German priest indicted on 267 child sex counts

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Channel 6 News

01 November 2011 1


BRAUNSCHWEIG, GERMANY (BNO NEWS) — A German Catholic priest has been indicted on 267 counts of sexual contact with children, prosecutors said on Tuesday.

The 46-year old man is accused of repeated sexual assault on at least three boys aged between 9 and 15 since 2004 in the northern town of Salzgitter, where he ran a parish. No date has been set for the trial, the dpa news agency reported.

In 2006, Catholic authorities came under fire for taking no action when they learned that the priest slept with a boy in his bed one night. But the Diocese of Hildesheim has argued that there were no sexual contact allegations at the time.

The priest, who has confessed to most of the charges to detectives, was ordered to stop seeing the boy after the boy’s family complained. The man, who has been in pretrial custody since July, was later arrested, according to the news report.

The Catholic church in Germany has faced a series of allegations of sexual abuse and brutal corporal punishment by clergy over the past 60 years. It has offered financial compensation to hundreds of victims.


1 Response to German priest indicted on 267 child sex counts

  1. Sylvia says:

    They heard he was sleeping with a boy and did nothing?!!

    I shouldn’t be surprised I suppose, but really, who in their right mind – in this day and age at least – truly thinks that a priest bedding down with a boy can be a benign activity?

    Now, no doubt with an eye on the bank account and an ear to their lawyer, they rationalize their inaction with the argument that there were no sexual contact allegations at the time!!

    Too much! Too too much.

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