“2nd complaint filed agst France nuncio” & related article

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Msgr Luigi Ventura alleged to be sex pest


Redazione ANSA Paris


(ANSA) – Paris, February 18 – A second complaint of sexual assault has been filed against the Vatican nuncio in France, Le Monde said Monday.
Another Paris city council clerk, 39-year-old Benjamin G, has reported Monsignor Luigi Ventura, the French daily said.
On Friday Le Monde said Ventura had been placed under investigation by Paris prosecutors on suspicion of “sexual attacks” on a young functionary on the Paris council.
The “aggressions” are said to have taken place during a reception at the Hotel de Ville on January 17, the French daily said.
Originally from Lombardy, Ventura is 74 and has been the Vatican’s envoy to Paris since 2009.
Interim director the of the Vatican press office Alessandro Gisotti told journalists: “The Holy See has learned from the press that an investigation has been launched by French authorities into Msgr Luigi Ventura, Apostolic Nuncio in Paris.
“The Holy See is awaiting the result of the investigations”.



Sexual Touching: Second complaint against Pope’s Representative in France
After a municipal executive, a former agent of the mayor of Paris also accuses the apostolic nuncio of sexual touching during a ceremony of vows in 2018.


The 18/02/2019 at 17:43

Updated on the 18/02/2019 at 17:44

A second complaint has been lodged against the Vatican ambassador to France, Luigi Ventura, a 74-year-old Italian prelate, for acts of sexual touching, a source close to the Paris mayor said Monday, confirming information of the world.

The Paris public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation on 24 January, targeting the Apostolic Nuncio, following a report from the Paris City Hall. The latter reported that a young municipal official had complained about Bishop Ventura’s repeated touching, during a ceremony at the Hôtel de Ville on January 17, 2019.

The same greeting ceremony, a year ago

The new victim is “a former agent of the city,” said the source close to the city of Paris. The facts occurred “at the same vow ceremony, but a year earlier”. The former agent, who was then working “at the Directorate of Communication (of the City of Paris, ed) was the subject of the same actions” as those denounced by the first victim.

“I was in the front row, two meters away from Anne Hidalgo, when someone came to my left, busy working, I did not turn around, he put his left hand on my shoulder and with his right hand. he took my buttocks: an expert gesture, full of confidence, coupled with a big casual smile, as if it were something normal, I was stunned, the ceremony was going on I left, “said this person, on condition of anonymity, in the newspaper Le Monde.

“At the time, he had not made a report,” according to the source close to the City of Paris. “He is no longer working for us but he has sent us an email to warn us of the facts and tell us that he had filed a complaint against the Nuncio”.

A career diplomat with the Vatican, Bishop Ventura has been working since 2009 in Paris. He is in charge of the relations of the Holy See with the French authorities on the one hand and with the Bishops of France on the other. Given his functions, he enjoys diplomatic immunity.


FAITS DIVERS Attouchements sexuels : deuxième plainte contre le représentant du pape en France

Après un cadre municipal, un ancien agent de la mairie de Paris accuse lui aussi le nonce apostolique d’attouchements sexuels pendant une cérémonie des vœux, en 2018.

L’Est Republican

Le 18/02/2019 à 17:43

Mis à jour le 18/02/2019 à 17:44

Une deuxième plainte a été déposée contre l’ambassadeur du Vatican en France, Mgr Luigi Ventura, un prélat italien de 74 ans, pour des faits d’attouchements sexuels, a indiqué ce lundi une source proche de la mairie de Paris, confirmant une information du Monde.

Le parquet de Paris avait ouvert le 24 janvier une enquête visant le nonce apostolique, à la suite d’un signalement de la mairie de Paris. Cette dernière avait rapporté qu’un jeune cadre municipal s’était plaint d’attouchements répétés de Mgr Ventura, au cours d’une cérémonie à l’Hôtel de Ville le 17janvier 2019.

La même cérémonie de vœux, un an auparavant

La nouvelle victime est “un ancien agent de la ville”, a précisé la source proche de la ville de Paris. Les faits se sont produits “lors de la même cérémonie de vœux, mais un an plus tôt”. L’ancien agent, qui travaillait alors “à la Direction de la communication (de la Ville de Paris, ndlr) a fait l’objet des mêmes agissements” que ceux dénoncés par la première victime.

“Je me trouvais au premier rang, à deux mètres d’Anne Hidalgo, quand est arrivée une personne à ma gauche. Occupé à travailler, je ne me suis pas retourné. Il a posé sa main gauche sur mon épaule et avec sa main droite, il m’a pris les fesses : un geste d’expert, plein d’assurance, couplé avec un grand sourire décontracté, comme s’il s’agissait de quelque chose de normal. J’étais stupéfait, la cérémonie était en cours, je suis parti”, raconte cette personne, sous couvert d’anonymat, dans le journal Le Monde.

“À l’époque, il n’avait pas fait de signalement”, selon la source proche de la Mairie de Paris. “Il ne travaille plus pour nous mais il nous a fait un mail pour nous avertir des faits et nous dire qu’il avait porté plainte contre le nonce”.

Diplomate de carrière du Vatican, Mgr Ventura est en poste depuis 2009 à Paris. Il est chargé des relations du Saint-Siège avec les autorités françaises d’une part et avec les évêques de France d’autre part. Compte tenu de ses fonctions, il bénéficie de l’immunité diplomatique.

8 Responses to “2nd complaint filed agst France nuncio” & related article

  1. mary says:

    8 February 2019: “2nd complaint filed against France nuncio” & related article
    The second complainant alleges a similar attack on his person by Archbishop Luigi Ventura at the same event in 2018.
    Note above that Archbishop Ventura also attended the CCCB 2006 Plenary at which McCarrick was a speaker. Whether or not Ventura was physically present when McCarrick spoke I have no idea, but he definitely knew that, despite the talk and rumors swirling around the Cardinal, McCarrick was the bishops’ guest speaker.

    But Ventura was in Canada quite a long time 2001-2008 –
    very close friend of T.Rosica, Card McCarrick etc.. –
    so what happened in his time in Canada ??????– ‘where there is smoke there is …’

  2. bc says:

    There’s more smoke… and maybe fire.
    Mgr Bonazzi who is the current Nuncio in Canada has confirmed that he had received a complaint against Mgr. Ventura and that this complaint has been transmitted to the Holy See. The plaintif is Christian Vachon and he alleges that he was assaulted by Mgr. Ventura in 2008 at the Redemptorist monastery at Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré in 2008 during a banquet. Mr. Vachon is alleging that Mgr. Ventura touched his butt twice.
    source here: https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1155842/luigi-ventura-scandale-allegation-sexuelle-attouchement-diplomatie-vatican-pape-pretre-diocese

    There are now three plaintifs in France.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Thank you bc. I put it through google translate and just posted it:

    28 February 2019:  Quebecer complains of sexual misconduct against former Vatican ambassador to Canada” & original French text

    I can’;t find any coverage of this in the English press. Did I miss it? Can anyone find anything at all?

    Anyway, there it is. Again, thank you bc.

  4. Sylvia says:

    Correction. I just found an article in the Catholic Register. I am about to post it.

  5. bc says:

    More news; from Vaticana with Love:

    Holy See’s permanent observer to the United Nations accused of financial and professional misconduct, including the use of Vatican staff and influence to assist and support financially a woman with whom he had a romantic relationship.


  6. northern fancy says:

    BC. Thank you for posting this bizarre and disturbing report of the alleged behaviour and misdeeds of the permanent observer – Holy See – to the United Nations. There is mention of the Path to Peace foundation and Fr Rosica’s connection to that. Not sure of relevance and details but a canadian connection, as well. Clearly much detailed reporting of the irregularities from cleric and non-cleric employees of the office of the permanent observer. It appears a high price was paid by those who did so. My head is spinning!

    • bc says:

      Archbishop Chullikatt’s careless sexting to strangers; an ass grabbing ambassador and an ex diplomat who was into child pornography are the measure of the Holy See`s current consideration of the world community. Vatican City is an offshore tax-haven and it is a safe-house for fugitive perverts. While the Holy See promises to collaborate with secular law-enforcement it refuses to extradite wanted perverts. When it preaches reliance on Providence; it counts on Goldman Sachs. Pope Francis is hallucinating in an altered state. He is a warlord preying for peace. They all lead to Rome; the roads of those who like him have nowhere to go where they came from.
      It is no wonder that those who cannot make it there will ravage about it everywhere. There never was any Church. Below, above, and all around these dead clerical stones, there could only have been dirt. The never were highly assembled. Not in their own inertia. Not in their material mindlessness. And not even when they were peeping through the curtains of Love`s beauty.

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