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Going to stretch

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Arrived in Victoria BC safe and sound,  Dead on my feet – going to stretch out now – that  will probably be the end of me for the day 🙂 The Gregory Hartnell trial starts tomorrow morning (Wednesday, 12 March … Continue reading

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A trial of interest

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Very quickly… Another priest charged and added to the Accused list, and a priest previously charged whose charges were withdrawn following a preliminary hearing, and then, a trial  of interest.  First, the priests: (1) Father Abraham Azhakathu mst Father Azhakathu … Continue reading

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We will be waiting

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The sex abuse trial of ex priest turned counsellor Gabriel De Bianco starts tomorrow morning (Tuesday, 15 October 2013) in the Sarnia, Ontario courthouse.  The trial is booked for about eight days. Those who have been following the site for … Continue reading

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Naming ban to remain

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The Armidale Express May 9, 2013, 5:11 p.m. By STEPHEN JEFFERY SILENCE: A suppression order, protecting the identity of a former Catholic priest accused of child abuse, will remain in effect at least until the man’s next court appearance. The … Continue reading

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Former priest faces Armidale Court again

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ABC News (Australia) Posted Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:50am AEDT By Catherine Clifford A court has continued its suppression order on the identity of a former priest charged with 35 historical child sex abuse offences. At Armidale Local Court, Magistrate … Continue reading

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Kingston priest to stand trial for sex charges

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Sun News (sunnewsnetwork.ca) 8:33 pm, February 7th, 2013 SUE YANAGISAWA | QMI AGENCY KINGSTON, Ont. – A Roman Catholic priest, charged last year with sex crimes allegedly committed in 2004 against a teenage boy, has been committed to stand trial … Continue reading

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Revolving door

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I am just back from the Ottawa courthouse (Father Joe LeClair had a court date this morning). Father Joe LeClair was not there.  I didn’t really anticipate that he would be.  Once again, it was over and done with in … Continue reading

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Justice denied: Alleged child-sex abuser walks free after Alberta judge rules trial delayed too long

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The Daily Brew 03 November 2012 By Steve Mertl | Our justice system enshrines the right to a speedy trial on the principle that, as William Gladstone said, justice delayed is justice denied. But speedy is a relative term and … Continue reading

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Class action against the Redemptorists: Father Lavoie denies the alleged damages

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[This is a google translation of the article which appeared in French in leSoleil, 04 May 2012] leSoleil (Quebec) lapresse.ca 04 May 2012 Richard Henault Although he admits having committed sexual assault against Frank Smith, the Redemptorist Raymond-Marie Lavoie believes … Continue reading

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The criminal case you can’t know about

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The Toronto Star Published On Wed Nov 02 2011 Tracey Tyler Legal Affairs Reporter We can’t tell you whether Justice Louise Botham, who presided over the case, wrestled with whether to take the drastic step of shrouding the case in … Continue reading

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