Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski’s Extradition Declined: Former Papal Nuncio Accused Of Sex Abuse Remains In Vatican

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Posted: 01/10/2014 3:30 pm EST

Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski will not be extradited to his native Poland, despite accusations of sex abuse there and in the Dominican Republic, where he served as papal nuncio until his August 2013 dismissal.

The Warsaw Office of the Prosecutor reported the the Vatican had tersely replied to their extradition request, saying that “Archbishop Wesolowski is a citizen of the Vatican, and Vatican law does not allow for his extradition,” according to Catholic Culture.

Polish TV channel N24 commented that “The Holy See’s response is concise and fits in a half-page. The letter’s authors noted that the Vatican is investigating the Catholic hierarch about the alleged practice of pedophilia,” according to Dominican Today.

The Vatican recalled Wesolowski to Rome before Dominican prosecutors announced their investigation, though it said that it was cooperating with prosecutors. Wesolowski is the highest-ranking Vatican official to be investigated for sex abuse, and his case raises questions of sovereignty when it comes to prosecution.

At the time of the recall, Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi denied that the Vatican was trying to shield Wesolowski.

According to The Tablet, Wesolowski is currently believed to be living in the Vatican.


Vatican refuses to extradite Polish archbishop accused of child sex abuse

The Tablet

10 January 2014 14:57

by Liz Dodd

The Vatican has refused to extradite a Polish archbishop who was accused of sex abuse while serving as papal nuncio in the Dominican Republic.

In a statement the Holy See said that Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski was a citizen of the Vatican, and that Vatican law did not allow for his extradition.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw had requested the clarification, Polish news agency reported today, adding that the Holy See was pursuing its own investigation against the Archbishop.

Archbishop Wesolowski was dismissed as papal nuncio in the Dominican Republic in August last year and was recalled to the Vatican, where is currently believed to be living. He and a Polish priest, Father Wojciech Gil, have been accused of sexually abusing young boys.

The Dominican Republic’s Attorney General last year sent case files concerning Archbishop Wesolowski to Poland and files concerning Fr Gil to the Vatican.

Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, Vatican ambassador to the Dominican Republic from 2008 un

20 Responses to Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski’s Extradition Declined: Former Papal Nuncio Accused Of Sex Abuse Remains In Vatican

  1. Sylvia says:

    Does Pope Francis know that the former Nuncio is being protected? I can’t imagine that he doesn’t.

    All the talk of co-operation means nothing when the Vatican bureaucracy refuses to pack Archbishop Wesolowski off to Poland with claims that he is a “citizen of the Vatican.”

    Prosecutors in the Domincan Republic have already concluded that Wesolowski molested five boys.

    Just a reminder, a 19 November 2013 artcile in reads as follows:

    Prosecutors in the Dominican Republic have concluded that the former apostolic nuncio there, Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, was guilty of molesting at least five boys.

    Archbishop Wesolowski was relieved of his duties and recalled to Rome in August, after Church leaders in the Dominican Republic informed Pope Francis that they had uncovered evidence of sexual abuse by the papal representative. The Vatican turned over the evidence to the Dominican government, and has pledged to cooperate with prosecutors there.

    The Dominican prosecutors, in turn, report that they have sent the final results of their investigation to the Vatican, including testimony from five young men who say they were molested, and from a deacon who admitted to having relations with the former nuncio and adds a charge that the archbishop bought and used cocaine.

  2. Sylvia says:

    And another article worth remembering:

    Polish archbishop in Dominican Republic accused of ‘more than just child molesting’

    polskie radio

    30 October 2013 09:04

    A deacon in the Dominican Republic has claimed he procured boys for a Polish archbishop recently suspended from his position as the Vatican’s representative in the country.

    “This is a man who is sexually ill – this is about much more than just molesting children,” Deacon Francisco Xavier Reyes has told the TVP Polish public broadcaster about the charges facing Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski.

    “It was anything that would satisfy his sexual appetite,” the deacon, who is himself facing charges of molesting minors, added.

    “He told me that there was a particular type of sexual preference that he favoured.”

    Deacon Francisco Xavier Reyes revealed that he had had a sexual relationship with the archbishop.

    “He kept me [financially] although he was not lavish. Once he gave me 40,000 pesos, as I had a problem at home.”


    It has emerged that the charges facing the archbishop include accusations even more serious than first reported when the case broke in the media in September.

    “We learned from the children that Wesolowski took pictures of them while they were masturbating. Oral sex was performed,” Nuria Piera, an investigative journalist in the Dominican Republic, tells TVP.

    Accusations against Archbishop Wesolowski went public when television footage of the clergyman appeared in which the nuncio was seen visiting areas in the capital known for child prostitution.

    On August 21, the Vatican recalled Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski after the archbishop of Santo Domingo, Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez, informed Pope Francis about the allegations.

    “The recall of the nuncio is by no means an effort to avoid taking responsibility for what might possibly be verified,” assured Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardy last month.

    The Vatican has declined to comment on the report.

    According to Dominican prosecutor Bolivar Sanchez, several boys between the ages of 13 and 18 have been interviewed.

    The Vatican is currently carrying out its own investigation, although the precise whereabouts of the Polish archbishop have not been disclosed.

    Meanwhile, a second Polish clergyman who had been working in the Dominican Republic also stands accused of molesting children.

    Father Wojciech Gil, who led a parish in the highland town of Juncalito for close to a decade, had taken children on holiday to Poland earlier this year.

    However, when allegations emerged of crimes against minors in recent years, he chose not to return to his post on the Caribbean island. He has denied the allegations against him. (nh/pg)

  3. JG says:

    After all these years, telling the world the Vatican really had limited knowledge and control over these priests, these dioceses and that these were problems for the “bishops”…The Vatican was only very remote from all this sexual perversion!
    Now, the basket has been dropped at the front door of this “Mussolini Bride”…and they still claim to not recognize it or that it does not concern them….that they had the forethought to make their own rule(law) to protect themselves!!!…so they are absolved or at least “covered”!
    How stupid are we?…
    If Francis is aware or a participant in this kind of denial or white washing, his kissing of babies and hugging the handicap or his words of Christian influence are nothing more than the actions of another “politician” playing to the cameras!…with good script writers!…and they can afford them!…a trade-off between good lawyers and good writers…
    They are still covering -up! We are being played for fools!

    “The Warsaw Office of the Prosecutor reported the Vatican had tersely replied to their extradition request, saying that “Archbishop Wesolowski is a citizen of the Vatican, and Vatican law does not allow for his extradition,” according to Catholic Culture.”

    Vatican Law…Catholic Culture…and their own “investigation”!…Judging from past experiences and results of their investigations, that means a comfortable retirement in a country home with lavish surroundings and several obedient nuns to serve “your grace” the best meals and wines Italy can provide!…with a smile and boundless submission for dessert!…
    …and Please, let your weekly generosity continue to support this self-serving club!
    “Rome serves you and Christ Loves you!…”
    That is about as sincere a thought coming from them as I could get from “Franky”, the used car salesman down the road…
    No!, I’m sorry! Franky is more believable and I apologize to him for the comparison.

    This is just a bigger sect!… Otherwise the “Law” would be in there with guns drawn!… or at least without the white gloves.
    Sorry Mom! they fooled us all!…

    • Eve says:

      I’m sure they are all doubled over with laughter once they get behind closed doors……..laughing at all the incredibly gullible foolish people there are in the world that actually fall for all their bs, people who flock to Rome to get a glimpse of the pope yes he’s so wonderful because he has made a few hopeful statements about homosexuality and helping the poor and starting a commision to look into sexual abuse it’s all posturing and lip service, any decent president knows exactly what’s going on in his company just like the Pope knows what’s going on in his but people choose to ignore what is right in front of our noses because they still want to believe that there are saints running the churches. It’s crazy!!!!!

      • JG says:

        Thanks for the inspiration:”I’m sure they are all doubled over with laughter once they get behind closed doors……..laughing at all the incredibly gullible foolish people there are in the world…”
        You made me see the “clowns” laughing about such a heart wrenching matter. They are not in their right minds to react as they have….and their “saints medals” are so well planned and self-serving it is embarrassing if you dare not be mesmerized by the pomp and ceremony! If you Google the list of “saints”, most have worn the “uniform” of the church…Granted there have been inspirational persons within their ranks(if we believe their own historians!?…) but there are probably myriads of lay persons who have been just has deserving or “saintly” while raising children and toiling from dusk to dawn, without getting the church accolades. They were just expected to pay-up on Sunday to maintain the “divine church” in their lives and Heaven on the horizon!!
        That is so wrong!…I really believe it is a scam. Money and power is really their only objective and they don’t believe a word of what they preach; otherwise they could let it ALL go and rely on FAITH!
        That won’t happen until they trip over the Horizon!…and tumbled into the empty darkness where they seem to belong.

        After all this …we must not forget a last but more important thought for the “just one child” that needs to be saved again and again…
        The church can fall if the children are saved. That’s my offering!

        • 1 abandoned sheep says:

          JG, and Eve. I have my criticisms of the present misdeeds in several areas of the Catholic Church.
          But, and I ask you to pause and think about this.
          The Church is made up of over one Billion people, and by far the most have never been in a position of authority, or caused the terrible abuses which a FEW of the Church Clergy have done to many people.
          If you do not believe in Jesus Christ, then it is easy to dismiss the Church. If you do believe in Jesus Christ, then you are aware that God, from the beginning of time, has allowed some bad things to happen- no matter who the perpetrators were or are.
          I abhor the sexual abuse which some have done or allowed to be done to children and adults.
          But, I do not blame Jesus Christ, nor HIS teachings.
          These rogues who have been involved in these unspeakable deeds, did not follow the those teachings. They were caught up in the ideas so many people seem to have- that of living the-I CAN DO AS I PLEASE- just because I want to.
          Sin has always been insidious, and as a sinner, I can attest to the harm it has done, and continues to do.
          The sweeping condemnation of the Catholic Church, which some wish to spread on this site, is unwarranted, and NOT correct.
          Would you condemn all Germans for what Hitler did? Of course not.
          But, when it comes to Christianity some think it is fair game to be tarred and feathered by some who are not Christian, or even, those who hate Christians.

          • JG says:

            If you equate God, Christ (Message and Messenger) with the “interpretation” of the church which has placed itself on a pedestal and in the lap of luxury, with the accompanying abuses,while looking down on the rest of a humanity in need of “conversion”, maybe I am a different Christian if that is the standard. Maybe I can accept that the “men” in the intervening 2000 years have manipulated the words and deeds of Christ for their own end and really forgot their way.
            Christ and Catholic Church are not synonymous! …and in this situation the Vatican is only reinforcing that fact. You are right about Hitler: he was responsible! If you like that parallel, I agree: the Pope is responsible! I have been getting “here” for four years.
            Thank You for shining a light on this fact: the “Pope is responsible”!
            Lets see him fix it, quick!

          • Miecul says:

            1 abandoned sheep I’m with you for the most part, I don’t hold Christianity responsible for the actions of a few demented evil men. Hitler was the definition of evil, no one will ever deny that except for his followers. These demented men must be brought to justice. For any bishop, cardinal, or pope that hide these men, what would you call this? It is them who are making us all look bad. If your sister hid your son from the law at your brother’s house, because he raped your granddaughter and you pretty well knew it was true. Would you let the law take care of it, or hide him anywhere you can. If your neighbours and everyone else knew you were hiding him, they would start taking it out on your family. They would stop visiting you or calling you. Your actions would reflect on each of your family members. There is no grey area here. It’s either right or it’s wrong.

            What kind of message are we sending our young. Do you think our young will follow someone who can’t follow what they preach. I’m having a very hard time with this one myself, and so is my family’s families. I keep my faith in Jesus Christ, not in men. It’s like when Jesus asked, “will you leave me to, and Peter said and where shall we go, you have the words of eternal life”. I won’t leave my church because of a few sick men and because of what one of them did to me. There are many more that are good and I know quite a few of these men.

            If the boss tells you to keep silent about something and to pass it down the line. You do what your told. I know there are some that are sick over this. There laws are different than ours, just like military law. I don’t like it either. I don’t work for them, I will speak out against the atrocities, and hopefully if enough of us do, they may get the message. The biggest message you can send is in the collection basket. Reducing your weekly contribution’s will send a message. We all can’t stop putting something in. We are parishioner’s and we are responsible for our church’s insurance and other upkeeps. Don’t will your land or estate to them, they really don’t need it. What they need is to get back to what they are there for, to preach the word of God, live the word of God and practice the word of God, not as land barrens. Remember they will be judged. We’re only here for a blink of an eye. They will have to stand before the lord just as we will, There are no free passes, except if your martyred.

            Myself I would never wish anyone to hell not even the priest who molested me. These men are sick and should be treated as such. Our law makers, really need to change their way of thinking. Each of them must be kept on a leash for life. This is a sickness that has no cure. If found guilty they can never be left alone with a child again, ever! Everyone keeps passing the buck, hoping the next guy in charge, will take care of this problem. It will take time for our lawmakers to make changes. We need them to start today and not wait till tomorrow. Sorry for the rant, it’s just one of those days.

            Just one more little rant. People Please if someone has found the strength to comes forward with an accusation about a priest, brother, father or mother, listen to them. If it has likely taken them decades to gather this strength. Don`t shoot them down, and take the others side, no matter how crazy it sounds. It`s far easier to stay silent than it is to expose yourself to this sort of ridicule. People are just people and no one has a crystal ball. My predator was loved by everyone young and old. He was very charismatic, he could never do something like this, it`s impossible. There were people that still believed he was innocent, even when he was found guilty and led off in handcuffs. What is it that makes people believe that a priest could never do something like this? They are just men you know, no more no less. End of rant…

  4. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    It’s angering and very frustrating JG. Couldn’t agree with you more! What’s so frustrating in this for me is the fact that all I can do about this is dry up the money, and shoot off at the mouth, and they don’t seem to care a whit. Mike.

  5. JG says:

    Of course it is maddening and frustrating to know we have been had by a bunch of amateurish clowns(with the costumes to prove it!) but shooting off at the mouth does get results. Drying up the money?…: priceless! …In the last few years we have gone from the “possibility” of some back country priest abusing children to getting into the Vatican inner chambers…and seeing an archbishop…and his boss, scurrying into the shadows of “Vatican Law”!
    They can deny all they want but the picture is getting clearer, more are becoming aware.
    They may look like nothing is changing with their continued arrogance but they are losers in the long run! No doubt about that!
    Now we know there are rats hiding in the Vatican…dressed up as clowns!
    Nobody in his right mind is laughing.

  6. Leona says:

    Here is a quote from an article in the Vancouver Sun last week
    “The new pope, Francis, believes too many Catholics are “obsessed” with homosexuality, abortion, divorce and contraception.

    Given the pope hopes to attain a “new balance,” he has rushed to set up an “extraordinary synod” so Catholics can air their opinions and frustrations about these divisive sex-related issues.”

    Apparently people are writing letters wanting to have their voices heard. I must admit there was a moment where I thought I might write a letter – that perhaps this was a new era, but then the Weslowski story came out, and I realized I’d almost been fooled once again. The yearning for the “perfect mother/father/protector” is in all of us, but we are fools to think that any earthly person or organization can give us that. The greatest crime is that the so called leaders of the Church have learned to manipulate humans’ greatest desires.

  7. JG says:

    The Weslowski story was a fresh boot in the posterior for me also…I was just settling in to the mood of the new times…I had one foot out the door, told my wife the solution was coming up on the horizon! The deception was filtering in slowly!
    Right you are, it is just a new tactic, the manipulation of our yearnings…
    No wonder they need to become “educated”…to better manipulate and control.
    Anything to delay, deny, deceive…
    Now I find it difficult to see that church in my rear view mirror. Like a bad dream you want to forget as soon as you wake up.
    They have certainly forgotten the children in all of this and Francis is probably being changed more than he will change, if he was that different to start with.
    Maybe he is playing the part well. That would be the perfect scam.


  8. Leona says:

    I struggle to understand the blatant worshipping of the New Pope. He was named Man of the Year on the basis of his comments such as “who am I to judge”, living humbly, making “cold calls” to people in need. Is this not what we are all called to do every day of our lives, and don’t many of us just do it without expectation of anything in return?
    Weren’t those the vows he made when he joined the priesthood years ago? To me it’s like praising my husband because he loaded the dishwasher or swept the floor. (Don’t get me wrong, I do greatly appreciate it). To me it’s just part of the daily responsibility, not anything unusual or worthy of Times Man of the Year awards. In the story of the Church, it is not any Pope who should be acknowledge, but the everyday heroes, the Sylvia’s, the Patrick McMahon’s, the J.G.’s and Mike Fitzgerald’s. My personal hero in the struggle right now is Juan Carlos Cruz Chellew, who is speaking out of the Sexual Abuse of young boys by Fr. Fernando Karadima in Chile. His efforts to bring to light the corruption of the Church in South America is heroic.

  9. JG says:

    Francis has become a poster child because we need to find some Hope in this life. He is in the right job and he has some good moves that remind us of the original Savior because he is working with his prepared text. We want to believe!

    Everything else has gone down the pipes…When he is the last one we are looking up to for some Hope and Truth, that only means the rest of it has been messed up pretty badly!
    He needs to turn over a few more tables before he feels comfortable sitting down at one of them…

  10. Krueger says:

    Check out the Saint John of God Brothers in Los Angeles, these men are human filth masquerading as “religious”! These con-men live a life steeped in opulency, degeneracy and perversion. The vocation director, named Brother Richard Gaule O.H., aka John Francis Gaule was busted for sexually a assaulting a patient in Ventura, when he was performing his nursing duties. Another Hospitaller Brother and social deviant, who took the religious name Augustine… was savagely murdered while cruising for “gay sex” in a seedy back alley in Santa Ana California… and still another SJOG Brother named Fidelis, died horribly from the ravages of AIDS…he was a “foul mouthed drunk”, who smoked like a fiend, and had an 8th grade education. SJOG is a religious order replete with vermin, and saturated with pedophiles and pederast’s! The Brothers of Saint John of God in Australia were also notorious for harboring a serial rapist and pedophile by the name of Bro. Bernard Kevin McGrath, who was convicted of sexually abusing over 30 developmentally disabled boys, while a SJOG Brother! Bro. Bernard used to threaten these children with horrific violence if they complained, or threatened to tell on him, for his nefarious activity. One, possibly two of his victims committed suicide recently, due to the psychological trauma and shame that they endured for decades at the hands of this “devil”! This worldwide order of “monastic filth”, is replete with pedophiles, rapists and miscreants…Google these slime, and prepare to be overwhelmed with thorough disgust!

  11. Artemus Gordon says:

    I have known probably a half dozen priest’s who got busted/defrocked or imprisoned for sexual molestation of minor’s! Rev. Matt Sprouffske, Pat Roemer, Mike Baker, Bishop Semen, I mean Ziemann, (pardon the Freudian slip), Eric Ensey, and possibly one or two other’s. These men are pure unadulterated filth, and I’m being charitable. Though I am a professional man, with graduate credentials, in two disciplines, the very thought of these frauds, who ran around sporting roman collars and religious habits, makes me sick, in fact nauseous. Rev. Matt Sprouffske was the SJOG chaplain in Los Angeles who molested his niece in Illinois and gloated about blessing condoms for hookers on the Sunset strip. Fr. Pat Roemer was a monster who molested a score of children and was the “proto-priest”, that opened the floodgates to the wave of molestation that has come to light in recent years. De-frocked Eric Ensey was a psychopath, who talked about “traditional” Catholicism, while he plied minors with liquor and cigars, before he pounced like a sexual vampire, looking for an innocent to devour. Mike Baker, was the most tragic, he told Cdl. Balony that he had harmed children and wanted out of the priesthood, the warped prelate knew better, and proceeded to put him back into circulation, even after he warned him of his demonic past with minors, in tears no less! Cdl. Balony knew better, and put him in another parish, where this “faux” cleric proceeded to molest, with abandon, before the authorities put an end to his reign of sexual deviance. I met Bishop Ziemann years ago, in Camarillo, when he was monsignor. He was later busted for sexually assaulting a priest with a 9th grade education he ordained, with no seminary training, in order to use him as a sexual slave. This same “faux” priest sued the diocese in Santa Rosa for millions, due to the trauma inflicted by Ziemann. The generous soul that Ziemann was became truly manifest ( dripping with sarcasm) when he infected this priest with chlamydia . I also had the misfortune of meeting 2-3 Saint John of God Brothers from Australia many years ago, who were busted for sexually assaulting dozens of children who were developmentally disabled in Hospitaller schools and infirmaries in Queensland and New South Wales. When the truth is this ugly, only a lie can be beautiful….

  12. Artemus Gordon says:

    One final word on Cdl. Balony. This warped, modernist prelate, is the most disgraceful of the past 30 plus years. Not only did he excel in duplicity, but his powers of spiritual discernment were gravely compromised. Scores of children were sexually assaulted, due to his apathy and shameful inability to perform the duties he was ordained to exercise.

  13. Artemus Gordon says:

    The Saint John of God Brothers in Los Angeles California, have harbored 2-3 known sexual predator’s and pedophiles from Australia. One was the notorious serial rapist named Brother Bernard Kevin McGrath. This miscreant was indicted on three dozen counts of raping and sodomizing developmentally disabled underage males, in the 70’s and 80’s. His reign of terror extended into New Zealand as well, and I met this human “filth” in the early nineties at the Saint John of God Retirement and Care Center, where he was hiding from the authorities, including INTERPOL! I could not figure out what he was doing at this facility, but he even endangered the lives of the senior citizens, as he was capable of sexually assaulting them as well, although this was not the demographic, that turned his “burners” on, if you get my drift. These Brothers had a another cockroach on board named Brother Fidelis Knight, who was a foul-mouthed drunk, who cruised West Hollywood at night, and died horribly from the “crud”. Another charmer was named Brother Augustine , he was savagely murdered whilst cruising for “sex and drugs” in a seedy back alley in Santa Ana, official cause of death, “asphyxiation”, in other words he was brutally strangled, and his perp, has never been apprehended. Father Matt Sproffske was the Saint John of God Chaplain, who wound up on Bishop Accountability websites as another “true-blue” pedophile, this saintly man molested his niece and worked in an AIDS hospice, where he retold lurid tales of a patient who used to shoot contaminated “man-jelly” on the walls, while watching x-rated skin flicks. “Padre Matt” used to howl with demonic laughter as he retold these repugnant stories, replete with scandal and horror. Father Matt was a shiftless alcoholic, who was an embarrassment to his Carmelite community, so they dumped him on the SJOG Brothers in L.A., where he could shock and scandalize the senior citizens who resided at this Catholic Board and Care Home. Brother Richard Gaule O.H., was a nurse of this order , who sexually assaulted a male patient, while performing the duties of a nurse. I wonder if he told him about the “Rule of Saint Augustine”, when he fondled his privates. When the truth is this ugly, on a lie can be beautiful… look up Brother Richard, he’s plastered on the internet, he even surrendered his nursing license, once he was being sued and outed by the State Board of Nursing. You can’t make this stuff up…shocking baby!

  14. Artemus Gordon says:

    If people think I am picking on the Saint John of God brother’s, mercilessly, I’m just “oh so sorry”…you see I knew brother Fidelis Knight and brother Augustine Packard, both are dead, and they died horribly, because they were religious frauds!…A wise, holy priest once told me that, “when you wallow in evil, you lose your spiritual protection”…you are now at the mercy of the evil one…if you cruise seedy back alley’s in Santa Ana California at 3:00 AM, you can expect to get into trouble…if you cruise these “Hell darkened: alley’s looking for sex and dope, you may very well get killed, in seeking out this forbidden pleasure…. like ex-felon, and now fertilizer, Brother Augustine Packard, who found out a little to late in life. Brother Augustine was a notorious felon, who spent 3 years in the California State Penitentiary in Tehachapi, for embezzlement and grand theft, when he worked for a movie studio in Hollywood. Some folks called him “Brother Hollywood”, those who “really” knew him like moi-, called him Brother Psychopath! Prior to entering this religious community of Brothers, he entertained me and brother Robert at his apartment in Monterey Park CA., just before he entered as a postulant, back in 1990. The hospitality he extended was offering me “dope” out of a bong, and even offered it to my compadre and good friend Brother Bob. We both declined the offer, and were stunned that this scumbag, dope smoking felon, was even let into this Order of Pederast’s, called the saint john of God Order. Came to find out he fit right in…alongside Brother Fidelis (dropped out of high school ) Knight. This English miscreant, smoked and drank incessantly, picked fights with other Brothers, and cruised gay bars in West Hollywood, which ultimately was his undoing, if you get my drift? SJOG, a real class act of religious degenerates.

    • Juanita says:

      Artemus, are you another Brother or close friend of Augustine? You seem to know a bit much of this man, details that unless you were a close friend or another Brother you wouldn’t know. Maybe you should be man enough to post your real name in which case I would be more prone to believe in your horrible accusations against a man who was nothing more that a brother to me, a mentor.
      I see other Brothers are still serving in the SJOG; they worked a t Mercy House in Santa Ana and that is were I met Brother Augustine. Please tell me why you make these accusations, I am trying to understand why this happened to my friend and if indeed he was all those things you and the other person say here. How do you know this?

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