais les victimes so sad, ont ait pas responsable……
    Votre désappointé peut être fait en appellant le diocèse de Moncton 506-857-9531 no du diocèse et de leur dire aussi que Tit Louis Robichaud étais un acadien, mais c’est vrai il a pas venu au monde à Cap Pelée, par chance!!!
    Baspuits/Lowell Mallais

  48. Baspuits says:

    After attending, in a conference settlement with a victim of Cap Pelee by the terrible Camille Léger, at the Moncton court, I am speechless from what I heard:
    The diocese’s lawyer tells us that the Acadians lived in a time when they were not a big expectation for the boys, who would only become not much more then fishermen or Lumberjacks, so the church can not be responsible for losses of earnings …… ..
    Michel Bastarache is an Acadian, he was good enough to hire in meeting us, he is not a fisherman or a lumberjack, his an ex-judge of the suprem court of Canada!
    but to the victims, we are so sad, but were not responsible …
    Your disappointment can be made by calling the Diocese of Moncton at 506-857-9531 !!
    Remind them Louis Robichaud was a great Acadian, and thank god he was not born in Cap Pelé!

  49. bc says:

    See The Silence; filmmaker Renée Blanchar’s poignant documentary on clerical abuse and the episcopal cowardice that enables clerical abuse in New-Brunswick. It’s on the main page of the National Film Board of Canada at https://www.nfb.ca/

  50. Phil Johnson says:

    Thanks for posting this, bc. Will watch it this weekend. Hope you are doing ok.

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