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21 April 2018:  Catholic priest in therapy after gambling 500,000 euros of parish money

10 March 2018:  Analysis: What’s behind a sex scandal in the Italian Church

05 March 2018:  Male escort’s 1,200-page dossier outing gay priests sent to Vatican

09 February 2017:  “Laicised Italian priest went on to abuse up to 10 boys” & related articles

06 February 2017:  “Italian priest faces defrocking for church orgies, bishop says” & related articles

02 January 2017:  “No Mercy for Sex Abuse Victims” & related articles

24 April 2015:  “Italy: Catholic priest Gratien Alabi charged with murder of missing mother Guerrina Piscaglia” & related articles

28 October 2014: Italy: Catholic Priest Who ‘Abused and Flogged Parishioners During Purification Rituals’ Faces Trial

25 October 2014:  “The playboy priests of Albenga on the Italian Riviera” & related article

26 June 2014:  “Catholic priest charged in sex-for-visas migrant scandal” & related articles

06 April 2014:  “Pastor arrested suspended from duties: he is accused of having sex with underage 4-5” & related article

07 April 2014:  Priest ‘paid for sex with Moroccan man’

04 April 2013: Italian priest charged with stealing hospital cash

14 July 2012:  Italian priest arrested on child abuse charges

03 June 2012: No respite for pope as more documents leaked

25 May 2012: “Pope’s butler arrested in leaks investigation” and other related articles

24 May 2012: Priest claims schoolgirl Emanuela Orlandi was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties

04 May 2012: Paedophile priest dubbed ‘The Night Priest’ jailed for abusing and plying altar boys with cocaine, 18 YEARS after church chiefs were first warned about him

03 May 2012: Italy: Priest given 10 years for sex crimes against minors

07 March 2012: We are dismayed, inquiry will start soon, Bishop of Como

19 February 2012:  Vatican faces €720m property tax bill

14 February 2012: Prosecutor seeks 11 years, 8 months in jail for ex-priest

14 February 2012: Initiated trial against Fr. Seppia on charges of pedophelia


11 October 2011:  Italian victims of priest sex abuse demand inquiry

03 October 2011: The mysterious suicide that has rocked the Vatican

19-21 May 011: “Priest Sex-Abuse Case Hits Church of Pope’s Adviser” & other similar articles

20 May 2011:  Italy: Ex-trainee priest arrested in clerical abuse probe

15 May 2011:  Italy: cardinal tells faithful of pastor’s jailing

05 March 2011:  Priest in Rome jailed for 15 years for abuse

19 November 2010: Italian Priest’s Trial Shines Light On Pedophilia

25 September 2010: Italian priest abuse victims hold first public meeting

24 July 2010:  Catholic church embarrassed by gay priests revelations

23 July 2010:  Catholic sex scandal as undercover reporter ‘films priest at gay clubs and having casual flings’

08 July 2010:  Priest reinstated after abuse conviction

18 June 2010:  Eminent Italian ex-priest to stand trial for abuse

18 June 2010:  Ex priest indicted on sex abuse trial in Italy

13 June 2010:  Priest filmed making a pass

11 June 2010:  Pope backs celibacy as priests rally in Rome

31 May 2010:  Italian bishop accused of sex abuse cover-up

26 May 2010:  Italy’s bishops reveal priest abuse figures

26 April 2010:  Italian bishops rule out abuse inquiry 

26 April 2010:  100 clerical sex abuse cases reported in Italy

25 May 2010:  Italian priest arrested for alleged child abuse

24 May 2010:  Italy bishops ask for trust despite abuse scandal

21 May 2010:  Italian bishop testifies in priest abuse trial

20 May 2010:  Italy Bishop testifies in sex abuse case

13 April 2010:  Report:  Plot to Bomb Pope

28 April 2010:  Vatican prosecutor denies inaction on accused priest

27 April 2010:  Rome priest on trial for abuse defends Pope

26 April 2010:  Rome priest on trial for abuse in Vatican back yard

26 April 2010:  Catholic sex abuse scandal could trigger donations  slump: Vatican warns

16 April 2010: Indian priest in Fla.assault incident  turns up in Italy

14 April 2010:  EU should slam Vatican over paedophile case, European liberals say

14 April 2010: Snapshots of Catholic priests accused of abuse

01 April 2010: Cardinals defend Pope on sex abuse scandal

01 April 2010: Church seeks forgiveness for sex abuse of priests

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