A few interesting tid bits

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A few quick tid bits which I must draw to your attention:

(1) Justice Glaude’s ruling that the diocese is a “public” institution is making ripples in the legal world. Already Ottawa lawyers are looking at the precedent which Glaude said was not a precedent and, in the battle to save Ottawa’s historic St. Brigid’s Church, lawyers representing the parishioners are considering using the ruling as part of their strategy to keep Archbishop Gervais from putting their church on the chopping block. It could prove interesting.

(2) The rumour mill has it that at least one token victim (i.e., a victim who has been chosen by Glaude et al. to testify within the strict and carefully-controlled parameters set by the Cornwall Public Inquiry team) has received a $30,000 cheque from the commission. IF indeed this is fact that means that this token victim at least, and possibly all token victims who have been so carefully chosen to testify are being bought. I would appreciate any feedback anyone can provide in this regard.

(3) A final interesting little tid-bit: I have in front me the Table of Contents from the first edition of Studia Canonica (April 1967), the bi-annual canon law publication launched by Father Frank Morrissey OMI, the canon lawyer whose canonical expertise has been sought and used by Bishop Paul Andre Durocher for the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall and who has been quoted frequently at the Weave Shed.

For his premier edition Morrissey ran an article – “Bishop-Priest-Laity Relationship in the Light of Vatican II” – by Bishop Alexander Carter (scroll down), one of the Gang of Five and then Bishop of the Diocese of Sault Ste Marie, and another – “Foundation of the Episcopal Conference in Canada” – by then Father Bernard Prince, then Vice-Chancellor of the Diocese of Pembroke now the Monsignor Bernard Prince facing multiple charges of sexual abuse of young boys dating back to the late 60s.

I will be posting information on Father John Loftus SJ who will be taking the stand next week at the Weave Shed to provide “contextual evidence.” I believe it is important that you know where this man is coming from before he takes the stand.

And a final plea that if anyone out there can enlighten me regarding token victims being paid to testify I would greatly appreciate whatever information you can relay. It’s very important.

Enough for now,

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