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30 July 2014:  S.Africa extradites German priest on sex abuse charges

08 January 2014:  Catholic priest ‘didn’t know 15 was under-age’

16 October 2013:  “Germany’s Bishop of Bling” & related articles

25 March 2013:    “Priest still suspended” & related articles

09 January 2013: “Sex Abuse Scandal German Catholic Church Cancels Inquiry” & related articles

08 December 2012: German Catholic Church Study: Abusing Priests Were Psychologically ‘Normal’

02 July 2012: Pope taps German theologian to head orthodoxy post

22 March 2012: Pope names bishop once accused of improprieties to Vatican council

22 March 2012:  Pedophile Priests in Germany: ‘Zero-Tolerance’ Bishop Accused of Leniency

26 January 2012:  Six-year sentence for paedophile priest

13 January 2012: German priest admits 280 counts of sexual abuse

02 November 2011: German bishops’ company: It’s not porn, just ‘erotica,’ so we’re suing the ‘slanderers’

01 November 2011: German priest indicted on 267 child sex counts


19 July 2011: Arrested German priest admits repeated sex abuse

17 July 2011:  German priest arrested on abuse suspicion: report

10 July 2011: Catholic Church to allow access to internal files

04 January 2011:   Son of Hitler’s deputy faces accusations of sexual assault

5 November 2010:  664 cases reported to German church hotline

05 October 2010:  Catholic acolyte convicted of sexual abuse

24 September 2010: German Catholic bishops say church must discuss taboos. compensate abuse victims

16 September 2010: Jesuits planning compensation for sex abuse victims

01 September 2010:  German Church Sets Rules on Abuse

27 July 2010:  German Jesuits: Talks on abuse compensation in September

22 July 2010:  German court drops investigation into Catholic bishop

09 July 2010:  Bishop admits ignoring abuse cases

02 July 2010:  Forgiveness but no comeback for Mixa: Pope

01 July 2010:  Pope lays out terms for accused German bishop

22 June 2010:  German RC Church confirms damning report on bishop

22 June 2010:  FACTBOX: Sex abuse scandals in Catholic Church

21 June 2010:  Walter Mixa, German bishop and ally of the Pope, faces new child abuse allegations

17 June 2010:  Disgraced German Bishop stirs messy Catholic row

16 June 2010:  Bishop says he was pressured into resignation

03 June 2010:  “German archbishop in abuse inquiry” & “Prosecutors investigating Robert Zollitsch, top Archbishop in Germany”

02 June 2010:  Catholic abuse scandal hits head of German church

14 May 2010:  German bishop who resigned cleared of  sex abuse allegation

12 May 2010:  New questions on old priestly abuse

08 May 2010:  Pope accepts resignation of German bishop in sex probe

04 May 2010:  German seeks compensation from Church for abuse 

26 April 2010:  German Catholic bishops to toughen rules on sex abuse

23 April 2010:  Catholic Church removes top aide to controversial German bishop

21 April 2010:  Catholic priest removed, returned to Germany to face sexual abuse allegations

21 April 2010:  Church asks Bishop Mixa to take a break

20 April 2010:  Mixa asks forgiveness as Church begins abuse inquiry

18 April 2010:  Priest says he was bullied into taking fall for Pope abuse scandal

18 April 2010: Pope flies to Malta amid fresh claims of a cover-up over sex abuse scandal: Church officials begged prelate to accept responsibility in Munich archdiocese, German magazine will say

13 April 2010: Pope Benedict’s German birthplace vandalized, police say

12 April 2010:  German priest reported to police over sex abuse claims

06 Germany:  Nearly 2,700 people call German Catholic sexual abuse hotline in its first three days

04 April 2010:  German anger over Church abuse erupts in broomstick attack on bishop 

03 April 2010: Abuse hotline set up by Catholic Church in Germany melts down on first day

01 April 2010:  How a molesting case emerged decades later

27 March 2010: Priest describes touching boys ‘I went too far’

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