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A ‘mistake’?

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I called the Barrie courthouse today to find out what is happening with the sex abuse charges against Monsignor/retired  Brigadier General Roger Bazin,  former Chaplain General of the Canadian Armed Forces.  Troubling news.  But first, Bazin’s next court date is … Continue reading

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Easier for Gay Faithful to Become Priests in Canada

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Edge (Boston) Thursday Jun 3, 2010 by Kilian Melloy       In the wake of the pedophile priest scandal that has rocked the catholic church globally, U.S. Catholic seminaries are doing their best to ensure that the priesthood is … Continue reading

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I don’t understand

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I have no further information per se re Father Eric Dejaeger.  I did have a call from Missing Persons with the Ottawa Police and was referred to another department.  I am now awaiting another return call.  This business of trying … Continue reading

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Good or bad?

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A good part of yesterday dedicated to fiddling with the scanner.  I must say I am getting sore and tired of learning curves – never ending!   Downloading and scanning problems now resolved 🙂   I finally got Jacki Leroux’ article “Sins of … Continue reading

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Any thoughts?

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Father Roger Bazin is appearing in court today.  Please keep an eye and ear out for news of the outcome. **** Last evening I posted 28 May 1990:    R. v. Bennett Between Her Majesty the Queen, and Kevin Joseph Bennett re St. John Newfoundland’s convicted … Continue reading

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Watch the language

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I’m rounding up a number of media reports of the day.  Most warrant comment but my priority right now is to get the articles up.  This one however I must comment on right now while it’s fresh in my mind, and … Continue reading

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Moral squalor

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I have been busily trying to find a new blog “theme” – it is long past time my software was updated for ease of use for all.  I thought it would be a simple process but not so.  So, I … Continue reading

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