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The page on Father Piotr Sanczenko is posted and as complete as it can be at this point in time. I will find out tomorrow when he is scheduled to go to trial.  It must be fairly soon?  As far as I can see his last court date was an 11 April 2011 pre-trial hearing or conference? Anyway, I will sort it out tomorrow.

It looks as though there has been a huge outpouring of support for Sanczenko. It’s stereotypical, is it not?  Keep the complainants in your prayers – without doubt this has been a difficult time for them.

Interesting to see that Sanczenko is a member of the Knights of Columbus.  Only days ago I was posting a page on Father Konstanty Przybylski another Polish-born priest in the Diocese of London Ontario who was active with the Knights of Columbus.


I came across another name which belongs somewhere on the site.  In truth I’m not quite sure exactly where it belongs.

Gerard John Vesnaugh was a priest in Detroit.  He was defrocked in 1975 .  He went on to study law and become a lawyer in the States.  He molested again.  He was disbarred.

Then he surfaced across the border in Windsor, Ontario.  Windsor is only a hop skip and jump away from Detroit, but, it’s out of country.

Vesnaugh was molesting again.  In Windsor. He was convicted.

That was 1986.

I am torn as to where to post this.  On the Accused page?  or, on the Of Interest/Non Clerical?  Because of his background as a priest I am leaning toward putting it on the Accused page.

Vesnaugh also went by the name Frank Edward Quinn.


Two court dates this week:

(1)  Tuesday 25 October 2011:  Father Yvon Doiron – for trial on theft-related charges (Campbellton courthouse, Campellton, New Brunswick).  I will find out and post the start time tomorrow.

(2)  Friday 28 October 2011:  Father Kenneth O’Keefe csb – preliminary hearing (Ottawa court house. 10 am. Courtroom #10).

The preliminary hearing will be open to the public.  There will probably be a publication ban, but that doesn’t prevent people from attending and finding out what the nature of the allegations are against this Basilian priest.

Enough for now,





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