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15 June 2019:  “More charges of inappropriate touching aimed at Vatican envoy to France” & related articles

18 February 2019:  “2nd complaint filed agst France nuncio” & related article

05 April 2018:  “Cardinal Philippe Barbarin to stand trial in sex scandal cover-up case” & related articles

21 March 2017:  “French Catholic bishops accused of “covering-up sex abuses”” & related article

20 May 2016:  “Prominent French priest and Vatican adviser accused in sex scandal” & related article

13 June 2016:  Abuse case against Lyon priest can go ahead, appeals court rules

08 June 2016:  “French Cardinal Questioned in Priest Sex Abuse Cases” & related articles

10 April 2014:  “French priest charged with rape, torture during exorcisms” & related articles

03 January 2012: ‘Payout’ priest Fr Andrew McCloskey now in France

17 November 2011: Community of the Beatitudes: founder guilty of sexual abuse

16 April 2010:  Vatican praised bishop for concealing abusive priest

16 April 2010:  Cardinal praised bishop’s silence over abuse priest

16 April 2010: Top Vatican Official Praised Bishop Who Covered for Child Molester

15 April 2010:  Vatican disses one of its own on sex abuse

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