Tell No One (full Polish documentary with English subtitles)

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5 Responses to Tell No One (full Polish documentary with English subtitles)

  1. Sylvia says:

    This is the full length documentary regarding clerical sexual abuse in Poland. It is in Polish with English subtitles. I haven’t watched it through yet but have been told that it is a horrific story very well done.

    • Phil Johnson says:

      Sylvia, just watched this documentary today and to be honest, it shook me to the core. At 2 hours it is long but well worth it. The revelation that john paul II ordered that the sex abuse by priests as secretive as possible until it was finally revealed in 2001 was a stunning moment for me. There were many tearful moments in the documentary as well. I suggest searching for the youtube version instead as the link you suggest is not a full screen version so part of the picture is cut off. Here is the youtube link to the version that works very well.

  2. bc says:

    The second of three documentaries by Tell No One Director Tomasz Sekielski exposing clerical abuse and it’s cover-up in Poland just aired this weekend in Poland and can be viewed here (english subtitles can be turned on) . A third documentary will also be aired and it’s producers have revealed that the third part will expose the role of John Paul 2 in the cover-up of clerical abuse.

  3. Phil Johnson says:

    I haven’t watched the second documentary yet as the first one was pretty traumatic for me. Will do so shortly. Too bad that church hasn’t learned it’s lesson. What will it take? I really wish this site was also updated again but for whatever reason it is on hold. I really miss it.

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