“Catholic priest who raped and assaulted boys jailed for 22 years” & related article

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Hackney Gazette (UK)

PUBLISHED: 13:48 30 May 2017 | UPDATED: 16:33 30 May 2017

Eugene Fitzpatrick.

Eugene Fitzpatrick.

A Catholic priest who repeatedly raped and assaulted boys has been jailed for 22 years – and police believe there may be more victims.

Our Lady and Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church. Picture: Google Maps

Our Lady and Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church. Picture: Google Maps

Father Eugene Fitzpatrick, 68, was found guilty of the horrific attacks at Blackfriars Crown Court on Thursday and sentenced the next day.

He raped one boy multiple times between 1986 and 1992 while working at Our Lady and Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church in Balls Pond Road, Islington.

He also indecently assaulted another boy throughout the 1960s and 1970s. The first offence took place in Tufnell Park in 1965 when he was just 17 and the boy aged under eight.

Fitzpatrick, of Canterbury, was found guilty of 11 counts of indecent assault and indecency with a child relating to the first victim, for which he received a total of five years.

He was jailed for 17 years for raping the second victim, of which he was guilty on two counts. The two terms will be served consecutively.

Fitzpatrick, who had denied all charges, was also ordered to sign the sex offender register for life.

Det Cons Lorraine Simpson and Klementina Balint, the investigating officers, said: “Eugene Fitzpatrick is a predatory sex offender who abused his position of trust, preying on vulnerable youngsters and subjecting them to horrific sexual abuse over a period of years.

“In addition to the two known victims in this case, I believe that there may be additional survivors of Fitzpatrick’s actions who continue to suffer in silence. I urge anyone who has been abused by Eugene Fitzpatrick to contact police without delay.

“Specially trained officers will support victims throughout the investigative process and there are a number of additional support pathways that we are able to signpost.”

The NSPCC echoed the police’s calls. A spokeswoman said: “By pleading not guilty to all charges he forced his victims to relive their ordeal but their bravery has helped ensure that Fitzpatrick will finally be punished for his crimes.

“We hope both can access the support needed to help them move forward with their lives and we would urge any other potential victims to come forward.”

Anyone who thinks they are a victim of Eugene Fitzpatrick can contact the Met’s Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command by dialling 101.


Paedophile ex-priest Eugene Fitzpatrick found guilty of ‘horrific sexual abuse’ which spanned across four decades


PUBLISHED: 16:48 30 May 2017 | UPDATED: 16:48 30 May 2017

Eugene Fitzpatrick

Eugene Fitzpatrick

Police are appealing for other victims to come forward

Detectives fear a former Catholic priest convicted of sexual offences last week could have more victims.

Eugene Fitzpatrick, 68, of Raymond Avenue in Canterbury was convicted of seven counts of indecent assault, four counts of indecency with a child and two counts of buggery at Blackfriars Crown Court on Thursday.

All of the offences took place in the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

Each of the buggery offences were committed at Our Lady St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Hackney against one victim, while all other offences were committed against another victim in Islington.

“Eugene Fitzpatrick is a predatory sex offender who abused his position of trust, preying on vulnerable youngsters and subjecting them to horrific sexual abuse over a period of years,” said investigating officers DC Lorraine Simpson and DC Klementina Balint in a joint statement.

“In addition to the two known victims in this case, we believe there may be additional survivors of Fitzpatrick’s actions who continue to suffer in silence. I urge anyone who has been abused by Eugene Fitzpatrick to contact police without delay.

“Specially trained officers will support victims throughout the investigative process and there are a number of additional support pathways that we are able to signpost.”

Anyone who thinks they are a victim of Eugene Fitzpatrick is asked to contact the Met’s Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command by dialling 101.

34 Responses to “Catholic priest who raped and assaulted boys jailed for 22 years” & related article

  1. Sylvia says:

    22 years! And he deserves every moment, and then some.

    Some day, I fervently pray, that we in Canada will see sentences like this which come so much closer to reflecting the horror of the crime, – and which, as in this case, run consecutively, NOT concurrently.

    Note the following:

    He also indecently assaulted another boy throughout the 1960s and 1970s. The first offence took place in Tufnell Park in 1965 when he was just 17 and the boy aged under eight.

    So, he was molesting when he was 17! He was a molester when he entered the seminary, and, judging by the dates of his crimes, he carried right on molesting. One can only wonder who directed him to the priesthood. In this instance I do not for one moment believe that it was a calling from God.

    I can’t tell with any certainty if he is or is not still a priest. As you see, one article refers to him as an ex-priest, but, as we know, media often erroneously and unfortunately use that term to describe a retired priest. The other article refers to him as a “Catholic priest” and as “Father” Eugene Fitzpatrick. I am inclined to think he is still a priest. If that’s the case, I trust the process to have him defrocked has begun.

  2. Tom Doyle says:

    Eugene Fitzpatrick has not been laicized or to my knowledge, even suspended, at least as of last week. His main victim was an altar boy in my first parish in Chicago in 1971. He is the perpetrator’s nephew. His mother is the priest’s oldest sister…a big Irish family that moved to London years ago. I knew his family well and I knew of the incredible damage the sexual abuse did to him over the years. His parents learned of it in 1975 and reported it to the Diocese of Westminster but he was ordained anyway and then put in parishes, one after another. His nephew and I reconnected after a couple decades and I tried to help him. The end result was the investigation by the London police, the trial and the sentencing. Other than two of the victims I was the sole witness. No apology, no regrets, no admission out of the perp which only aggravated the situation. In his sentencing remarks the judge specifically mentioned that the Catholic Church could have done something to stop it but didn’t.

  3. Rachael O' Reilly says:

    Fitzpatrick attended the London seminary called Allen Hall. The rector of this seminary was non other than the convicted and jailed paedophile Monsignor John Coghlan. This cleric continues to remain in orders.

    It illustrates the systemic crisis facing Rome which will be exacerbated if the Office of Public Prosecutions in the state of Victoria here in Australia proceed with criminal charges against Cardinal George Pell. If they do it will be a severe test of Pope Francis’ sincerity in relation to the rape and sexual abuse of children by the clergy and religious.

  4. Rachael O' Reilly says:

    To clarify”

    Fitzpatrick was a seminarian at Allen Hall who was ordained while Coghlan was rector of the Allen Hall Seminary, London. England.

    Coghlan as the seminary rector was responsible for the recommending and the securing of Fitzpatrick’s ordination.

  5. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Very interesting that you refer to this as “systemic” as opposed to “systematic”! You are right on the money, Rachel.
    The sincerity of the reigning Pope is VERY much in question. Mike.

  6. Rachael O' Reilly says:

    Cardinal Cormac Murphy- O’Connor who died on 01 Sept. 2017 was Archbishop of Westminster from 2000 until 2008. Murphy- O’Connor (MOC) had prior to his elevation to Westminster been for 22 years Bishop of Arundel and Brighton (1977-2000). His tenure was notorious for his failures, criminal failures to deal effectively with paedophile clergy working in his diocese- Michael Hill, Dermot Keaveney, Christopher Towner to name a few.

    At Westminster he suspended the now jailed paedophile Eugene Fitzpatrick in 2006.The question is why so long when it was all too know of this clerics criminality towards children- known during and probably prior to his entry to the diocesan seminary of Allen Hall. Who was protecting him and promoting him during that time? Cardinal Basil Hume. then in charge of the diocese. Bishop James O’ Brien the now deceased auxiliary of the said diocese who ordained him? Mgr John Coghlan the seminary rector at the time and a jailed paedophile? Perhaps a member of the seminary staff at the time of Fitzpatrick’s ordination, a religious priest at that time who had been convicted of sex offences in the north of England.

    What is my point? We may never know what dark criminal secrets the likes of MOC and others have taken to the grave. We may never know the half of it. If it was like this for Fitzpatrick who else is out there ordained and evading detection with the assistance of all too friendly prelates and seminary staff.

  7. Rachael O' Reilly says:

    Stephen Bernard is an academic at the University of Oxford, England. In his recent publication, Paper Cuts, he relates the trauma of sex abuse at the hands of a 67 year old Roman Catholic Priest, Very Rev. Canon Dermod Fogarty at the parish rectory of the Divine Motherhood and St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church, Midhurst, West Sussex, England.

    Stephen Bernard’s narrative catalogues the abuse and the years of trauma that followed.

    I refer readers to the Guardian media article;


    What is of interest is that the Midhurst parish is in the diocese of Arundel and Brighton. The bishop from 1977-2000 being none other than the late Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’ Connor of Westminster.

    Arundel and Brighton is a diocese only too familiar with the issue of the sexual abuse of children while Murphy O’Connor was at the helm. The most notorious case being that of the Rev. Michael Hill. a paedophile jailed for horrific crimes against handicapped children. Murphy O’Connor saw fit to set aside professional warnings about Hill to return him to ministry where some of the crimes were committed.

    Now the deceased Dermod Fogarty (1920-2012) has appeared on the radar. Are we to seriously believe that he began abusing at 67 years of age? Are we to assume that he had a squeaky clean record in relation to children? He was for many years a school governor and chaplain. What does the diocese say when contacted? Zero. Nothing. Ignore all mails. The default position is of silence. Nothing on its webpages. When comments are made referring to this cleric they are removed. What they have done is remove all photos of him from a parish webpage where he resided in his final years.

    Just for the record here is Fogarty;


    For Arundel and Brighton it really does appear that nothing absolutely nothing has been learned. What did they know of Fogarty and for how long? Who else is on their books who they are concealing- past and present

    It does beg the question however as to why Stephen Bernard waited until now to release his book- given that Fogarty and Murphy O’ Connor are now dead.

    Arundel and Brighton have many many questions to answer. So does Murphy O’Connor but then he is dead.


    • S says:


      It is a sad fact that victims of clerical child sexual abuse take, on average, thirty years to come forward, if that answers the question you say the timing of the publication of this book ‘begs’.

      If you read the book, you will see that the timing of the writing and subsequent publication is fully explained.

  8. Rachael O'Reilly says:

    I received an email from the Rt. Rev. Richard Moth, Bishop of Arundel and Brighton in connection with Fogarty. I quote;

    ” Thank you for your e-mail, following the publication of ‘Paper Cuts’. The Diocese first received Mr Bernard’s allegation on 6th September 2012 and responded in accordance with the Church’s national procedures; a member of the Diocesan Safeguarding Office met with Mr Bernard on 10th September 2012. This was shortly before Canon Dermod died in October 2012 when he was already seriously ill and was not able to respond to the allegations. This was the first and only time that the Diocese has received a complain against Canon Fogerty.

    The Diocese was also aware that Mr Bernard reported his complaint to the Police in 2015 and has cooperated with them and all statutory agencies as appropriate.

    With the assurance of my prayers and with all good wishes,

    Yours sincerely in Christ,


    There may have been no complaints about Fogarty to the diocese on such matters- he was known as something of a bully- it does not mean he was not offending throughout his clerical career. Remember he was ordained 20 years before the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council(1965). An entirely different mental framework of reference operated at that time.

    The Diocese of Arundel and Brighton was formed in 1965 out of the Diocese of Southwark. Fogarty was a priest of the Southwark diocese for 20 years before his incardination into the new diocese. Were complaints received about him during his time at Southwark?

    I replied to the Bishop. I asked him to surrender all files relating to his clergy- past and present- to the police for their examination. Let them make the determinations and decide as to how to proceed.

    I sense we have not heard the last of this diocese on such criminal matters.

  9. Rachael O'Reilly says:

    An news update on Canon Dermod Fogarty;

    A BBC news report states that Stephen Bernard, the University of Oxford academic was as a child victim of over 300 attacks at the hands of Canon Dermod Fogarty. Now Fogarty’s niece herself a victim of clerical sexual abuse has asked for Fogarty’s headstone to be removed.

    It beggars belief that the diocese of Arundel and Brighton, its bishop Richard Moth and its safegurding officer Philip Wright continue to insist that the diocese had never received reports concerning Fogarty’s criminality until 2012. The police were only advised in 2015 by the victim.

    I supply the link


  10. Rachael O'Reilly says:

    The BBC filed a news report; It makes for interesting coverage; Note Fogarty’s funeral and who was in attendance- Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor the former bishop and his successor as Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, Kieran Conry who was presiding at Fogarty’s requiem mass- Conry resigned his see in 2014 following revelations that he had been conducting an adulterous affair with a married mother who was a teacher at a Catholic private school in the diocese.

    I attach the link;


  11. Sean Flanagan says:

    Good work here Rachael.
    I was a victim of this towering devil in black -Canon Fogarty. To a much lesser degree though, I will thankfully admit.
    This shadowy, bullying so-called holy man terrorised my childhood with his passive/aggressive control of my life. Little did I realise that what he was doing was what we now recognize as ‘grooming’ me.
    I was a bright, intelligent boy from a large Irish catholic family -the third of eight boys.I was ideal territory for Fogarty, who was worshipped as some form of demi-god by all at my school and in my family, me included. He recognised my latent academic ability and questioned my knowledge fiercely whenever he could and I used to enjoy these challenges and would almost always be equal to his interrogations. I was an altar boy like all of the boys in my primary school -but I was picked out for plum roles at major celebrations as a reader of epistles from the bible all adding to my belief that I must be someone rather special. This changed somewhat when it came to the time of transfer to secondary education. One evening Fogarty arrived at the family home as he often did and spoke with my mother for a few minutes before he turned his attentions to me. Seems that he had organised a scholarship for me to go to St John’s College in Portsmouth, where I could truly realise my potential. I refused the offer -The Very Reverend Canon Fogarty then became a completely different figure in my life.
    Incandescent with anger, he made no attempt to cover his feelings and reminded me often of his disappointment in me and how I’d let him down.
    He always struck my brothers and myself as an odd character -always squeezing pressure points on our knees or prodding us in our sides or squeezing our hands so that the knuckles ground together. Or playing ‘slaps’ with us where he slapped the back of our hands before we could slap his. All innocent at the time, but the sort of behaviour that would have got him in trouble nowadays. A very odd man.
    Meanwhile I was still having to read lessons in church on Sunday services, which meant visiting St Richard’s presbytery on my own for practice. Something I was dreading more and more each time I was required to do so. I would have to sit with him on his sofa whilst he grilled me about my life, school, friends etc -then some knee-squeezing and prodding before the reading practice. During this interrogation it was becoming increasingly clear that I was not meeting his approval in any walk of my existence and I was beginning to become quite fearful of him.
    Eventually after a few of these visits and reading practices he must have been sensing my growing apprehension, so he turned up the heat on me and began asking me questions of a sexual nature -did I like girls? -girls were ‘sluts’ and a waste of time in his eyes -had I seen dirty magazines? -was I getting erections? had I had emissions? to which I replied that I didn’t know what he was talking about, his reply then elaborated to explaining masturbation to me ( a concept I was more than familiar with already) but this was not anything that I could cope with, I froze and nearly had a complete body evacuation -and he sensed this so then backed-off. This was meant to be a man-of-the-cloth who was meant to be a pillar of denial and abstinence and I was not prepared to be subject to this anymore, nor could I cope with this pressure from him.
    I vowed never to go through this again and I refused all future requests to go there.
    He knew I could never tell anybody in my family about this business -I was the son who’d refused a scholarship and he was still held in awe within my house. My parents were staunch old-school catholics who would never accept that a priest -no, a Canon would be capable of such a thing.
    So instead of working hard at school to show the bastard what I could do, I became lazy, disruptive and generally cemented myself as the black sheep of my family. I never wanted to attract his attention as an exceptional student. I had no self-worth whatsoever, I lost interest in everything and lapsed my catholicism, which deeply troubled my mother. I now realise as a result of the revelations about Fogarty, what a profound negative effect that man had on my life. I’d forgotten all about him until three years ago when I was In Ireland with my seven brothers and the drink was flowing a little too freely when I told them that I considered Fogarty to be an abuser and I told them of my experience and even then I was not believed -so this new book Paper Cuts vindicates my account and I can’t believe I’m alone in this.
    Luckily, my experience was at a very low level – but I now often think about if I’d accepted the scolarship offer what exactly would that have lined me up for?
    I lived in abject terror of that man for a very long time.

    • nono says:

      A similar though much less protracted thing happened to my 15 year old son as recently as 2010 – he’d go to the canon’s rooms for French lessons. I don’t know exactly what was said – my son absolutely refuses to talk about it, but at the time mumbled something about being questioned about pornography. I gave the old perv the benefit of the doubt at the time but on checking my son’s French exercise book it was obvious that there wasn’t much French being taught and soon afterwards we told canon dermod that he had taken on new after-school commitments and cancelled the French lessons. When I heard about the publication of ‘Paper Cuts’, I knew immediately it must be true, and when I read the book, it rang so true… I’m sure there must be more ‘Stephens’ out there.

  12. Rebecca says:

    There have been further developments regarding Fogarty’s headstone-it has now been demolished and was reported on by the BBC.
    This is a link to it


    I’m sure you are right nono, there are many more “Stephens”, “Seans” and your son out there. Your son was undoubtedly saved from a very great deal by your vigilance and intervention.

  13. Rachael O Reilly says:

    Thank you Rebecca for posting this article

    1- Fogarty’s headstone has been demolished. To be replaced by another headstone. What does this really achieve? It is of little significance. Why?

    2- The report fails to state where Fogarty is buried. In the grounds of the diocesan seminary- St John’s, Wonersh, Surrey, England. Fogarty was on the staff of that training college for prospective priests for many years. Very inappropriate that he should be interred there at all. Removal of the corpse would be a more fitting act.

    3 The most significant aspect of this report is that another alleged victim has come forward. This time a female.

    Moth, the Roman bishop of the diocese of Arundel and Brighton and his right hand man in these matters the former police officer Philip Wright have maintained they received no reports at any time through Fogarty’s 65 year career with the Roman Church.

    How true is this claim? I suspect there is more much more to come in relation to Fogarty and Arundel and Brighton.

  14. Laurence Ocuinn says:

    Fogarty and Michael Hill – the convicted paedophile – were in Chichester together for a year or so in the late 60s.

  15. Rachael O'Reilly says:

    Fr.Alan Love a priest from Glasgow, Scotland also found his way to the Chichester, West Sussex parish of St. Richard of Chichester in the Arundel and Brighton diocese. Accused of assaulting two small boys in Glasgow he made his way via therapy to this parish. Despite admitting to other sexual offences against children his host bishop none other than Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor continued to support his tenure and in a statement says that” he ( Alan Love) continues to enjoy the full confidence of his bishop(Murphy-O’Connor)

    Referring readers to the BBC link;


    So we now have 3- Fogarty, Hill and Love

    What is interesting is that there has been a rapid turnover in parish priests in recent years. Any thoughts?

    Who else?

    • nono says:

      My husband and I were married by Fr Alan Love and the above-mentioned son was baptised by him. The Diocese of A & B stinks.

  16. Rebecca says:

    Christopher Maxwell-Stewart also spent some time in Chichester- in the early 1980s. Although the allegations against him never resulted in him being convicted he was placed on restricted ministry.

  17. Liz says:

    The Pope has now had his meeting with the Cardinals where it was explained by one of the Cardinals in attendance that documentation was destroyed relating to sexual abuse by priests. How dare they destroy the criminal activities of these criminals within the church. His statement says it all to me. The church must be made to hand over all written evidence without redaction to the police to make their enquiries otherwise nothing will change. Who are they protecting it certainly isn’t the abused victims.

  18. X says:

    To those who have had the courage to report their experiences with or of Fogarty – or others: they are indeed brave and to be commended for it.

    If anyone would like to send a .pdf account which is as full and as accurate as they recall of such experiences or knowledge of such regarding Fogarty (and ONLY Fogarty) to the email address of the author of Paper Cuts a memoir, it can easily be found on the www if one looks him up; they and their accounts will be treated with utmost confidentiality and respect.

    It may be that at some point they will be of assistance to one, some, many, or all concerned.

  19. Miriam Green says:

    Bishop Eamon Casey of Galway and the Arundel and Brighton diocese

    Readers interested in charting patterns of behaviour in adiocese will be interested in the latest reports from this media outlet concerning the notorious Eamon Casey former Bishop of Galway and his tenure in the Arundel and Brighton diocese- the diocese of Canon Dermod Fogarty.


    Casey’s stay in the Arundel and Brighton diocese is interesting. Under the leadership of “Pope Maker” Cormac Murphy O Connor it developed a notorious reputation for child protection issues- {Michael Hill, Dermot Keaveney, Christopher Towner, Dermot Fogarty, Christopher Maxwell Stewart and religious such as the Rosminians in Guildford, Conventual Franciscans in Rye and De La Salle in Liss are what comes immediately to mind in the last few years).. The fact that Casey was engaged in ministry there during his successors tenure -the notorious adulterer Kieran Conry should come as no surprise particularly as Conry had the convicted paedophile Father Terence McSweeney live with him at the Bishop’s House in Sussex as part of his bail conditions.

    Question is do we believe Arundel and Brighton’s spokesperson’s statements about Casey and what the diocese knew.

    I would hesitate to take anything the diocese says on face value and would demand an investigation

  20. fly on the wall says:

    Scandal at St John’s seminary, Wonersh. The rot continues in Arundel and Brighton!
    Bishop Richard Moth has a problem on his hands


  21. fly on the wall says:

    Clifton diocese seems to have a particular problem at the A&B seminary in Wonersh since the new rector Brian Coyle was appointed. He has stuffed the place with gay staff and shows favouritism to gay students. As a typical narcissist he is easily manipulated by playing on his insecurities and vanity. Unscrupulous sections of the seminary have targeted certain Clifton seminarians and have influenced the rector against them. We need help!
    Clifton diocese called these seminarians the magnificent seven in 2017.
    1. Richard Elson. Now ordained – studied at Oscott.
    2. Henry Balkwill. Higher degree student with music skills.
    Arrested Sept 2019. Left Wonersh seminary.
    3. Thomas Lawes. Hanging in at Wonersh.
    4. Stuart Ford. Asked to leave seminary-unlikely to return with current rector.
    5. Stephen Corrigan. At Wonersh.
    6. Paul Bright. Asked to leave Wonersh. (Falsely accused of having gay relationship with another student)
    7. Joseph Meigh. Oxford graduate & musician. Hanging in at Wonersh.

    Lawrence Doyle. Another Clifton student at Wonersh had joined the seminary since 2017 and has left having refused homosexual grooming and subsequent bullying.

  22. Reilly says:

    Replying to the comment made on Oct.20

    Henry Balkwill- What are the circumstances surrounding this arrest and what is the situation in relation to this person as of today

    Thank you

  23. fly on the wall says:

    We are not allowed to talk about his arrest or the charges

  24. SAE says:

    Stephen Barnard will be appearing at the IICSA this month.


  25. NatLog says:

    Dr. Stephen Bernard, Academic Visitor at the Faculty of English Language and Literature, University of Oxford, England will prove to be a most effective and incisive witness to the IICSA panel in London. The Arundel and Brighton Safeguarding Officer’s attempts to derail this matter going public are now being exposed as The Spectator’s Damian Thompson’s Twitter that SAE has supplied amply proves.

    For those not familiar with the rape and sex crimes committed against Dr Bernard as a child and which as an adult continues to suffer please read his book- Paper Cuts.

    Here is The Guardian media article on this matter; Of course Cardinal Cormac Murphy O Connor is centre stage as he is with the IICSA and the handling of allegations of sexual abuse about him by the likes of the Bishop of Northampton, Bishop of Portsmouth and of course the current Archbishop of Westminster the cynical and savvy Cardinal Vincent Nichols


    It will be a day of reckoning for the Roman Church in England Wales when Dr Bernard takes the stand

  26. jeremy Bright says:

    This priestwho was ordained from Oscott two years ago found to be a paedophile!https://metro.co.uk/2019/10/27/catholic-priest-caught-trying-to-meet-paedophile-to-abuse-his-son-2-10990718/
    These guys don’t operate alone, they are part of a network. Who were his friends? Who did he associate with at Oscott?
    Similarly, why was Henry Balkwill arrested at Wonersh? If he is another paedophile, is there another ring operating in Surrey?

  27. bc says:

    Fortunately they also caught seminarian Joel Wright before he could victimize… at least it is hoped he didn`t… an innocent child.

    The survey says that Father Matthew Jolley is singing like a canary; providing investigators with valuable criminal intelligence on his clerical peers in order to be kept in protective custody. Most clerical convicts do it. Those who don`t get the ying-yang beaten out of them; and are sometimes killed.

    • indignant says:

      Every cloud has a silver lining. Lets hope Fr Jolley & Henry expose the whole lot of them! Drain the swamp!!

      • bc says:

        Prisons are understaffed; security cameras malfunction. Shit happens. Guards call in sick at the last minute before their shifts. Other inmates create a disturbance to distract the other short staffed guards. It takes a whole prison to do a skinner.

        If he makes it out alive; Father Jolley’s probation report described him as “posing a high risk of sexual re-conviction.” It won’t be a cop the next time. It could be a retired cop. It could be a serial killer specializing in clerical perverts. It could a mentally ill person hearing voices telling him to kill convicted perverts. Father Jolley will have taken the bait because that’s what he was expected to do. Hey: his parole report predicted it.
        It’ll be ruled a suicide; or an overdose and/or both. And the case will be closed.

        Say bye bye to Father Matthiew Jolley of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool.
        He’s not going to Hell. He’s already there.

  28. indignant says:

    Clifton diocese are looking for a new safeguarding coordinator! what has happened? Has their existing incumbent realised he was drawing a salary for prostituting his principles? Whoever that may be CONGRATULATIONS! Declan’s climb up the greasy pole and his peachy little secrets are not worth eternal damnation.

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