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17 June 2015:  “Dutch Catholic church to offer more abuse victims compensation” & related article

12 April 2014:  Deceased Dutch Catholic bishop was child molester: commission

23 March 2012:  The role of Marijnen in the abuse case is larger

22 May 2012: Dutch women asked to report abuse

22 March 2012:  Dutch Castration Scandal: How Journalists Broke the Story

21 March 2012: It is certain that it happened 10 times

20 March 2012: Dutch Church Is Accused of Castrating Young Men

20 March 2012:  Catholic church abuse: Castration ‘nothing unusual’

19 March 2012: Time for the truth about Catholic sex abuse in the Netherlands

19 March 2012:  Dutch health inspectorate knew about 1950s forced castrations

17 March 2012: Forced castrations reportedly found in Roman Catholic care

17 January 2012: Catholic priests escape abuse charges because cases are too old

03 January 2012: “Pressure on Dutch church after report” and other relevant articles

03 January 2011: Dutch priests suspended over sex abuse claims

17 December 2011: Catholic Church involved in abuse of Dutch children, report says

25 September 2011:  Vatican ‘too slow to act’ on allegations against Dutch bishop

24 September 2011: Abuse in Dutch Catholic care: more evidence

05 September 2011:  Former head nurse says 20 boys were killed at Dutch boarding school

18 August 2011: Dutch look into deaths of 40 girls in church homes

16 August 2011: Investigation into deaths of boys in Catholic institution

29 July 2011: Attorney General dismisses sexual abuse case against Dutch bishop

04 July 2011:  Kenyan accuses Dutch bishop of sexual abuse

23 May 2011: Dutch Catholic order hit by pedophile group scandal

21 May 2011:  ‘Dutch priest member of pedophile club’

10 February 2011: Dutch cardinal charged with covering priest’s abuse

09 December 2010: Almost 2,000 Dutch declared victims of priest sexual abuse

26 November 2010:  Dutch Catholic order admits abuse case hush money

26 November 2010: Catholic order paid €16,000 to hush up abuse

29 September 2010: Victims of Francisan order to be compensated

02 September 2010:  Lawyer wants Dutch cardinal’s evidence on sex abuse

25 August 2010: 900 abuse cases in Dutch clergy

17 August 2010:  Octogenarian Dutch priest heard in child sex abuse case

07 May 2010:  Dutch Catholic abuse commission call to offenders

07 May 2010:  Helpline:  1500 cases of sex abuse by Catholics

07 May 2010:  Plans unveiled for full investigation of Dutch church back to 1945

26 April 2010: Pedophile priest was volunteer in Dutch Catholic Church

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