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04 April 2019:  CDF upholds guilty verdict of Guam archbishop for abuse of minors” & related article

25 May 2018:  Archdiocese: Priest accused of abuse must return to Guam by June 15

11 May 2018:  “Diocese of Phoenix: Guam priest left area” & related articles

07 May 2018: Lawsuit: Former archdiocese chancellor Adrian Cristobal abused, raped boy for 18 years

05 May 2018:  Minnesota priest accused of abusing 60 boys in Guam

11 April 2018:  “Former church chancellor accused of sexual abuse” & related article

19 March 2018:  “Byrnes apologizes to Apuron’s victims, speaks of a better church” & related articles

09 March 2018:  “Lawsuit: Priest abused boy while ordering him to stand in prayer: & related articles

01 November 2017:  “Attorney: Brouillard cooperative, making an effort to answer difficult questions” & related articles & VIDEOS

08 August 2017:  “Report Uncovers Nearly 100 Sex Abuse Lawsuits Against Catholic Leaders In Guam” & related articles

22 May 2017:  “Father Jack Niland is 12th Guam priest accused in latest sex abuse lawsuit” & related article

12 April 2017:    “Archdiocese moves to dismiss 36 sex abuse cases” & related article

12 April 2017:  Capuchin Franciscans named in sex abuse suit

05 April 2017:  3 new clergy sex abuse cases filed

21 March 2017:  Man says former priest abused him in 1986, called it penance

16 February 2017:  “Attorney David Lujan says all the accusers say the sexual abuse occurred in Inarajan while Bishop Emeritus Tomas Camacho was serving as a priest” & related articles

15 February 2017:  Pacific News Minute: Sex Abuse Charges Against Priests in Guam Spread to CNMI

16 January 2017:  “Concerned Catholics questions priest’s canon law studies” & related article

14 August 2016:  “Priest Who Molested 20 Boys Says He Was Told to Pray as Punishment ” & related articles

11 July 2016:  “Church revising sex abuse response policy, names coordinator” & related articles

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