Plan unveiled for full investigation of sex abuse in Dutch Catholic church back to 1945

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Winnipeg Free Press

7/05/2010 8:26 AM

The Canadian Press – ONLINE EDITION

By: The Associated Press

AMSTERDAM – The Protestant politician asked by the Dutch Catholic Church to study church-related child sex abuse in the Netherlands is calling for a full independent investigation ranging from 1945 to the present.

Former Hague mayor Wim Deetman is recommending that panel of experts handle the investigation, and calling on the church, victims and abusers to co-operate in the interest of understanding and addressing the problem.

Deetman disclosed Friday that 350 new victims had contacted him since he began researching the issue two months ago, bringing the total number of cases reported in the Netherlands this year — mostly dating from the 60s and 70s — to more than 1,600.

The Catholic Bishops’ conference plans to respond to the recommendations next week.

3 Responses to Plan unveiled for full investigation of sex abuse in Dutch Catholic church back to 1945

  1. Hans Oomes says:

    Hello, I have spent 4 years in Boarding school, Koningshoeve, Edam From late August 1938-End July 1942. It was a miserable place from beginning to end. A couple of vicious nuns who used wooden coat hangers to beat me up when they thought I deserved it. Most of the time I had no idea why and it was always done upstairs in the showers area.
    Pastoor van Houten also did his best to teach me, (us) that the punishment could be applied by the use of bare hands, he did not use the showers. The priest did not need the “Kloppenburg” or “Vroom en Dreesman” high quality coat hangers.
    I can not remember anything about sexual abuse, it may have been there, it may not. The physical abuse however was painful and still is. During 1951 I was placed in tucht huis of tucht school Vught, obviously there was more sorting out to do. The director of the school explained to me that he did not understand why I was there because it was an open ended civil charge. I stayed there for 3 months and found it a very civil and almost agreeable place to be.

  2. 1yellowknife says:


    Do you agree with the Deetman recommendation? It sounds as if you do.

    For those who do not know what a “tucht school/instelling” is, it is referred to as “juvenile detention facility” in Canada. And your point was that the treatment there was far more humane than at a RC boarding school.

    Ik hoop dat die moeilijke tijd voorbij is in je leven en ik wens je het allerbeste.

    • Hans Oomes says:

      De moeilijke tijd as such is lang voorbij. The Memory remains with me . Not sure how it affected the rest of my life. Eighty eight years old now and into my third marriage and counseling for alcoholism. Hans.

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