Archbishop’s Statement [re offering a loan to Father Angel Perez]

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The Catholice Sentinel (Portland, Oregon)

Most Rev. John Vlazny
Archbishop of Portland

Many letters, messages and phone calls have come to my attention from Catholics in this archdiocese. Like all of you, I am deeply saddened and troubled by the accusations of the abuse of a minor by Fr. Angel Perez. The behavior Father is accused of is sinful, wrong and can never be tolerated. Criminal charges in this case, as in all similar cases, require both prosecution and defense in court before judgment is rendered.

Fr. Perez, as a priest of the archdiocese, requested assistance for his defense. Father has committed his life to priestly service and is respected and well-liked by his parishioners. Who of us would not do what we could to help a beloved brother, sister or child in tragic circumstances? Our church compensates priests modestly and priests rely on us for financial assistance in extraordinary circumstances. As Father’s archbishop, I offered a loan to him for attorney expenses after his own financial resources have been exhausted. I saw this as my obligation, certainly in charity, if not in justice. Monies loaned will not come from the Archbishop’s Appeal or any other designated fund.

This was a difficult decision on which I sought counsel from legal and other advisors. Such decisions are controversial but I am surprised by the strong opposition it has raised and I am sorry that so many find it offensive and inexcusable.

The hearts of all of us go out to the young man involved, his family and the friends and relatives of Fr. Angel Perez.  God bless us all.

4 Responses to Archbishop’s Statement [re offering a loan to Father Angel Perez]

  1. Sylvia says:

    “I am surprised by the strong opposition it [loaning the money] has raised and I am sorry that so many find it offensive and inexcusable.”

    Did the Archbishop honestly think parishioners would be thrilled to learn their monies are going to provide Father Perez’ defence?

    I think we all have the image etched in our minds of that terrified little boy running down the street in the middle of the night, and Father Perez, his parish priest – in his undies – hot on his heels.  And the child seeking safety with and cowering behind a stranger. 

    Father Perez is pleading guilty.  He needs and has retained a high priced attorney to battle it out with this child in court.  That’s what it boils down to, doesn’t it?  If he’s denying then either he’s going to claim he was drunk and not responsible, or the boy is lying, or he himself is mentally unstable, or there has been so much publicity he can’t get fair trial, or he’s on the lookout for some other technicality that might get him off the hook.

    And what about the boy?  What about what this court battle is going to do to the boy and his family?  Is the boy not a beloved child?  Is the child’s mother not a beloved sister?  Will the bishop be there for them throughout the ugly diocesan-financed court battle which without doubt lies ahead?

    Did Father Perez do it?  If yes, plead guilty.  That would be the right thing to do.  

    And look at this:

    Father has committed his life to priestly service and is respected and well-liked by his parishioners.

    What does being respected and liked by his parishioners have to do with anything?  Surely the Archbishop knows that there is many a sexual predator who is respected and liked by his parishioners, even after conviction!  As for Father Angle Perez having committed his life to priestly ministry, I think that is now subject to serious question.

    The Archbishop said that “The behavior Father is accused of is sinful, wrong and can never be tolerated.”   Note that he didn’t say it is criminal..


  2. PJ says:

    Sylvia:  Why would this surprise you? That church will spend everything to save one of their own perverted collars and not spend a dime on the victim. That is what the church is all about …to rape its parishioners to pay to defend a molester. My heart goes out to the victim and family because that church doesn’t give a damn for them. They never have and never will. I pray that everyone who has been abused by these bastards takes that church to the cleaners in litigation…it’s the ONLY way to stop them from continuing their mission…which is to keep the victims ashamed and silent. Silent No More should be our motto.

    • Tim Dooling says:

      *You are right P J when you say they do not care enough.  It seems the ONLY care they have  is   “is the money still coming in?”  That is it.
      Then they consider the money is theirs!
      So the only way to stop their reckless disregard  for the safety of children is to cut off the money supply.
      Many of are trying to just that, by giving JUST our 2-cents worth each Sunday in the collection.
      How can the Bishops see we are upset if we still continue to fund what makes us upset?
      Please spread the news about cutting off the financial support being given sexually abusive Priests and Bishops, and even providing them with the money to pay for their Lawyers.  STOP GIVING  to these perverts.

  3. Baspuit says:

    The problem as I see it (with all diocese) is they call them “priest pedophile” and not pedophile priest! If they would call it as it is, people might ask the following question “It what name did these criminels baptized babies or married them?  That bridges they do not want to cross  “T” !

    The war on hiding pedophile is OVER, folks, they remind me of finding a soldier hiding in a cave in Japan in 2012, who thinks the war is not over!

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