VIDEO: William Lynch Attorneys Say Priest’s Injury Was Minor

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26 June 2012

San Francisco man who says Los Gatos priest Jerold Lindner sexually abused him and his brother 35 years ago to take the stand Friday morning.

After Tuesday’s deliberations in the William Lynch Los Gatos priest-beating trial, defense attorneys Pat Harris and Paul Mones walked out of the San Jose Hall of Justice to challenge the testimony by a Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputy.

On the witness stand, Rick Chaeff testified that Father Jerold Lindner had suffered several bruises and one laceration above his left eye that bled heavily. However, Harris said he believed the injury to be minor and amounted to one cut.

The attorneys also said Lynch will most likely take the stand Friday to tell the jury how he and younger brother were allegedly raped and sodomized by Lindner 35 years ago while on camping trips to the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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