“Richfield priest put on leave after past abuse allegation” & relevant Statements

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19 May 2015

Madeleine Baran 

1 Response to “Richfield priest put on leave after past abuse allegation” & relevant Statements

  1. Sylvia says:

    Presumably the allegations have been reported to police, however, from what I read here, I think this unfortunately may be a state in which the Statute of Limitations bars proceeding criminally?. I hope that is not the case but fear that it is. Does anyone know with certainty?

    A quick comment regarding the Deacon’s letter to St. Peter’s parishioners:

    “Father Dvorak says he has never abused anyone and has never broken his vow of celibacy.”

    A strange statement. Did Father Dvorak really and truly say that?

    Father Dvorak is a diocesan priest. It is priests in religious orders (ie. Jesuits, Dominicans) who take vows, and in that instance, depending on the order, the vows are generally those of poverty, chastity and obedience. There is no such thing as a vow of celibacy for any priest, even those who are ordered priests.

    Diocesan/secular priests (in the Latin rite) make a promise of celibacy. They are obliged to abide by the Church discipline of celibacy.

    Celibacy is a Church discipline whereby all men who are ordained to the priesthood in the Latin Rite agree/promise to abide by the Church discipline not to marry. There seems to be no indication that Father Dvorak married. There does seem to be a possibility that he has not remained chaste – that however is not a violation of a vow, because he did not take a vow of chastity – he is, however, as are all priests – and for that matter, all of us – expected to live a chaste life.

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