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07 November 2019:  “Monk accused of Scottish child abuse loses extradition appeal” & relates articles

04 May 2018:  “Disgraced priest appeals sex abuse conviction and jail term” & related articles

18 April 2018:  “Bishop of Galloway says abuse scandal ‘blackens good name’ of Church ” & related article

23 March 2018:  “Reverend, 72, is given a black eye and bitten on the arm by his jealous wife after ‘having an affair with parishioner” & related article

11 April 2018:  “Catholic priest jailed for nine years for child sex abuse” & “Paedophile priest Father Paul Moore ‘poisoned my life'”

09 April 2018:   Abbots at £32,000-a-year Roman Catholic School ‘encouraged monks to abuse children while staff there are STILL sheltering paedophiles’

05 April 2018:  Cardinal Keith O’Brien ‘asked for forgiveness’, funeral told

15 March 2018:  “Priest convicted 20 years after first confessing” & related articles

30 May 2017:  “Catholic priest who raped and assaulted boys jailed for 22 years” & related article

12 May 2017:  “Retired priest faces trial over abuse claims” & related articles

11 May 2017:  Abuse accused monk eligible for extradition from Australia

28 April 2017:   Paedophile priest jailed after telling boy, 10, he’d be ‘innocent like the angels’ if he stripped

14 April 2017:  Did former Darlington rapist priest Michael Higginbottom act alone?

10 April 2017:  “Michael Higginbottom trial: Priest abuse claims ‘made up'” & related articles

10 April 2017:  Oysters, wine and travel? A UK priest’s bizarre fraud scandal

04 April 2017:  “Court hears boy got himself expelled from seminary so that sex abuse by priest would stop” & related article

01 March 2017:  “Abuse inquiry: Australian orphanage was ‘feast of kids'” & related articles

27 February 2017:  How will the inquiry into historical child sexual abuse work?

14 January 2017:  “Trial date for former priest accused of brutal assaults against pupils at Highland school” & related article

09 August 2016:  “Pristina won’t extradite priest accused of child sex abuse” & related articles

20 March 2015:  “Church welcomes Pope Francis’ decision to accept Cardinal O’Brien’s resignation” & related articles

05 March 2015:  “A paedophile priest, two bishops and a sickening conspiracy of silence” & related articles

28 August 2014:  “Pervert Catholic priest jailed for NINE years after decades of preying on schoolboys” & related articles

15 May 2014:  Fife priest Thomas Mullen dismissed over child abuse claims

04 April 2014:  “Vatican to investigate allegations surrounding Scottish cardinal” & related articles

27 February 2014:  Paedophile Francis Cullen: No record of who cancelled priest’s arrest warrant

24 February 2014:  Catholic priest Francis Paul Cullen admits sexually assaulting children

15 November 2013:  Lancaster Cathedral canon Stephen Shield found guilty of sexually abusing young man

12 November 2013:  Senior priest denies charges of indecency

22 September 2013:  “Episcopal Ordination of Archbishop Leo Cushley” & related article

13 September 2013:  Trial date set for Priest Francis Paul Cullen sex abuse case

31 August 2013:  Priest Francis Paul Cullen in court over sex abuse cases

28 August 2013:  City years of priest at centre of extradition bid from Tenerife

24 August 2013:  “British priest arrested in Tenerife for sexual abuse of altar boys” & related articles

23 August 2013:  Cardinal blocked clerical sex abuse inquiry in Scotland

28 July 2013:  “New sex abuse crisis in Scottish Catholic church” & related articles

20 July 2013:  “Abuse at St Francis Boys Home kept secret for 60 years” & related articles

23 June 2013: “Vatican to launch Cardinal Keith O’Brien probe ” & related article

02 May 2013: “Cardinal Keith O’Brien snubbed the victim at the centre of the Carfin Grotto sex abuse probe ” & related article

30 April 2013: “Former Catholic Priest Bill Carney arrested in Britain accused of 32 counts of pedophilia” & related article

29 April 2013: Sex probe after man accuses 2 priests

12 April 2013: Wife sobs as priest is jailed for sex attack: Secret bride to stand by disgraced Catholic cleric

12 April 2013: Jail for Catholic priest who sexually abused teenage girl

05 April 2013: Suspended priest may never return to Darlington parish, expert says

05 April 2013: “Catholic Church criticised as allegations of abuse by suspended parish priest are revealed” & related articles

04 April 2013: Cathedral Priest faces sex charges

22 March 2013:  “Cardinal Keith O’Brien ‘had long-term affair with priest who complained'” & related articles

06 March 2013: “Priest abuse victim ‘made to sign gagging clause’” & related article

15 March 2013:  “On trial for sex assault, Catholic priest says he is secretly married” & related articles

08 March 2013:  “Catholic bishops ‘knew of 20 sex abuse allegations by priests'” & related articles

03 March 2013: Cardinal Keith O’Brien sorry for sexual misconduct

25 February 2013: “Cardinal Keith O’Brien resigns amid claims of inappropriate behaviour” & related articles

07 February 2013: “Elm Guest House: Priest Tony McSweeney is First Arrest in Politicians’ Child Sex Abuse Ring Investigation” & related articles

06 February 2013: Revealed: Face of boy abused in Elm House scandal as Catholic priest and head of boys’ home are arrested

04 February 2013: “Elm guest house scandal: First victim of paedo guest house breaks his silence” & related articles

02 February 2013: Timebomb at Elm Guest House: Pop stars, a bishop and a top politician appear on a list seized by police investigating child abuse at the London hotel in the 1980s

26  October 2012: Bradford priest sent for trial on sex charge

20 October 2012: “Exclusive: Police kept in dark on complaints of priest’s sex abuse” & related article

14 September 2012: Missouri: Documents Turned Over in Priest’s Abuse Case

14 September 2012: Thornton Heath priest arrested over sex abuse accusations

12 September 2012:  Priest facing sex attack allegation

12 September 2012: Dunfermline priest suspended amid Vatican probe into child abuse allegations

15 May 2012: Merseyside priest charged with sexual offences involving teenage boy

13 May 2012: LA Catholic Church may be sued over Midland paedophile priest

06 May 2012: Catholic church knew pervert priest had “unwholesome relationship” 25 years before he was jailed for sexually abusing boys

19 April 2012:  Child sex abuse in the Church: alliance demands full inquiry

09 March 2012: Priests’ arrests follow confidential report into church sex abuse

09 March 2012:  Abuse priest Alexander Bede Walsh jailed for 22 years

14 February 2012: Diocese faces questions over its response to abuse-claims priest

13 February 2012: Prayers for victims of sex abuse priest

07 February 2012: Catholic priest found guilty of sexually abusing seven boys

24 January 2012: Priest accused of sexually abusing boys over 20 years

24 January 2012: Catholic priest ‘used status to abuse boys’

18 January 2012: Unlock The Secret abuse files – Calderdale lawyer’s fight over church sex scandals

14 January 2012: Catholic monks faced child abuse investigation, school admits

27 November 2011: Priest accused of child abuse returns to Vatican to empty bank account

05 November 2011: Predators at the Abbey: As the Vatican launches its first child abuse investigation in Britain, one victim reveals horrors of the cover-up


28 October 2011: Church to review abuse handling as paedophile investigator is jailed for child porn

25 October 2011: Pope orders inquiry into child sex abuse by teachers at London school

20 October 2011: Ealing ‘child abuse priest’ being hunted in Rome

19 October 2011: Priest cleared of sexual abuse charges

14 October 2011: Abuse victims accuse Catholic church of using talks as a smokescreen

14 October 2011: Ex-London abbot goes missing after allegations of child abuse

16 September 2011: Stockton child abuse victim’s outburst in church

29 July 2011: ‘Take priests to football matches or out for a glass of wine so they don’t become paedophiles’, says Baroness Scotland

23 July 2011: Catholic church’s Plymouth ‘youth protector’ had child porn

07 July 2011: Catholic church says it’s not to blame over Waterlooville woman’s abuse by priest

23 June 2011: Canadian leads abuse lawsuit against Catholic priests

22 June 2011: Abused: Breaking the Silence, BBC One, review

June 2011:  VIDEO documentary Abused – Breaking the Silence (Rosminian abuse of boys at schools in England and Tanzania)

12 June 2011: Church plagued by allegations of child abuse

20 May 2011: Paedophile priest expelled from Catholic Church found living yards from children’s play area

09 January 2011: Thought For The Day’s Dom Antony quits his parish after sex allegation

20 November 2010: Priest from Fenland to appear at court on child porn charges

18 October 2010:  Like everyone else 30 years ago, the Church failed to understand paedophilia

06 October 2010: Our paedophile scandal is like the banking collapse, claims English Catholic leader

06 October 2010: ‘Father Jim’ the Catholic priest extradited to Britain stands trial accused of abusing six young boys between 1959 and 1983

19 September 2010:  As it happened: Pope in Britain: 19 September 2010

19 September 2010:  Benedict bites back:  How the Pope tried to stem the tide of criticism

19 September 2010:  Pope’s message chimes with push to create a ‘big society’ – David Cameron

19 September 2010:  Pope sees police role in abuse inquiries

18 September 2010:  Pope protestors to gather for march on Downing Street

17 September 2010:  Hecklers accuse pope of covering up abuse, demand his resignation

17 September 2010:  Priest abuse allegations investigated

17 September 2010;  Pope’s visit:  Repent, resign, hosanna – it isn;t easy being pontiff

17 September 2010:  Prince Philip’s bloomer as he asks Scottish Tory leader if she is wearing tartan knickers

17 September 2010:  Six quizzed over alleged plot against pope’s visit

16 September 2010:  Pope: Catholic church too slow to tackle clerical sex abuse

16 September 2010:  Pope visit: ‘Grogreous’ Georg Ganswein, the Pope’s right-hand man

16 September 2010:  14 Convicted Abusers Remain Priests in U.K.

16 September 2010:  Pope starts U.K. visit

16 September 2010:  Pope on UK visit admits failures in abuse scandal 

15 September 2010:  On eve of pope’s visit, victims of childhood abuse demand Vatican hand over records on priests

10 September 2010: Protests begin over UK papal visit

07 September 2010:  Catholic Church misogynist and homophobic, says reform group

05 September 2010:  Pope bids to defuse clercial abuse row by meeting victims on visit to Britain

05 September 2010:  Catholic church accuses BBC of ‘anti-Christian’ bias

24 August 2010:  Rival Catholic group launched ahead of UK papal visit

13 August 2010:  The Vatican’s right to secrets

28 July 2010:  Fall in Catholic child abuse claims

05 July 2010:  Pope hopes for private meetings with clerical abuse victims during UK visit

26 April 2010:  Memo sent by 23-year0ld Oxford graduate 

25 April 2010:  UK apologizes to Vatican over Pope visit jokes

25 April 2010:  Condoms, gay nuptials touted for Benedict’s trip to Britain

15 April 2010: Archbishop Nichols may sue Times: Catholic Herlad warns ‘biased paper” that Catholics will not support its paywall

14 April 2010: Gay priests have sex with men, say experts

13 April 2010: Christopher Hitchens vs Pope Ratzi – Justice is Coming! (VIDEO)

13 April 2010:  Atheist Richard Dawkins backs campaign to arrest Pope

13 April 2010:  Paedophile priest ‘needed protection from unfounded claims’