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12 May 2018:  “Northern Ireland Catholic Priest ‘Sexually Abused Boy In Confession Every Week For Three Years’” & related article

08 May 2018:  Catholic priest allegedly a ‘prime suspect’ as gardai probe images of sex act on church altar

04 May 2018:  “Catholic Chuch urge gardai to investigate ‘shocking sex act on an Irish church altar'” & related article

02 March 2018:  “The Bishop of Dromore was right to resign. Others should take note” & related articles

07 June 2017:  “10 things about Fr Maskell, Irish-American priest at centre of Netflix murder documentary The Keepers” & related articles

10 February 2017:  Australian Royal Commission transcript:  Teresa Devlin Chief Executive Officer of National Board for Safeguarding Children with the Catholic Church in Ireland

29 June 2016:  Innocence of accused priests should be emphasised – report

30 November 2015:  Former Irish priest loses Vatican defrocking appeal after being acquitted on child sex abuse charges

07 May 2015:  “Solicitor charged with priest fights case” & related article

13 May 2014:  101 priests in single diocese accused of abuse in 40 years

27 March 2014:  Minnesota diocese sues Ireland diocese over priest accused of sex abuse

13 March 2014:  Falsely accused Irish priest returns to ministry with joy

08 March 2014:  “Survivor fury that abuse labelled ‘mistake'” & related articles

08 March 2014:  Diocese sex abuse concerns ‘omitted from official report’

13 February 2014:  “Nun at Derry home ‘facilitated’ abuse by priest, woman tells inquiry” & related articles

30 January 2014:  Catholic Church battles Brendan Smyth abuse victims

28 January 2014:  “Child abuse inquiry: Priest told boy he was ‘product of evil and satanic relationship'” & related articles

27 March 2014:  Minnesota diocese sues Ireland diocese over priest accused of sex abuse

10 December 2013:  Reports on Church child protection published

10 December 2013:  Co Kerry priest accused of sex abuse left church to work with children

10 December 2013:  “Report reveals 36 allegations of child sex abuse in Armagh Archdiocese”

01 December 2013:  Allegations made against 23 Derry Diocese priests since 1975

01 October 2013:  “Pope accepts bishop resignation over pedophilia cover-up” & related articles

24 August 2013:  “British priest arrested in Tenerife for sexual abuse of altar boys” & related articles

21 July 2013:  No clergy to be prosecuted after three-year probe

07 June 2013:  “Irish woman apologizes in court for false allegations of sexual abuse against Catholic priest” & related article

11 May 2013:  “Priest to pay back fraud cash” & related articles

04 May 2013: Former Irish priest to be extradited from the UK to face sexual charges

02 May 2013:  Victim speaks of his hurt at Church’s psychological report

24 April 2013: Clogher Diocese abuse report: Opportunities to intervene “consistently missed”

10 April 2013: ‘Naive’ priest stole £150,000 of parish funds to give to begging woman

04 April 2013: New Limerick bishop kept informed on child abuse claim

27 March 2013: “Sex abuse victim of ex-priest says foregiveness all he has left” & related articles

23 March 2013: Cloyne priest to be laicised over abuse complaints

19 November 2012: “Priest Hugh Kennedy cleared of allegations after police probe ends” & related article

29 October 2012: A priest notorious in school for ‘tampering with boys’

29 October 2012: Fresh allegations made against Irish order priests working in Africa

15 October 2012: Head of Catholic Church in Ireland Brady to be replaced by Vatican in wake of abuse scandal

08 October 2012: Clonfert bishop knew of at least 22 abuse cases

28 September 2012: Father Peter Donnelly denies abuse allegations

27 September 2012: “Woman denies lying over priest abuse claims” & related article

24 September 2012: “The priest who ‘gambled parish funds in Las Vegas’… but has vowed to win back his collar” & related articles

10 September 2012: Parish priest in court over alleged £145k diocese fraud

09 September 2012: “Church change welcome, albeit much too late” & related articles

06 September 2012: Countrywide audit would reveal many more abuse ‘skeletons’: Dublin priest

August 2012

July 2012:  Review of the Safeguarding Practice of the Irish Province of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit

April 2012:  Review of Safeguarding Practice of Irish Province of Dominican Friars

August 2012:  Review of Safeguarding Practice of Missionaries of the Sacred Heart: Irish Province

May 2012: Review of Safeguarding Practice in the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin

March 2012: Review of Safeguarding Practice in the Diocese of Limerick

May 2012:  Review Safeguarding Practice in the Diocese of Cork and Ross

November 2011:   Review of Safeguarding Practice in the Diocese of Clonfert November 2011

05 September 2012: Audits highlight delays in reporting child abuse

06 July 2012: “Surprise appearance re-ignites Pomeroy parish priest row” & related article

28 June 2012: “Priest not guilty of indecent assault” & related articles

20 June 2012: Woman was 14 when priest assaulted her, court is told

17 June 2012:  Pope Benedict XVI 17 June 2012 message to the International Eucharistic Congress in Ireland

17 June 2012:  Video statement may spark new anger among Irish Catholics

16 June 2012: Articles re report on the apostolic visitation of the Irish college in Rome

13 June 2012:  Pope’s envoy apologizes to Irish victims of clerical sex abuse

25 May 2012: Archdiocese paid €15.2m in compensation and legal fees in sex abuse cases

18 May 2012: Low number of priests turnout to support Cardinal Sean Brady

08 May 2012: McGuinness: Vatican failed sex abuse victims

07 May 2012: Church abuse victim claims he was paid £10,000 for silence

07 May 2012: Cardinal Brady apologises to abuse victim Brendan Boland

07 May 2012: Association of Catholic Priests discuss Church’s future

06 May 2012: Dublin archbishop in Brendan Smyth inquiry call

06 May 2012: Irish people asked to petition for Primate Sean Brady’s resignation

05 May 2012: “Cardinal in child abuse conspiracy urged to quit” and other similar articles

04 May 2012: US lawyer abused by Brendan Smyth says Seán Brady should be criminally investigated

03 May 2012: “Pressure in Ireland Grows on Catholic Leader to Resign” and similar articles

02 May 2012:  VIDEO The World: The Shame of the Catholic Church (BBC)

02 May 2012: Brendan Smyth – the evil predator who sparked crisis in Church and State

02 May 2012: Fr Greene’s child sex abuse featured in explosive BBC documentary

02 May 2012: Cardinal Seán Brady says he will not resign over failure to pass on Brendan Smyth abuse claims

02 May 2012: Cardinal Brady revelations: reaction

02 May 2012: Cardinal Brady’s statement in full

02 May 2012: Details of abuse given to inquiry, says victim

01 May 2012: Fresh claims put pressure on Cardinal Brady

29 April 2012:  “Priest in gay porn probe leaves parish” and other similar articles

29 April 2012:Father Martin McVeigh apology in 29 April 2012 church bulletin re showing porn to parents in Ireland

26 April 2012:  Priests: We won’t break seal of confession to report sex abuse

26 April 2012:  Martin faced ‘huge legal pressure’ on restricted priest

17 April 2012: Priest’s flight to Ireland halts trial proceedings

16 April 2012: Catholic priest accused in abuse suit returns to Ireland

04 April 2012:  Priests’ association welcomes reinstatement of Fr Tadhg Furlong

03 April 2012:  Irish broadcast executives step down over inaccurate charge against priest

03 April 2012: Catholic priest accidentally showed gay porn during presentation at a primary school

02 April 2012: Irish broadcaster faces penalties after falsely accusing priest of rape

02 April 2012:  “Priest in ‘indecent images’ row at primary school in Pomeroy” & other related articles

31 March 2012: Parents shocked as priest shows pornographic image

22 March 2012:  Bishop Patrick Walsh defends handling of sex abuse case

22 March 2012: Priest to stand trial for alleged sexual assaults

22 March 2012:  Cloyne investigation – Time for the truth to be uncovered

20 March 2012: Summary of the Findings of the Apostolic Visitation in Ireland

07 March 2012:  Preliminary sitting for nun facing 87 sex abuse charges

03 March 2012:  Diarmuid Martin claims Irish Catholicism at ‘breaking point’

01 March 2012:  Child abuse scandal is not over, says Dublin archbishop

29 February 2012:  Ex-priest sentenced to four years

24 February 2012: Former Priest “So drunk” he did not remember abusing two boys

14 February 2012:  ‘Justice was done and a just sentence served’

09 February 2012:  Supreme Court halts trial of priest on buggery charge

13 February 2012: Cloyne Report priest threatens legal action against texters and complainants

12 February 2012:  Former archbishop takes libel action against Irish TV over child abuse claims

03 February 2012: Garda criticised over abuse cases

30 January 2012: Former priest jailed for three years for possession of illegal images of children

25 January 2012: Priest sex trial: ‘Abuse made me feel like pervert’

25 January 2012: Paedophile priest released for funeral

20 January 2012: Priest punched in head during Mass, court hears

19 January 2012: Former priest accused of 55 indecent assault charges

14 January 2012: Nun in sex-abuse trial can’t be named

09 January 2012: Explore Catholic priesthood Get info on monks, priests, orders

03 January 2012: ‘Payout’ priest Fr Andrew McCloskey now in France

02 January 2012: Priest back in ministry following abuse probe

28 December 2011:  Priest accused of 55 child sex crimes in Ireland is deported from Brazil after eight years on the run

09 December 2011: Child abuse group calls on government to investigate Archbishop McQuaid claims

30 November 2011: Diocese reports criticise bishops

30 November 2011: Fr Eugene Greene: jailed in 2000

30 November 2011: Diocese of Kilmore praised

30 November 2011: Report critical of Raphoe bishops

30 November 2011: Derry now has ‘clear procedures’

30 November 2011: Report praises Tuam archbishop

30 November 2011: Ardagh diocese approach ‘laudable’

30 November 2011: Dromore faced ‘significant challenges’

30 November 2011: Cardinal in deal with abuse victim

30 November 2011: One priest convicted in 35 years

30 November 2011: Bishop defends Derry toilet peep priest’s promotion

30 November 2011: Raphoe Report: Catholic Bishop Admits ‘Horrific Sexual Abuse’ Occurred in Rural Ireland

28 November 2011: U.S. priest serving at doctrinal congregation is new nuncio to Ireland

27 November 2011: Catholic dioceses in Northern Ireland to release reports on child abuse

17 November 2011: Older priest tried to rape trainee on night before ordination as a priest, court hears

11 November 2011: Priests’ pay is cut as collections at Mass fall

04 November 2011: Irish Vatican closure saddens dwindling faithful

12 October 2011:  Broadcaster irresponsible in its actions

07 October 2011: RTÉ apologises to Fr Kevin Reynolds

07 October 2011:  Judge halts trial of retired parish priest on abuse charges

29 September 2011: Executive to establish inquiry into abuse

29 September 2011: Priest pleads innocence

21 September 2011: Two years to establish Northern Ireland clerical abuse probe

20 September 2011: Diocese condemns priest’s comments

19 September 2011: Abuse watchdog director quit before investigation into order

15 September 2011: Wives and mothers of Ireland covered up abuse says Wexford Priest

09 September 2011: Priest ‘ashamed to wear collar’

09 September 2011: State to pay €35m for religious orders’ legal fees

09 September 2011: Vatican ‘frustrated’ inquiry – Shatter

08 September 2011: Solicitor horrified by deluge of abuse tales

08 September 2011: No exceptions for priests in child abuse legislation

05 September 2011: I’m no molester, declares priest

05 September 2011: Disgraceful cover-up by Vatican continues on Irish child abuse—Irish prime minister has absolutely nothing to apologize for

04 September 2011: Priests’ homes ‘not thought safe’

03 September 2011: What mass-goers said: views from the pro-cathedral and St Colman’s Cathedral

03 September 2011: Response of the Holy See to the Government of Ireland regarding the Report of the Commission of Investigation into the Catholic Diocese of Cloyne

03 September 2011:  “Vatican: No evidence the Holy See meddled in State affairs” (and other related articles)

01 September 2011: Hundreds of former pupils to help abuse inquiry

August 2011: Derry Report

31 August 2011: Abuse victim ‘hurt’ by confession stance

30 August 2011: I’m no danger says abuser ex-priest

30 August 2011: Derry priest prepared to go to jail rather than break seal of confession

30 August 2011: Cloyne Diocese orders parishes to consider property sales to fund abuse pay-outs

30 August 2011: Report into sexual abuse in Raphoe delayed as more information sought

29 August 2011: Major pedophile ring that worked in Donegal is exposed

29 August 2011: Cardinal Brady slams legislation plans on sex abuse confessions

28 August 2011: Can the State effectively treat sex offenders?

25 August 2011: Msgr O’Callaghan – ‘I should have resigned’ – Paul Keenan

25 August 2011: Cloyne priest asked to stop public comments

24 August 2011: Arrest Bishop John Magee for Cloyne cover-up

24 August 2011: Bishop speaks of ‘testing’ times

23 August 2011: The state should keep its nose out of the Catholic Church’s confession boxes

23 August 2011: Sometimes sorry is just not enough

23 August 2011: Cloyne clerical abuse cover-up: Magee apology provokes fury

21 August 2011: Tracked down — and the bishop still has nothing to say

21 August 2011: Catholic church used $400m in Irish bank loans to pay U.S. sexual abuse victims

19 August 2011: Victims not impressed by release of Vatican files

18 August 2011: Diocese in crisis over abuse payouts and donations fall

18 August 2011: Vatican publishes details of abuse claims against Irish priest in Oregon

18 August 2011: Mother of abused child calls for fresh Lota enquiry

17 August 2011: ‘Independent’ claims on Raphoe abuse “exaggerated” – Bishop

14 August 2011: Runaway bishop cannot hide from truth forever

12 August 2011: Priests blamed for ‘significant percentage’ of sex abuse cases

11 August 2011: Notorious paedophile priest was caught out by his own arrogance

11 August 2011: Bishop denies abuse report claims

11 August 2011: Hundreds of children abused by 20 priests

10 August 2011: Priest calls for total transformation

02 August 2011: A parish priest’s anger

30 July 2011:  Priest hits back at senator’s abuse claim

29 July 2011: Priest gets 6 years for sex abuse

29 July 2011: 81-year-old priest Paul McGennis has been jailed for abusing a young girl between 1980 and 1984.

29 July 2011: ‘We have waited years for this to come out’

28 July 2011: Priest apologises for likening Irish PM to Hitler over attack on Vatican

28 July 2011: Accused priest allowed to train youths

28 July 2011: “FF senator names priest at centre of sex claims” & “Order whose priest is named in Seanad as abuse accused says it brought claims to gardai”

26 July 2011: THE shame and sorrow

26 July 2011: Calls to probe Ulster’s child care home abuse

26 July 2011: Child protection aims put doctors in dilemma

25 July 2011: Vatican recalls ambassador after Irish PM’s comments on sex abuse row

23 July 2011: Catholic seal of confession under siege in Ireland

23 July 2011: Kenny reflected anger, says bishop

22 July 2011: Seal of confessional is already protected under Irish civil law

21 July 2011: Diocese of Limerick has abuse complaints on file against 23 priests since 1940

21 July 2011: Senior Derry priest ‘not confident’ in Vatican

20 July 2011: Enda Kenny’s Speech criticizing the Vatican

20 July 2011: Alan Shatter speech on Cloyne Report

20 July 2011: Fears dozens of boys abused in Donegal by child sex ring

20 July 2011: Diocesan report on child abuse to be published

17 July 2011: Magee goes into hiding after report on sex abuse

16 July 2011:  Named and shamed priest still won’t apologise for raping teenage victim

16 July 2011:  Cloyne Diocese website:  Present status of clerics mentioned in the Cloyne Report

16 July 2011:  Five years on, laws to crack down on abusers are unused

15 July 2011: Irish priests reject suggestion that they break seal of confession

15 July 2011: Papal visit now looks doomed after Cloyne backlash hits Church

15 July 2011: Collective responsibilities

15 July 2011:  Band of holy brothers determined to stick together

15 July 2011: Only one priest in report has been convicted in court

15 July 2011: Gilmore demands explanation for Vatican intervention

15 July 2011: Church and State in conflict over abuse disclosure plan for priests

15 July 2011: Video: Confessions not exempt from abuse reporting – Minister

14 July 2011: Bishops told us abuse was in the past — one of so many untruths

14 July 2011: Vatican shelters Magee as abuse report fury grows

14 July 2011: FG chairman wants Papal Nuncio expelled

14 July 2011: Priests will be jailed if they don’t report abuse

14 July 2011: The accused: What the report says about 18 priests

14 July 2011: Official was asked by Catholic Church to shred or ‘soften’ abuse findings

14 July 2011: Gardai investigated claim bishop kissed teenage altar boy

14 July 2011: Bishop used ‘mental reservation’ in accounts

13 July 2011: Clerical child abuse – an Irish timeline

13 July 2011: Monsignor admits favouring priests

13 July 2011: Irish Report Finds Abuse Persisting in Catholic Church

04 July 2011: Quinn to respond to religious on handing over of properties

03 July 2011: Cloyne report may be issued next week

02 July 2011:  Priest critical of trial by media

01 July 2011: Priest apologises for abusing parishioner

June 2011: The Dromore Report

June 2011: The Archdiocese of Taum Report

27 (?) June 2011: US suits re-filed against Irish ex-priest

25 June 2011: Vatican denies Martin snub for major clerical abuse summit

16 June 2011: Bishops deny attempts to delay inquiries

07 June 2011: Vatican sex abuse inquiry is delayed

07 June 2011: First phase of apostolic visitation in Ireland concluded, Vatican says

06 June 2011: Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference Press Release: “First phase of Apostolic Visitation to Ireland ends”

04 June 2011: An Archbishop Burns While Rome Fiddles

24 May 2011:  Priest steps down to allow investigation

24 May 2011:  Church faces Africa abuse scandal

04 April 2011: The Truth Will Make You Free: A Personal Journey (Dublin Archbisop Diarmuid Martin)

18 January 2011: Vatican letter: Irish bishops were warned in ’97 not to report all child-abuse cases to police

18 January 2011: Vatican warned Irish bishops not to report abuse

17 January 2011: Child abuse won’t happen again: Pope

17 January 2010: Vatican edict in 1997 rejected calls to report priests who abused

26 December 2010: Fears Australia ‘abuse’ priest is working in Ireland

23 December 2010: Prendergast conducts first phase of Irish Apostolic Visitation

23 December 2010: Time to prosecute abuse cover-ups in the Catholic Church

19 December 2010:  Murphy report prompts concerns that five priests were part of Dublin paedophile ring

18 December 2010:  Priest abuse was hidden for 16 years

14 December 2010: “Deliver Us From Evil” Ex-Priest Oliver O’Grady Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

06 December 2010:  Missing chapter of child abuse must be published

November 2010: The Kilmore Report

12 November 2010:  Cork priest admits gross indecency

04 November 2010: Cloyne Report

30 October 2010:  Judge rules ex-priest not guilty on two charges in abuse trial

27 October 2010: Priests challenge policy on child abuse allegations

08 October 2010:  Will Vatican probe of abuse scandal look into overall health of Irish Church?

29 September 2010: Bishops summonded to Rome for abuse crisis talks

28 September 2010:  Cardinal Brady summoned to Vatican

03 September 2010:  Belfast priest jailed for indecent assault, abuse of three sisters


August 2010:  The Raphoe Report

31 August 2010:  Under-fire Irish Cardinal vows to join Pope on visit to Britain

23 August 2010:  Bishops ‘should do time’ for sex abuse cover-ups

17 August 2010:  Vatican’s Irish decision complicates O’Malley’s task 

11 August 2010:  Pope Benedict rejects Irish bishops’ resignations

09 July 2010:  Victims of clerical child abuse demand inquiry

28 June 2010:  Call for guidelines on safeguarding children

15 June 2010:  Archbishop Martin says Pope always supportive

14 June 2010:  Just 11% satisfied with church response to sex abuse

12 June 2010:  Pope can keep experts at home – we all know what went wrong here

10 June 2010:  Abuse survivors outrage at Vatican probe into Irish church sex abuse

02 June 2010:  Victim anger at choice of Cardinals for abuse probe

01 June 2010:  Irish priest resigns over sexual abuse

01 June 2010:  Bishops welcome plans for Vatican investigation of abuse

20 May 2010:  Pell and ‘sex deacon’ at same conference

19 May 2010:  Ireland:  the Brady crunch

17 May 2010:  Ireland top Catholic won’t quit over Irleand abuse case

14 May 2010:  Bishops’ offer to resign may have lapsed under canon law

11 May 2010:  Dark forces hiding truth over abuse, says Martin

07 May 2010:  Keep out Pell, say Irish sex victims

27 April 2010:  Paedophile priest flees back to Ireland where he is a free man

22 April 2010:  Pope accepts resignation of third Irish bishop

21 April 2010: Pope accepts Bishop Moriarty’s resignation

13 April 2010: Ireland’s top Catholic cleric ‘discharged from hospital’

05 April 2010:  Archbishop aims to move on from row

01 April 2010:  Irish Bishop: Vatican response to scandal ‘inadequate’

01 April 2010: Abuse survivors meet Sean Brady

01 April 2010: Police team to probe priest abuse of children

27 March 2010:  Apologies aren’t enough

28 March 2010:  More paid to lawyers than victims

19 March 2010: Therapy led to soaring abuse rate in the Church

26 May 2009:  Lesbian nun so drunk she fell over children

13 May 2008: Priest’s campaign of abuse ignored by authorities – Court

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