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The trial on theft-related charges for Father Yvon Doiron started this morning (Tuesday, 25 October 2011) at 09:30 am, Campbellton courthouse, Campellton, New Brunswick). By the sound of it, it was all over in the twinkle of an eye.

According to JG there was a “guilty” plea: sentencing 30 January 2012.

Thanks for that update JG, and great that you were able to get there :).


As you will have noticed I am working at getting the information up on those on the Accused list.  It can be rather tedious work so from time to time I just make up my mind that I must get a few more done.  I will be relieved when all are taken care of, and that day is getting closer, but there’s still a bit of slugging away to be done. Once that is accomplished it will be much easier to sort out things like how many from what diocese are on the list, what areas seem to have a preponderance of molesters and so on.  Things are relatively quiet right now so this is a good chance to chip away at it 🙂  Keep an eye on New to the Site (access manually by clicking “NEW” on the horizontal black menu bar at the top of the page).

Those added yesterday are:

Father Gerald Roy

 Father Gary Roy

Gerard John Vesnaugh (Yes, I decided that as  an ex-priest who was charged and convicted in Canada I would list him on the Accused page)

I also posted the 1998 reasons for sentencing for Paul Leroux

15 August 1998:   Her Majesty the Queen v Paul Leroux: Reasons for Sentencing

Leroux, an ex-seminarian and former dormitory supervisor at residential schools in Northern Saskatchewan and Inuvik, NWT dorm was charged September of this year with 13 counts of indecent assault which relate to his years as dormitory supervisor at the Beauval Indian Residential School from 1960 to 1967.   He defiantly denies the allegations.

Leroux has been convicted at least twice in the past, once as part of the infamous Grollier Hall trials.  Charges were also laid at one time after he was caught with a massive stash of child pornography- those charges disappeared after his sex abuse trial got under way.

Leroux had a court date in Beauval Saskatchewan 19 October 2011.  Does anyone know what happened there?

Enough for now,


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