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14 March 2018:  “Mexican priest sentenced to 63 years in jail for abusing boy” & related article

22 July 2017:  Priest creates stir with sex life revelations

01 June 2014:  “19 Alleged Abuse Victims Denounce Mexico Priest” & related articles

14 August 2012: “Seminary leader shocked by sex abuse allegations against Woodburn priest” & “‘We’re not supposed to touch,’ said Woodburn priest accused of sex abuse”

29 November 2011: Salesians outraged at conviction of Mexican priest

28 October 2011:  Predators in plain sight: Priests accused of child abuse appear beyond the reach of law

12 September 2011: United States: the Legion of Christ is called to the bench

10 September 2011: Agnus Dei:Lamb of God denounces clerical pederasty

21 November 2010:  Mexican priest in internet child porn case released

11 May 2010:  Mexican priest scorned but religious order seeks to survive

28 April 2010:  Mexican Archbishop suspends priest accused in U.S.

21 April 2010:  Catholic cardinals ‘aided paedophile priest’

16 April 2010:   Mexico bishop says porn, TV to blame for priest abuse 

06 April 2010: Money paved way for Maciel’s influence in the Vatican

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